Davos Panel: Trump’s Populist Record Is ‘Quite Poor’

The reason that I keep posting this is here to show that virtually everyone in the world now agrees that the Trump administration hasn’t advanced a populist agenda:

“President Donald Trump’s combative personal style has allowed him to retain firm grasp of the populist political movement he rode to power a year ago, but he’s delivered scant results to his own supporters, according to world leaders and political scientists on a panel Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

With the U.S. president arriving at the annual gathering of the world’s wealthy elite later this week, Trump dominated the conversation among business, intellectual and political leaders for a second straight year.

This time, however, a year’s record in office suggests that Trump’s nationalist and anti-establishment rhetoric is less consequential than many Davos elites previously believed. He speaks to the grievances of his supporters, these observers said, but his policies — including a tax overhaul with benefits skewed toward wealthy Americans — have not addressed more enduring problems like rising inequality …”

Trump hasn’t changed much of anything. He has put up a few border wall prototypes in the desert outside of San Diego, slapped some tariffs on solar panels like Obama and is indefinitely occupying part of Syria. He is going to Davos where he will meet up with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Aside from this website, I don’t see reality breaking through anywhere else in the movement. The news cycle is sorted into white pills and black pills and the latter are consciously overlooked and forgotten because we don’t want to demoralize young people with too much truth.

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  1. Hunter, Sweetie – people do need hope, and relentless black-pilling doesn’t help. I love your writing – you must know this – but you write as though you really did expect Trump to be a White Knight for the White Race on a shining White charger. I got into the God Emperor MAGA pr – in order to keep the momentum going. I never really thought that Trump would be more than a little bought time. We are must keep pushing. Whites give UP waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easily. It’s taken Jews about 2000 years to get where they are. They are not going away overnight. WE must save OURSELVES.

  2. I watched a part of the tape, to my mind the most interesting comments were from the professor. If we listen carefully two things jump out to me. First the globalists are beleiving that all this populism is dissipating. In the professors case he does not seem to beleive that it is actually real or that only a small number of people are invested in this. What this means to me is that we should reorient our developing anti-attitude toward trump and rather then dismiss him support the direction he has started and keep,pushing to the right even if only getting incremental gains. The counter body ie: the globalists are not giving up and if we do not support Trump it will not be he that goes down but the entire movement. They are preparing an assault to train the world into their ideas. If we turn on Trump and he weakens they will think they are winning and get more and more emboldened. This is a very careful line we are walking here. We must back him while recognizing that he is not enough but we should also be preparing for getting our candidtates into power in future years or this will fizzle. They have massive reaources at their disposal and we have few. We must be the smarter because if there is one thing else that jumps out at me in listening to the depth of these peoples responses to the narrators questions they not very smart and they just serve as reinforcement devices to each other. It is as a herd that they are strong, individually they are weak.

  3. *We are the ones that must keep pushing*. Sigh. I wish this Comment program had an edit feature. I always see my mistakes after I make them. Which pretty much sums up the Human Condition.

  4. A little more input having now forced myself to get over three quarters thru that vid. These people are amazing in their unshakeable support for globalism. Thruout the entire discussion they never once challenged their assumptions. They consider themselves the moral high road and the managing elite who will take the little people to the kingdom. They see everything being based on economics and have no apparent comprehension of much else. When they talk about equality it is a Marxist meaning. They see equality as nothing more than an economic equality since they have no intention of sharing power with anyone outside the inner circle. They profess deep commitment to representative democracy but consider that when it works to reflect the will of the people that somehow the people are wrong. They claim to seek more representation for the people but intend to resist when the people do not see things their way. We are seeing here the new priestly class, self serving and oriented toward replacing God with themselves using the implied morality of progress as the substance of their homilies, always considering that progress is good. They are incorporating the entire world into building their own Tower of Babel in which they will reside.

  5. Finding yourself on the same side of the fence as Davos and Douthat in the same week….wewlad. If it was me I would take this as a cue that maybe I’m on the wrong track. But then again I’m not desperate to prove myself because I’ve staked my entire reputation lolol ¯\_(?)_/¯

  6. You could pretty much see this coming with the people that Trump hired, most of them Republican war mongers and the usual rich jerks that show up whenever the Republicans are in power. The kind of people who think social programs should be cut to give tax cuts to the richest people in the country. When names like Wilbur Ross and Steve Nmuchin started showing up one could see the handwriting on the wall.

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