The Trump Crashes Continues

This looks more like a market correction:

Here are the Dow Jones closes for the last five trading days:

February 3: -666
February 5: -1,175
February 6: +567
February 7: -19
February 8: -1,032

No, we aren’t blaming President Trump for this stock market correction. It was getting tiresome to read his constant tweets about the subject. The stock market isn’t synonymous with the economy.

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    • Less than two weeks ago, the stock market was the measuring stick of American greatness for every neo-Boomer MAGApede on Gab. Trump boasted about it in the SOTU address. Now, if you bring up the stock market, it is “why are you blackpilling me bro.”

  1. Brad, I’m going to ask you this question daily.

    Q: What are you going to do about it?
    A: Nothing*

    *write a blog post about it (edgy)

    • He’s doing what he does best which is providing news and commentary. I have my disagreements with him but he is probably one of the few consistently good writers covering the issues. I’m glad this site isn’t overrun with the MAGA nuts. The alt-right hitching their trailer to Trump has been a disaster we all knew would happen.

  2. We have an economic system where one party can print their own money. Stock fluctuations are largely meaningless.

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