Black Intruder Stabs 20-Year-Old Sleeping White Man 14 Times In Duluth, MN

Benjamin VanDell could be your little brother.

He was sound asleep in his bed in his apartment in Duluth, MN when Willie Davis Nicholson broke into his apartment. A phone rang and startled Nicholson who responded by stabbing Ben VanDell five times in his own bed before he woke up. He stabbed him ten more times trying to kill him before his girlfriend arrived at the apartment after getting off work shortly after 7 AM:

“A 20-year-old Duluth man was asleep in his bed early Saturday when an intruder looking for a place to rest stabbed him more than a dozen times in order to prevent him from calling police, according to charges filed Tuesday.

Willie Davis Nicholson, 23, was arraigned on felony charges of attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault and first-degree burglary in an incident the prosecutor called an “unprovoked, vicious assault on a complete stranger.”

Nicholson allegedly admitted to police that he entered an apartment on the 4700 block of Grand Avenue shortly before 7 a.m. and stabbed the victim, Benjamin VanDell, up to 15 times. VanDell suffered serious, but not life-threatening, wounds to his head, torso, back and hands.

Nicholson allegedly admitted that he entered the residence looking for a place to sleep. Discovering VanDell in bed and hearing a phone ring, Nicholson told police he attacked the victim, with an intent to kill, out of fear of being caught, according to a criminal complaint. …

VanDell’s girlfriend arrived home from work at about 6:50 a.m. and discovered that the chain lock had been fastened on the apartment door. She began knocking and yelling for someone to let her in, and then heard VanDell screaming inside.

Another roommate opened the door and the girlfriend soon saw an unknown man exit the bedroom she shares with VanDell. She reported that the intruder was covered in blood and he ran from the apartment.

VanDell also exited the bedroom, bleeding profusely. His girlfriend held pressure on his wounds until an ambulance transported him to St. Luke’s hospital, where it was discovered he had sustained at least 14 stab wounds. …”


Benjamin VanDell is fortunate to still be alive. He is recovering from wounds, but has been left with enormous medical bills. He could end up losing his eye. His family has setup a GoFundMe page which you can donate to if you want to make a contribution to his recovery.


Marcus Cicero wrote an article yesterday about how White kids like Benjamin VanDell are being taught to hate themselves for their ‘white privilege’ in kindergarten in Minnesota now. This shit has been going on for years in Duluth which is famous for its white privilege billboards. Imagine how much money could be raised for Ben VanDell on GoFundMe if only he enjoyed the privilege of being black and thus sympathetic to the mainstream media like DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville.

Note: The SPLC has condemned us for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. With a name like Willie Davis Nicholson, you’d think it was a white British American. Smith, Jones, Brown, Jackson, McDonald- you name it, a nog is probably called it. They take your country, your identity….and sometimes your life.
    They make our job easy-they’re walking advertisements for the Alt-Right.

      • @Denise,
        Their surnames are always British-as mine is.
        I think I read somewhere that 70% of ‘Jacksons’ in America are black, with the remainder being whites of British ancestry-the rightful carriers of the surname.

  2. Dear God, let the cucked Vikings in Minnesota awake to vengeance! Let non- white blood pour in the streets, to cleanse that land of its apostasy, for not heeding Lindbergh when we should have….

  3. All I could look at was the temperature and think about my complaining yesterday because it was in the mid 40’s.

  4. The only reason the guy survived is because his g/f arrived and had the brains to stop the bleeding.

    Another plus for the deeper strength in White women.

  5. “Duluth, MN is 90% white and 2% black. It’s like with Jews, even 2% can be lethal.”

    Even .0001 % is harmful. We don’t fully understand value of racial purity.

    What if an orc had killed Edison ? Where would we be?(or any other high value person).

  6. During my early years, when whites could actually live in a 99-100% white enclave, the sight of any non-white was immediately confronted or just run out of town. Those were almost unheard of situations because the darker ones knew damn well the outcome of such stupidity.

    Then our overlords decided to have a little ghastly entertainment at our expense and gave them full reign over all white lands void of any discipline or recourse on our part.

    We need to return to the old rules but with new rules made for modern times….. 24-hour sundown-type towns. And, as with our borders, protecting them with orders of “shoot on sight and shoot to kill”. No exceptions.

  7. Niggers and white cucks. Why did he not have a firearm? Why did his girlfriend not have a firearm? Forget their ages. They live in Minnnesota which is importing niggers by the boat-loads.

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