Entire Atlanta middle school to see Black Panther

Ron Clark Academy is a private not for profit middle school in Atlanta. It hosts grades 5-8. It spends a staggering $18k per student, most of which comes from corporate donations. Cocoa-Cola and Delta are the top sponsors of the school. The student body is 90% black, even though the school itself is run by white people.

Wade King, the white principal, wanted to teach the students to be proud of being African. So the entire school is going to see Black Panther, about the fictional African country of Wakanda.

The fictional country of Wakanda was the creation of two Jewish men in New York City who had never been to Africa and had no idea what it was really like. One of them, Stan Lee, is an outspoken radical leftist with close ties to Hillary Clinton. Wakanda has absolutely nothing in common with any country in the entire continent of Africa. It is a pure fantasy, created for political reasons.

After announcing the field trip, Wade King posted videos of the children dancing on tables on his personal twitter account. The videos were picked up by the local NBC station which, naturally, put a positive spin on it.

Ron Academy cherry-picks 105 of the better-performing students from Atlanta public schools. The goal is to give them a superior education away from the gangbangers to try to prepare them for college.


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  5. I’m sure the (((white))) teachers and administrators at that “school” don’t send their own kids there. Funny how the liberals claim to love diversity, just as long as they don’t have to live with any of it.

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