The Deep State Throws a Tantrum

One of the things I did before I began doing public nationalist work is I read extensively about intelligence work. It’s important to know how these people who are literally out to get you are thinking. I highly recommend Man Without a Face by (((Markus Wolf))), the head of the East German stasi. He describes the intrinsically and intensely political nature of modern intelligence work, with much of what occurred in the final decades of the Soviet Empire eerily mirroring what’s taking place right now in the American Empire. I also recommend The Craft of Intelligence, by Allen Dulles, the first director of the CIA. This volume surveys both the theory of intelligence and its application (or misapplication) in the early years of the agency.

We nationalists must be mindful at all times about intelligence work, because the intelligence community makes no distinction whatsoever between a born and bred American citizen speaking up against anti-white bias and a recent Eritrean immigrant promoting radical Islamic doctrines and stockpiling weaponry. If anything, the ease of infiltrating White American social circles and rampant political correctness ensure that the vast majority of resources pumped into intelligence on the pretense of fighting actual terrorism get wasted infiltrating, observing, and interfering with perfectly legal domestic opposition to this unaccountable police state.

Predictably, the FBI is throwing a tantrum about the Nunes Memo, acting like a cheating wife who’s feigning outrage at your having invaded her privacy. One special agent has even left the bureau in a huff, with a whiny screed: “Why I Am Leaving the F.B.I.” How many more wikileaks, memos, and bungled operations must Americans tolerate before we conclude that the intelligence community has become an undisciplined and unaccountable power behind the visible government?

F.B.I. agents are dogged people who do not care about the direction of political winds. But to succeed in their work, they need public backing. Scorched-earth attacks from politicians with partisan goals now threaten that support, raising corrosive doubts about the integrity of the F.B.I. that could last for generations.

Most Americans haven’t been through what we’ve been through. Up until Charlottesville, I had no criminal record. And even that misdemeanor charge is for having gone on a walk in a park after a federal judge explicitly granted me permission to do so. Yet I am forced at every turn to think and behave like I’m operating a crime syndicate because the intelligence community has concluded that White Nationalism exists in a gray area where it’s not technically illegal but they can perpetually harass and intimidate us.

Before, during, and after Charlottesville, law enforcement–assuredly acting in constant contact and collaboration with intelligence “experts”–made life hard for us. The cops treated us like criminals as we earnestly attempted to coordinate the planning for the event, actively sabotaging our attempt to coordinate a safe and peaceful event. During the event, the cops directed us into the crowd of hostile antifa, forcing us to fight. Then after we had successfully fought through them, they turned us around and required us to fight our way back out. After the event, they arrested our side–and only our side–for defending ourselves. Then they have the nerve to act surprised that they’re not trusted.

The FBI can’t be bothered to investigate the proven conspiracy by the City of Charlottesville to deny us our permitted speech, …probably because they’re too busy on their snipe hunt for Trump’s Russian hackers and foreign backers.

We know that any lists or information we host at standard Internet services are subject to intelligence community backdoors, …backdoors that will be exploited to gather information on ourselves. This corrupt intelligence community works hand-in-glove with the big tech oligopolies–Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Twitter (FAGATs)–to spy on and interfere with what little social networking activity the multinational corporations haven’t denied us yet.

We’re dogged by the fear that anybody who shows up might be an informant, and their informants are eager to prosecute our entire organizations for even the most remote of associations. The FBI’s well-documented habit of peeling off peripheral members, entrapping them, then bringing down the entire organization, makes it so that we can’t find comfort in knowing that infiltrators won’t find any criminal conspiracy afoot. There’s no daylight between the federal intelligence community and actively hostile private intelligence-gathering networks like the ADL and the SPLC.

And, of course, you have foolish nationalists like weev who exploit this fear, uncertainty, and doubt to their benefit, suggesting that Richard Spencer, myself, and anybody else in the crosshairs is probably a fed or agent of some kind. And who can blame those who believe him? With the millions and millions dedicated to targeting pro-White activism in America, the money and effort has to be going somewhere, right?

The critical thinking skills required to navigate this labyrinth of hypothetical schemes overclocks even the most grounded and intelligent of men. In my own work, I’m routinely working against cleverness. Our vain habit of assuming that we’re always in on the joke and our desperation to be an “insider” in some fashion sets us up to be repeatedly misdirected and exploited by more pragmatic actors. As a faction, we’re better off playing to our strengths of honesty and idealism than trying to be more intelligent than intelligence, more dishonest than career politicians, and more cunning than the Jews.

When the F.B.I. knocks on someone’s door or appeals to the public for assistance in solving crime, the willingness of people to help is directly correlated to their opinion of the agency.

They act like it’s Trump’s or the conservative media’s fault that I don’t trust the feds to draw the line between bad actors and legitimate dissidents. Nearly a decade ago, I attempted to host a David Irving event. The antifa threw a brick through the window with a death threat against me taped to the note. I had done everything right, and was the target of political terrorism in black and white. When I attempted to relocate to a secondary venue, the FBI had tipped off the local police, who showed up to escort me and my attendees from the premises.

When I showed up to be interviewed by the state police the following week, I assumed, naively, that they were there for help apprehending the violent leftists. They were not. They had brought the FBI with them to talk about my organization, our links to Irving, and other bullshit that had nothing to do with the active terrorist threats against myself. I excused myself, half-expecting to be arrested right there in the McDonald’s. That’s my experience, and this FBI agent wants to cry about “partisan republicans” pretending that his agency is a hyper-politicized and highly dangerous farce?

When an agent working to stop a terrorist plot attempts to recruit an informant, the agent’s success in gathering critical intelligence depends on the informant’s belief that the agent is credible and trustworthy.

We can assume that at least a handful of the criminal activities carried out by nationalists who (accurately) conclude that this state will not allow legitimate dissent would not have happened without their constant targeting and jamming of our legitimate dissent. You can also be sure that the community would be far more cooperative in helping them isolate the mentally ill and deranged actors if they didn’t habitually attempt to tie us to those cases and hang us all. The intelligence community actively makes this country less safe than if there were no intelligence community at all with their destabilization, radicalization, isolation, and entrapment tactics.

Do F.B.I. agents make mistakes? You bet. They are human beings.

The agent coyly admits fault in the FBI, but refuses to believe there’s any systemic corruption or political motive in the bureau’s work. He also asserts that the incestuous internal “checks and balances” (proven to be bullshit by the Nunes Memo) are more than sufficient to guarantee that this problem couldn’t possibly happen…

Because they are not infallible, the bureau is subject to a robust system of checks and balances, including its internal affairs division, the Department of Justice inspector general, congressional committees and the courts. These watchdogs ensure that personal opinions regarding politics, causes and candidates do not affect investigations.

Every criticism of the Deep State is just “partisan politics” to this guy.

There is, however, a difference between oversight by those in charge of holding the F.B.I. accountable and criticism by politicians seeking partisan gain. Political operatives are weaponizing their disagreement with a particular investigation in a bid to undermine the credibility of the entire institution.

I’m no fan of Trump or the Republican Party, but it’s not “partisan politics” for the GOP to draw attention to the fact that Hillary’s loyalists in the intelligence community bought a sham investigation of the opposing party’s candidate, a sham which is still actively underway with Mueller’s investigation of the Trump Administration. For the past two years, the Democrats (and GOP insiders) have been working hand-in-glove with the intelligence community’s “investigations” of Trump alongside their transparent and reflexive absolution of Hillary for any and all wrongdoing.

The assumption among confused and dismayed F.B.I. employees is that the attacks are meant to soften the blow should the investigation by Mr. Mueller, the special counsel, lead to additional charges. However, these kinds of attacks by powerful people go beyond mere criticism — they could destroy the institution.

Good. Destroy the institution. America’s intelligence community ought to be radically restructured, including the complete dissolution and reorganization of the agencies with an entirely different approach to transparency and accountability. For decades, American citizens have just been taking the word of this guy and others that while they do have unlimited resources and zero public oversight, they’re only doing “good things” and chasing after “bad guys.”

If you go down the street right now and ask a dozen random people if they’re more afraid of their federal government or terrorists, they’ll tell you that they’re more afraid of the former. It’s been that way for years, and it has nothing to do with the Trump Administration trying to shake off Hillary’s baseless zombie investigation of imaginary Kremlin forces behind Trump’s populist political victory.

If those critics of the agency persuade the public that the F.B.I. cannot be trusted, they will also have succeeded in making our nation less safe.

The FBI cannot be trusted. The CIA cannot be trusted. The DHS cannot be trusted. The NSA cannot be trusted. Nobody trusts them anymore, and I’m glad that the same contempt for these dishonest and unaccountable weasels that I learned from direct experience with them a decade ago is no longer a fringe position. Americans across the political spectrum are losing faith in this government and its institutions because the institutions are profoundly corrupt, self-righteous, and unaccountable to the citizenry. Whether or not Trump honors his mandate, his election was a clear sign that the people are seeking an outsider powerful and forceful enough to “drain the swamp” and its deep state political actors.

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  1. The FBI, NSA, CIA, etc are bloated bureaucratic fiefdoms that are accountable to no one. The end of the American Republic is nigh, it cannot and should not be restored.

    • I’m thinking the (((Deep State))) won’t back down a millimeter. This in turn will lead to a crisis of confidence in the legitimacy of the US government eventually causing hyper-inflation and a collapse of the $. I think (((they))) historically have started wars about this point in the cycle and moved toward martial law.

      • Well, the Democrats have embarked upon a strategy of defending treason because their leaders are/were wrapped up in the acts of the FBI, etc. That can only lead to civil war. Why? The Democrats are taking a political position backing corruption, treason, and unaccountable and authoritarian agencies.

        Could there be a bigger caricature of a lying Jew scumbag than that Shiff person? Central casting, indeed.

      • Precisely, the Jewish Deep State seeks to create a crisis of confidence in the Constitution, the dollar and the federal goverment. The purpose of that is cover for the mass arrests, imprisonment and murder of white Americans, gun confiscation, forced displacement of white Americans and total destruction of western civilization. Jews always either exploit existing crises or manufacture them for advancing their genocidal and totalitarian agendas.

    • Why is everyone surprised? Sinful men and women with money and power, who don’t even have/want the benefit of thinking along racial lines anymore, who cannot be bothered with ‘traditional morality’, ruling over a nation of idiots who have given themselves over to sexual immorality, drug use, hedonism, and every form of racial blasphemy, acting as though they ALL are still moral individuals?

      Push-lees. God is not mocked. He WILL destroy such nations- He has done it before. And we WILL be correct in assuming the Jews are to blame – but not ONLY the Jews. Trump is not God, and Hillary is clearly Jezebel. But that still does not leave the rest of us off the hook….

      “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” – Prov. 14:34

    Matt you are are absolutely right in your synopsis of the deep state. These “branches” of government overreach are accountable to nothing, and the very nature of Deep State is that they have transcended Government cross checks and balances themselves. Even the Government Proper has no authority over these institutions (IRS included in the list). This is the core of why I believe we need to be “all in” to even our own peril.

    Special anti-American interests feed money into the top and “intelligence” is fed down from there. No one can blame these agents for believing the “intelligence” they get from their boss who they attend backyard barbeques with.

    In short, we truly have nothing to lose people. Our existence is depending upon our perseverence.

  3. Fuck the Feds. FUCK the badge fags. EVERY time some Jew Fellator in Blue gets blown away by a nigger, I applaud the nigger. The country functioned infinitely better without the Filthy Bumbling Idiots – the FBI, and the world did much better without the TOTALLY evil and corrupt Criminal Israeli Assets aka the CIA. ALL they’ve ever done is wreak havoc and ruin all over. They must be disbanded. They are the SCUM de la SCUM.

    • @Denise

      Back in the 40’s, when the CIA was called the OSS, people derisively called it the Office of Soviet Stooges.

  4. It’s not so much that Americans need to realize that their fedgov is hopelessly corrupt, as that they need to realize that the republic was lost, irredeemably, in 1861 when a confederation of independent states was turned into a centralized unitary state (sure you’ve got state governments, but with the ICC and the USSC that is just window-dressing).

    Today’s fedgov is just the monster that that unitary state was inevitably going to grow into.

    Only the, now inevitable, economic collapse can bring a political solution to this leviathan.

  5. Very well written article. I would like to highlight the fact that no one knows how many government agencies there are, so much secrecy so much money so much waste.

    Imagine a government that would help it’s own people with new roads and rails with cheap energy that pushed self reliance and gave us the ability to decide where our taxes go.

  6. Excellent article Matt. Any genuine pro-White activist always gets treated like a criminal by the degenerate anti-White Establishment..Without a radical paradigm change this will always happen no matter how much these agencies are overhauled and reformed.

    I take my hat off to you for your courage and determination. Brave souls like you are changing the paradigm. Hail Victory!

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