The Trump Crash

UPDATE: The Dow Jones closed down 1,175 points which is its largest drop ever.

Occidental Dissent has never celebrated the surge in the stock market.

We never thought it was real, sustainable or was having much of an impact on the lives of the White working class and middle class. Fewer White Americans own stocks than was the case in 2007 and this bull run is overwhelmingly benefiting only a wealthy minority.

President Trump has been all over the map on the stock market.

When Barack Obama was president, it was his fault when the stock market declined. During the campaign, Trump’s position was that the stock market was in a big, fat ugly bubble. In recent months, he has been taking credit for the rise in the market with manic tweets as it has hit one record high after another. It was never wise of Trump to tie his presidency to the gyrations of the world’s largest casino.

I won’t pretend that I know what is going to come of this. It could be just a temporary dip or the implosion of a bubble. I’m certain though that it is politically unwise to be identified with Dow. That’s why we have rolled our eyes at the muh stock market gains, muh neoliberal tax cuts narrative.

RIP Trump’s stock market tweets.

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  1. There are a number of genuine indicators of economic health, the DJ Industrial Average isn’t one of them. S&P 500 is better, but still iffy.

    U6 unemployment is a good one, most of the others are very complex.

    • My hunch is we will see DJIA 30,000, before we see DJIA 20,000. No one has printed more shares, if anything there are more dollars chasing fewer shares than in the late 90’s when many people were talking DJIA 40,000.

  2. The jew run central banks won’t allow the market to crash but it seems to me that Wailing Wall Street has less relevance to the real world economy than ever.

    • that’s right. Tomorrow the (((central bankers))) will pump even more funnymoney into the debtPonzi.

      it’s the crash of the dollar that’s monetizing the market…that will be the Sign.

      and this hasn’t happened


    • In a sense wiping out the wealth of the 1% sounds like a good thing. And Jews hopefully drop from the sky like rain as they go tits up.

      • Yeah, except that’s not what happens. These crashes are how the 1% consolidates wealth and power. The people who suffer during these economic downturns are the middle class and working poor. The big banks have grown enormously compared with their size in 2008.

      • The intrinsic value of something is often only as good as the perception people have of it. Cryptos, both currencies and tokens, have utility value.


    • Cryptos are very good. I can weather this temporary storm. I’ve been there before. Even with the down turn my money is still up close to 100%. But I’m waiting for the returns after the one year mark so I only pay long term capital gains. It’s the opportunity of a millennia and few recognize it. The Blockchain IS the future.

      Unbank the banked!

  3. The big players must’ve agreed to sell right after the super-bowl. Stupid Trump should’ve never praised the stock market as his work.

  4. No it’s not the Trump Crash. Because it looks like interest rates will rise faster than anticipated because of the Trump tax cuts, and, other stimulation, the market is reacting by selling off interest rate sensitive equities. This is a good thing—not a bad thing.

      • Yeah it is. I have had multiple people on twitter and GAB give me those talking points. Another guy told me it was because of rising wages. If it starts going up again does that mean wages are falling? If the markets going up means lower wages then why were MAGA cheerleading it all last year? MAGA cannot make up their mind whether the DOW going up is good or bad.

        • One thing we know is Trump sure as hell thought a rising market was great and btw – why the hell didn’t Trump and the MAGA geniuses see this coming due to the tax cuts? Why wasn’t Trump changing his tune about the markets at the end of last year if this is all so clear?

    • Right, better than expected employment stats, and rising wages.The worry warts are out in force.

      I could be a smart ass and say sell everything, but, that would be terrible advice on a personal level. But, that’s the game many play, looking to buy your assets at less than fair value.

  5. Now that I have a bit more time to post:

    Notice that the largest drop in Dow history was on the first day we had a non-Jew chairman of the Federal Reserve!

    Notice that the market started tanking when this memo thing came to a head last week.

    Notice that until the summer of 2015 this was a Ron Paul / Gold movement, now it is a Trump / Bitcoin movement. (yikes!)

    Notice that the S&P500, a better benchmark for corporate earning than the Dow 30, has a price-earning ratio of 24 (it was 25 yesterday). The average over time is 15, or an annual earnings rate of 7%. If the S&P500 comes down to 15 and earnings hold steady (which they won’t, they will plunge) the market has to drop 40%. S&P500 at 1,600? Yeah, that’s more like it. It would be a buying opportunity at 1400 or less – after the crash.

    Where did Trump go wrong? In the womb? In other words, he lacks the cognitive agility to adapt to the world as it is, all he can do is live as Fred Trump showed him. Cheer it on the way up, own it on the way down.

    Where did the movement go wrong? Abandoning ancient principles because of despair, anxiety in the face of a Clinton victory, then mania when Trump actually won. I think that the poison is leaving the body of the movement and we are regaining our footing – ancient principles, Darwinian survival of our people, feet firmly planted on Earth but dreaming of the stars.

    PS the one solid thing Trump could do to provoke a real economic boom is to kick out ALL of the illegals and most of the immigrants. Even then, the economic numbers might take a substantial hit after such a population decrease, but the people will FEEL much more prosperous. Very similar to Trump winning the election despite winning less votes – numbers aren’t everything.

    • Blockading Chinese ports would be far more useful. The use of European fleets to chop up Chinese industry and trade gave whites a 300 year window to develop.

      How many aircraft carriers do the chinks have? Once they start cranking them out there will be a war anyway.

  6. Is it a coincidence that the first non-jew since Jimmy Carter nominated Paul Volcker was sworn in today as chairman of the Federal Reserve?

  7. I see the Jew Bank that owns ZOG fedgov.usa has gotten that snarky yenta Janet out of the top job and stuck in a Gentile suit (probably a JudeoXtian if we did but know). These are SHTF preparations – it be Trump’s fault and the goy will be in frame.

  8. The real reason for the coming crash is that the free market was not allowed to act as it should have done in 2007-8. Banks were bailed out, rather than allowed to fail (with the crooks imprisoned) and the printing presses ramped up to the max. In other words, government meddling has delayed a crash, but the coming one will be far, far worse than the previous one should have been.The real reason for the coming crash is that the free market was not allowed to act as it should have done in 2007-8. Banks were bailed out, rather than allowed to fail (with the crooks imprisoned) and the printing presses ramped up to the max. In other words, government meddling has delayed a crash, but the coming one will be far, far worse than the previous one should have been.

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