Paul Nehlen Returns To Twitter In Epic Fashion

The Jews are losing their minds over Paul Nehlen’s epic return to Twitter:

Paul Nehlen returns:

My sides.

The eternal blue checkmark is having a meltdown after being smoked out. Paul Nehlen was trending this afternoon when I was browsing Twitter.

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  1. Christ named the Jews, the Jews. Jew means those that reject the Gospel. Jew means those that reject the teachings of Christ. If you reject Christ and his teachings you are a Goddamned Jew.

  2. Went to Nehlen’s Twatter account to read some replies. Lots of lots of hive-mind girlies virtue-signalling…yes, the vast majority, and the obligatory bugmen.

    Main takeaway: Twatter platforms have limited social utility.

    But, whatever social utility it has has been well exploited by Nehlen – that Nazi scum piece of s**t…you get the idea.

    Nehlen for Congress 2018; for Fuhrer in 2020!

  3. Wish list for Nehlen. The Cabals that run the ju-ju in DC – get these wall-to-wall dual nationals and Israel firsters registered as agents of a foreign government – the ADL, JDL, JINSA and the J-pacs.

  4. The only hope for a jew is to be baptized into Christ’s body, the church..
    Galatians 3:25 and following.

    In the first century, jews who believed, confessed, repented and were baptized
    into Christ were immediately marked as DEAD to the family and all other jews.

    That’s why I belong to the Church of Christ, restored in the South before
    the war of northern aggression. Run by men who meet the guidelines
    in Timothy and Titus. Take the Lord’s supper every first day of the week.
    Do stuff just like they did it in the first century.
    And they were hated then, too.

  5. There were no “Jews” that “believed, confessed, repented and baptized” in the first century. There were Israelites that did and “Jesus was not a Jew”, but instead an Israelite of the tribe of Judah who hailed from Galilee, not Judea. Note that anyone who lived in Judea during that period regardless of their nationality or religion was considered a “Jew” be they Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Israelite, of Edom, etc.

    “It would be a mistake to assume that our roots of of the Israelites of the Old Testament, but, rather, our roots are in Phariseeism.” – 1905 Encyclopedia Judaica

    Now Google “The 1980 Jewish Almanac” and see what pops up. Exact verfiication of the above.

    The Pharisees weere composed (99.9%) of Edomites, Kenites and Canaanites, combined as Idumeans and were believers in the teachings of The Talmud, not the Old Testament. There were a smattering of the Tribes of Judah (Judahites) and Benjamin (Benjamites) among them who repented and were baptized, but the rest were as is today; “aliens in our midst.”

    If we cannot understand that truth we are doomed.

    • We have some kind of sick secret babalonian volcano demon cult masquerading as jews, mormons, jesuits and probably a few others. Best to understand what we are dealing with ASAP. I am starting to think just about everything in european tradition (rumpledick-skin/stiltskin, Hans(el) and Greta(l), Snow White And many more incuding The New Testament) are all warnings about these truly evil people.

      • Scientology has a volcano demon too I believe. This is probably what you join to get ahead in Hollywood if you are not genetically pure enough for the High Command.

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