Glenn Beck: We’re In The Early Stage of the Nazi Movement

Glenn Beck has hauled out the black chalkboard. I’m not sure if anyone who isn’t senile and buying gold coins and survival packs is watching though:

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  1. Hey wasn’t that Beck fellow that edgy ‘right-wing’ (out-of) controlled opposition just yesterday?

    He’ll be leading next summer’s homo pride parades in a Ronny McDonny suit next – honorary ambassador to Reality from ClownWorld.

  2. How I wish this idiot were correct, and that we are in fact “witnessing the rise of the new Nazi party on a world-wide scale”! And maybe, in a sense, he IS correct… though not for the reasons he, in his warped, paranoid, cuck-a-roo mind thinks.

    I have little doubt that certain (((interested parties))) might be at the very least influencing, and covertly channeling some small funds into, some of the most visible White Identitarian organizations. For the very same reasons that the Zionists, to some degree, had a few stakes in National Socialist Germany during the 30s. That’s normal jewing, to play off both sides of a given conflict and profit in some way. And we have to be ever vigilant about maintaining an awareness of this. We should always ask ourselves, when going forth towards any action we may take, just as (((they))) do, “is this good for the jews? Can my actions, my movement’s activities, benefit jewry in any way?”… because those of us with some true knowledge about jews know that JEWS LOVE ANTISEMITISM, THEY DEPEND ON IT. This isn’t something that noobs in jewology-101 grasp. We’re talking advanced jewology here. Jews benefit greatly from lone acts of “antiSemitism” as well as movements that place them in the crosshairs. It enables them to always be the poor, persecuted victims. I believe that’s why Hitler handled certain things the way he did early on. He merely removed their fangs from the necks of the German nation, you know, unseated them from their self-appointed thrones in government, finance, media and education. But of course we know that things got a bit more rough for the kikes once they got angry enough to hit back, at which point the National Socialists said “Screw it! You f**king commie Yids want war?! Come and get some!” That’s kinda my take on it anyway.

    My point is that Beck is an ass-hat, yes. And a cuck with a seriously diseased mind, yes again. But, on the other hand, a smidgen of what he’s ranting about — to some degree, at some level — might be somewhat true. And we, as a movement, need to continually police ourselves and analyze our actions, to make sure we don’t “get played” in any shape or form…, that we DON’T inadvertently do something “good for the jews”.

    • I want to add something else to my text-wall above: Even though a lot of our folks are cheerleaders for Poot-in and Russophiles, my own take is that what’s going on over there, no matter how “based” and seemingly pro-White, ISN’T TO BE TAKEN AT FACE VALUE. I do NOT trust Putin. For the exact reasons that I don’t trust Trump… or “brother” Nathaniel for that matter.

      We need to be “as wise as serpents”, to always look at things from their point-of-view, just like a good Chess player does when contemplating a move against his foe, so that we can avoid getting bitten! We are AT WAR. This isn’t simply “Internet stuff” or “online hate” or “fake news”. This is real world stuff, there’s real hate being directed our way, and there’s heavy propaganda. Along with a subtlety that we red-pilled Gentiles here in America aren’t as attuned to as say a 1930s German National Socialist politician like Goebbels or the Fuhrer. War By Deception, folks. The jew is highly skilled in deception. Probably the best at it so far. We have to out-think him or at least avoid a fatal bite.

      • With all due respect Jim Beam, the jew isn’t as smart or as clever as many give him credit for. There is a highly predictable pattern to jewish behavior. They are heavily inbred and that produces not only their repulsive physical characteristics but a form of high-functioning retardation or autism as well.

        • I never said that they are any “smarter” than anyone else, spahn. Masters at deception, yes, ultra clannish, undeniably, and, above all persistent as hell. That trumps (to use a popular term) being smart. We Whites, on the other hand, are indeed smart… but we lack WISDOM, we lack fanatical devotion to our race, and we give in to pressure too easily. That’s all that’s needed for the kikes to assume, for all intents and purposes, godhood over us. There’s being smart as man understands the word ‘smart’…. and then there’s being victors. The two aren’t dependent upon one another.

          • I agree with everything you’ve said, JimB, we whites have to start supporting our own, rather than picking on various elements, this only weakens us and plays right into the hands of the enemy.

      • Jim, after all the time you spent rotting in prison for being a criminal; don’t you have anything better to do with the time you have left than write essays in the comments section… why don’t you use that effort in some college classes or job training? Oh wait, I know why…lol

        • El Kike-O, for your information I have in fact attended college after I got out of prison. And I graduated. And I own two nice homes with property well in excess of a million dollars. But of course none of that matters to a shitty little troll like yourself, who spends all YOUR time insulting your betters for your employer, the ADL. Everyone here hates you and you know it. Why don’t you just end your pitiful existence and have some peace? Because WE are going to win, you schmuck… not you. It’s destiny and you know it.

          • So let me guess… you live in California. Sorry pal, a million dollars worth of property there isn’t a major accomplishment at all

          • Nope. When have I ever insinuated I lived in California? Slap yourself.
            I’m a born and raised Tennessean, Schlomo. You know, one of those “inbred rednecks” you kikes are so hateful towards (because we’re actually men). And property in the particular area where I live is both beautiful and valuable. Sorry to disappoint ya.

  3. Spencer could make a counter trolling video with a whiteboard. Invite Blaze viewers to check out ideas re identity, demographics and mass immigration. Invite Beck onto Warski Live – the premier venue for independent debate.

  4. “…But if I talk about the ongoing genocide of my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree I’m a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews…”

    The early stages of a Nazi movement means Whites worldwide are finally waking up, and boy, are they ever pissed!

  5. “Blame Russia” is an organized campaign of the Jew. As the Russian Federation ups its game in Syria and Iran in opposition to the Zionist state called Israel, the anti-Russian agitprop has increased. Beck is either vying for some of that Israeli dough, or already in their employ.

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