WHITE PILL: New Poll Shows Sportsball Is Dying

I’ve been critical of President Trump.

We haven’t gotten much in the way of ‘populist nationalist’ policies. This has been a major disappointment. President Trump has catered to his populist supporters mostly through attacking the media and NFL sports teams. While this is more of the same old conservative dog whistling, it is having a major impact on the NFL which is something to celebrate:

“Ahead of a Super Bowl that caps a tumultuous season, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll depicts a developing nightmare for the National Football League: Its core audience is losing interest rapidly, a potential threat to the league’s dominant role in American culture.

The poll shows that fans are following the sport less closely, even in key demographics, such as young men, that historically propelled the league’s growth. At the same time, parents increasingly want their children to turn away from football amid growing worry about player safety and the league’s efforts to address it. …

Sunday night’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles comes at the end of a troublesome season for the league. The best players got hurt. The owners publicly quarreled. The decline in television ratings steepened. And the league became a polarizing political lightning rod, entangled in an imbroglio with President Donald Trump over player protests during the national anthem.

The problems are taking a heavy toll. Adults who report following the NFL closely has dropped 9% since 2014, the poll finds. More alarming for the league, however, is the makeup of the people moving away from the NFL in large numbers: Just 51% of men aged 18 to 49 say they follow the NFL closely, down from 75% four years ago. The poll did not ask respondents why their interest changed. The Journal/NBC News poll interviewed 900 adults from Jan. 13-17. The margin of error for the full sample was plus or minus 3.27 percentage points. …

The drop offs, according to the poll, also crossed political lines. Base Democrats who follow the league closely fell by 16 points versus four years ago, while it was 14 points for base Republicans.”

Super Bowl LII is happening in Minneapolis this Sunday and SJWs are holding a ‘Take a Knee Conference and Rally’ outside U.S. Bank Stadium to honor the memory of Philando Castile:

“No one knows for sure whether anyone will take a knee inside the Super Bowl on Sunday. However, it’s now clear that many will in fact kneel in protest, outside the stadium.

The Take a Knee Conference and Rally, will meet outside U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Saturday, and continue holding events on through Super Bowl Sunday.

U.S. Bank Stadium is not far from where Philando Castile was shot and killed by police in July of 2016. That incident, filmed by Castile’s girlfriend, went viral after it appeared on Facebook. The Castile shooting, among other incidents, inspired Kaepernick to launch his protest movement in the preseason of that year.

Castile’s mother will also attend the event, according to Sporting News. …”

These self-righteous idiots are going to Take a Knee outside the Super Bowl.

To be fair, our favorite negro Colin Kaepernick deserves most of the credit for using militant blackness to drive a wedge between Middle America and the NFL.

Let’s hope the trend continues and it trickles down to the SEC.

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  1. Now if we can get the same trends rolling against college niggerball. Not only would a superficial cultural objective be more within reach, the colleges (particulary Divison I ) would see massive decreases in revenue. That would have all kinds of implications and that is why bringing down college niggerball is more important.

  2. Having just recently left that demographic, and having been watching football for 45 years, I can state that the kneeling is just the straw breaking the camel’s back.

    They have milked this demographic – the hated white males – for all they can. Many of those white males are hurting economically.

    And the TV presentation is horrific. Hour upon hour of corporate b.s. and celebrity boot-licking brought to you by cretins like Nance, Torico, etc. We must never forget Costas either.

    Ever tried to watch a Super Bowl? About 7 hours of corporate b.s. with 10 minutes of action split in the middle for a bloody hour by some degenerate with a wardrobe malfunction.

    I don’t think it is possible for anyone with a functioning brain to sit through that crap. TV, of any sort, sucks the life out of you, and 7 hours?

    Then, Gooddell decides to spit in their faces, and not just once, but continuously. Pink, pink, f**kin pink everywhere as the main demographic dies from prostate and colon cancer.

    After pink, comes Black, black, blackety-black…everyone’s favourite mulatto…no, not Obama, the other one in the photo up above…to put the final nail in the coffin.

  3. I fully support blacks taking a knee. It is an extremely fruitful in-road with the normie. Also, they should kneel before their superiors.

  4. As a friend once said; “They’re just a bunch of overpaid Niggers.”

    “Our Niggers are better than their niggers”, is about how I sum up sports.

    • And the idiots protesting against “racism” in Minneapolis, are SJW Scandinavian brain-deads.

      They’re the equivalent of white Niggers
      -stupid as ScheiB, AND racially cucked!

      • When the shit hits the fan, I wonder on what side these wiggers will be? If they side with the jigs, they’re dead, but I suspect the whites would just welcome them as awakened brothers.

      • Philandro Castile, he sainted martyr, was shot and killed by a Mestizo cop who, like the Somali cop who shot and killed Justine Damond, should not have even been in the Twin Cities much less hired as a policeman. But the protesters will define him as “white” and decry him as a “racist’ who “murdered” an unarmed and innocent black man.

  5. Diversity has been getting killed on social media and elsewhere. That’s why “Unity” is the up and coming buzzword for Diversity. Blacks and other non Whites have been allowed to engage in identity politics for so long that they ain’t never going to go for “Unity”. That’s good news as far as it goes.

    Don’t get taken in by appeals to “Unity”. It’s an alternate code word for White Genocide.

  6. The white man will never stop worshiping reggin ball. If you go back through the OD archives, you’ll find a post by Brad saying even he enjoys watching Auburn reggin ball.

  7. I hate niggers and I hate niggerball. I LOATHE White men who worship niggers. There is NOTHING worse and lower than White men who worship niggers.

  8. Here’s a sport you can follow. How long will El Shitstain remain conscious after the blunt force trauma to his skull if he dares show his face at an event?
    Bonus points for correctly guess his GCS and number of months in a long term coma facility after.

  9. I gave up sportsball 5 years ago. Well I can say I do not miss it, not one bit. My wife and kids get my attention. I don’t want my kids growing up watching TV filled with a magic nigger to save the day. They will learn at the right age that they need to save themselves and no one will rescue them, as a father I can only do so much.

  10. Take a Knee could be the best example of alt-right activism.

    Whites are waking up from the fog of twentieth century mass society and media.

    The best part of Trump is a kind of meta-political and cultural uncloaking:

    Hollywood – perverts creating trash
    Sportsball – black felons who dislike their idiot fans
    Candidates – grovel to donors for cash
    Saudi Arabia – sponsor of terror

    The Vanity Fair article did confirm Hunters suppositions about Jarvankas victory over Bannon/Natpop. But Trump is a cunning guy – very unpredictable.

  11. By Feb. 2019 we will be talking about the rise in crime of EX-NFL affletes who got fired and couldn’t get a real job.

  12. Unfortunately, just like the movie going trends, I suspect a lot of these dropping numbers is because of declining numbers of Americans. Foreigners don’t pay for sports, I have seen them watch it but they won’t pay for tickets and beer.

    • That’s probably true (combined with tanking middle and upper-middle class economy) in terms of explaining a long term organic trend. However, the precipitous drop off in warm niggerball stadium seats and jew tube viewership is indicative of something else at work here.

  13. To hell with pro sports.
    Let it die.
    Me, I gonna chop firewood then read Durant’s “Ceasar and Christ.”
    Some things carry thru The Ages …
    (I will scope out the Superbowl commercials, though.)

  14. College baseball and college hockey are great sports

    Hockey is popular in Southern places like Nashville and Dallas

    Hockey has the speed and action of football without Black thug rapists

    Let s work to get SEC to do ice hockey

  15. White males are the most pathetic, guilt-addled, masochistic, suicidal, self-loathing, and thus execrable of all left-liberal pro-black sycophants.Behold the photo above!

  16. Let’s go down the El Chapo checklist – shall we

    Completely ignorant of, but gratuitously insulting to the White person’s family origin – check
    Confronted with his shit – he throws it back – check
    Puts down the White sporting performance – nasty sexual twist – check
    Insulting scat – check
    Fag? – give him time.

    The Bagel has landed.

  17. I think you should a DNA test to find out your specific ancestory… It might even give you a clue that might help you find your dad

  18. None of you have the balls to abmit, but your main problem with college football is that it’s a stepping stone to the middle class for many blacks. You all know that y’all think that you’re entitled to a bigger piece of American pie than non whites, and nothing gets under your skin more than seeing a non white eating a bigger piece than you.

    Have any of you idiots ever took the time to think that how much college tuition would cost if it weren’t for the revenue generated by college sports? If it weren’t for that then college campuses would be way more concentrated with “(((rich jews)))”

    • I indeed have taken into account the money jiggabooball brings into Div. I colleges. It’s an ass load. Which is precisely why it is important to get rid of jiggabooball. Academia might then be forced to get rid of its diversity and inclusion departments and “studies” departments and figure out other ways to reform itself, grow a pair, downsize its student body to realistic percentages of the truly qualified and deserving segments of the high school graduates in the country and operate on some kind of sane and prioritized fiscal model. Universities in Europe and other parts of the world seem to get along without jiggaboo moneyball.

      As for minorities eating bigger pieces of the pie, I’ve got no trouble with that as long as its not pie acquired under false pretenses, affirmative action, race norming, bullshit “job programs” or outright theft..

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