The Compatibility of Alt-Right Christianity


Connor Grubaugh of First Things has responded to my response to Matthew Rose’s article The Anti-Christian Alt-Right.

Admittedly, I found the narrative about the Alt-Right and Christianity that Matthew Rose spun amusing and unconvincing and responded by lampooning it. After all, I’m a Lutheran who reads Rod Dreher and First Things. I’ve never read Alain de Benoist or Julius Evola. I’ve read Oswald Spengler and Friedrich Nietzsche, but I don’t consider their ideas to be the source of my own worldview.

Matthew Rose has a preconceived narrative: the Alt-Right is anti-Christian. In order to further this narrative, he cites the Alt-Right’s leading atheists – Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer – and dives into the European roots of Identitarianism. Like any good Nietzschean, he traces the genealogy of the Alt-Right to Alain de Benoist and the European New Right and Julius Evola and Radical Traditionalism. This is how he reaches the shocking conclusion that the Alt-Right is pagan and fundamentally anti-Christian.

As I said in the previous article, the Alt-Right is united by the belief that “race exists, race matters and race is the foundation of identity.” This is why there are atheists, agnostics, pagans and Christians who identify and affiliate with the Alt-Right. The movement has always been internally divided over religion. The people who join the Alt-Right subscribe to a broad range of religious perspectives, but all of us are equally stigmatized and dissent from the mainstream on this particular issue.

The truth is that the origin of my racial views … are American! I find the notion that the Alt-Right is incompatible with Christianity to be preposterous. It is on the same level as the argument made by Russell Moore that the cross and Confederate flag “cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire.” In reality, the cross and the Confederate flag got along swimmingly well during the historical Confederacy and for generations thereafter. No one in the South at the time perceived any contradiction between the two. Southerners became more intensely Christian during and after the War Between the States. The argument was made that God had allowed the Confederacy to be bathed in blood, its cities destroyed, and its enemies triumphant in order to test and sanctify His favored people.

The Alt-Right’s credo that “race exists, race matters and race is the foundation of identity” was the conventional wisdom of the American South for centuries. This view was also the mainstream view in White America until the Second World War. If Christianity in “its original and most animating form is fundamentally incompatible with the Faustian ethic and race-based mythos of the alt-right,” then it follows that the United States which was founded and settled by Christians would have never existed in the first place. Every American president from George Washington to Dwight Eisenhower was a racist. The Fourteenth Amendment had to be passed in order for blacks to become American citizens.

If the Alt-Right is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity, then how did we come to live in this multiracial society in the first place? The answer is that race realism and Christianity were not thought to be incompatible until modern times. In the past, Christians came up with all sorts of ingenious theological arguments to rationalize everything from race realism to slavery to white supremacy to colonialism. The Puritans had their errand in the wilderness as the New Israel. The Spanish conquest of the New World was blessed by the Papacy. Africans in the South were said to be afflicted by the Curse of Ham which doomed them to be the “servant of servants.” Growing up in the Jim Crow South, my father-in-law was taught that blacks were “the beasts of the field” found in the Old Testament.

According to the Ten Commandments, Christians are instructed not to covet our “neighbor’s wife, or his or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” The Old Testament is full of genocides. Jesus Christ had nothing to say about racism and neither did Christendom until the 20th century. It was communists who came up with the notion that “racism” is a sin and it was the Soviet Union that started propagating that doctrine in the 1920s. The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t discover that racism was immoral until the 1990s – the last major institution in American society to come to this realization. The vast majority of Southern Christians opposed the Civil Rights Movement and its hated crusade for “social equality” just as their denominations had split over abolition in the antebellum era.

If anything is true, my racial views are a bit milder than my Christian ancestors who once believed in slavery and polygenesis in the 19th century. Unlike my Christian ancestors, I don’t believe in the Curse of Ham or that blacks are the products of miscegenation with chimpanzees in West Africa. I don’t believe that blacks are the pre-Adamite “beasts of the field” like Southerners did in the Jim Crow South. I only bring this up to point out this was the mainstream view at the time and to show that race realism and Christianity were fundamentally compatible. The politically correct view that race realism and Christianity are “fundamentally incompatible” has been a minority opinion throughout most of American history. It also wasn’t the church which challenged and overthrew white supremacy.

Connor Grubaugh argues that I believe that “Christianity lacks any truth conditions whatsoever—that it is devoid of content, a mere vessel of empty signs and symbols, to be filled with foreign substances and remolded to suit them.” No, I am just not historically illiterate enough to make disingenuous theological arguments, especially ones which are flatly contradicted by the history of my own people. I’m on solid historical ground when I point out that Christianity easily adapted itself to racialism, slavery, imperialism, colonialism and white supremacy and much else besides in the New World, Africa and Asia. Christians had sound theological arguments to justify all of these things.

How do we explain this? Is there simply no truth to Christian doctrine? My view is that the church has traditionally seen its job as the salvation of individual souls. The Kingdom of God isn’t of this world. The church has traditionally drawn distinctions between spiritual equality – the idea that all human beings have souls and are made in the image of God, which is why the church has resisted polygenesis, Darwinism and eugenics – and physical equality or equality in status and condition. The ease with which the church has accommodated the political establishment and adapted to a bewildering variety of authoritarian and hierarchical cultures through history is due to this otherworldly focus.

I suppose you could say that I don’t take American Christianity all that seriously when the Lutheran Church has condemned Martin Luther for anti-Semitism. In my view, it is plainly a subordinate subculture. It follows the dominant Jewish mainstream secular culture like a shadow – the idea that “racism” is immoral, interracial adoptions, political correctness, signaling over gay marriage which has recently become fashionable. None of this stems from Christian doctrine so much as it does from the dominance of the mass media and basic human nature which is to yearn for social acceptance. Christian leaders want to be seen as respectable and in step with the secular mainstream.

Perhaps this is the real reason why we are now hearing that “the Alt-Right is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity.” The Alt-Right is being criticized by the political and cultural establishment. So naturally this is why their handmaidens in the church have followed suit. A few years from now, Christian conservatives will be arguing that transphobia is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity. The past will also be conveniently discarded in the pursuit of mainstream respectability.

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  1. The alt-right, with which I identify, would be stupid to try to exclude Christianity. I’m Catholic and the contributions Catholics made to the development and preservation of Europe over the centuries should never be forgotten. I don’t care if someone is Lutheran, atheist, agnostic, Odinist, or a believer in Zeus, as long as they are trying to preserve our race. And the alt-right should lay off about their nonsense about ‘boomers’ or ‘millennials’ or whatever. It’s past time to stop attacking our own and solidify behind our race. You don’t see the blacks, latinos, or jews attacking their own, do you?

  2. “Race exists, race matters and race is the foundation of identity”.

    As a Catholic I would say race exists, race matters and the holy faith is the foundation. The human identity rests upon credo, race and nation (ethne) and gender. With regard to credo, the modern, secular and atheistic materialism of our Revolutionary Era Is a credo. Indifferentism is a credo. Naturalism is a credo. These might have a philosophical system such as Nietzsche or Feuerbach or Darwinian naturalism behind them – but for most people their credo rests more upon disposition and family background than a philosophical system. Most have not thought through their credo. For most modern people their well being and that of their family is their highest good. The person whose nation is his or her highest good is an improvement on this.

    But none of it rises to the saving dignity of the holy faith.

    The White race and its nations arose through the descent from our first parents and originals. Adam in his first estate was incomparably more than we really can imagine in every attribute and quality. The races branched out after the Deluge and then they further branched into ethne. This was a decline and deterioration not an improvement.

    The Antediluvian world was a far more advanced civilisation than our present technological age as their remnants and artefacts would tell you. Does anyone today build with materials like Granite or Andesite using 2000 ton blocks? Using geographical astronomical alignments that predict specific celestial events millennia in advance? Not exactly. Unless you have to resort to space alien theories.

    The decline of man is very evident in a place like Europe where you have the one White race, identical in physiological attributes living in an national ethnostate. In one region you have one culture, religion and language and 2 hours down the road you have a different language, culture even another religion – say a secular atheistic religion of the urban area.

    For those of Adam’s descendants who did not persevere in precepts of the unified Patriarchal credo such as faith in a coming Redeemer, the law of marriage, kind after kind etc – descendants who incorporated demonism into their sexual practices, who resorted to bestiality, sodomy, cannibalism, prostitution, kinslayings, public sacrificial systems of human sacrifice – they certainly deteriorated a lot faster than those who did monotheism and marriage – even if it was four wives.

    In terms of the holy faith, all nations are now called to be re-generated in last Adam and the second man – the Lord from Heaven. I think it is fairly evident that most nations (as nations) have rejected this call. So now as our Lord stated “and then the end will come.” Enjoy the Apocalypse.

      • Cain got his wife from his own family. Like a sister or niece.Genetically sin didn’t have a chance yet to cause major issues with inbreeding. Eventually God outlawed marriage with family. Simple.

        I don’t know what garbage you’re talking about.

      • “Spengler” (crazed Jewish supremacist) was editor, after some Novus Ordo Catholic priest. They are neocons trying to keep boomercons in the corral.

  3. Orthodox (Eastern) Christianity recognizes the existence of nations as a God-given fact and talks about ‘salvation’ and ‘final judgement’ of the individual as being something which can not be separated from the nation (ethnos)., i.e. the individual will be judged along with the other members of his nation, even the “angels of the nation”, of each nation, will be present during the last judgement.

  4. We have atheists on the left blaming Christianity for the crusades and slavery while the atheists in the altright blames us for letting America get so brown.

  5. William Wilberforce, Evangelical Christian #1, has had a very powerful effect on the world in two fundamental ways.

    1 He is individually responsible for ending the Atlantic slave trade.

    2. He is individually responsible for mass evangelical missionary work in India, Africa and China.

    On the one hand Wilberforce was a white savior for African blacks in the New World on the other he is instrumental in propping up white supremacy (and the concomittal westernization of Indians and Chinese) in Asia for 100 years.

  6. It would be interesting to get OD’s take on each individual sub-faith in the Chritian religion.
    I heard the Mormons and JW’s should be avoided while others are very Left leaning.
    As a young man, I was a rampant church-hopper in a search for a wife. I found the many I sampled to be great levellers where the dentist and laborer were treated the same-and expected to be-and I liked that. I was surrounded by people who were a good influence on me and didn’t encourage me to break the law or do silly things. I liked the sense of community.
    For young people who desire a church life in todays cucked up world, my advice is this :-

    – don’t join a church thats too small, where half the congregation are the ministers own family.

    -don’t join one thats too old, where nobody is under 60. You need social fulfillment with those your own age, including members of the opposite sex.

    -don’t be in a church where nobody speaks your language, or are entirely a different race to you-you will always feel like an outsider surrounded by people you can’t relate to, and need to watch what you say around them.

    -avoid obviously Left leaning churches with signs out the front such as – ‘refugees welcome’ or ‘equality now’. There’s plenty of those where I’m from-and it explains why many have turned away from religion generally.

    I still believe Christianity is a great community asset if its used and taught correctly. All my local churches are now badly cucked so I just stay home with my wife and some friends where we can practice it free of leftwing meddling.

  7. I have a problem with The “Virgin Birth” myth co-opted from the Cult of Isis when it was banned and the followers subsequently “converted” to Christianity. It negates the role of the father and I think it is detrimental to healthy families and communities.

    • The earth is represented by a Virgin Mother, who gives birth to the Son (sun) after being divinely impregnated by a sky-god (the Father). The “messenger” of the gods is fire, wind and water, aka, the “Holy Spirit”. The Son is born every year during the Winter Solstice and comes back to life during the Spring Equinox, after not moving for exactly three days and nights.

      I think just about every religion ever practiced by Man can ultimately be traced back to this primordial myth.

    • But Isis wasn’t a virgin. And the biblical Virgin Birth isn’t a myth. You talk of the Father. But it would be silly to be a christian and deny parts of the bible as true. Then what is the point? One could Deny the Gospel as being true. If Jesus was not born of a virgin then Jesus was not God in the flesh.

  8. Sigh. If HW wants to have a theology discussion, could we please leave out the ignorant folk who can only insult both Christians and the pagan religions that were shadow copies of the truth?

  9. The Jew messiah, Moshiach the anti-Christ can not enter this world until Christianity is destroyed. Race and racial hatred is the chosen method of the Jews to destroy Christianity.

  10. The first people in the World (let’s say “Earth” for the good book’s sake) were Adam and Eve? Yes? And they ONLY had two sons, Cain and Abel, who both got married. TO WHOM?

    • The Bible only mentions two sons, Novelist. Cain was driven away. The fallen of the Bnai h’Elohim were definitely into making hominid artefacts – genetically upgrading the higher primates, corrupting the species etc. I am sure Darker Minds did not miss their opportunity to capture Adamic genetics for their project with Cain’s departure. The Babylonian Genesis calls this project of making slave hominids: the ‘lulu’. Don’t want to read the Bible? Try the Enuma Elish – which is the ‘fake’ account but still correct on many points.

      You should forget about Jew nonsense like evolution. Antediluvian earth about which much can be learned from ancient oral traditions (which all mention giants btw) and architecture. Only the Bible, however, correctly interprets the wealth of material that exists.

  11. Would you idiots shut up? You’re practicing theology without a license, which is infinitely worse than practicing medicine without a license!

    HW, this is the reason why I am adamantly opposed to the fundamental concept of democracy-any idiot with two brain cells thinks their opinion is just as valid as someone with advanced degrees-and they’re wrong.

    Every. Single. Time.

    By the way, your father-in-law was correct.

  12. The reason the Alt-Right is fundamentally anti-Christian is that it is made up of jews and crypto jews that disparage Christianity at almost every avenue.

    Get rid of the jews and their lackeys.

    It couldn’t be more simple than that.

  13. Consider this: God has made of one blood all the nations of Man and determined their bounds of habitation. Whether you believe all races descended from Adam or only the white race descended from Adam does not negate the last section- AND DETERMINED THE BOUNDS OF THEIR HABITATION. That means nations are ordained of God as are borders and the habitations of each specific nationality..

    • Consider this: God does not exist and he does not care about the Aryan race. This fight is in our hands now. I am not going to sit idly by and wait for sky-Dumbledore to solve our problems.

      • Boy -what JEW taught you this bullshit?

        Jesus is the last Adam. Adam is the first Aryan, dipstick!

        Do you even know what the Hebrew word “adam” means?

        Do you also know that “Hebrew is Greek“?

        And that thus, Greco-Roman culture is merely an outgrowth of biblical Israelites- and their dispersion?

        How ignorant you are… And how willing a tool of the Talmudics, you are.

        • I wouldn’t trust anyone named Yahuda. Or Jehovah/Yahweh for that matter. Yahweh is not the way. Granting relevance to the Old Testament is known as Judaizing.

          Here’s a hint: Jesus was not a Jew, Christians are not Israelites, and Jehovah is NOT God. Jehovah is satan as Jesus so kindly pointed out in John 8:44. In John 18 he tells Pilate that when his kingdom is on the Earth, the Jews will be his enemies.

          The sooner Christians cut the cord to the Jews and Jehovah, the sooner they will solve the JQ.

    • Ethno- statist; The term “of one blood” is not in the best biblical manuscripts. And people who are idiots -like the so-called “Christian” author, Ken Ham, can write all they want about “one blood” …but it’s not biblical.

  14. Nations and borders are prominent throughout Christian history and referenced in the Bible and Christian thinking. Jews are the nation genociders – not the Church.

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