Immigrant Diversity Watch: Voodoo Child Torture

The misleading title suggests that “Bridgewater women” are disfiguring children with occult voodoo rituals. It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the women are of Haitian descent. Haitian immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants alike are notorious for these sorts of horrendous crimes, crimes which are entirely acceptable and routine back in their shithole home country.

Two East Bridgewater women tied up, burned and disfigured a 5-year-old Randolph girl to rid her of a demon that was making her misbehave, according to East Bridgewater police. The women, who are facing multiple assault charges, also threatened to cut off the head of the girl’s 8-year-old brother in what police described as Haitian Voodoo rituals inside a home at 31 West Union St., in East Bridgewater.

This horror happening on American soil is thanks to the Trump Administration extending their asylum from Haiti, …a country where there’s absolutely no war, no natural disaster, no religious persecution of voodoo practitioners, or any other excuse. President Obama had slated them to disembark in January, 2018, but President Trump is on track to further extend immigration protections and has even promised a Trump Amnesty which will triple Obama’s amnesty half-measures and grant them a path to full citizenship.

These “refugees” are apparently still milking the 2010 earthquake, a natural disaster which occurred nearly a decade ago. In contrast, Hiroshima, which was leveled by an atomic bomb in August of 1945, then struck by a historic typhoon in September of 1945, had fully recovered within the same timeframe with dramatically less resources and little support from the international community. This is especially odd, given that Haiti was the most coveted and profitable colony in North America right up until the Haitians mercilessly tortured and gored the island’s White settlers and every single last one of their infants and children.

At the East Bridgewater residence, police found the mother and children. The girl had a large third-degree burn across her face, according to the East Bridgewater police report. The mother told police her daughter had woken up with the burn a few days earlier, and that it was caused by a demon leaving the girl’s body.

Back in her home country, the proposition that the burns had occurred days earlier, a result of demons leaving the body, would probably be accepted without much follow-up.

During a subsequent interview with the children, the girl told police that she, her brother and mother went to LaBossiere’s house in East Bridgewater for a “sleepover,” where they stayed for multiple days and slept on air mattresses.

While there, LaBossiere and Hilaire tied down the girl on two occasions, securing her hands to a stick above her head and tying her feet together so she formed a cross, the brother told police.

I refuse to believe that absolutely none of the social workers, “Christian” charity volunteers, and immigration officials who routinely manage these illiterate and unassimilable wretches received a single warning sign that these people poses this sort of nightmare threat to the community. Nobody will follow up on who knew how much at what time, and we’ll be led to believe that they appeared and behaved like model minorities right up until they succumbed to “mental illness” and started boiling the flesh of children.

“The victim stated that Peggy (LaBossiere) would lean over her and kiss all around her face like a snake and used a pointy object like a needle to cut her on her arm and collar area,” as stated in the report. ”(LaBossiere) cut her enough so that she bled.”

LaBossiere blew fire over the girl’s face, using a stick on fire, as the mother and Hilaire held the girl down, the boy told police.

Try to imagine a critter demented enough to do this somehow not showing any problematic signs to a single one of the dozens of social workers, neighbors, and Christian charity workers she encountered during her stay. All of this is happening in broad daylight, and most of these terrifying incidents never come to the attention of authorities. For the mainstream media, the government employees, and aid workers, the real threat is nativism, racism, and insensitivity to the immigrants’ diverse religious traditions.

In addition, LaBossiere threatened to cut off the boy’s head using a machete, as stated in the report. At one point, LaBossiere held a long stick to his throat, making it hard for the boy to breathe, police said.

LaBossiere made the boy undress and rubbed his entire body with a “plant-like substance” and blew fire over him, according to the report.

“He stated that she (LaBossiere) told him that he wanted to have sex with girls,” Grillo said.

Authorities were quick to downplay the incident.

East Bridgewater Police Deputy Chief Paul O’Brien said cases like this, involving Voodoo, are rare.

There are only a few thousand Haitians in Massachusetts. How rare is the sexualized torture and mutilation of children supposed to be? And how rare is it in places like Florida where the Haitian community’s large and established enough that these sorts of episodes can be more effectively buried?

The children were taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families.

Spoiler Alert: The children all now have a fast track to full citizenship.

(LaBossiere) further stated they have performed this for friends and family members in the past and that children are susceptible to the burning when an evil spirits leave the body,” as stated in the report.

Deputy O’Brien may insist that this stuff is rare, but the cannibals themselves claim that they routinely perform these events for friends and family members. Regardless of who you’re to believe, President Trump assures us that we will continue to take immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees from Haiti. President Trump can also be expected to offer yet another extension when the migrants insist that their home countries are shitholes they couldn’t possibly return to.

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  1. So, I was born and raised in the Boston area, and I’ll be the first to say that these Haitians are among the most subhuman savages I’ve ever seen.

    They’re the only Blacks that have proven to be more vicious than the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans that have already run roughshod over the native Negroes in the area.

    • Haitians and Somalis are tied for being the most useless forms of life on the planet. Interestingly enough the Haitian nigger actually has a bluish tint, and they stink.

    • I love how they always have something in the headline like “Bridgewater woman,” implying to the inattentive reader that some frumpy white yankee matron is pouring boiling hot clam chowder on her children.

      It’s like the Salem Witch Trial all over again!!!

      • It’s all geared towards deracinating the White population.

        I actually believe it was in the Northeast that the (((media))) started the practice of refusing to describe the race of suspects – we’re looking for a “man” in a black shirt and jeans.


      • @Matt: Yes, this “Bridgewater woman” is clearly another Lizzie Borden.

        The kike media pulls this stunt all the time, like when they say that several “Americans” were taken hostage in some foreign hellhole and it turns out they aren’t Americans at all, just some gooks or rag-heads.

      • I hate to quote a Neo-con like Ann Coulter, but as she pointed out, the longer we are not told the race of the suspect, the less likely it is to be a White male.

  2. I have a friend who had to have an ovarian cyst removed and her insurance sent her to a woman’s gyno related clinic in Ft Lauderdale for outpatient procedure. Her appt was at 10am. When she arrived there she told me she was the only white woman present and there were at least 100 pregnant Haitians there each with a few niglets in tow. Furthermore, all pregnant women receive priority and she was not admitted for the procedure until after 3pm. Also, her insurance provided by an airline she works for did not provide for the $1k deductible while the niggers all had medicaid.

  3. This shit is going on all the time. Look at Southeast Michigan, Detroit & Wayne County, where officials discovered 100’s of Muslim girls had their genitals mutilated & clitorides surgically removed, most without the benefit of a local anesthesia. It’s been over 25 years, but a wog here in Ohio murdered his daughter for dating a white man & got off with a very light sentence. All I can say, the future of the USA, one big multicultural cesspool.

  4. Growing up I had some Haitian friends whose father would give them “hot tongue” for misbehavior.

    “Hot tongue” was administered with a hot coin that was heated on a stovetop.

  5. Our anti-White overlords already have innocent blood on their hands, well before the White Genocide main event: A “blended humanity” in formerly White countries and ONLY White countries, aka no more White children.

  6. The main export of a Shithole Country is shit. The anti-White overlords of ZOG make sure America gets the full benefit of this export market. More orc sows and voodoo practitioners will certainly add to the cultural enrichment for America. Think of golden goodness fresh from the farm.

  7. But that’s their culture. We must accept all of their culture. It’s part of our diversity. P.S. they can kill u but u can’t kill them

  8. Haiti has no natural disasters-but it does have a few unnatural ones as we all know.

    Nogs did invent a few things-shithole countries, voodooism and alternative methods in waste management…

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