The Avengers: Italian Fascist Goes On Rampage Shooting Against African Migrants

I thought we had heard the last of Pamela Mastropietro.

Yesterday, I shared the link to the Breitbart article about the 18-year-old Italian girl who was murdered, chopped to pieces, stuffed into suitcases and dumped on a street in Italy. These crimes happen all the time now in the West because of mass immigration, multiculturalism and political correctness and only very rarely does an incident like this generate serious blowback.

Boy, was I wrong:

“A lone gunman went on the rampage in a town in Italy on Saturday, shooting black migrants in apparent revenge for the brutal murder of a teenage white girl.

The shaven-headed man, who had an Italian flag draped around his shoulders, drove around the central Italian town of Macerata in a dark Alfa Romeo, opening fire with a pistol.

He wounded at least four and as many as six people, all said to be African migrants. One of them was left in a critical condition.

The incident will likely jolt campaigning for a March 4 national election, with a centre-right alliance that leads in the polls promoting a fiercely anti-migrant programme.

The gunman was named by the Italian press as Luca Traini, 28. A local man, he reportedly ran last year as a candidate in municipal elections for the anti-immigrant Northern League, which has since changed its name to the League to broaden its appeal.

The shooter eventually got out of his car and ran towards the town’s war memorial, reportedly shouting ‘Viva l’Italia’ or long live Italy.

He made a fascist salute, according to local reports. He was arrested by police in the central square, Piazza della Vittoria. …”

Meet Luca Traini:


He reminds me of Darren Osborne in the UK:

He also reminds me of Anders Breivik in Norway:

I’ve always said it was going to come to this.

Men have a natural instinct to protect their women and territory. The degenerate culture of liberal democracy represses those instincts. It demonizes White and European identity. It demonizes male identity. It deconstructs and demonizes the nation and patriotism. It pushes those repressed instincts to their extreme by exalting our racial and cultural displacement as a positive thing.

There is always going to be a minority of men motivated by justice, revenge and patriotism who are going to snap and fight back against this. As our circumstances become more dire and mainstream politics fails, we’re going to see more of this. Human nature hasn’t changed. This is going to become the other side of the coin of Muslim terrorist attacks and shocking immigrant crimes as our societies lose cohesion and descend into low-level tribal warfare.

As I have said for years now, this is a systemic failure caused by liberalism which over time erodes and destroys every single basis of national solidarity in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ – shared race, culture, ethnicity, religion, tribe, etc. – and replaces it with the wishful thinking of liberal abstractions. Carl Schmitt called it the “substantial homogeneity” of a people.

It is hard to overstate just how much the peace of a community ultimately rests on its “substantial homogeneity.” Diversity isn’t a strength. It is a weakness. It is a source of dysfunction and conflict which are multiplied by bad ideas like mass immigration, multiculturalism, political correctness. Here in the United States, we can’t even pass a simple budget now because of our loss of “substantial homogeneity.”

Yes, it is tragic when innocent people are targeted and lose their lives, but we should recognize that this is caused by bad ideas and government policies which ought to be discarded. Homogeneity breeds peace and social trust. Heterogeneity breeds conflict and loss of social cohesion.

Note: I’m going to play to “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis because this is reaction of liberals and progressives to every Muslim terrorist attack. It has become the unofficial anthem of all this.

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  1. Good. Maybe all of them will flee continental Italy and head to the Holy See, the City of London, and Buckingham Palace and enrich those who really brought them in to begin with.

  2. So I guess it would be OK for blacks in Charleston, SC to go shoot white people then? Smh… way to go “advanced civilized” people

    • You’re an abject retardate babbling false comparisons. Blacks in Charleston may or may not be a lot of things, but they are not recent immigrants or foreign invaders of an ostensibly sovereign nation state.

    • El Puto, your pet niggers rape, rob and murder tens of thousands of White humans in the US every year. Are you saying that’s not enough violence to satisfy your anti-White hatred?

    • False flag. So, for me, Charleston is not fair game.

      Have you been discriminated against because of your height by tall white men and women? Not that I think you’re a Mexican midget but that’s what your handle implies.

      No comment on the part about our secret rulers? Those people (London) controlled the transatlantic slave trade, too.

  3. Gallagher while not overtly racist is saying things that’d Fit into the Alt-Right and Nationalist point of view.

  4. Newton’s Third Law also applies to politics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This doesn’t absolve anyone of moral blame but it does focus the primary blame on those who started the cycle of violence. It was completely foreseeable and the pro-immigration pro-refugee traitors are primarily to blame.

  5. Shot people from a black Alfa Romeo? Way to go! He should be prime minister one day.
    Well if the government doesn’t take decisions that benefit its own people-the people will naturally take matters into their own hands. What do they expect?
    Govern the nation properly, or one day the ordinary people will have to do it for them.

  6. He didn’t kill one. He failed. If you’re going to throw your life away plan it out and practice your aim. It’s also much better to go after high-value targets than just random nobodies. There are hundreds of media targets that we’d all celebrate if they were taken out.

    • I imagine opportunities for civilian target practicing w/o arrest are not anywhere near as abundant in Italy (or most of Europe for that matter) as they are in most US states.

  7. I hope this is the start of a MASSIVE White retaliation against the shitskin invaders and the criminals who brought them in here.

  8. The socialist nations of Europe have no death penalty, and some don’t even have life in prison. Which means that no matter how many invaders and traitors you kill or maim, you’ll be set free to a hero’s welcome when your people win, just like the terrorist Nelson Mandela. While waiting for that glorious day, bask in love letters and naked selfies from your hundreds of young female admirers.

  9. “The more niggers that die, the cleaner the world becomes”” Unfortunately niggers are breeding like niggers. There are expected to be 4 billiion niggers in Africa by 2100.

  10. When foreign invaders enter your country it’s perfectly just and moral to drive them out by any means. When traitors run your country that’s very difficult or impossible to do.

  11. Moral psychology is very complex, but most researchers are certain that it’s morally wrong to commit unprovoked acts of violence against other humans. However, every time I read about non-white on white crime, affirmative action, and illegal immigration, I start wondering whether terrorism would quickly bring whites to white nationalism.

    I’m not advocating violence and I know what Hunter’s position is on vanguardism.

    • “All power extends from the barrel of a gun”

      Kinda hard to argue when “might is right” has been batting almost 1000 for some time.
      Somewhere along the line, we got timid.

    • I’m not for violence either but when youre being ignored by oligarchs as they force uncivilized welfare leeches (who many are rude, shit in streets, rape, kill, cut up your women, jump ur country men) and U keep seeing this shit that Should not have ever happened — Its hard to blame this man for striking a blow. This is a sign to the elite to quit fucking around with us

  12. “we got timid”

    Chemical Castration- something in the water, legal drugs, something falling down from the sky, modified “food,” high carbohydrate/high glycemic “foods,” deliberate inducement of overweight, tranquilizers and other drugs that block clear thought

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