African-American men and women. Ghana is calling you home.

Revolutionary Ghanaian politician Kwame Nkrumah envisioned a Ghana that would be the doorway for African-Americans to return to Africa.

Recent Ghanaian history is dominated by the Ashanti Empire. They were perhaps the single most notorious black enslaver of fellow blacks. Even “America’s leading black intellectual” Henry Louis Gates put them at number one on his list of slave trading Kingdoms. Despite this, American blacks romanticize Ghana and the Ashanti. However, there appear to be no hard feelings among American blacks. Recently the Congressional Black Caucus used Ashanti inspired clothing accessories to protest Donald Trump at the SOTU.

Now, those who sold blacks into the trans-Atlantic slave trade, are begging them to come back. Thousands have already made the move. It all started with the founding of modern Ghana. Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah was a pan-Africanist who was educated in London and Philadelphia. Under his rule, Ghana gained independence from Britain. He wanted Ghana to be a pan-African ethnostate that would serve as the gateway for blacks in the Western Hemisphere to return to Africa.

W.E.B. DuBois, the first black man to serve on the NAACP Board of Directors, moved to Ghana as fast as he could get a passport.

Al-Jazeera just profiled Muhammida el-Muhajir who made the move to Ghana. She always felt like an “outsider” in the United States that just “couldn’t win” in a white man’s world. Muhammida lived in Philadelphia and New York City but says that she has never been happier since moving to the black ethnostate of Ghana.

Black American have many options. Senegal, Namibia, Ethiopia, and others are all very welcoming of American blacks. Many Africans have grown up watching the Cosby show and listening to African-American singers. They are excited to welcome African-Americans.

Reasons to move to Ghana:

  1. Ghana is black ethnostate free of interference by the white man. Ghana was specifically intended to be a pan-African ethnostate when it gained independence from Britain. American blacks who live in Ghana say they are finally free to be themselves and not worry about discrimination at the hands of the white man.
  2. Ghana is for all walks of life. There is a wide variety of lifestyles. Wealthy American blacks, who are accustomed to luxury, can take their money with them and continue to live a luxurious lifestyle. Others will find Ghana a very inexpensive place to live and make ends meet.
  3. Ghana literally wants you to move there. The government is actively trying to recruit African-Americans to move to their country.
  4. Ghanaians speak English. You will not have to learn a foreign language.
  5. Christianity is the largest religion in Ghana. Attended the all-black church of your dreams.
  6. Ghana has diverse communities. From modern cities to traditional villages, Ghana has it all.
  7. Ghana has diverse geography. World-class beaches, tropical forests, and the savannah are only a bus ride away.
  8. Ghana has a very warm climate. It is very unlikely you will ever see snow.
  9. Ghana has a very wide variety of domestic food products including world famous fried chicken.
  10. Ghana can be your stepping stone to a life any one of dozens of African nations.


  1. This story is making the rounds on the dissident Right. Unfortunately, the majority of black people have no intention of moving back to Africa.
    I personally think most black people would be much happier there, after an initial adjustment period, but life is ultimately more difficult in Africa and that’s why millions of Africans are moving the West as fast as they can.
    Black people realize life in the States is a relatively easy hustle, whereas life in Africa is basically a sink or swim reality. There is no social welfare in Africa as it’s understood in the West, and Africa has comical levels of dysfunction and incompetence at every level.
    Again, I think most black people would ultimately feel more comfortable there, but most will never take that first step. It’s too much of a mental leap for black people in the West, who, despite their incessant complaining, know damn well how good they have it here.

    • Lincoln was going to send them back, or to Guinea if Congress was too cheap to provide the money for Africa, but John Wilkes Booth wrecked that.

  2. Africa is being turned into a Chinese mining camp. The Chinese will will reduce the indigenous population, they are very cunning.

    Ghana should be ours, we could turn it into a semi-utopian ethnostate.

  3. Perhaps Ghana can extend this offer to include blacks in Europe, Australia and anywhere in the West that nogs are. Once they are all there-maybe we can try and just leave them be?
    Save blacks from racism-return them to Africa.

  4. Porridge Pals summed it up well-‘many Africans don’t want to live in Africa….because its full of Africans’.
    They all love each other-but never to the extent that they’d trust themselves to rule over each other.

  5. I’ve noticed that our blacks do not get along with African or Caribbean blacks. But that’s their problem.

  6. It s the Israeli model. An idealized exclusively Black ethno state in Ghana only for Blacks .

    American Blacks idealize it from afar, from the USA – take trips there, plan to retire there – maybe send their children to do a stint in the Ghana military – certainly not the American military .

    But few of any Black folks will give up their affirmative action PHD positions in Black studies to go be a full time Ghana Guy

  7. Who is talking about offering them the opportunity to move to Ghana? Round up their nigger asses and deport them to Ghana.

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