Nightlife In Malmö

Sophie Johansson went out for a night on the town in Malmö, Sweden:

“Shocking images shared on social media show her face and body covered in blood after the late-night attack this weekend.

Miss Johansson says she had been enjoying her evening at Babel night club on Saturday when she felt a tug on her handbag and turned around to face a man she did not recognise.

‘I turned around and then I felt his hand on my bottom and between my legs,’ she told Aftonbladet.

After rebuking the man, whom she describes as 5ft 10in in his mid-20s with dark hair, he punched her in the face with a closed fist.

Saying she did not want to escalate the situation, Miss Johansson and her friend moved to leave the club, at which point the man hit her with a bottle on the left side of her head, breaking it. …”

A non-White in a nightclub “grabbed her by the pussy.” She rebuked his dusky advances. He punched her in the face with a closed fist. When she tried to leave the club, he cracked a bottle over her head. She posted about it on Facebook only to delete it out of fear of being branded a racist.

Note: It was The Eternal Swede Gunnar Myrdal who persuaded Americans that multiculturalism and integration could work in his 1944 book The American Dilemma.

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    • You “hate to ask.”


      Any particular reason they should?

      Skank shouldn’t be hanging out in that nightclub is Muslimo.

      Sweden is a matriarchy – all the strong independent women can look after themselves.

  1. And all the femocrats in the Swedistan used their leverage in the Victim Entitlement Pyramid (admittedly a very low tier) to plead for the safety of Swedish women. (Just kidding folks).

    Arise Nordic Resistance. Save your country.

  2. From the ‘only in Sweden’ department.
    So what became of the third world perp? Was it arrested or given a belting…….or anything at all? I take it the feminists are doing all they can to assist her? Oh that’s right, of course not.
    I wish Swedistan would find its inner viking-and fast!
    Cheer up girl, your good looks are still largely intact. Next time, have a big, strong Swedish male with you.

  3. Iceland needs to do the thunder clap of Elhaz for Sweden.
    Iceland performs ultimate Viking war chant.

    In the Havamal, Odin sings the 13th rune which the Icelanders are performing:
    “The hero will not fall no matter if he goes to war
    The hero will not go down beneath the swords.

    Elhaz passed into Viking Christianity because this was the position in which the Son of God chose to be crucified.

  4. Hopefully all that red spill has resulted in a red pill for her.
    I don’t like it when people have to learn the hard way, but unfortunately for some, thats what it takes.

  5. Another airhead, no doubt liberal, literally ‘mugged by reality’. Damn, I momentarily hoped from the headline it was (((Scarlett Johannsen))), hateful Hollywood hypocrite #876590724913.

    Latest revelation about Gunnar Merde-All, who was written up by Hunter Sept. 30: his big book was ghost-written by a Chosenite. Have lost the link but a commenter alleges it here

  6. Incredible. Somewhere in my ancestral past I also have Swedish and Danish blood. We were tough as nails in South Africa. So this weakness does not lie in the blood. What on earth is going on there!?

  7. Sweden has the largest hard core Nationalist movement of any European/Scandinavian nation. Even in politics Swedish Democrats are competitive

    It s a lie that all Swedes are Lib cowards

    Stop slandering our people

    And pretty White gals should be allowed to go to clubs without getting pawed and bloodied by muds

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