Syria: US Military Killed “Scores” Of Russian Mercenaries

Nothing to worry about here:

“MOSCOW — Four Russian nationals, and perhaps dozens more, were killed in fighting between pro-government forces in eastern Syria and members of the United States-led coalition fighting the Islamic State, according to Russian and Syrian officials.

A Syrian military officer said that about 100 Syrian soldiers had been killed in the fighting on Feb. 7 and 8, but news about Russian casualties has dribbled out only slowly, through Russian news organizations and social media.

Much about the attack and the associated casualties has been obscured in the fog of war. For reasons that remain unclear, Syrian government troops and some Russian nationals appear to have attacked a coalition position, near Al Tabiyeh, Syria. …”

Trump’s Boomer generals are killing Russians, Ukrainians and Syrians now in Syria on behalf of Israel:

“American military forces killed as many as 100 Russian mercenaries during an attack on a US-held base in Syria last week, according to a report Tuesday.

Scores of soldiers, mostly a mix of Russians and Ukrainians fighting on the side of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad, stormed the base held by US and Kurdish forces in the Deir Ezzor region, Bloomberg News reported. …”

Just a bunch of sandniggers, right?

I mean … it is not like there is a strong chance that the US could easily stumble into a regional or global war as a result of inserting itself into this sandbox and killing Russian soldiers. BTW, this is the exact opposite of what Donald Trump said he was going to do in Syria in the campaign.

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    Dear Judaists, please become civilized humans and stop attacking Syria and the Russians. Forget about the Greater Israel project, because your Torah is fake, a forgery.

    See the book “Forgery of the Old Testament” by Priest Joseph McCabe, available online.

    Please get out of this gutter religion called Judaism, that has turned Judaists into savages, constantly fighting wars and become human beings. Please flush the vile Torah down the toilet today.

  2. And the world will come to an end, perhaps with a bang and not a whimper after all? Our anti-White elites are bat shit crazy sociopaths.

    • “Spain 1937”? very astute comment. I’ve been thinking that for some time now. Remember how Spain was an early rehearsal for the horrific Germany vs Russia main event? But there are key differences. As part of our human nature, we tend to look for parallels, allegories and precedents. Although Assad could be Franco (albeit an incumbent Franco, already presiding over a totalitarian state) and the ISIS/Nusra/Al-Qaeda rebels the divided Republicans, the situation in Syria is even more complex and with more actors (and higher stakes) than pre-WW2 Spain.

      Ezekiel 38?

    • And in the Spanish Civil War the Jewish brigades (the Abraham Lincoln brigade from the U.S) performed all the Jew signature terrorism – like mass shootings of civilians and nailing people to barn doors. They were doing this as NKVD when Poland supposedly invaded Danzig just before WWII. Jew terrorist special forces were embedded in all those conflicts.

  3. I guess we are now in a de facto war against Russia, Iran and Syria. Hey Amnesty Don, why not drag Red China and North Korea into this as well?

    May Trump be America’s LAST president.

    • I, for one, welcome the chance for the U.S. to be defeated along with its phony allies. A military defeat would wake up the Murican sheeple faster than anything we could do collectively.

  4. Wait. You’re only source for this is the NYT? The warmongering NYT that is desperate to portray the US as relevant in the Middle East and desperate to give Russia propaganda black eyes?? The NYT that lies and hates us!?!? This is your source for this clickbait garbage? WTF.

    This is what I mean when I say you’re way too eager to jump on superficial MSM headlines. I can guarantee you if scores of Russians died in a US attack, Russia – not “media sources and social media” – would be talking about it.

    Why in God’s name would you trust the NYT? This is very disconcerting. You’re publishing literal Jewish agitprop on Occidental Dissent.

    We have an ostensible leader of the Alt Right literally taking direction from the Jew York Times. WTF is going on Hunter?

  5. The last thing we as a people need is for the two most powerful white nations to engage in a war. If that happens you can kiss the white race goodbye as you have just handed the future to the Chinese on a golden platter!~ America: Get the F*ck out of Syria! Where is that brave American firster now? Carrying the water for his Jewish and Neo-Cons masters, that’s where!

  6. I guess Hunter didn’t actually read the sources he linked in the shoddy piece of garbage.

    >”Two Russians told the website that 200 of their countrymen died in the failed assault, but a US official said the death toll was about 100 with another 200 to 300 wounded.

    >No US casualties were reported.

    >The clash is believed to be the deadliest incident between US and Russian citizens since the end of the Cold War.

    >The attack on the base in an oil refinery may have been a rogue operation by the Russian forces, highlighting the complex civil war in Syria that has involved a hodgepodge of fighters from the US, Russia, stateless Kurds, the Islamic State and local powers Iran, Turkey and Israel, the report said.

    here’s the important part:

    >”Russia’s military denied any involvement and US Defense Secretary James Mattis described it as “perplexing” without elaborating.”

    Shameful, Hunter. You’re carrying water for New York kikes by spreading pro-US propaganda.

    • I think everyone here understands the danger of being tricked into a war with Russia by the Yids my bro.

  7. The official count is 5 and an unknown wounded. Many other members of a pro-Assad militia were killed or wounded.

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