Aspiring Funeral Director Tortured, Murdered, Stuffed Into Her Closet In Columbus, OH

In the past, I have called these crimes daddy’s little angel stories:

“Columbus police arrested a documented sexual predator on a murder charge after a 24-year-old woman was found slain in her East Side apartment last month.

SWAT members arrested Anthony James Pardon, 53, in South Linden on Thursday night in connection with the death of Rachael Anderson late last month.

“We’re confident that we have this person that’s responsible for her death,” Sgt. Stan Latta, supervisor of the second-shift homicide unit, said during a late-afternoon press conference Friday.

Pardon was being held in the Franklin County jail on a $5 million bond. Latta said he was not cooperating with investigators.

When Anderson didn’t show up for work on Jan. 29, police were called to her Cardinal Creek apartment complex in the 3000 block of Allegheny Avenue. Her body was found bound and stuffed in a closet in her apartment. Records show she died of asphyxiation.

Latta said it was “a violent death,” though he declined to offer details of the torture Anderson suffered or whether she was raped before being killed.

DNA evidence gathered from Anderson’s apartment tied Pardon to the crime. Latta said investigators believe Pardon used the victim’s vehicle after killing Anderson. …”

Rachel Anderson was tortured and suffocated to death in her own apartment. Then her body was stuff into her closet. She was probably raped too although we can only speculate:

“Archives show Pardon has a long, violent history that began in his teens and has spent much of his life incarcerated.

In March 1979, when he was 14, he was temporarily committed to the Ohio Youth Commission for raping an 8-year-old girl. In July 1979, he was made a ward of the court and temporarily committed to Franklin County Children Services. In December 1979, he was found guilty of menacing and permanently committed to the youth commission and placed in a foster home.

In February 1980, when he was 15, he was convicted of raping a 9-month-old boy, the son of his foster parents. He was babysitting when his foster mother went grocery shopping. He told Columbus police he raped the baby because he was upset after a fight with a girlfriend. A court-ordered psychiatric report stated he needed treatment and should be watched closely.

In November 1981, when Pardon was 16, he kidnapped, raped and attempted to drown the 39-year-old mother of a girlfriend who let him into her Ontario Street home to use the phone. He pulled a butcher knife on her, raped her and took $100 from her purse. He bound her feet and hands together and gagged her before putting her in the trunk of her car. He untied her feet and threw her in Alum Creek off Sunbury Road. She was partially clothed at the time.

When Pardon saw that she was still able to keep afloat, he waded in the creek and held her head under water. Another man discovered them after he saw the woman’s car with the trunk still ajar. He took off before police arrived. The attacker, who was a student at Linden-McKinley High School at the time, took the cash he stole from the woman and purchased tennis shoes and a jogging outfit. He was on probation from the youth commission at the time.

A psychologist told the court that Pardon cannot control anti-social and aggressive behavior and has a “strong resistance to change.”

At 17, he was convicted of rape, attempted murder, and aggravated robbery in May 1982 after he was tried as an adult and served more than 24 years at Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield. He was released in November 2006, a department of rehabilitation and correction spokesperson said. …”

Sounds like the kind of guy who the Koch Brothers want to let out of prison.

Note: Meanwhile, Elle Reeve and the SPLC have been in Columbus, OH trying to chase down Andrew Anglin. Guess which is the more newsworthy story: a troll storm or a sexual predator who was let out of prison and raped and tortured a girl before murdering her.

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  1. Yet another reason to keep and bear arms, and increasingly to use them. This IS the only choice whites have because of the catch and release Jewdicial system.

    • No, Cohen, your tribe brought them over here on their slave ships. You can start with (((Aaron Lopez))). The financing for the Transatlantic Slave Trade was run out of (((The City of London))). See Herbert Dorsey’s “Secrets of the New World Order” among many others.

    • No Amy, Kikes and Liberals are responsible, just ask your Rabbi. We had them under control for 150+ years until your kind was foolishly allowed into our country. Hey Amy, one of your Chosen terror airplanes just got shot down.

    • Hey Amy: I am sorry to report that Jews in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Is and Delaware made a fortune off slave trade for centuries. Feel free to Google the names of slave traders.

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  2. This is the kind of story that makes El Puto and its fellow subhumans laugh. Remember that when it’s time to exact revenge.

    How did that White girl manage to get into the clutches of that ugly nigger monster, anyway?

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        • Good observation, john. And that same realization has indeed crossed my own mind. Even so, I get a kick out of showing the ridiculous little zit that even the slowest of us are wittier than him when it comes to retorts. His insults and method of delivery are those of a weak, jealous and stupid person. El Kike-O is an obnoxious dolt.

  4. Given she was 24 and rather fit looking, and he, a 53yo has- been, she should have been in with a chance against this worthless subhuman.
    Just goes to show-we ALL have to be fit and have some knowledge of at least some basic self defense. Also if you live in cities-be aware of your surroundings. Nobody is suggesting you go out and pick fights with every nog you see, but just be ready for when you’re backed into a corner.
    Things are not getting better for us in the short term future-so be ready for your new, uncertain

    • “We need it badly… a constant, unrelenting stream of immigrants… not dribbling, significant flows… Ladies and gentlemen, Caucasians of European descent like me will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America. The secret that people don’t know is our diversity is the reason for our incredible strength.”

      –Joe Biden

      We need to be fit enough to carry out all the hangings of the cucks, traitors, etc. when we initiate The Day Of The Rope, too!

  5. There’s something up when the jewish media catalogues a black murderer’s criminal resume. This reminds me of last year’s Reagan Tokes murder in Cleveland. Her family lobbied to have sex offenders’ rehab or whatever facilities moved to out of the way locations, as her black murderer also had a history.

    Whatever the jews want I remain skeptical of. There’s some agenda they’re serving with this chronicle of Pardon’s heinous sex offense history that furthers their interests, which means it undermines ours.

    • You’ve got a good mind, FlSuet, and I agree with your suspicions. JewsMedia rarely catalog a nog’s violent history to the nth degree… and whenever they do, something is afoot. And you can bet that this particular nog isn’t such a huge deviation from the average pathology of rapist nogs. I’ve personally known several who were just as sick or worse back during my former life when I was an esteemed member of the Razor Wire club.

  6. I wasn’t kidding:

    This act seeks to take more power away from the people and give it to jewish judges. First and second degree felonies would garner ‘indeterminate sentences’ to be decided by judges’ whims, along with third degree felonies of a violent nature. Any first or second degree felony, even non-violent, would be subject to this autocratic rule.

    It also seeks to create ‘reentry’ – imprisonment – for prisoners of the criminal justice system whose sentences have run out based purely on their status of being homeless, not on any extra violation. This is very much like the pseudo-scientific psych system’s federal law which holds that no ‘patient’ can be discharged to the streets, regardless of whether or not their internment for unproven ‘disease’ has officially been fulfilled by court order. I once met a woman who truly suffered from manic depressive disease; she was blocked from any outside contact once the state of NJ took custody of her without any court trial. Her disease was easily stabilized (typical for real manic depression) but since she had no way of agitating for herself outside of the state’s ‘hospital’ she was held in it for FIVE years! She and her husband later testified before the national Congress to lobby for mandated funding to secure community housing for internees of the state’s ‘hospitals.’ As it stands, an american citizen in many states can be literally abducted by the state without any Constitutional right to trial and never be released, by federal law.

    There is scary 1984 type monitoring provisos within the Tokes Act that would increase jewish control over any former prisoner of their rigged system.

    I repeat: any time the jewish media includes much less catalogues information about a black perpetrator’s history of criminality, there is a jewish agenda being served that ultimately undermines white power and freedom.

  7. Racistnaziwhitesupremacist de facto and de jure segregation protected us from nigger atrocities which are now a daily occurrence.

    • During the same time I met the above mentioned manic depressive, I also encountered a garden variety crack addict. He’d served time in the state penitentiary for robbing a gas station to fund his addiction. He claimed he and an accomplice used a fake gun, which according to NJ law is almost as serious as using a real one or something.

      He had around two years if I recall correctly added onto his sentence for causing fights while incarcerated.

      It seems very hard to believe that Ohio’s criminal justice system is so lacking in ‘time well served’ versus not so well served that such a whimsical, autocratic bill would be needed to bring reform.

      My ‘mentally ill’ ex-addict acquaintance was white, however.

      Do you know how dominated many state institutions are by black personnel? They along with jewish and jewish-appointed judges will be the new juries and executioners.

      I’m assuming from your post that you have NO idea what it is like to be powerless under them, without any rule of law to protect even your most basic right to liberty.

      NO IDEA

  8. I also want to add that no forensic evidence existed whatsoever, as of at least a couple of months after Tokes’ murder, that proved she was abducted. No video footage, no witnesses, no confession, nothing.

    Tokes was clearly large part mediterranean, and working as a bartender in a sketchier section of Columbus, Ohio. She left work bartending around 10:30pm and was never heard from again, found dead in her car in some other section of the city with Pardon’s DNA on some cigarette in the ashtray.

    Rachel Anderson was found bound, having been tortured, and stuffed into a suitcase in the closet of her apartment in Columbus. Her assailant’s girlfriend is said to be living nearby. Supposedly no evidence of a break in was found, and her credit card was used in the following days by Pardon’s girlfriend who the cops also assure us is ‘totally innocent’ of any involvement with Anderson’s murder.

    Anyone who believes what the Israeli-trained american police or jewish-owned media reports is a bigger problem than groids like Pardon. Literally. You are annihilating whites at a faster rate than 10 Pardons combined.

  9. The sheer fact that a picture of blonde Anderson is published proves my thesis. Usually anglo-ish female victims pictures’ are suppressed when their rapist/murderer is black.

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