NY Times: Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Racism Represents an American Tradition


The New York Times is admitting the United States had a racialized immigration policy throughout virtually its entire history until the Civil Rights Movement:

“The truth is, many of the United States’ early policies toward immigrants were conceived in recognizably Trumpian terms, in substance if not in tenor. The president’s headline-making sentiment that people from countries like Norway (read: white people) were preferable would have been recognizable to the founders.

The nation’s first naturalization law, from 1790, closed off United States citizenship to all but “free white persons of good character.” People of African descent were among the first migrants singled out for surveillance and exclusion, as they sought entry to the country or moved between states. State repression of black migrants transformed them into America’s first “illegal immigrants,” laying the groundwork for durable associations between law, morality and the need to keep people of color, quite literally, in their “place.”

The racialization of United States immigration law took off in the decades following the Civil War. Beginning with the Chinese, migrants from Asia were the early targets; beginning in 1917, an “Asiatic Barred Zone” (with latitude and longitude markers laid out clearly in the legislative code) kept out migrants from an imaginary mega-region that stretched from contemporary Turkey to Papua New Guinea.

In the aftermath of World War I, a new “national origins” quota system sought to turn back the American demographic clock, with European immigrants admitted in proportion to the presence of their “nationality” in the American population based on earlier censuses. It was “Make America Great Again” for a eugenic age. Hitler was a fan. America appeared to be “a young, racially select people,” he wrote admiringly in 1928, by “making an immigrant’s ability to set foot on American soil dependent on specific racial requirements,” among other factors.

The United States’ unapologetically racist immigration codes — with Asian exclusion and “national origins” at their core — survived the Great Depression, World War II, and the beginnings of the Cold War and decolonization; the presumption that the United States was or should be a white fortress in a mostly colored world was backstopped by science, religion, scholarship and popular culture. American law did not allow Asians to obtain citizenship until 1952.

Under the pressure of anti-racist and immigrant rights pressure, the system fell in 1965 with the passage of the Hart-Celler Act, which foregrounded family reunification, refugee admissions and the entry of the highly skilled and educated. But racism persisted in both policy enforcement and popular attitudes. …”

Glad that we agree.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all true. That’s the way it was until the New York Intellectuals redefined Americanism as cosmopolitanism in the 1930s and the ADL got President John F. Kennedy to endorse the notion that America is a “Nation of Immigrants.” America’s naturalization laws were based on whiteness until the McCarran–Walter Act of 1952.

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  1. They of course admit it, over half a century once it Jews had gotten their 1965 immigration act. Jews know that whites are less than 50% of new births, plus a large portion of those new whites will be cucked/brainwashed by the Jewish media, so they no longer fear to admit in the open what we always said – and they dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories’. Yet they may be too bold. 200 million white people are not going away.

    • Phil Hart of the Hart-Celler Act fame was a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer from Michigan. His father-in-law, another wealthy Roman Catholic owned the Detroit Tigers. Hart was a US Senator and a pal of Bobby & Ted Kennedy.

      The Jews are always problematic, but, the actual weight in voters & politicians in Congress is, and was, Roman Catholic.

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  2. It’s not “racism” that’s the American tradition. It’s the fact that nations are defined by their race that is a universal tradition.

      • They wanted to move to a country where whites like themselves, sharing their ethnicity and religion, were able to settle. The American continent was settled by whites leaving Europe. These migrants are not coming to settle and build, but to extract resources and scrounge of the society the whites have built.

          • There were a few thousand Roman Catholics on the eastern shore of Maryland—a couple of tenths of 1% if that? The Roman Catholics didn’t start to arrive in large numbers until the 1850’s.

            Regardless, it’s the Roman Catholic politicians in Congress, the State Houses, and City Halls who are allied with the Jews to destroy White America. You Roman Catholics are your own problem—your own worst enemy, and the enemy of White Americans.

        • People like you are actually facilitating the victory of the browns and blacks over the whites. You pick at the Catholics and actually hate us more than you do the enemies of our culture. It’s actually very juvenile, and as a Catholic, I am willing to accept protestants as part of our struggle for white people, it’s just too bad that you are so narrow minded that you are acting against the interests of our race, if you really are white.

          • Why is it Roman Catholic politicians in Congress, the State Houses, and City Halls are allied with the Jews to destroy White America. You Roman Catholics are your own problem—your own worst enemy, and the enemy of White Americans.

            It’s not one or two, Roman Catholic politicians who are anti-White, but, every damn one of them.

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      • El Chapo, just shut up. Mexico is a potentially wonderful country ruined by the greed and amorality of its upper class and the low IQ of its lower class, i.e., people like you. The people who formed the foundations of the USA were – with the exception of a handful of religious fanatics – conquerors who were not fleeing anything. They were men of a warrior race destined to rule the world. By the way, same applies to the Spanish who turned your great-granny into a sex slave. The truth hurts, eh?

  3. We’re under no obligation to let anyone immigrate into this country, especially violent, low IQ brown savages who cannot and will not assimilate.

  4. One thing that incessantly bugs me is the ZOG continually applying the Bill of Rights to foreigners outside of the US. If foreigners can come here and bring their donkey worship and build religious houses here…….well then why can’t China send an army to exercise their right to bear arms?? I just want to start getting RADICAL with the normies in hopes that they wake up.

    I love the pic. Bill the Butcher is a personal hero of mine.

  5. America is not a “Nation of Immigrants”. Until Hart-Cellar in 1965, it was a nation of explorers and builders. Now they just hop off the boat or jump the border and run right to the welfare offices we built.

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