Matthew Heimbach Will Speak At The University of Tennessee In Knoxville On February 17th


Heads up.

Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party will be speaking at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville at 1 PM on February 17th. The topic of his speech will be ‘Problems in Appalachia, From Opioid Addiction to Poverty’ which was also the subject of the Pikeville rally:

“A white nationalist group is planning to host a talk at the University of Tennessee later this month, although the university said the group misrepresented its intent when setting up reservations.

Matthew Heimbach, co-founder of the Traditionalist Worker Party, which is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, said his talk on Feb. 17 titled “Problems in Appalachia, From Opioid Addiction to Poverty” will launch a series of similar talks at other universities in three states.

It has been promoted on Gab, a social networking platform among the alt-right; Stormfront, a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi website; and a website for the Traditionalist Worker Party Tennessee, but a university spokesman said Friday officials were taken by surprise to learn of it. …”

The Traditionalist Worker Party held an anti-abortion protest in Knoxville on January 21st. The same Antifa groups who came out to protest that event – who for some reason were wearing pink and chanting that they were gay – will probably show up to make a scene.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The opioid crisis and rural poverty in Appalachia should be uncontroversial. These are issues which impact the White working class. It has nothing to do with race, but we have seen before how Antifa who are a bunch of spoiled, humorless crybabies and tools of the system will attempt to disrupt our events no matter what they are about. Last April, Antifa attempted to shutdown Richard Spencer’s anti-war rally in front of the White House.


If you are in the Knoxville area, you might want to show up and meet our guys. I’m sure members from other groups in the region will be represented there too. We’re going to have more of these local events this year. This will be the third event in Tennessee alone in 2018.

Note: Expect to be called evil Natzis! Contact Trad Worker for more information.

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