Hollywood started making radical Black Power movies in the 1970s

Mainstream media outlets are touting Black Panther as revolutionary. Claiming that nothing like it has ever been in theaters. That is beyond nonsense.

The Klansman Starring OJ Simpson. Distributed by Paramount Pictures in 1974.

A race war fantasy similar to Django Unchained. At the end of the movie, OJ Simpson massacres a large number of white KKK members.

Black Samson. Distributed by Warner Brothers in 1974.

Featured an Afro-centric hero who fought to protect the black community from white people.

Abar, The First Black Superman. Later re-titled “In Your Face” on VHS. Distributed by Mirror Productions in 1977.

A brilliant black scientist gives his bodyguard superpowers to fight racist white people.



    The Judaists own and operate Hollywood. MGM = Goldwyn, Mayer.

    Most of the movies promoting negrophilia are made by the Judaists.

    Racebaiting, racemongering, negrophilia and necrophilia are typical Jewish pathologies.

    • The term “Judaists” isn’t really accurate. JEWS is more fitting… because there are plenty of them who aren’t “religious”, who don’t subscribe to Judaism or whatever.


        See the website mosesneverexisted on zohosites in the com domain for some details and an answer.

        “Jews” is an English term for Hebrew Yehudi, which means a resident of Yehud (Judah). It refers to residents of a place, like Texans, New Yorkers, etc.

        The Judaists who live in New York or Florida or Germany are obviously not Yehudi, as they are NOT residents of Yehud (Judah). In fact, the province of Judah no longer exists, so nobody is a Yehudi (Jew) any more.

        So there are no more Jews in this world. Only Judaists.

        • Semantics and quasi-history, mixed with a lot of religiosity, Arnold. Please spare me. Fact is, they identify as JEWS, every one recognizes what you mean when you say JEWS.

          Judaists, despite your histrionics, true or not, doesn’t have quite the same punch that JEWS does. Did Hitler or any of the other thousands of historical figures who might be considered anti-Semites refer to them as Judaists…. or Jews?!?

  2. Is that Richard Burton driving the car in that pic? How disgusting, that a Shakespearean actor, King Arthur in Camelot, etc. ends up driving Miss OJ….

    • Yes, that was Richard Burton in the “Klansman” from ’74. I remember seeing this flick at the old drive-in on US 27 near Alexandria, Kentucky in late summer. It also, starred Lee Marvin, O.J. Simpson & Linda Evans. Must of been redneck night with lots of pickup trucks & white trash specials, (cars jacked up in the rear with dragster tires) if memory serves me correct. It was a double feature, & if I recall correctly, “Buster & Billie” starring Jan Michael Vincent was the first reel shown. I’m sure by the time they got around to the “Klansman” everyone in the facility was either pretty wasted or getting it on if you know what I mean.

  3. Those low budget 70s action flicks were called “blaxploitation” films. The most famous examples of that genre include Shaft, Superfly and Foxy Brown.

  4. Why do people spend money on this trash?
    Just so they can debate their liberal friends?
    Spend your time and money on saving what’s
    important, before it’s completely gone.

  5. Hollywood has been making implicitly anti-White movies at least since the ’40’s. They became explicit by the late ’60’s.

    • You’re right. One of the first movies I ever saw was “Auntie Mame” (1958). Even though this a light hearted comedy, there are a lot of subliminal messages contained in this flick. It deals with feminism, the occult, bastardy, anti-Semitism, infidelity, lesbianism with some anti-white implications thrown in. It was based on a stage play & indirectly on a book. The vulgarity & several other controversial topics were removed in order to make the screen version.

  6. Hollyjood has been glamourizing anti-European, anti – White insurgencies for a long time. The entire noble savage genre features all the tropes for the White guilt industry. The entire Marxist, freedom fighting genre features all the tropes for the Jew revolutions against White nations and their colonial history in other continents – a revolution that has now spread to the White nations where old founding European stock is on ancestral land or still has a majority demographic.

    • How many whites will be murdered,assaulted, mugged, raped, gang-raped, tortured, brutalized, terrorized, etc, because of this movie with its white-hating and black-supremacist lies and delusions?

  7. E. Michael Jones in Culture Wars covered the phenomena of the Hollywood rebel negro in detail over several years. First Jews tried to turn the Negro into a socialist revolutionary via the (((Harlem Renaissance))) and when that failed Hollywood was given the task of turning the Negro into a black power revolutionary. This also failed. The final refinement of this technique worked: turn the Negro into a Pimp and a Gangster. This one finally stuck. Between the (((blacksploitation films))) and rap music, the deal was sealed. E. Micheal Jones is the foremost authority on this.

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