Teen Vogue goes full retard over “cultural appropriation”

Teen Vogue just accused the clothing company Zara of culturally appropriating the Asian man’s sarong/lungi. This is a piece of fabric wrapped around the waist to make a makeshift skirt. Some men wear them short with the excess fabric folded up and tucked into the front of the waist.

Teen Vogue published a picture of an Asian man wearing a lungi with a tartan pattern to make the item from Zara look more like a lungi.

Except tartans are a culturally sensitive clothing item from Europe with deep meaning to the people who wear them. Tartans are a type of woven pattern with different colored thread. It is believed that Hallstatt Celts invented the tartan around 800 BC. However, some archeologists believe that fragments found with the Caucasian mummies of Tarim are even older.

The colors of the tartan are traditionally used to represent a person’s family, clan, or tribe. This tradition is still widespread in Scotland. The tartan has been culturally appropriated in Indian and Southeast Asia for sarongs and lungis.

Author Suzannah Weiss

Teen Vogue literally published a picture of an Asian man culturally appropriating a culturally sensitive style of woven fabric from Europe in order to accuse Zara of cultural appropriation.

Trying to understand the mental gymnastics required to believe the premise of the Teen Vogue article will make your head spin. It basically only makes sense if the reader desperately wants a new reason to hate white people and will latch onto anything.

The article for Teen Vogue is written by Suzannah Weiss who, big surprise, looks like a typical batikhäxor. The Swedish word batikhäxor is a popular slur for far-left women meaning “a witch with dyed hair.” A reference to the fact that far-left women like to dye their hair unnatural colors. Weiss is based out of NYC and describes herself as a feminist writer.

Of course, I could care less if people in India wear a tartan. Unlike Weiss I don’t sit around dreaming up new reasons to incite hatred against individual races or ethnic groups.


    • Anyone can register a Tartan pattern, it is not awarded. There are thousands and thousands in the Scottish registry. The NYPD has their own unique registered tartan pattern. There are multiple Confederate tartans.There is the official tartan pattern of the Confederate army. The official tartan pattern of Confederate veterans. The official Confederate memorial tartan pattern. Many military schools have an official registered tartan. The article from FAKE NEWS UK Daily Mail about Jews having to wait 300 years for a tartan is absolutely nonsensical. A rabbi simply took his own design and registered it. Anyone could have done the same thing earlier if they wanted to. Tartans are not awarded. You take your design to the registry and they verify that it has not been used before.

  1. Suzannah Weiss.

    Every. Single. Time.

    Vogue “gone full retard?” This country has gone full retard. It’s a giant open-air nuthouse and zoo and does not deserve to be the leading country in the world.

    (In a positive sense, of course. It does lead the world in starting wars, degeneracy and exporting filth.)

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