Rebel Media’s Katie Hopkins detained for hate speech in South Africa

Update: Katie Hopkins has been released, but the South African government has apparently declared Rebel Media to be an “organization advocating the practice of racial hatred or social violence.” It is unlikely that Katie Hopkins will be allowed to return.

“Amazing security co-ordination from a country where police do not respond to white farm murders because they are ‘on lunch break’.” – Katie Hopkins

“Reality TV” star Katie Hopkins had her passport seized by the South African authorities for “spreading racial hatred.” Currently, she is not allowed to the country. Hopkins has been reporting on racially motivated farm murders for Rebel Media. She is best known for her roles on the tv shows Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother.

Hopkins was hospitalized from a seizure while in South Africa. The seizure resulted in a shoulder dislocation. Hopkins has had severe epilepsy since age 19.

Hopkins says she tried to leave South Africa after being released from the hospital. Instead, her passport was taken away and she is not allowed to leave. She now faces possible charges of “spreading racial hatred.”


  1. I just watched Laura Southern’s piece about the vicious nigger-monster attacks on White humans in SA. Not a word about these nightmarish crimes in the kike press. And yet Ms. Hopkins is the criminal.

    Just remember that it was the “conservative” Ronald Ray-Gun who enacted economic sanctions on White ruled SA to punish them for apartheid.

    • I never thought he was any good, and here’s another of St. Ronnie of Ruin’s achievements: back in 1984, he signed a bill into law that allows companies to steal the interest that the workers’ pension funds. This happened where my husband used to work, as soon as the ink was tacky on the bill, the new owners stole the $7 million in interest. The workers took it to court but were just given the bird. This was just a warmup for the real theft, which occurred in the 1990s. There was still $44 million in the fund, and we had gotten a statement saying that my husband’s monthly payment would be $1,259.00, which sounded good to us. Then, in 1995, we got another little notice saying that the company was bankrupt and ALL the pension money was gone. Clinton signed a bill that very year taking away the ability of workers to sue the company that robbed them. The government kicks in a whopping $196 a month to make up for the theft, but it has cut our retirement income by $12,000 a year. There’s nothing we can do, but perhaps some of the younger people will be warned and perhaps can take some steps to protect themselves.

      • Reagan was a god damn fraud. He was a better actor than I thought. I heard about that Federal agency which compensates retirees who’ve been swindled out of their pensions. They pay out a measly 10 to 15% of what the retirees were supposed to receive. The same government that is responsible for screwing you over then makes you crawl over broken glass to receive any kind of compensation at all. Take it or leave it.

        • It’s called the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and it pays about 6 cents on the dollar. It’s almost bankrupt now since companies are all claiming bankruptcy after looting the workers’ money. And you better believe I’m pissed as hell about this. Every month, when I got down to take that pittance, it makes me want to spit.

    • @spahnranch1969

      ”Just remember that it was the “conservative” Ronald Ray-Gun who enacted economic sanctions on White ruled SA to punish them for apartheid.”

      No, President Reagan was notoriously pro-apartheid and it was he who vetoed The Comprensive Anti Apartheid Act, only to have the the Senate and House override the veto, you fucking ignoramus. Stop posting and take that jackass avatar with you.

      • It’s been a while since I’ve had any angry mental cases call me a lot of hysterical….

        Oh wait, are you Ricky Vaughn? Yes, I think you are! In a fit of womanish rage you recently said I was the worst writer you’ve ever read, yet you come over here to see what I’m up to. Most curious. Is this part of your feeble attempt to, ahem, “bullycide” me off the internet?

        How does that expression go? “Keep thirsting, faggot”. Or words to that effect.

        • I’m not Ricky Vaughn, you cretinous little shitstain. Since you didn’t address my argument, I will take your ad hominem as sufficient evidence that you lack the intellect to do so at all.

          How fortunate it must be that both the quality and quantity of this blog’s commentariat has declined so much from what it was 6 years ago, that poseurs like yourself are now free to roost here without the consequence of being taken to the woodshed for the unceasing white-nigger babble that you pass off as discussion.

          Get fucked.

        • Actually he’s spot on about Reagan. Reagan did have a soft spot for Mexicans though. Both Maggie and Reagan held the line with Apartheid as best they could.

    • The late Bob Chapman of International Forecaster fame said he went to a private screening in Hollywood where there were about 25 other people. Reagan was in the film. He said Reagan was homosexual because there was no way a straight man would have done what he did in that flick under any circumstances. Ronnie always had a queery like voice. Just repeating what Bib said in a podcast.

      Go Google it. I heard Chapman in the broadcast myself. My husband refused to believe it for years.

  2. From what I have gathered she was then allowed to leave with all her material. The police denied this incident took place (detained, passport taken away). Most probably it became a too hot potato to handle for them, when some international mainstream papers started reporting this incident. They are busy shooting themselves into their own feet with these actions.

    • Good discussion between Spahn and Luftwaffesoldat, to non-Americans understand the Reagan years.
      It seems Spahn was roasted.

    • No, that was the first heart transplant. Surgeon Dr Christiaan Barnard, patient (((Louis Washkanski))). The operation was a success, but the patient died (after 18 days).

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