Rex Tillerson Condemns Polish President For Signing Holocaust Bill

Rex Tillerson is outraged that Poland has passed a new law which outlaws speech by Jews who are fond of attempting to blame Poland for the Holocaust:

“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday condemned a decision by the Polish president to sign a controversial bill outlawing speech that blames Poland for crimes committed by Nazi Germany, saying that the law hinders free speech.

The criticism from Tillerson came hours after Polish President Andrzej Duda signed the measure, which would impose criminal penalties for blaming the Holocaust and other Nazi war crimes on the nation of Poland.

While signing the bill, Duda said he would refer the law to the country’s constitutional court for evaluation.

“The United States is disappointed that the President of Poland has signed legislation that would impose criminal penalties for attributing Nazi crimes to the Polish state,” Tillerson said in a statement. …”

Jewish control of American foreign policy has reached the point where it has become comical. Virtually everything that Washington does is about catering to the Jewish interest.

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  1. What a pathetic pack of money-grubbing, kike-worshipping, soul-less WHORES! To all the MGTOW arseholes, constantly blaming women – once AGAIN, real White men with REAL power prostrate themselves before ugly ,depraved kike criminals, and suck every shriveled dick presented, as hard as they can. And then they SWALLOW.

  2. This is not as bad as it seems.
    I have followed closely this fight in the last few days and, seen in context, this declaration of Tillerson does NOT satisfy the Jews but instead it is a typical “in between” position.
    Of course that Tillerson has to say something “against” and placate the Jews but when you read what he says, that is “attributing Nazi crimes to the Polish state” that’s precisely NOT the Jews wanted. The whole debate these days between Poles and Jews was not the “state” part of the law. The Jews repeatedly said that they fully agree with this part of the law,. For obvious reasons, Poland ceased to exist as a state after 1939…The bone of contention was the next item since phrase was “the Polish state, or the Polish nation”. That part “nation: part triggered the Jews, and that was contested. Obviously the Jews want to guilt trip and to accuse the Polish nation based on the fact that some Poles (Jewish press used “many Poles” repeatedly) collaborated with the Nazis and helped them catch Jews, and some even helped in some pogroms/executions.
    However Tillerson does not mention the “nation” part, the real problem, but instead refers only to the “state”, something which was not an issue. In fact the Poles contacted the Jews before this law went to approval and the Jews(Israel) agreed with it..but it seems that the Poles put only the “Polish state” in the draft shown to the Jews and added “Polish nation” later.
    Furthermore, Tillerson’s complaint about “free speech” is another non-issue since Poland, and another 15 EU countries, have already limited free speech precisely in order to pass those laws which penalize “Holocaust denial”. It is almost ironical from Tillerson to add this complaint, Jews never complained these days about the free speech issue.

    It is not that bad, it something which tries to appease both parts. Tillerson criticizes Poland but he criticizes them for something that the Jews themselves said that it was not the problem.

  3. The only “crime” the “Natzees” committed was NOT holocausting those beady-eyed rodents when they had the chance.

    • It’s a joke of course. Hitler was the only one who got gassed. As far as I can tell chemical weapons were distasteful to him for that reason. I find it amazing to this day that the Germans didn’t use Tabun or Sarin on Moscow in 1941. Given the stakes involved sacking Moscow it’s to their credit they held off.

      • If the Germas did use Nerve gas against Russia, Russis would have annihilated Berlin and everyone else in their path. Be thankful nobody used nerve gas during WW-II

        • The Russians wouldn’t have known what it was as the allies only discovered the existence of nerve gas after overrunning Germany. The Russians were not in a position to counter strike in the winter of 1941.

      • It’s a joke of course. Hitler was the only one who got gassed. As far as I can tell chemical weapons were distasteful to him for that reason. I find it amazing to this day that the Germans didn’t use Tabun or Sarin on Moscow in 1941. Given the stakes involved sacking Moscow it’s to their credit they held off.

        What should even be more amazing is that, with these high tech nerve agents at their disposal, the Germans chose to use a low level delousing agent to gazzzzz those poor Hallowedhoax victims. Perhaps the Germans simply could not pass up the poetic metaphor of using a delousing agent to rid Germany of itz Jewish infestation.

        But what a lousy job they did of it; after all, look at the millions of Jewish “survivors” that have, and still are, collecting billions in reparations from goyim chumps believing the biggest of all “big lies!”

    • Indeed, Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian soldiers worked together to serve to the Jews a cornucopia of pain, death and destruction. That was revenge for the suffering, destruction and death Jewry perpetrated against them. Poland should tell the Jews to take a long walk off a short pier.

  4. Duda replies “what Holocaust?” to Tillerson.

    What I dislike about the Holocaust is that every nation in Europe was decimated to one degree or another. Yet there was some sort of secret massacre of the Jews that trumps the very real and documented public suffering of white men in the front lines.

    The Holocaust is in that sense Stolen Glory.

    I have male relatives that were really gassed in ww1 around Ypres and the Somme. Poisons invented incidentally by a Jewish scientist called Fritz Haber.

    • Nations do not usually dwell that obsessively into the sufferings of the past. They are aware that everybody (the enemy nations) had losses, that the truth and the guilt is not that one-sided etc….But the Jews has managed to create form this subject a mythological, nearly Christian, fairy tale of their own innocence, historical blamelessness. and victimhood.

  5. It’s not a good law but not worse than other EU statutes that outlaw the questioning of the conformist Holocaust story. Tillerson doesn’t object to those because his Jewish masters like them. By the way, was is Tillerson even commenting on foreign legislative measures? It’s not because he loves free speech. How about some “America First” minding our own business?

  6. We have to understand what Poland has been through at the hands of the Chosen — the meat grinder. Much of this crucifixion has been since WW2 — Jews turning Auschwitz, a shrine to Polish and Christian dead if anything, into a “Muh Holocaust” tourist trap and so forth. David Cole explains the site’s markedly different meanings to different peoples early in his immortal exposé

    David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992

    Years ago the bastards demanded and got the removal of a convent full of nuns from an ADJOINING property, claiming it was sacrilege for it to be standing ON the Auschwitz site to JEW memory because Christians did the Holocaust blah blah.

    To my pleasant shock a prelate, Cardinal Glemp, actually denounced this nonsense. The Chosen of course Duked him — a Rev. Avi Weiss shrilly denouncing him as anti-Semite, neo-Nazi et al. When Glemp visited NYC Weiss even jumped into his limo ride and started haranguing him.

  7. So the jews force all these European countries to pass anti-free speech laws punishing their citizens (and sometimes non-citizens) for questioning the “Holyco$t” & so they over-reached when trying to force the Poles into their racket. Not smart. While the Poles have no problem in blaming the Germans for starting WW2 and doing the “Holocau$t” & participating in the shakedown things are entirely different when it is the Poles getting shook down

    So the Poles have passed a law criminalizing libel against the Polish government in the course of the Holocaust racket. Good

    This is sort of like the “Diary of Anne Frank” written in ball-point pen — when the ball-point pen wasn’t patented until 1943 and commercially available to the masses until years later. In fact, when in 2014 seventy years after Anne Frank died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen and the copyright expired then the story changed to where Anne Frank’s father who died in 1980 was all of a sudden the co-writer

    Past time for free speech

    WSJ Commentary as “James Detmer”

  8. Joseph Stalin probably killed more jews than Hitler

    In fact if you read Menachaim Begin’s biography “The Revolt” Joseph Stalin imprisoned Menachaim Begin until 1943 and freed Begin and deported Begin to Palestine to terrorize the British into leaving their Mandate in 1948

    Since then there has been a real Holocaust — the Palestinian Holocaust

    Which is sort of strange in that the Palestinians didn’t run any death camps for jews while the jews currently run the largest open-air concentration camp ever — Gaza

    Maybe the Palestinians should ask the Syrians, Afghans, Somalians, etc. to make space for them in their refugee camps in Germany — or Sweden !!!

    It isn’t smart for the jews to shake down the Poles given that most of the “death camps” like Auschwitz are in Poland. What will the jews do if the Poles bulldoze down all their Holocau$t Disneylands and say that none of this really happened?

    Not smart to try to pull a racket on those you absolutely need to run your racket.

    Wall Street Journal Commentary as “James Detmer”

    • What will the jews do if the Poles bulldoze down all their Holocau$t Disneylands and say that none of this really happened?

      What a splendid idea! And after they’re done with hallowedhoax “holy ground”, there’s no need to shut down the bulldozers, just keep them moving on to those hideous hallowedhoax memorials built by taxpayers all over Europe.

      And how about a Rachael Corrie memorial bulldozer leading the charge? Maybe with a cheesecake depiction of her crushed body dressed in a bikini. Sort of a Jewish version of those girls the WWII bomber crews used to paint on the noses of their planes. The words under the body would read “Killer Corrie”, the last thing Jewish protestors would see as the bulldozers ran over their worthless memorials.

      Sigh. The world might be such a fun place, were it not for the bloody, murderous, psychopathic Jews running it.

  9. Good for the Poles . I hope all the Visegrads follow suit and outlaw Polish nation demonization – especially by Jews , who brought us both the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi Party. And Poland had to fight both of them.

  10. Ephesians 3:9 “…God, who created all things by Jesus Christ…”

    Colosians 1:
    15 Who [Jesus Christ] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:
    16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
    17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

    For those who handed Christ over to the Roman authorities to be put to death, these people are the ones directly (all who have sinned bear some guilt as well) responsible for the greatest “holocaust” EVER! It was Jesus Christ whom God used to create EVERYTHING — “all things were created by him”.

    These unconverted Jews are the worst humans ever on the face of the earth…they killed a Being who is worth more than the whole Universe combined, whereas those who killed these Jews in WWII probably gave them what they deserved since to this day they laugh and scorn at the “holocaust” they performed 2000 years ago.

    Now is the time the Jews be stopped in making every non-Jew bow down to their holocaust idol and have people imprisoned for not participating in this present day idol worship of those directly responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ…

    So how about forcing the Jews to confess to their “holocaust” since they like to force others to confess/worship something against their will …

    • Pardon me, your evangelism is showing.

      While I agree Jews killed Jesus, (after all, who crowed “his blood be upon us and our children?”) allow me a moment to elaborate on the subject of “God.” The Jew’s god YHVH, was a man, a high priest originally of the Tabernacle. After all what other kind of “god” holds midnight wrestling matches in Jacob’s tent or can lose an argument with a rebbe?

      The story of Jesus had nothing ~ nothing ~ to do with non-Jews. Jesus was not “god,” he was not the “son of god” (as an observant Rabbi once pointed out, how can a son be his own father or vice versa? The very idea negates such terminology). Jesus was not the Messiah, a claim he would never have made, as for first century Jews, the term “messiah,” denoted a strong military leader promising to lead the Jews from goyim “oppression,” in this case the Romans.

      There has never been a Jew claiming the title of “messiah” that stood against the Temple. Yet every self-proclaimed messiah of that era claimed to be the one that would deliver Jews from their “oppressors.” Thus, had Jesus claimed the title of messiah, the response of first century Jews would have been “What! How’s that again? You stand against the Temple, but not against Rome? Yet you claim you’re the messiah who will deliver us from what – our own religion?” The incongruity of such a claim would have been clear to every first century Jew. It was early Christians that applied the “messiah” title to Jesus. In fact, Christians have so distorted the story, it has become much the same type of twisted account as the mythical, sacred Hallowedhoax.

      The Temple Jew’s idea of a messiah has always been that of a strong, violent, religious military leader, Like the self appointed Simon bar Kokhba, who would lead the Jews from their “gentile oppressors.” It was the rebels, the followers of Jesus and John the baptist, that held Jesus was the Messiah that would destroy the Temple thereby delivering them from its oppression.

      Yet, Jesus was not in conflict with the Romans, as clearly indicated by his reply when asked about giving tribute to Caesar. Jesus was against the Temple and only the Temple. As he saw it, and rightly so, the Temple was the essence of anti-spiritually. The Temple was a lying, man-made, greedy, self-serving religious edifice that did more to separate people from God than any state sponsored organization. And why not, after all the Temple and its sacrificial system was the creation of a lying, greedy self-serving elect that cared nothing for its followers outside how much they could pay in tribute to its wealthy coffers that even Romans borrowed from and as every Jew knows, debt readily translates to power. This is why for Jesus, all those outside the Temple held no interest; they were not subject to the Temple’s onerous demands for sacrificial tribute. Twice Jesus clearly commands his disciples to stay away from the gentiles. Tellingly, he refuses to even speak to the “gentile” Canaanite woman seeking his healing power. How much clearer can it be when the master refuses to address the subject? As the Sufis say, “no answer is an answer.”

      Jesus was merely another Jewed attempt at claiming a new “Christ” god in the effort to replace the old Temple god YHVH. Jesus would have been appalled at how his name and teachings have been grossly misinterpreted by the very Jews he stood against, the Mikdash (Temple) authorities. Jesus never intended to be set up as “god” or the “messiah” these are Old Testament constructs overlaid on the man by New Testament Jews.

      Jesus was a member of the Temple’s priesthood. He had to be to perform his “miracles.” According to first century Jews, a “miracle” was “the unintended outcome to the law” (healing was not considered a miracle). Every miracle Jesus performed was in fact a rebuke of Temple law. Raising Lazarus from the “dead” rebuked the Temple’s Para Aduma, a very expensive sacrificial act required for coming into contact with a dead body. Water into wine was the trick of putting “unclean” (unblessed) wine into ritually pure jars, thereby purifying it without the cost of a blessing. Healing on the Sabbath rebuked the injunction against working on the Sabbath.

      John also had Jesus describe himself as an anointed high priest, although not using those words. ‘Anointed’ is an important distinction, because the contemporary high priests were not anointed. The holy oil had disappeared in the time of Josiah (Babylonian Talmud Horayoth 12 ab), and the high priests of the second temple were known as the priests of many garments: an ordinary priest wore four items – trousers, tunic, sash and turban – whereas the high priest also had the blue outer robe, the ephod, the breastplate and the golden signet inscribed with the Name of the LORD (Mishnah Yoma 7.5). The claim to be an anointed high priest immediately indicated a high priest of the original temple, and thus one born as a Son of God.” – Margaret Barker

      Jesus clearly states in Matthew he came not to address the “gentiles,” but the Lost sheep of Israel, i.e., (((the Jews.))) This is because it was the Jewish priesthood, the kohanim, that was oppressing its Jewish followers through its economically oppressive sacrificial system. Outside Jesus, no other Jewish messiah ever promised to lead Jews away from (((Jewish))) oppression.

      What passes today for “Christianity” has nothing to do with Jesus. Saul/Paul was nothing more than a Jewish opportunist who seized the opportunity to assume the Temple’s religious power for himself by setting up the crucified rebel priest, Jesus, as the new religion’s YHVH.

      Saul/Paul was first and foremost a Jew. He was more than a Jew however; he was a Temple Jew with the authority to bring legal charges against “heretics.” It is claimed Saul/Paul was a Pharisee, yet this is doubtful. More likely, he was something akin to a priest. The first century Pharisee had no legal power, so the idea of Saul/ Paul persecuting Christians for the Pharisee is absurd. It was all about the kohanim, the priesthood, and its highly lucrative sacrificial system of which the Pharisee had no vested portion.

      Elite Jews know this and from the very beginning have operated on the principle of setting up man as god. The ultimate effort at this was replacing the magical, mystical god of the Old Testament with the new god of money/state as these allow for much closer and more effective management of the dumb sheeple herds.

      The priest-as-god steps out from behind the curtain momentarily in the story of Siddim Vale in the form of the high priest called “Melchizedek.” Think about it, who had god’s ear? Who spoke for god, delivering his message through a casting of pebbles? The high priest! Judaic Gods invariably appear in the form of men claiming to speak for God.

      “Caiaphas knew enough of the ancient role of the high priest to make his bitter remark about the death of Jesus. Melchizedek, according to the Qumran Melchizedek text, was expected to return at any time and to offer the great atonement sacrifice at the end of the tenth Jubilee. The description of the day of atonement in Leviticus 16 is only an outline of the complex ancient ritual, in which the high priest, who ‘was’ the LORD, sacrificed a goat to represent the LORD and used the blood to renew the eternal covenant and inaugurate the Jubilee. At the Jubilee, everyone returned to his family and his property (Lev.25.8-12). In other words, the symbolic death of the LORD brought the scattered people home. A vestige of the ancient practice survives in the amnesty for fugitives when a high priest died (Num 35.28).

      When the Jews were plotting to kill Jesus after the raising of Lazarus, John attributes bitter irony to Caiaphas who reminded them of something they had forgotten, the day of atonement in the original temple. ‘But one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, said to them:, “You know nothing at all; you do not understand that it is expedient that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation should not perish.” He did not say this of his own accord, but… prophesied that Jesus should die for the nation, and not for the nation only, but to gather into one the children of God who are scattered abroad’ (John 11. 49-52). This was the great Jubilee that Melchizedek would bring.

      The Jews did not even understand the Scriptures that Moses had written, and here we need to remember that the early Christians understood the Hebrew Scriptures very differently from the way they are understood by Christians today. Christians usually read the Old Testament in Deuteronomists’ way, not in the way it was read and understood by Jesus and John. For the early Church, the LORD in the Old Testament was the Son of God Most High, just as Gabriel announced to Mary: ‘He will be great and will be called Son of God Most High’ (Luke 1.32). The monotheism that we now assume as the religion of Israel was in fact a development introduced and imposed by the Deuteronomists as part of Josiah’s purges.” – Margaret Barker

      Christians invariably learn their religious views from non-Jewish, Christian authors interpreting and revising the work of Jewish authors. In the effort to promote their own religious views peculiar to the times, these non-Jewish Christian authors rewrote and twisted the story to the point of being unrecognizable in its original form. One only needs listen to modern televangelists like John Hagee and Joel Osteen to see this religious revisionism remains an ongoing process.

      “These unconverted Jews are the worst humans ever on the face of the earth.”

      Are Jews human? They sure don’t act human. In any event, I leave that question for a different time.

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