Black History Month 2018: The Wakandans

I can’t think of a better way to kick off OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2018 than to share with you the true history of Wakanda – the home of Black Panther, which is said to be the most advanced civilization in the world. It has currently been made invisible in Northeastern Africa by superior technology which makes it appear to outside observers like a Third World Country:

“1. It has ancient origins

More than 10,000 years in the past, Wakanda was home to a network of ancient civilizations and small tribes. Then, one day, a giant meteor crashed in the middle of the country and started a power struggle over the rare material held inside of it. Eventually, a man named Bashenga took charge and became the first king of a united Wakanda, which is located in Northeastern Africa.

2. In some versions, Wakanda is hidden from the world

Since Bashenga’s reign, the country has become highly independent and largely detached from outside influences. In some versions of the story, the country is literally hidden behind a giant wall and no one is allowed to enter. In others, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s viewed as a “third-world country.”

3. Wakanda was only conquered once

For over 10,000 years, Wakanda remained one of the only civilizations in all of Africa, and the world, to not fall victim to the invasion of foreign powers—but that doesn’t outside forces didn’t try. That was made perfectly clear in Reginaldf Hudlin and John Romita Jr.’s run in the comic book series. Their take on the story included amazingly violent scenes from various time periods when potential conquerors tried to cross Wakandan borders with ill intent only to meet a tragic end (mostly slaughtered) by way of 1,000 flying spears or backfiring guns.

Sadly, every undefeated streak comes to an end. After centuries of fending off all outside threats, Wakanda fell victim to invasion by a horde of Skrull during Marvel’s Secret Invasion arc and was only defeated when T’Challa and his then-wife Storm worked together. After the first successful invasion in centuries, many Wakandans questioned T’Challa’s abilities as a leader.

4. Wakanda has way better tech than the U.S.

After Wakanda closing its borders to outside nations, Wakanda developed its own superior technology that’s nearly impossible to hack. If seeing the flying cars and futuristic skyscrapers Black Panther trailer isn’t enough, it should be noted that Wakanda’s worked without the use of fossil fuels and been operating in space long before the United States or the Soviet Union ever even dreamed of it.

5. Wakanda has insurmountable wealth—and universal healthcare

Vibranium is one of the two strongest and rarest minerals in existence. (The other is adamantium, which is the metal that was fused with Wolverine’s skeleton.) As far as the rest of the world knows, getting your hands on a small Vibranium rock is a miracle on its own. However, Wakanda is home to an entire mountain made of it called the Great Mound.

Due to this wealth of resources, Wakanda is considered to be the most financially sound country in the entire world. Local leaders trade small amounts of it at a time for thousands of dollars and do their best to keep its full existence a secret from those who would like to take advantage of it. This helps the country have completely free education, universal healthcare, and metropolitan areas that look like they came out of The Jetsons.

6. There’s something in Wakanda’s water

While it’s surely made the country financially stable, Wakanda’s rare metals have made other aspects of life more… unpredictable. After 10,000 years of exposure, the area surrounding the meteor became susceptible to heaps of radiation from the Vibranium metals in the Great Mound. The effects of this exposure has shown itself multiple times already, including when a small group of citizens mutated but also in the plant life, including the heart-shaped herb that gives the Black Panthers of old and new their superhuman abilities after consumption.

7. Wakanda’s cultures often clash

While Wakanda is lightyears ahead of other countries, citizens still hold the methodologies and teachings of the past in high regard. It’s not uncommon for the royal family to seek counsel from college professors and witch doctors to offer solutions to the same problem, As you can likely imagine, this often leads to a clashing of the minds with different ideologies contradicting each other. This is a primary reason that Wakanda hasn’t gone completely without conflict. The outside world may have only recently started giving the nation issues, but conflicts within its borders are far from a new occurrence.

8. Black Panther has his own all-female personal security

“Move or you will be moved.” That was one of the best lines in Captain America: Civil War as T’Challa’s personal body guard was ready to throw hands with Black Widow. Well, what a lot of people may not have caught at the time is that that badass woman is part of a larger group of equally badass women called the Dora Milaje, the Black Panther’s all-female personal security detail. Imagine how capable you have to be to be security for a superhero!

SHEEEIT … Wakandans were on the moon and Mars n’ shit long before Whitey ever went to the moon. Wakanda is located near the intersection of Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia:

This places the Wakandans near the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kakuma, Kenya:

I guess the Wakandans are hiding their power level.

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  1. Like all Marvel successful comics, the Black Panther was created by Jack King Kirby. I believe Jack Kirby is 1/2 Jewish, he’s a very lower east side New Yorker, intensely patriotic American, though of course anti NAZI in World War II etc.

    The original Black Panther wasn’t that bad, wasn’t hate White people or THE BLACK AFRICANS ARE THE BEST.

    More like a noble African tribal king that the European colonialists or Americans would work with, educate at Oxford etc.

  2. So according to the above narrative, they got one part of economics right. You must have money to provide all this ‘free’ stuff.

  3. This is just a reminder of how far we have to go. American whites are programmed by decades of both open and subliminal brainwashing re. Negroes.

    The most wealthy and powerful people in the world support this. All to submit the Europeans to domination by the dark world.

    Start at the beginning.

    Each one teach one:


  4. The really funny thing about this tale is that it’s really about Jews. Marvel is JEW. This film is JEW. The story is JEW. Jews possess a LOT of Negro DNA, possibly sourced from Ethiopia. The actual African Negroes serve as their mere props and proxies.

  5. At least they explain their technology and abilities being of alien origin via vibranium and not natively black, as all the surrounding black areas are Third World shitholes.

  6. OImagine a group of about ten loudmouth skinheads behavin’ like niggers going into a theatre full of Dindus watching this thing.

  7. The Noble Savage mythology of the Revolution (inaugurated 1789) is the mother lode of African sci fi, golden ages of advanced civ and Edenic idylls.

  8. Didn’t Galt’s Gulch also have a device that made it invisible by air. Don’t be surprised if the audience from Black Panthers is chock full of white Millennial males. If you think Wakanda is awesome wait until the White Republic comes into existence!

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