Italian Teen Murdered And Chopped To Pieces By Nigerian Migrant

Sweden isn’t the only European country being enriched by diversity this week:

“A 29-year-old Nigerian migrant drug dealer has been arrested by police in the Italian commune of Pollenza after being accused of killing an 18-year-old girl and chopping her into pieces.

The Nigerian, identified as 29-year-old Innocent Oseghale, was arrested earlier this week by Italian Carabinieri after the body of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro was found dismembered and dumped on a street with parts of her body stuffed in suitcases, Il Giornale reports.

The Carabinieri in nearby Macerata were able to identify the Nigerian in connection with the murder after examining CCTV footage from the area. …”

Sounds like a crime that you expect to see happen in, well, Nigeria. NOT HERE:


Sweden and Italy should follow the example recently set by Israel and offer African migrants $3,500 and a one way plane ticket back to Wakanda or incarceration on a chain gang:

“JERUSALEM — On a recent weeknight, about two dozen Israelis, mostly in their 20s, gathered in a Jerusalem basement to hear the story of an Eritrean man who is facing deportation.

Like thousands of Eritreans, Frezgi Ketef Tehehaymanut, 27, fled his country to avoid the draft into slave-like national service, a crime punishable by death. He would return to Eritrea tomorrow, he said, but he feared he would “end up under the ground.”

The meeting was one of many similar events taking place across the country in what has become a particularly Jewish backlash against the government’s tough new deportation policy.

Last month, the Israeli government offered some 38,000 migrants from Eritrea and Sudan a stark choice: $3,500 and a plane ticket to a third country in Africa, or jail. …”


If it is good for the Jews in Israel, it is good for the goys in Europe, right? Apparently, some Jews are high on their own supply of liberal poison and are protesting this in Israel. Their argument is that Israel is a “nation of immigrants” and should “learn the lesson” of the Holocaust and not expel Wakandan refugees. Sarah Silverman’s rabbi sister is one of the ringleaders.

Note: I’m going to have to play the Saga song again. You might have to click through some ADL bullshit to get to it though. Jewish NGOs are thought policing social media now.

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  1. But…..its not all Nigerians!
    With the Commonwealth games on the Gold Coast in Australia soon, some are concerned that athletes from African based nations will flee once the closing ceremony has concluded-it happens every time African athletes participate in Olympic or Commonwealth games in white nations. Scummy reffo advocates are already anticipating this scenario and rubbing their hands together stating…..’they have a right to stay here’. THEY ARE FUCKING INVADERS BREAKING THE LAW!
    If you’re interested in the perspective of another Aussie, look up ‘Porridge Pals’ on youtube where he discusses these issues at length with a good dose of ironic, Aussie humor.
    And I hope the Italians learn from their nog problem and refuse more boats. They need to top their boats up with fuel, offer them food and water, turn them around and bid them farewell. Its far cheaper than allowing them onshore and supporting them for the rest of their lives. If they don’t, murders like this will just keep on happening.

  2. What’s this thing that Niggers have for destroying, not killing, destroying, young White women and eight year old White boys?

  3. I am against the idea of deporting them, they should be hunted down and slaughtered like rats by the military, police and armed civilians until the rest decide It’s time to self-deport. They invaded, they can get back to their craphole homeland on their own.

    • Committing acts of extreme violence against those disgusting nigger-apes is the ONLY solution. I would be DELIGHTED to help the guineas.

  4. The elites control Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, corporations, and the government.

    The 1% supports debt, wars, regulations, global warming, diversity, welfare, tyranny, immorality, abortion, feminism, vaccines, and homosexuality.

    Anyone who supports these issues are just tools for the globalists.

    The ruling class wants to kill off the strong white men and then send the weak liberal females, blacks, illlegal immigrants, and Muslims to the gulags where they will be starved and killed. The elites will then divide the wealth and land of the US among themselves.

    The elites are trying to weaken Americans by making everything illegal and making Americans dependent on welfare while allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood the country and offshoring jobs.

    The 1% is trying to start wars to make money for defense companies, reduce the population, protect Israel, increase refugees, and distract Americans.

    The solution to the USA collapse is more freedom, not more government.

    Those who think socialism will save the US only need to look at the socialist disasters in America’s ghettoes, Indian reservations, Appalachia, the USSR, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Western Europe.

    More regulations won’t save the USA because more laws only punish the 99% and not the elites. The 1% write the laws, have relationships, have lawyers, and control the government.

    Laws have unintended consequences.

    Gun control makes the state stronger.

    Minimum wages kill the economy and raise prices.

    Voting won’t work because the elites give campaign donations and cushy job promises to the politicians and the election machines can be hacked.

    A constitutional convention won’t work because the Bill of Rights is being ignored now. There is no rule of law anymore. The law only means what the government says it is.

    Protesting won’t work because protesting is illegal.

    Secession might lead to a civil war that would be extremely bloody because the US government has helicopters, guns, grenades, aircraft carriers, jets, drones, and nuclear bombs.

    Perhaps the most practical solution to the US collapse is to just drop out, go off the grid, become a nameless and stateless nomad, work off the books, don’t pay taxes, don’t obey the law, drain the welfare system, don’t deal with the state, and don’t get gun licenses, driver licenses, business licenses, or fishing licenses.

    Wake up.


    Pass the word.

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