First Things: The Anti-Christian Alt-Right

Rod Dreher has drawn my attention to this First Things article called “The Anti-Christian Alt-Right.”

Occidental Dissent is cited in the article. I found this strange since I am not anti-Christian. I’m a Lutheran. I’ve also never read Julius Evola or Alain de Benoist and couldn’t tell you much about their ideas. In fact, I came across the article because I read Dreher and First Things.

The Alt-Right isn’t a confession. The movement is united by race realism. If you are Alt-Right, you believe that race exists, race matters and race is the foundation of identity. There are Alt-Right atheists, Alt-Right agnostics, Alt-Right pagans and Alt-Right Christians. At the end of the day, we are all stigmatized because our racial and cultural views fall outside of the American mainstream.

It is true that there are Alt-Right atheists and pagans who are anti-Christian. Matthew Rose cites Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer as examples of the anti-Christian wing. It is also true there is no consensus within the community on religion and the internal debate within the Alt-Right on Christianity is best characterized as opposition to modern Christianity. The debate is over whether Christianity is a solvent that is inherently incompatible with White identity and a driving factor in the decline of the White race or whether Christianity is just as pozzed as every other institution in our society.

After years of careful study, I incline toward the latter position. Christianity has long since been dethroned as the dominant culture in the United States. It is a subordinate subculture. The dominant secular culture spreads its gospel through the universities and the mass media which were hijacked by Jews in the early twentieth century. Generally speaking, the Jews are at the apex of the cultural pyramid and all institutions in our society whether it is the churches, the military or the public schools conform to their values. The churches are no more inherently anti-White than the universities which were compromised first.

A good example of this is interracial adoption epitomized by the White evangelicals who adopted black embryo triplets. This was a trend in the dominant secular culture BEFORE it filtered down into evangelicalism. Hollywood celebrities were the trendsetters. The mainstream churches are constantly adapting their doctrines to their flocks who want to fit into the mainstream which is why megachurches preach the prosperity gospel to people who crawled out of bed to sit in bucket seats and watch rock bands. The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t discover that racism was immoral until the 1990s.

Russell Moore has written about how the cross is incompatible with the Confederate flag. It is this sort of nonsense that causes people on the Alt-Right to reject Christianity as a hopelessly cucked religion. The truth though is that Confederate heroes like Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee were pious Christians. In the antebellum era, the church accommodated the slavery culture of the Old South. Slavery was justified on the basis of the Curse of Ham. The church accommodated the Borgia popes of the Renaissance, divided the non-Christian world between Spain and Portugal, crowned Charlemagne and Napoleon and reconciled itself to Mussolini in Italy. It accommodated Hitler’s Germany and does the same today.

The churches accommodate and echo whatever is the political mainstream. Many churches have already been reconciled to miscegenation, abortion, divorce, homosexuality and gay marriage. Pope Francis and liberation theology in Latin America have accommodated communism. If the Alt-Right was on television and in power, the churches would be the first institution to accommodate the Alt-Right. At various points in history, Christians have led pogroms against the Jews and justified confining them to ghettoes. Christians have also been fanatically philo-Semitic Zionists who exist to serve Israel. Christians were for and against the abolition of slavery and for and against the Civil Rights Movement.

The Anglican Church was created to accommodate King Henry VIII. The Lutheran Church has condemned Martin Luther for penning On the Jews and their Lies. The Catholic Church has apologized for its long history of anti-Semitism against the Jews. After years of preaching about family values, evangelical Christianity accommodated Donald Trump who was reportedly spanked by porn star Stormy Daniels with a copy of Forbes magazine that had his face on it.

The churches are conforming to political correctness in condemning the Alt-Right as uniquely evil. Notice how they have no problem with black denominations, Hispanic churches, Asian churches, etc. They have always had this reflexive desire to accommodate the cultural and political establishment. Since the Alt-Right is perceived as a threat to the political establishment, it is being criticized by mainstream Christianity. Mark my words these Christian conservatives will eventually argue that transgenderism is conservative just as they are starting to make the argument now for gay families.

The Alt-Right shouldn’t get hung up on being anti-Christian because Christianity is infinitely malleable. After we seize power and get on television like Donald Trump, the Alt-Right will be celebrated as Christian and conservative and our enemies will be condemned too. Christian conservatives will embrace our racial views again when we have the power to determine respectability.

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  1. Right now there is not one Christian church, one Christian leader or one Christian organization of any kind that is pro-White, anti-immigration or anti-homo. So why shouldn’t the alt-right have a problem with that?????

        • And even then, so what if you do find one? They only denounce faggotry because the bible tells them to and because the Russian Government is vaguely anti-homosexual, and I do mean vaguely. If the Kremlin decided it were hate speech to hate the homos, then the church would just bend over. And even though the Orthodox church is anti-homo, so what? They are still anti-racism (the Patriarch speaking out against Syrian refugees doesn’t mean a thing), still anti-Nazi.

          The history of the Russian Orthodox church is a disgusting one at that. They were the enforcers of the Russian serfdom. Anyone who didn’t comply, like the Rodnovers, were persecuted. Any science which did not “serve god” was also persecuted.

          Am I supposed to love the churches and priests?

      • Wrong, Robert. Christian Civilization must be CORPORATE, not atomistic. But cucks like you keep pretending real religion is just “Jeebuzz, the Bah-bull, and me.’

        Christianity- true Christianity, is not found in cucked Evangelicalism, liberal mainline Protestantism, and most especially not in Novus Ordo Catholischism.

        It is found in conciliar Catholic, sacramental, historic credal Christianity.

        No wonder apostate America can’t see it!

    • So you are willing to ignore the 150+ yr long fight that the churches have been waging since before altrighters were even born? Even today the majority of the altright are Christians.

      Now apply the same standard to pagans, agnostics and atheists.

      Name one pagan, agnostic or atheist clerk of court that refused to issue sodomy certificates, defying a scotus ruling.

      Name one pagan, agnostic or atheist baker that refused to bake sodomy cakes despite being sued out of business.

      Name one pagan, agnostic or atheist owned large chain restaurant owner that answered “Guilty as charged” when accused of donating money to a pro-family (anti sodomy) organization.

      Name one white pagan, agnostic or atheist family in America that has had 12+ white children, all within wedlock.

      If you pagtards and athetitties want to ride our coattails to the white ethnostate (which is indeed the only chance you will ever have of seeing it) the smartest thing you can do is shut up and learn some respect. Some of us are not so inclined to carry you. I can tell you right now Hunter has tolerated you a lot longer than I would have.

      • What “fight” was the church ever waging in the White man’s favour? I am really curious about this. I would like some details, please.

        And could you explain why you are demonising people because they don’t believe the same Abrahamic cult that you do?

        • Mr. Halliday…

          You aren’t seeing things properly…

          “Universal equality” was falsified over two thousand years ago (in the minds of white gentile, but not Jews).

          Only in the last 60-300 years has “universal equality” redounded (to the white race’s loss and Jewish gain).

          Where are you at exactly in this milieu.

          You deny “universal equality” as an anti-egalitarian, but fail to name The Perfect Man and so fall back into egalitarianism.

          Yet, you are also an anti-white (S)upremacist?


          • I am not seeing things properly? Answer my question then. What “fight” was the church ever waging in the White man’s favour?

            And could you explain why you are demonising people because they don’t believe the same Abrahamic cult that you do?

            Or perhaps I am in the wrong here. Maybe I should try to spend a good lifetime trying to make myself believe that obviously Jewish characters were Scandinavian.

          • Mr. Halliday…

            I am assuming that you desire the Truth?

            If you are against “universal equality” and the annihilation of the white race then you are for white (S)upremacy.

            PS. I know of no C.I. who self-identify as white (S)upremacist?

          • And you are being demonized for your anti-white (S)upremacy as is proper to any Jew or nigger or migger or homo dyke sand jigger of the anti-white (S)upremacist affliction.

  2. Well, that’s a very succinct smackdown. My take, left at Dreher’s site, but unlikely to get past moderation was this:


    Both Dreher and Rose are happily working away at setting up strawmen to slay, thereby warding off their irrelevance.

    That’s a lefty tactic and it isn’t going to work.

    As others here have noted, the Alt-Right is not anti-Christian. One website run by a homosexual crank with a Ph.D. does not represent the Alt-Right.

    What Dreher and Rose don’t want to admit, and fear, is that the Alt-Right critique of the contemporary Christian church is correct, and, for that reason, young men want nothing to do with its fake Christianity – Jew worship and nothing more.

    Dreher and Rose are irrelevant lefties trying to keep the Conservative Inc. racket going.

    They are not going to succeed.


    • Maple- you’re far closer to the Truth. Dreher is a ‘crunchy-con.’ He wants His Novus Ordo heresy, AND be thought a true Catholic.

  3. Richard Spencer is NOT anti-religion, he has said many times in various videos that he is what he calls a “tragic atheist”.
    this has resonated within myself as i have come from a more liberal but anti-religious background but have come to the acceptance that Christianity is the white/European religion but we believe it needs to be taught as any other great literary works if fiction that is absolutely part of the building blocks of European society.
    trying to cling so hard to religion is what is keeping a LOT of people away from conservative politics. i myself would have never joined any “religious right” and finding out that almost all the leaders of the alt right are in fact atheists is a massive part of why i proudly and openly joined the ranks. you can have your religion, which ever one it may be, but please keep it well away from the alt right

    religion is like a penis
    its okay to have one
    its okay to be proud of it
    do not pull it out in public
    do not push it on children
    do not write laws with it
    do not think with it

    • Dickie and Greggy Johnson are extremely bad examples to use for the “anti-Christian wing”.

      Richard said in an interview with a black that he was a “cultural Christian”. Greg Johnson criticises Christianity, yet gave a pious church homily, I think in Sweden.

      I can’t think of a single person in the Alt-Right who is a genuine apostate of their parents’ religion.

      • This is ridiculous, Halliday… ALL alt-writers are anti-white (S)upremacy to include Cesar Tort, himself, a self-professed “mud.”

          • The Sephardic Jesuit Pope is a crypto-Jew asshat pushing white Protestant and Christian genocide sacrificing all white catholics for his ZioJesuit Latin universal church that is predominantly non-white anyways and always has been = New age Inquisition.

          • The Sephardic Jesuit Pope is a crypto-Jew asshat pushing white Protestant and Christian genocide sacrificing all white catholics for his ZioJesuit Latin universal church that is predominantly non-white anyways and always has been = New Age Inquisition or Leftist Social Justice.

          • Tort is an anti-white (S)upremacist “mud” before he could possibly be anything else.

            A Nordic that does not believe in objective (S)upremacy, ie., (P)erfection, is some kind of self-annihilator.

            Cesar is a self-annihilator.

          • “Cesar is a self-annihilator because he does not believe the same schizoid nonsense as me.”

            I have already explained that your “supremacy” only leads to race mixing in the long run. This is made clear in Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans, and William Pierce’s Who We Are.

            That is the problem with this site. You are worshipping a withered corpse – The confederacy which had people that would not give up useless nigger slaves no matter how little Whites benefited from it. It was also founded on Mammon worship. But, then again, so was all of America in the first place. A really disgusting country.

          • Mr. Halliday…

            In the English language, (C)apitalization is primary to even syntax and grammar such that:

            (G)od > (g)od…

            So that…

            white (S)upremacy > white (s)upremacy…

            To know understand the latter lesser AS YOU HAVE MADE APPARENT just is to grant the greater former.

            Now, here is the reframe.

            white (S)upremacy is clearly not relative to niggers, ie., truly anti-egalitarian.

            Only “white (s)upremacy” is entangled with the nigger, ie., suffering under self-annihilating degrees of egalitarianism.

            Butt jew are an active participant in this grotesquely self-annihilation entanglement.

            You fail by perverting the language just as Cesar is doing.

            And you use NS* TO OBSCURE your anti-white (S)upremacy.

            *Nazis are, properly-speaking, anti-white (S)upremacists.


    I agree with you that there are Alt-Right atheists, Alt-Right agnostics, Alt-Right pagans and Alt-Right Christians. That is an excellent point.

    When the pope kisses the feet of the 3rd world filth, it makes me vomit. So I find solace in reading great philosophers, such as Voltaire, who said:

    The Bible. That is what fools have written, what imbeciles commend, what rogues teach and young children are made to learn by heart. — Voltaire

          • No. Of course, Voltaire was an anti-White Jew who did not believe that a self-hating, pacifist hippy was the perfect man. So of course, he was a self-annihilating egalitarian.

          • Mr. Halliday…

            Quit using Jesus Christ the “myth” as your crutch?

            Do the greatest and most noble Nordics believe in The Perfect Man as an EMPIRICAL FACT?

            And if so, WHO IS HE?

            If there is no ACTUAL “he” then the greatest and most noble Nordics* are some degree of egalitarian, hence, their collective self-annihilation.

            *I’m a Nordic seven. Above me at Nordic 8-9-10 Nordic is a comprehensive program of suicidal ideation. Below me at 6-5-4 Nordic is too much miscegenation and general apathy.

        • Yeah great, Voltaire is a distant memory painfully clung to in the mind of the desperate. He is an occasional thought to those sailing the meaningless sea of nihilism. He is truly nothing. What a way to end up. Peer into your future, or actually lack of future.

      • Where is Voltaire? In hell, burning for all eternity, just as Arnold will… unless he repent.

        Spahn? Well, I’m more charitable to him, as he does seem to be saner….

        • fr, remember, all you’re doing in preaching the rules of your game. truth? nada. you’ve wasted your life on this pursuit.

          • They are all just self-deniers. They have spent their entire lives being as cautious as possible that they will go into Heaven (a stupid place, by the way) after death, that they have no clue what it is like to truly live, Afraid that if they try, they will burn in hell (another stupid place) for eternity.

        • The dead Voltiare’s ideas that lead to death are certainly less valid than the One’s who defeated death. The arrogance of lost man blinds him into thinking he can outwit God with ideas. Lost man thinks his ideas mean something or amount to power. What power did Voltiare’s ideas have, to delude the already deluded? What a difficult challenge to succeed in. What does man’s pride grant him? Follow Voltaire to where he went. I choose to follow Christ to where He went.

  5. Christianity, like our other major institutions, has been hijacked by progressive thought. Rather than stand by what is in the bible, they’ve allowed themselves to just blow where the political winds take them.
    The church I used to attend is no longer frequented by genuine white Christians- they grew tired of where it was going. Its now been taken over by Africans and Samoans. Attempts were made to encourage the whites back, but they’re just not interested.

    • You are missing out one crucial detail – that Christianity has lead directly to progressive thought. A religion which upholds meekness and weakness, and womanly virtues. Where anyone can become Christian, Eskimo, bushman, Aboriginoid and Swede – everyone is equal under Christ our Lord and saviour. The Liberal atheists of today are as Christian as Bob Larson, despite how ‘anti-Christian’ they seem. A real anti-Christian Atheist rejects Liberalism and pacifism as best he can.

      Let’s compare heaven with Jannah. In your lifetime you heard the music of Wagner, yet in heaven there will be no music but hallelujahs, and nothing to see but infants young enough for the tit and hoary old men. In Mohammedanism, the seventh heaven is open to the bold warrior alone, where the rivers run with wine and a man is provided with his fill of sensual girls, ripe for fucking.

      This may all sound like nonsense, but Jannah really speaks a man’s language.

      • Well of course, Mr. Halliday, belief in The Perfect Man will lead to disbelief in The Perfect (white) Man. How otherwise could the Jewish anti-white (S)upremacist exist?

        The question is whether a true Christian is a racial self-annihilator?

        And the answer is ONLY IF he believes in “universal equality,” ie., rejects The Perfect Man as empirical fact.

        Ergo, a deracinated “Christian” is no such thing.

        • So only YOUR interpretation of the bible is the right one? Maybe we should tell this to the millions of priests and scholars who have studied this religion more than you. Maybe we should tell Bob Larson and Ken Ham. maybe we should tell the 70 something % of Americans who profess to be Christians, visit church more than you, and hate Hitler, the Confederacy and the Movementarian Alt-Right with a passion.

          And as for Cesar Tort, he states that it is precisely because he is a mud blood that he is a Nordicist. He understands the importance of pure Nordic blood and why it is to be cherished simply because he has lost his.

          At this point, your arguments are incoherent and you might just be a troll. No, I don’t believe some hippy from Bethlehem was ‘the perfect man’. Charles Manson was superior to him. No, this does not make me an egalitarian. Just because you say so does not make it so. I don;t even understand how this makes me an egalitarian in the first place.

          Or maybe you are upset that: Cesar Tort banned you a couple of years back for trolling, and – you just can’t stand the fact that there exists human beings that do not see the need to convert to Christian Identity to be racists.

          Was Hitler also an egalitarian?

          • Mr. Halliday…

            You are approaching this like an ideologue and not one who simply desires the Truth.

            FORGET USING Christ as your crutch for one brief moment and answer the following questions:

            Do you believe in The Perfect Man as an empirical fact?

            Do you believe that “universal equality” has been falsified?

            Hitler’s answers are “no” and “no.”

            Ergo, Hitler was a self-annihilating egalitarian.

            PS. Cesar is still a regular read of mine. He is the realist Nazi anti-white (S)upremacist in the alt-rite sphere.

  6. The most appealing, the most honest, the most sincere, and the most trustworthy personalities on the altright are the Christians. They just come across way way better. And judging by the book the greatest fear of the enemies of the whites is a transformation of altright into white Christian right.

  7. The infiltrated Christian Church of today is chained to Judah and its diseased ZioJesuit anti-white cultural marxism.

    The Jesuit office of white Protestant inquisition was created and run by Sephardic crypto-Jews. The AshkeNazi Rothschilds are Jesuits and control the Vatican treasury. Our white Protestant government and Republic is now infiltrated and run by the ZioJesuit cultural marxist red mafia = Invasion of the white Protestant body snatchers…White catholics have been thrown under the bus too.

    Scripture says the blood will flow deep in the streets with brother against brother, race against race, kids against parents, same-sex perversion, and more all in the end of days. I do know there is white and Christian genocide taking place globally. The cultural marxist’s main focus is robbing, replacing, and eradicating white Christian western civilization. We are in the devil’s path directly since we were the most powerful force for Christ.

    I call it the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity waging a new age inquisition against white Protestantism and Christendom…

    Actually, the super rich Jews and their Jesuit brethren were behind the slave trade then and today. I just posted on my social media pages about this subject to some degree. Today, the ZioJesuit red mafia is using cultural marxism to rob, replace, and destroy white Christian western civilization using enemy people of color, enemy non-white invasion, self-eradicating race mixing with our racial enemy, enemy religious subversion, feminism, and all manner of perversion in a new age inquisition. There were more white slaves than African in early America that is a well hidden secrete and a taboo subject. Today, there is in fact white and Christian genocide taking place globally. All wars, and inquisitions were facilitated by the Jew/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity causing hundreds of millions of white Christians and white pagans to be eradicated. No white guilt here at all. Just white Protestant Pride with no vanity whatsoever. As a result of the previous mentioned genocide, whites now only represent about 1 – 7 billion ratio of global population making whites a snowflake on a puddle of mud.

  8. Even if it is “culturally malleable,” the Bible itself aligns with our view of the world far more than it does the worldview of progressives. Progressives are inherently anti-Christian anyway.

    • In what way? I am genuinely curious. What about the Old Testament suggests he is talking to a bunch of Indo-European desert nomads rather than Jewish ones? What part of the Ten Commandments fits the Alt-Right (Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not make idols, thou shalt not covet – whatever that means)? What makes you think the New testament fits the Alt-Right (“there is no Jew, nor Greek… for you are all one in Christ.”)?

      • If one genuinely rejects the collapse of reality then one rejects “universal equality,” absolutely. But in this rejection must be that which falsifies “universal equality.” That which falsifies “universal equality” for all time is The Perfect Man.

        Jack Halliday…

        You either believe in The Perfect Man or you do not?

        Arguing that said “perfect man” is not Jesus Christ is just avoiding the question.

          • One can’t even begin to conceptualize the Overman without taking The Perfect Man into account.

            Again, Mr. Halliday…

            Do you believe in The Perfect Man?

            If not, you are tainted by a reality-collapsing egalitarianism.

        • Of course. I believe in positive and negative eugenics to breed our race towards the heights of God. A master race.

          Are you trying to say that Jesus was the perfect man? I disagree. I believe in Nietzsche’s Overman of the soul, and the Nazis’ Overman of the blood. The closest to Nietzsche’s Overman I think was Dr Pierce, if not Hitler himself. The closest to the racial Overman would be the Nordic type.

          • Again, Mr. Halliday, you are kicking the can down the road.

            Do you believe in The Perfect Man AS an empirical fact of reality RIGHT NOW?

            It is a yes/no question and as a purported anti-egalitarian, a “no” renders you some degree of egalitarian.

            Which memes “yes,” you do believe in The Perfect Man as empirical fact, but disagree that this man is Christ.

            So who is this Perfect Man in your estimation?

            Who does Tort believe this perfect man to be (he merely claims Christ a myth)?

          • At this point, you are just trolling. You are deliberately ignoring everything I am saying, and making strawman arguments. You are just but hurt that Tort banned you once. Get a grip.

          • Mr. Halliday…

            You are intellectually defunct.

            An inability to distinguish between “white (s)upremacy” and white (S)upremacy JUST IS egalitarianism (as perversion of the English language).

            Every race-realist KNOWS that the Jew qua Jew is anti-white (S)upremacy.

            Yet, so is a deracinated “Christian.”

            And I don’t read you doing anything substantive in regards to either reality.

            You will neither be a racist Christian, ie., a white (S)upremacist, nor denounce egalitarian Jews.

            You are in no man’s land.

  9. Christianity is defined by the believer. Not by the judges. That’s what is wrong with churches today. Everyones beliefs aren’t the same as the next but the main idea is at heart. How dare one person with one common belief judge another. Best thing is take care of urself n not impose on ur neighbor. They are not u, and u are not them. U stress urself for the wrong reasons n get aggravated easily. The direct opposite of what is needed. One more thing, churches are cults within their own. So choose wisely. Our father said if u believe with all ur might, u too shall be saved. U don’t have to go to church for it to count. U can do this at home without the drama.

    • Your cultural marxist roots are showing with such an ignorant pacifist response. All judge. It is natural. God never said not to judge. He said to judge rightly. Use good discernment. You can lay down and let your enemies destroy you and yours. I know you by your fruit. God laid out what evil is.You have free will to choose salvation or damnation and in this is found the only true equality between people. If you do not know when to turn the other cheek then you will probably get your head knocked off along with those close to you. God did not make us to be stupid or trash, people do that to themselves. Either you live by God’s laws and judgements or by those of capricious foreign secular/pagan dictators. The best defense is a good offense. All civilizations are racial, religious, and political in nature. Trade your cloak for a sword though it will not be enough. Who will you run to when reality fails you?

  10. My lil bit of kindness is all I have. Trust nobody and u won’t be disappointed. Sir, my own mother is dead to me. Don’t foster a hope or whelm in which I am to grasp onto .Ur scrutiny is nothing but a phase beyond my understanding that I would oblige. U or others hold no prosperity in my world, whilst I don’t care what u think or feel or believe. I am me n u are urself. Do not think for once I am an idiot in ur world…. I surpassed u minutes ago

  11. Christianity is a competing worldview and ideology with racialism. Whatever else you may think of him, Alex Linder is right about this. You can check this down through the centuries. Its very doctrines make this explicit. The Church will eventually turn on ANY racial movement that seeks to set white men and women on a more racial compatible path that does not depend on Christianity and the teachings of the Bible. It is a competing philosophy. It will brook no competitor. All other analysis of the religion viz a viz white racial politics and philosophy, whether Revilo Oliver type or Hunter Wallace type, is either superfluous or irrelevant in light of the crucial statement that is the first sentence of this post. Any commentary or analysis that does not include this crucial detail is dishonest in addition to being incomplete.

    • Wrong… Christianity is absolutely racist, ie., of the fathers. Even Cesar Tort understands that “Nazi Nordics” must dump their daddies’ religion, ie., Nordic (S)upremacy.

      Unless your father is a degenerate homicidal fool, to rebel against the father just is anti-racism.

      Christianity is absolutely not a rebellion against the (F)ather.

      Grounded Christianity is the ideal relationship between white boy and his racist father.

      • I thought we had put the father fetish types in the rear view mirror. Also reads like it needs to put down the pipe, too.

        • Mr. Halliday…

          True metaphysics > mere physics…

          The way to subvert this order is to possess bad metaphysics or no metaphysics at all.

          (G)od is your (F)ather even if you do not believe Christ to be The Perfect Man AND He IS NOT AT ALL contradictory to your (f)ather of the mundane essence.

          It appears to me that you possess bad metaphysics.

          You do not believe in objective (S)upremacy.

          What is more egalitarian?

          To forget your family as a son and have your family forget you as a father?


          Not one forgets another one?

  12. And u as a person is entitled to ur own belief.Dont piss on my leg n tell me it’s raining. Up URS with a rubber hose. I will answer to God with my own convictions. U answer to ur God with ur own. Don’t decide my fate due to ur beliefs… Again, signed, minister Kathy Barrett!

    • Many today in the church only demonstrate the reality of leftist facilitated cultural conflict and war destroying our once great white Christian nation using kabbalist Jew/Jesuit TV scripts with personal independent stupidity like most women today who think they can piss on God, men, children, and society using corrupt government force, pop psychology blended with scriptures for popularity and mammon while pretending intelligence. You are a minister straight from the cultural marxist ZioJesuit secular/pagan or relativistic/heathen HELL. Real Godly and intelligent people should run for their lives whenever you hit town to preach. God already laid his out his good judgements determining our fates quite clearly for those who seek to do their own will under the guise of doing his…God Bless…

    • These type people and their way of communication receive many “likes” on FaceBook. But fortunately WN 2.0 is getting considerably more utility out of you and like minded folks than in years past. For now, that is good enough.

      • White nations are a given.

        Racist white Christians are the deciding factor as to whether said white nations lay to siege or not.

  13. I thought the Rose article was quite good, actually. Aside from the bits at the beginning and end, it was mostly a dispassionate and insightful summary of the major influences on the intellectual wing of the alt right. Like you, I was a bit surprised to see you quoted under the section on Evola, but it was a good article overall. It’s the kind of synthesis I’m only used to hearing from something like a Jonathan Bowden talk.

    As an aside, I’m absolutely astounded that you haven’t read any de Benoist or Evola. I know you’re closer to “boots” than “suits”, but I figured you’d have investigated them at some point, given how long you’ve been in the game.

  14. The Christian project to reclaim the churches, faith communities, Jesus rock concerts etc for the holy faith begins with truth in history. Facts of matter.

    Here is a list that needs to be checked out by those interested in this project.

    The Borgia popes are by no means the worst occupants of the Chair of Peter. Compared to the Anti Christ himself , John Paul II, they are teddy bears.

    Borgia popes: Pope Callixtus III 1455-58 and Alexander Vi 1492-1503 and Innocent X 1644-1655.

    Callixtus reign was not too bad as Renaissance papacies go. He organised Christian Europe against imminent Turkish invasion cancelling all building programs in Rome and diverting the money to the crusades against the Turks. Dispatched nuncios to every European capitol to organise the European defense. [Nothing like central power in the right hands] Missionaries sent to all European nations to preach the European crusade. Church bells ordered to be rung at midday throughout Europe to remind Christians of their duty to support the crusade: prayer, almsgiving, sacrifices. Belgrade attacked by the Turkish forces and they are defeated at Belgrade 1456. Recognised Portugal’s right to the territories it captured in West Africa – including the matter of slaves in the colony (he was for it). Engaged in nepotism – elevating his nephews to the cardinalate. Ordered a new trial for St Joan of Arc – the trial vindicated St Joan. He canonised St Vincent Ferrer , the Angel of the Judgement 1455. Yes. He is the Angel of the Judgement as thousands testified in the cause of his canonisation.

    Alexander VI – busied himself with Roman politics. Arbitrated in the disputes between Spain and Portugal in their rivalry to establish colonies in the New World. Inter Caetera 1493 set the demarcation line between Spain and Portugal in the New World to prevent war. Lots of politics on the peninsula in terms of royal estates of the French nobility in particular. Made his son a cardinal of the Church. Formed the Holy League 1495 for both war against the Turks and to expel the French from the Italian peninsula (so he was an Italian nationalist). His scandals and corruption gave Florentine moraliser Savonraola plenty to preach about until the Florentines had had enough of him. By many accounts Alexander VI was greatly entertained by the good friar’s denunciations of his sins (undoubtedly many and juicy). The war between France and Spain for possession of the city states: Napes, Milan, Pisa, Bologna and Sienna dragged on and Alexander intrigued and contributed to military efforts to get these into Italian possession. Did not really define any Catholic doctrines. Perhaps just as well.

    Pope Innocent X. – condemned the Jansenist heresy. Jansenius preached a moral rigorism which denied that man participates of his free will in salvation. Basically Jansenism was simple – God either choses you for salvation or he doesn’t. No Catholic can tolerate the imposition of such ideas on Catholic religious institutions. Those who held Jansenist beliefs were told by the Pope to shape up and go back to the holy faith or suffer the fate of the Convent at Port Royal. In the English Civil War 1642, Pope Innocent strongly supported Confederate Ireland against the Parliamentarians at war with the Protestant King Charles I. He did more than say prayers and tut tut – he sent a nuncio and arms and money to aid the Confederate cause and to relieve the Irish Catholics at the mercy of Protestant penal laws.

    Even though Ireland lost, Pope Innocent’s support for the Irish peasants at the mercy of English protestant landlordism for centuries pays for all. ,

    All in all, the Borgia popes – 7 out of 10.

    • If white boys have two paths before them:

      Self-annihilation or white (S)upremacy…

      Alt-writers are the radical liberationists one step from wS.

      • History shows that White Supremacy equals ethnosuicide for whites in the long run. When an Aryan nation uses non-white labour, race mixing occurs. ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire are two of thousands. And never mind that your statement is a false dichotomy.

        The only way forward is radical National Socialism.

        • So Mr. Halliday… You are an anti-white (S)upremacist equal to a cucked “Christian,” a German Nazi, a rabid leftist, a nigger, a Mohammedan jihadist, a homodyke AND… The “Chosen One’s?”

          • Yes! Exactly! I want to destroy the White race, and I am a Zionist communist, who wants to see Jews take over the Earth.

            But seriously, I am more of a Jihadist than Osama Bin Laden.

          • No Jack…

            You jiust absolutely do not want to be a white (S)upremacist.

            And I’m telling you as an old stock Nordic 7 American that it is infinitely preferable for you to be a (S)upremacist of whatever your particular origin than some anti-(C)apitalist Nazi perverting the English language for your languishing ideological whims.

    • Alt-writers are high IQ “white” male liberationists one step shy of white (S)upremacy SO they are, in fact, the most radical of “white” liberationists. The alt-rite movement will serve as public cover for oligarchy Jews trending towards white (S)upremacy AS A RADICAL IDEOLOGY so commands. The anti-white Christianity of the alt-rite is readily pronounced before it shall be thoroughly expunged. So goes the progression.

  15. It’s foolish to get side tracked with issues like this. It sows the seeds of discord and division, just what anti-Whites love to see. Just what we can’t afford. Let’s fight our dispossession and genocide together and keep our religious opinions or beliefs to ourselves. No?

  16. I am a few months into the learning stage of this ideology. I never said I disagreed but I have found that if these ppl disagree with you on the smallest thing, rather explaining anything- they attack. I don’t see getting any farther than this here. B4 I was banned from Twitter for Jew and nigger hate, I did have ppl there patient enough to explain. Good day, good luck!

    • Too many subversive using Ignorant anti-white progressive liberal buzzwords to hide truth behind. Many do caved to the ZioJesuit cultural marxist asshats pushing anti-white Christian genocide. Many of our once white Christian women are being easily won over to the leftist’s temptations of free stuff with the power to sneak through life tactics for those who tow the communist global governance line. May God protect you and deliver you from evil. Sorry if I was too hard but the time for games and fiction is over the enemy is within our gates and have done this…

  17. A good rule of thumb, if a purported Christian speaks of Anti-Christians but never speaks of the Jews, then he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Many women/girls care for kids today by having children with many different men while living with none of the fathers in most cases while receiving government assistance even when working jobs. Single parents get more benefits without dad/mom at home or being married. Many women working today and are single parent feminist party heads who all know how to use the cultural marxist system against the men because they are taught to. Over half the job market today is filled by women through affirmative action even though women are a majority of the population. Single moms who do work even have the government paying for babysitters and daycare who are anti-dad as instructed. Many women work in government jobs today as well. The job market is anti-white man especially anti-Christian. The broken home kids usually act like the moms demonstrating the same bad materialistic connections to the dads with mom’s pretentious resentments, bad habits, and liberal bad attitudes. 75 % of kids from these progressive broken homes crash and burn from liberal life styles.

  18. Pope Francis is also accommodating Communist China by recognizing the Chinese government appointed bishops.

    The point stands. Cucks are going to cuck. They will cuck to whomever they perceive as the authority in their society. It’s just their nature.

  19. ‘Call me Jorge’ Francis who styles himself as the Bishop of Rome is doing quite a bit these days in the active ministry of the Petrine Office – resigned by Benedict XVI. The ‘pope emeritus’ as Benedict is now titled still occupies the Chair (de facto) but he simply does not have the steam to bang away at the new one world religion of all faiths and creeds – the counterfeit Catholic Church that now occupies the Vatican City state – a counterfeit that is now morphing into the one world religion across the world.

    This new one world religion for the JWO was inaugurated by the man himself at Assisi in the decade of the 1980s. The new one world religion has been set up under the auspices of the santo subito now canonized and venerated as the saint and leader and not just by the endtimes counterfeit Catholic Church now established in the Vatican. Leaders of all the world’s false, idolatrous religions (and their devils) look to him and his doctrine of peace as the foundation of the new world religion of all faiths and creeds.

    So in the new one world religion whether you are praying to Allah, the Great Deceiver, in Astana or doing pujah to Hindu gods (big immemorial persecutors of Christians btw) or drinking voodoo blood – if your religious outfit is part of the new one world religious structure, you come under the auspices of the santo subito Antipope John Paul II, the founder of this emergent structure.

    In the Apocalypse, there is quite a bit written about this catastrophe for the world, all nations and for the Church founded by Jesus Christ upon the Rock and the square of the apostles and prophets.

    Protestants in the World Council of Churches are part of this disaster of the new one world religion and should remove themselves promptly from the WCC because it is folding them into the new one world, ecumenical religion. In no event should they permit an image of the founder, Antipope John Paul II or material based on Gaudium et Spes or Redemptor Hominis anywhere on their premises.

    Francis has just signed a joint declaration on justification by faith with the Lutherans thus netting the Lutheran synods into this structure. The Lutherans should fight for the Christian truths from the Bible that they possess and have nothing to do with this project: the Lutheran joint declaration with the Whore of Babylon or ecumenical interfaith business that is now in full swing.

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