OD Digest: January 2018 In The Trumpenreich

Editor’s Note: January 2018 was a very productive month for Occidental Dissent. I’ve put together this digest as a summary of our content around key topics.


Steve Bannon’s collapse at Breitbart was the biggest political story of the month. There was also a government shutdown over DACA. President Trump’s State of the Union address pitched a new DREAM Act amnesty. Nothing has come of it yet though.

Review: President Mike Pence’s 2018 State of The Union Address
Kennedy Heir Gives Left’s SOTU, Condemned For Being A White Man
Koch Network To Spend $300 To $400 Million On Republican Puppets In 2018 Midterms
Government Shutdown Ends
McConnell Promises Immigration Vote To End Government Shutdown
CNN Poll: Republicans Bounce Back In 2018 Midterms
President Trump’s First Year
Live Thread: ZOG’s Shutdown
Heckuva Job, Paul: Democrats Virtually Certain To Win House In 2018 Midterms
Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 064 – The Black Pill on The Republican Party
Is Andy Puzder Coming Back?
Sloppy Steve Cucks Himself
The Fall Of Sloppy Steve: Bannon Announces Resignation From Breitbart News
Steve Bannon Forced Out At Breitbart
GOP May Skip 2018 Budget
David French: Trump’s Decision To Cut Ties With Steve Bannon Is One Of The Best Moves Of His Presidency
Gas On The Dumpster Fire: Breitbart News Looking Into Firing Steve Bannon
Bannon Was Warned: Lay Off Jarvanka
Larry Kudlow: Bannon Goes Belly-Up and the Stock Market Soars
Trump Train Crashes: Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Publicly Turn On Each Other

Political Theory

Patrick Deneen’s book Why Liberalism Failed and Steven Levitsky’s How Democracies Die will be reviewed here in February. I will also try to get to Christophe Buffin de Chosal’s The End of Democracy. I would like to thank the OD reader who sent me a copy.

Why Liberalism Failed Reviews
Excerpt: Why Liberalism Failed


I reviewed and critiqued anti-racist Ibram X. Kendi’s book Stamped From The Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.

Now Reading: Stamped From The Beginning
Review: Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped From The Beginning
1860 New York City Torchlight March


Silas Reynolds explored the rise of the Christian Zionism.

Dispensationalism: Its Development, Its Beliefs, Its Consequences


The Hard Right held three rallies in Memphis, TN (Shieldwall Network), Knoxville (Traditionalist Worker Party) and Tallahassee (League of the South). Dr. Michael Hill looked ahead to League activism in 2018. There will be smaller, more frequent rallies which involve less traveling.

Traditionalist Worker Party Holds Anti-Abortion Protest In Knoxville, TN
Florida League of the South Holds Restore Sovereignty Rally In Tallahassee, FL
Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 063 – 2017 and 2018


We explored our differences with Identitarians and American Nationalists on strategy and tactics.

Patrick Casey: Subculture vs. Strategy
Response To Patrick Casey
Gorilla-Chan, or, Why Mainstreaming Doesn’t Work
Those Who Can Be Radicalized
Mixwandertrip123 and why tears won’t stop White Genocide
Scoop: Andrew Anglin Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About
Ricky Vaughn Appears On The Krypto Report
Christopher Cantwell Interviews Ricky Vaughn


Richard Spencer spanked Sargon of Akkad and won the Skeptics War. The Alt-Right spent much of January reaching a mass audience in debates on YouTube. In other news, Nick Fuentes continued to pick immature fight and alienate his former allies. It was bad optics..

The Doxxed Strike Back
Nick Fuentes and James Allsup Break Up
Sargon the Afraid
Richard Spencer vs. Sargon of Akkad


Even though DNC co-chair Keith Ellison endorsed Antifa and Chelsea Manning announced a Senate campaign in Maryland, their web traffic has collapsed while ours has surged.

Keith Ellison Endorses Antifa
Is The Alt-Right In Decline?
Chelsea Manning Announces Senate Run

Southern Nationalism

R.G. Miller addressed the Yankee Question. While the MAGApedes called for regime change in Iran, I whistled Dixie and marveled at how little has changed since the W. years.

Mysterium Fasces: The Yankee Question
Whistling Dixie

True Cons

Ben Sasse styled himself as a champion of the First Amendment. Jeff Flake gave a speech on the floor of the Senate comparing President Trump to Joseph Stalin. Neither Flake or Sasse could top Cuck Erick Erickson and Cuck David French who virtue signaled their support for immigration from Third World shitholes which they found preferable to immigration from European countries like Norway.

Cuckservatives: Ben Sasse, Cornpone First Amendment Hero
Cuckservatives: Jeff Flake’s Latest Grandstanding Speech
This Is What American Cuckservatives Dream About At Night
Marc Thiessen: If It Wasn’t For The Alt-Right, Trump Would Be Popular

Merchant Right

The Merchant Right hung out with Antifa candidate Chelsea Manning at Cernovich’s ‘A Night for Freedom’ who publicly says they don’t deserve a platform. Paul Joseph Watson spent his time promoting soy products while stealing the soyboy meme. The Merchant Right as a whole also gave a ringing endorsement of those brave, Iranian feminists after years of condemning feminism.

Merchant Right Poses With Chelsea Manning
Mike Cernovich White Knights Trannyfa Chelsea Manning
Paul Joseph Watson’s Soylent Brain
Cernovich Sidekick Jack Murphy Outed By Antifa
Vox Day: Alt-Retard Is Not Of The Right
Antifa Crash Cernovich’s ‘A Night For Freedom’
Cernovich’s “A Night For Freedom” No Platformed In New York City
Paul Joseph Watson: This Is What a Real Feminist Looks Like
Infowars: Was Steve Bannon Deep State All Along?


Commentators from across the political spectrum marveled at President Trump’s retreat from populism and embrace of mainstream conservatism. The public also noticed the rebranding.

Donald Trump Joins The Failed, Corrupt Political Establishment
Michael Brendan Dougherty: Was It For This?
Philip Klein: Trumpian Rhetoric, NeverTrumper Policies
Kevin Williamson: President John Kelly
Analysis: President Trump’s Davos Speech
Heritage Foundation: Trump Has Embraced Two-Thirds Of Our Agenda
Davos Panel: Trump’s Populist Record Is ‘Quite Poor’
National Review: What Syria Teaches Us About ‘America First’
Ross Douthat: Trump So Far Is More Farce Than Tragedy
Sad: Ross Douthat and Ben Domenech Urge President Trump To Be More Populist
National Review: Donald Trump, Conventional Republican President
The Weekly Standard: The Ideas and The Vessel
Five Thirty Eight: Trump Is Now Perceived As a Mainstream Conservative
The Atlantic: How The Swamp Drained Trump


From Desmond Is Amazing to Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys to CNN’s celebration of cuckolding, American culture continued to plummet to new depths.

Desmond Is Amazing: 10-Year-Old Crossdresser From Brooklyn Founds Drag Club For Kids
Not even worshiping Baphomet is good enough for the Grammys White boy
Kendrick Lamar’s 2018 Grammy Performance
Boycott Anti-White Airbnb
Jew York Times kvetches about a Sweater
Spencer Brown Makes Tennis Great Again!
Hollywood is Over
CNN: Cuckolding Can Be “Positive For Some Couples”
Close Your F*cking Mouth


President Trump struggled to uphold the politically correct norms of the modern presidency. He blurted out in private that we shouldn’t accept immigrants from shithole countries in Africa, Caribbean and Latin America. At the same time, President Trump and Vice President Pence observed the ritual of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and created the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park in Georgia. Rep. John Lewis still thinks he is a ‘racist’ though.

President Trump Signs Bill Creating Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
President Trump “Deeply Respects” African Shitholes
President Trump Apologizes To Theresa May For Retweeting ‘Horrible Racists’
State Department Ranks Every Country In The World
Mike Pence Continues To Play Identity Politics
Sen. Cory Booker Cries “Tears of Rage” Over Shithole Countries
South Africa Formally Protests Being Labeled a Third World Shithole
John Lewis: “I Think He Is a Racist”
MAGA: Vice President Pence Lays Wreath At MLK Monument
Miami: 20 Sacrificed Horses Discovered, Shithole Immigrants Blamed
Cuckservatives Want Immigrants From Shithole Countries 2
President Trump Signs Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Proclamation
Cuckservatives Want Immigrants From Shithole Countries
President Trump: Why Should We Accept Immigrants From “Shithole Countries” Like Haiti?

Jewish Question

Conservatives have continued to display obsequious subservience to Jews. South Carolina attempted to outlaw anti-Semitism. Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Israel, visited Yad Vashem, donned a yarmulke at the Western Wall and gave the most cucked speech ever seen in Israel by an American politician on the floor of the Knesset. While the United States condemned Iran for its human rights violations, Israel began the process of annexing the West Bank and ethnically cleansing African refugees. Russia Insider and Paul Nehlen bravely challenged Jewish power.

South Carolina Set To Make Criticism Of Israel Illegal
(((Chelsea Handler))) Urges Her Fellow White People To Repent On MLK Day
Russia Insider: It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo
Jewish Action Occupies Congressional Floor Demanding Amnesty for ‘Dreamer’ Illegal Aliens
Nikki Haley Brags About Bullying UN For Israel
Mike Pence Addresses Israeli Knesset
President Trump Remembers The 6 Million and Offers DREAM Act Amnesty
Jerusalem Post: Do Jews Control The World?
Paul Nehlen Returns To Twitter In Epic Fashion
White House 2018 International Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement
President Trump Threatens To Cut Off Aid To Palestinians
Mike Pence Broken At Western Wall
Mike Pence Cucked Harder In “Zionist Sermon” Than Any American Politician Who Has Ever Visited Israel
Melania Trump Skips Davos, Visits US Holocaust Memorial Museum
(((College Professor))) Lectures Evil Goyim On The Racism Of Meritocracy
Britain: Woman On Trial For Anti-Semitism Redefines The Meaning Of BASED
Who’s Pushing Cross-Dressing Children In The New Roseanne Series?
Henry Kissinger: White House Is ‘A War Between Jews And Non-Jews’
Roy Moore’s Jew Attorney Raised Money For Doug Jones’ Campaign
Kushner Directed Flynn To Lobby Foreign Officials On UN Israeli Settlements Vote
Hail Netanyahu: Likud Party Endorses Plan To Annex Jewish Settlements In West Bank
President Trump Threatens To Defund Palestinian Authority
Israel: African Migrants Told To Leave Or Face Imprisonment

Social Media

While the Trump administration demanded that Iran stop censoring social media, James O’Keefe exposed that Twitter was shadowbanning and censoring conservatives in the United States.

Project Veritas Exposes Twitter Shadowbanning


Gunnar Myrdal was wrong. Diversity is a weakness from Macon, GA to Malmö, Sweden.

Nightlife In Malmö
When will Waffle House stop persecuting the Negro?
SHEEEIIT: DeAndre Harris Is Facing New Charges

Prison Reform

In his State of the Union address, President Trump announced plans to take up bipartisan prison reform which is a cause the Koch Network has been working on with Jared Kushner.

Jared Kushner Is Pushing For Prison Reform

Banking Reform

Gary Cohn announced that he was optimistic that Congress would pass bipartisan banking deregulation in the current session.

Gary Cohn: Congress Will Hopefully Pass Banking Reform Soon

Entitlement Reform

The Trump administration’s opening shot at entitlement reform was allowing the states to impose work requirements for Medicaid.

Trump Administration: States May Impose Work Requirements For Medicaid
Trump Poised To Take Action on Medicaid Work Requirements


The Trump administration rolled out some tariffs on solar panels and washing machines, but has reportedly softened on NAFTA and expressed interest in reentering the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Davos: President Trump Is Open To Renegotiating TPP
Senate Republicans Seek To Tame President Trump’s Trade Agenda
Trump Administration Imposes Tariffs on Imported Solar Panels and Washing Machines
Axios: Trump Softening On NAFTA
Axios: Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin Are Blocking America First Trade Reform


The Trump administration opened the outer continental shelf open to offshore drilling but faced a backlash from Florida which quashed the idea in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Trump Administration Moves To Massively Expand Offshore Drilling


Aspects of the Obama-era Obamahood program silently went into effect on January 1.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Delays Obamahood Desegregation Housing Rule


The 20 week abortion ban was brought to the Senate floor for a show vote which was guaranteed to fail. It was the latest example of Washington grandstanding on social issues.

20 Week Abortion Ban Fails In the Senate
President Trump Addresses 2018 March for Life


For the second year in a row, the Trump administration has continued to push for the end of the defense sequester and massive increases in military spending.

Trump Administration Will Request $719 Billion In Defense Spending in 2019 Budget
MAGA: Another American Ballistic Missile Test Ends In Epic Failure


We found the most interesting aspects of President Trump’s infrastructure plan to be an executive order to expand high speed internet to rural America and the possibility of nationalizing the 5G Wireless Network. The idea was quickly shot down by free market conservatives in Congress.

Trump Ponders Idea Of Nationalizing 5G Wireless Networks, Cucks Turn Rabid
President Trump Signs Executive Orders To Expand High Speed Internet To Rural America


Steve Wynn and David Copperfield became the latest prominent Jewish figures to be brought down by the #MeToo movement. The Women’s March happened for the second year in a row and Hillary Clinton gave a shoutout to all the “activist bitches” out there keeping it real.

Women’s March 2.0
Hillary Clinton Gives Bizarre Shoutout To Feminist “Activist Bitches”
Casino Jew Steve Wynn (Weinberg) Gets The #MeToo Treatment, Surrenders RNC Finance Position
#MeToo: (((David Copperfield))) Accused Of Performing Disappearing Schmekel Act On Teen Girl


More than anything else, January was absorbed by the fate of the DREAMers who President Trump boasted were coming to love the Republicans. Congress has until February 8 to come up with a solution to the problem or face the possibility of another government shutdown.

Senate Republicans Oppose Legal Immigration Cuts
Be Very Careful With This DACA Deal, My Brothers – A Great Jewing May Be Afoot
BREAKING: Trump Amnesty Will Apply To 1.8 Million DREAMers
President Trump Offers Path To Citizenship
Black Pill: E-Verify Is Currently One Huge Smoke And Mirrors Joke
NY Times: Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Racism Represents an American Tradition
The Chuckster Goes Full Jew, Cheats Trump Out Of Wall Funding Deal
USA Today: Get Ready For At Least 3.6 Million DACA Apes, White Man
Senate Unveils Bipartisan Immigration Deal
President Trump: DACA Probably Dead Because Democrats Don’t Really Want It
Gang of Six Announces Triple Oreo Amnesty
The Border Wall Transitions Into The Border Fence
Trump Administration Abruptly Reverses Course On H-1B Visas
President Trump: I Will Sign ANY Immigration Bill They Send Me
Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Attempt To Rescind DACA
President Trump’s DACA Deal Will be A Kidney Stab For The White Race
CEOs Roar: Give Us DACA
Daily Beast: Trump and Dems Close To Deal To Save DACA
Rand Paul: “We Don’t Have The Money” To Spend On Trump’s Border Wall
BREAKING: Jeff Flake Announces Senate Has Struck DACA Deal
Broken America: Washington State Sues Motel 6 For Cooperating With ICE
God Emperor Tells GOP Senators That Border Wall Is Not On The Agenda
President Trump: DACA Activists Are “Falling In Love” With Republicans


US-Russian foreign relations worsened in January 2018 due to the imposition of a round of sanctions and the release of the Kremlin Report by the Treasury Department.

Russia Moves The Overton Window
Trump Administration Announces New Russia Sanctions
President Trump Punts On Implementing New Russia Sanctions
President Trump: Russia Is Helping North Korea Evade American Sanctions


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced the US will be indefinitely keeping troops on the ground in the Syrian quagmire after the defeat of ISIS.

Rex Tillerson: US Troops Will Continue To Occupy Syria

South Africa

As Cape Town becomes the first major city in the world to run out of fresh water, Lauren Southern traveled to South Africa to do a documentary on the murder of White farmers.

New documentary on South Africa could be most explosive ever
Cape Town Set To Become First Major City To Run Out Of Water

Czech Republic

Miloš Zeman was reelected President of the Czech Republic which continues the populist tilt of Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland) away from Brussels.

Milos Zeman Reelected In Czech Republic


The Trump administration and its Israeli and Saudi allies are committed to the goal of regime change in Iran. It would prefer to accomplish this goal by means short of a military invasion though. Iran claims the CIA’s “Dark Prince” Michael D’Andrea, who was recently installed to run its Iran operation, was behind a US-Israeli-Saudi plot to destabilize the Iranian government by fomenting the street protests along the lines of Operation Ajax which were quelled earlier this month.

President Trump Keeps Iran Nuclear Deal
House Passes Resolution Condemning Iranian Government
Mike Pence Goes Full Neocon On Iran
Iran Protests Appears To Be Over
Iran’s Attorney General Names CIA Mastermind Of Iran Protests
Radio Aryan: ISIS and Iran
ISIS Declares War On Hamas, Endorses Iran Protests
Nikki Haley: “The Iranian Regime Is On Notice”
Nikki Haley Calls For Emergency UN Response To Iran
Operation Ajax
Iran: Death Toll Reaches 20 As Supreme Leader Calls Out (((Foreign Influence)))
Iranians Finally Respond Properly, Liquidate At Least 10 “Peaceful Protesters” After Cop Murdered
President Trump Invokes Human Rights To Condemn Iran
John Bolton: “Our Goal Should Be Regime Change In Iran
Trump Administration Pressures Iran To End Social Media Censorship”
Fake News Alert: Iranian Hijab Woman Incident Was A Hoax
Donald Trump Pledges “Great Support” To Iranian Terrorist Mob


After Nikki Haley chided Iran for its human rights abuses, Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey invaded northern Syria to ethnically cleanse the region of Kurdish terrorists.

Turkey commences race war against the Kurds
Turkey Arrests Hundreds For Criticizing Syria Invasion
American Government Acknowledges Kurdish Problem, Promises To Stop Arming Terrorists


China was blasted in President Trump’s National Security Strategy and State of the Union Address for being a ‘revisionist power’ that challenges “our values.” Apparently, this includes banning hip hop, tattoos and degenerate culture on Chinese state television.

China Bans Hip Hop, Tattoos, Degenerate Culture From Television
White House Preparing For Chinese Trade Crackdown

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