Israel Flirting With Regional War In Syria

I’ve lost count of these Israeli airstrikes inside Syria.

Marcus Cicero wrote about an Israeli airstrike near Damascus last September. It seems like there have been dozens of these airstrikes over the past few years. This latest airstrike was no different from the other ones except that this time an Israeli F-16 jet got blasted out of the sky:

“JERUSALEM — Israel clashed with Syrian and Iranian military forces on Saturday in a series of audacious cross-border strikes that could mark a dangerous new phase in Syria’s long civil war.

The confrontations, which threaten to draw Israel more directly into the conflict, began before dawn when Israel intercepted what it said was an Iranian drone that had penetrated its airspace from Syria. The Israeli military then attacked what it called the command-and-control center from which Iran had launched the drone, at a Syrian air base near Palmyra.

On its way back from the mission, one of Israel’s F-16 fighter jets crashed in northern Israel after coming under heavy Syrian antiaircraft fire. It is believed to be the first Israeli plane lost under enemy fire in decades.

That prompted a broad wave of Israeli strikes against a dozen Syrian and Iranian targets in Syrian territory. The Israeli military said it hit eight Syrian targets, including three aerial defense batteries, and four Iranian positions that it described as “part of Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria.”

The events, including Israel’s direct engagement with Iranian forces, threatened to intensify the crisis in Syria and showed the extent to which the country has become a battlefield between Israel and Iran, bitter foes in the region. …”

I’m sensing this could … escalate? It is already escalating on the front between the Turks and Kurds in northern Syria. Rex Tillerson keeping us embroiled in this tinderbox as all these different sides of the conflict start shooting each other makes a lot of sense, right?

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  1. You ever notice how Israel is never plagued with riotous antifa, Arab Lives Matter, Bolshevik upheavals, incessant black crime, Asian gambling rings, muzzy rape gangs, a George Soros color revolution, or internal acts of sedition, etc.???

    Generally speaking, the culprits behind these movements are the ones least affected by them.

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      • Amy, dear, those are Jews protesting Jews. How are they even relevant to my post? How come those women aren’t protesting the rabbis who dry-hump that wall? Is that because the semen stays in their drawers?

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        Denise is highly-intelligent and a very, very straight shooter. She is a beloved comrade to me and to many others on this site.

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      • @Amy Cohen:

        Why would anyone care about the links you posted? Who cares what The Forward or The Guardian, or Phil Weiss has to say? The Forward and Weiss just present one side of the Jewish coin, and I assume that The Guardian is a Gatekeeper rag, also. As for Weiss, he’s nothing more than a Jewish supremacist bigot, and a hack writer who depends on Jewish tribal networking to keep a job. Weiss and the “writers” at The Forward write from a Jewish perspective, in favor of Jewish interests, which should be of no interest to a non-Jew.

  2. Never trust what a jew says. Ever.
    From the Jew York Times, “That prompted a broad wave of Israeli strikes against a dozen Syrian and Iranian targets in Syrian territory. The Israeli military said it hit eight Syrian targets,”
    I call double bullsh*t

  3. Trump hasn’t said one Goddamned word. What does that tell you? What has Israel got to be think about Trumps silence? Trump has been on twitter all day as if he is purposefully avoiding talking about Israel to irritate them.

  4. Let’s all try, once again, to digest that first sentence from the Jew York Times story:

    “Israel clashed with Syrian and Iranian military forces on Saturday in a series of audacious cross-border strikes that could mark a dangerous new phase in Syria’s long civil war.”

    Israel clashed with Syria (in Syria), but…it’s a Syrian civil war.

    Words mean just what I want them to mean, said (((Humpty Dumpty).

  5. OT but I just finished listening to the Sargon v Anglin debate on Baked Alaska.

    Seems to me that Sargon, if he’s to be believed would demand that all ethnic minorities be forced to conform to liberal norms or be forced to repatriate or get tasered.

    Anglin OTOH just wants these people to either go once the Ethnostate is declared to be tazed and removed.

    It occurred to me that Anglin was far more humane. He’s not interested in cultural genocide against Pakis, Mexicans, Blacks. He just wants them out. Let them keep their anti-white cultures someplace else. Sargon wants to brainwash the hostile ethnics into being good liberals.

    Either way bring tasers.

    • There are too many mud people to deal with, their numbers need to be greatly reduced so they won’t bother us ever again.

  6. About a week ago 8/pol/ had a thread on how Assad told Israel to back off or he would start shooting their planes out of the sky and shut down Ben Gurion Airport.

    Hezbollah issued a statement to their folks to be ready for war within a week.

    Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister) gave a speech saying how the US went back on its word and is actively trying to Partition Syria (showing that the JWO isn’t against Partition in principle, only when it doesn’t suit them).

    Turkey continues its rather anemic offensive against the Kurds, while engaging in a war of words with the US, asking why the US is protecting Kurdish terrorists.

    The US wasted 100 pro-regime fighters in a show of force.

    Yes, it is getting rather volatile, yet another reason to “break this bitch up” meaning the United States.

    Meanwhile, North Korea and South Korea continue to warm up relations, ignoring US pressure. Is the Winter Olympics being memory holed, in anyone else’s opinion? It seems like it is to me.

    • A new isolationism, defined as no longer bothering, threatening and bombing everyone, would have been nice.

      I missed that Lavrov speech but I think everyone sees the ongoing program to partition Syria, and probably Lebanon next.

      I understand that the 100 pro-govt fighters executed by the “Jihad AF” were local militiamen who had been fighting ISIS there for years.

      It was nice that Trump today refrained from rattling sabers in support of Our Most Cherished Ally (TM).

      I did notice the almost total lack of news coverage in the US. That woman speaking for the DoS spewed obvious falsehoods for our consumption, however.

      The Israel-US Empire will raise hell until they get rid of Assad and Iran and break up Syria or they force their opponents into WWIII. Psychos and war criminals.

      I didn’t vote for this shit.

  7. The Jew media in the US has maintained an eerie silence. (((Drudge)) is spreading the lie that an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace. The claim is as credible as the claim by the Jew media that Assad used chemical weapons.

  8. Another Israeli gift to America. ” The UNHCR plans to dump the African invaders deported by Israel to safe western countries including US and Canada.”

  9. We have got to support Israel. President Trump must move the entire U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Guard over to that area to protect our ally. There will be horrible levels of death and injury among our soldiers. We might lose 1 million or more people. Many other men and women could return with horrible injuries. But it is a price we must be prepared to pay to fulfill our obligations to our greatest ally.

  10. Americans have short memories. They must be constantly reminded of the lies of the Jewish media. Jew media lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass distraction have faded from the minds of most Americans. The lie about Assad’s use of chemical weapons was never questioned by the alternative media in the US with a couple of exceptions. The lie about a Iranian drone in Israel airspace will be reported in the Jew media without skepticism.

  11. Looks like a ramp up for another war, when we once again pull Israel’s chestnuts out of a fire they started.
    All those White soldiers putting their lives on the line for a foreign country that hates them and their own country that betrayed them.

  12. Israel invades all of its neighbors territory by land, sea, and air at will, at war, or not, and has done so for decades, bombing, attacking, and targeting whatever it wishes, including random or individual humans, and the world is supposed to stop and take notice because an Iranian drone supposedly barely crossed into Israel’s airspace, or because Israel lost an aircraft that attacked deep into Syrian airspace when not at war with Syria? Israel constantly attacks its neighbors, and nations as far away as Iran with assassinations, sabotage, and proxy wars, and it is an excuse for WWIII when others defend themselves?

    Combine the actions of Israel and the unwarranted treason and hatred that diaspora Jews direct at their hosts, and it is comical and pathetic that Jews are often truly wounded and surprised to see how much they are disliked. They truly do believe that they should be able to attack at will, for any or no reason, and be loved, pitied, and excused. Is it any wonder that their hosts often turn against them? The next Holocaust could be real and on a worldwide scale, and nobody will be up for guilting and extorting afterwards. Pushing for that is hardly as sign of great intelligence to me.

  13. It would be nice to see Israel get slapped around again. In Operation Cast Lead in 06 they got their ass handed to them.

    All they have is air power and even that is less effective than it has been in the past.

  14. Looks like Vlad is going to have to take out the trash in Syria (again) – GOG in the air and ZOG on the ground backing the Kurds with anti-Assad/pro greater Israel insurgency. Good luck Kurds. Even if you win, GOG will wipe you out because your land is in the path of greater GOG expansion.

    I followed Cohen’s link to the Israeli social justice protest. What a laugh. The Jew ethnostate making war on White nationalism on every continent rolls out a demonstration of thousands in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem for a lower cost of living for the middle class Jews. No doubt all holocaust survivors with their pet shih-tzus.

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