New documentary on South Africa could be most explosive ever


Video about the making of the documentary:

Transvaal Flag. Proposed flag for an independent Boer homeland.

Hopefully, the documentary will be as action-packed and visually stunning as the trailer makes it look. If it is, it will probably be watched by hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Southern calls the documentary “the first of its kind.” Actually, there have been previous ones. However, they mainly appealed to people who already knew a large deal about what is going on. I am hopeful that this documentary will have a more mass appeal.

Lauren Southern is a former Rebel Media journalist who went independent a couple of years ago. However, Rebel Media itself is also shifting its focus towards South Africa. Rebel Media’s Katie Hopkins recently said she is making South Africa a primary focus.


  1. Lauren Southern in South Africa: Mudshark on Vacation in Mudshark Paradise.

    Coming soon to a theatre near you.

    • Could you link documented evidence of your Lauren Southern “mudshark” claim. Thanks.

      If true, I’ll know she is a fraud. If not, I’ll know you are.

        • She comes out of a country which permanently shouts “we all are one” and she is/was young and impressionable. She would have been completely different should she have been born in another age. A younger South Africa, USA, Canada and Europe was much more different than today and had conservative family values. Today these countries are submerged by a liberal narrative, and to whom must a younger person then turn himself or herself for guidance?

          She now has visited South Africa and that will most probably be a permanent cure. I am glad that there is a younger generation (She, Andrew Anglin, etc.) who is taking the ball and running with it, even if the actions are perhaps not to everyones taste. This will come with maturity and advancing age. Younger people must find their own way, and life will sort them out.

          This is how I see it. Me, that has seen life in most of its aspects on many career levels and it is not a young person anymore looking back from the mirror.

  2. I do notice in the comments section of her clip “South Africa – Why White People” there already is a heavy psy-ops operation going on against her exposure. All kinds of people with a dubious background are floating around there, where one wonders how many of them are fake profiles. For example “I am a white man from South Africa” might be an operative from a completely different country and not even white. Other comments sound if they have been written by operatives from the ANC HQ. There is a lot of leftwing (even ex Stasi/Rosa Luxemburg foundation operatives) interest groups floating around in South Africa. I can imagine they offer their services to the ANC.

    People who now try to flood with “Spam”, most probably to create a Active Measures (counter propaganda and subversion as used during the Cold War – see Wiki) atmosphere, where visitors with not enough background on South Africa will start doubting what the truth actually is. She certainly has hit a nerve with her exposure.

    I wish her best of luck. One has to have an incredible resilience to be able to face all this criticism and personal attacks on a continual basis. But she has the vigour of youth.

    • This might perhaps interest the Occidental Dissent readership.

      EU-parliament MENF conference on the political situation in South Africa.

      “MENF conference on the political situation in South Africa hosted by Janice ATKINSON – Brussels – 30/01/2018.”

      A South African politician, Dr. Corne Mulder, has attended and is stating the case for white South Africa. Skip to the English parts.

    • No, the US does not bear responsibility for this insanity, the US didn’t colonize South Africa, nor did we have anything to do with this process. It was Marxists, primarily Jewish who emigrated to South Africa, from the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Poland and they were involved in forming the ANC and other Marxist parties. The only whites in South African govt are Jewish Marxists like Tony Leon, though now the Africans that viewed them as honorary nonwhites are now turning on them. Lots of them started fleeing Africa in the 90s though some remain. Joel Pollak, the lackey of Robert Mercer at is an admitted socialist (though he claims he isn’t any more) whose family were Marxist Jews in South Africa, he serves neocon interests which are Trotskyite. Globalism is communist internationalism.

    • Becky’s comment is not all together true. We did have sanctions on South Africa that destroyed their economy and we did put lots of pressure on them. South Africans must understand that we don’t really control our country just like you don’t control yours. the Jews do. The South Africans didn’t really “colonize” anything because when they got to South Africa there was very close to no one there. All they built they built themselves. Even more so than Americans. There were a few thousand Bushmen in the whole country. Almost all the Bllacks in SOuth Africa niow came from the North and have no more call on the country that the Whites do.

      • That is right. The enemy is not the normal white US electorate. I have several acquaintances who emigrated to the USA. They had nothing but praise for their new communities. Very warm, open door, welcoming and friendly and they also fitted into the religious environment.

        But the work mentality seems to be one of hire-and-fire in a particular nasty way, and the medical system is complicated and expensive. And I know more than one person who told me that they never saw an apple pie during their stay in the USA. And that what is being sold as the USA to the outside world is Hollywood propaganda. The reality looks much different. In part a crumbling infrastructure and a dumbed down education system. This made some of them return to South Africa.

        I know of cases where the men fit in perfectly, but their wives wanted to return to South Africa. Emigration is a thing where a marriage must work perfect, because it is a life changing move to emigrate. Some cannot handle the pressure.

        The people who were able to secure contracts in the USA were all in specialist occupations, for example IT. Normally it is very hard to gain entrance to the USA. Even a specialist IT skill does not guarantee entrance, if it is not a scarce sought after skill. The danger is always there that this one particular specialist skill was only wanted by one single company. If you loose your job, you then have a serious problem.

        One always knew during the sanctions years that one must not equate the USA government with the people. We had quite a few friends in the USA (for example the highly decorated Major General John K. Singlaub and his Western Goals Foundation), our military had exchanges with your military, but all in all their influence was not big enough to cut through the wave of anti South African agitation.

    • The Kikes and their Gollums in our government are the ones responsible, and it is they have the blood of every white man, woman and child tortured, raped the murdered by the Saracens blacks on their hands. The souls of those people cry out for justice, and vengeance.

  3. I honestly believe those people need to retreat. I respect them for preparing and wanting their Homeland but they are severely outnumbered.

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