#MAGA: Trump Trade Deficit Hits 9-Year High

I will just leave this one here for the MAGApedes:

“The numbers: The U.S. trade deficit in December and for the full year both rose to the highest levels since 2008, complicating efforts by President Trump to fulfill his vow to reduce the gap.

The deficit in December rose 5.3% to $53.1 billion, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a $52.2 billion gap.

Imports increased 2.5% to a record $256.5 billion in December. Exports edged up 1.8% to $203.4 billion, also a new high water mark.

In 2017, the U.S. trade gap leaped 12.1% to a nine-year high of $566 billion. …”

What is the 4D Chess on this one? I thought the globalists had been defeated in the 2016 election and we were going to have an ‘America First’ trade policy?

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    • > The white diaspora will get to Mars first.

      Yes and then let non-whites exploit that. Working as servant for a ZOG state.

      Without a white state, it means nothing.

    • Afterthought-we never even got to the moon. It was all smoke and mirrors, and the van Allen radiation belts will prevent any hominid from ever leaving this planet.

      We better recognize that fact, and start taking back the planet, as the rightful supremacist owners of it. The Dominion Mandate-is both Biblical… And Caucasian.

  1. While you have the balance of military advantage use those subs and aircraft carriers to correct the trade imbalance.

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