Confront White Womanhood?

Confrontverb (used with object) 1. to face in hostility or defiance; oppose. per

Earlier this week, notifications about a new website for an initiative called “Confront White Womanhood” came across my social media timeline. Being a White woman myself, I was curious what people were being asked to confront us about, so I decided to investigate further.

On the official site, beneath a header reading “CHALLENGING WHITE WOMEN TO DO BETTER,’ it explains that White women, who hold social and financial power, “often enact harm while relieving ourselves of the responsibility of our actions…” and that “…for centuries, violence has been done in the name of – and even physically enacted by – White women.” White women are encouraged to participate in workshops where they will “engage in vulnerable stories about complicity,” examine how White supremacy may appear in their behaviors and “cause harm,” and learn how they may change these behaviors. (One change suggested on the website is to pay “reparations” by sharing money and other resources with people of color.)

Where to begin? Yes, violence has been done in the name of White women. BUT AS OPPOSED TO WHOM? Which racial group has NOT enacted violence upon another, at least in part to protect or provide for the women of their own group? The absurd implication that violence is a “White” problem is laughable. In fact, anyone who has a passing familiarity with American crime statistics knows that the amount White-on-Black violence amounts to just a small fraction of the amount of Black-on-White violence, a statistic even more remarkable when you consider that blacks are a much smaller percentage of the overall population.

The most problematic part, in my opinion, is this: “‘Protecting white women’ is used as justification of violence against Men of Color.” (By whom? Outside of alt-right circles, I rarely hear talk of protecting White women specifically.) The implication to the White women attendees is that there is something pathological about the men in their families wanting to protect them, when in fact that is a healthy and loving thing for men to want to do for the women in their lives. And if their protective urges are directed inordinately towards men of color, well… This is uncomfortable for many Americans to admit, but that is not without reason. As mentioned, black-on-white violence is far more common than the reverse. The difference is even more extreme for the issue of rape. Tens of thousands of White women are raped by black men in the USA annually, while the reverse phenomenon is so rare it is considered “zero” for purposes of statistical analysis.

The Confront White Womanhood (CWW) website states that “White women [use] this fear/protection to cause harm to men of color.” To reiterate: The CWW activists want WHITE WOMEN, who are frequent victims of black male violence, to reflect upon, and apparently, to feel GUILTY ABOUT how THEY HARM the most statistically violent demographic group in the country.

I find it hard to fathom how anyone would advise a group of women to reject their own self-protective instincts, and otherwise actively work against their own interests, unless they wished harm upon that group. So, you may ask, who was the woman who stated on Twitter that “White women are taught to see Black men as dangerous and never taught to consider just how dangerous we are to Black men?”

Well, I hope you’re sitting down, because you’re not going to believe this! CCW is being promoted by self proclaimed “Jewish Resistance” member Sophie Ellman-Golan, who predictably dismissed as “Nazis” anyone who questioned on Twitter whether she could in good faith claim to speak for “we” White women.

What is the harm of this kind of exercise? In the 1999 book The Gift of fear, author Gavin de Becker explained how fear is nature’s way of protecting humans from harm, and that women in particular have a keen intuition for detecting possible danger. De Becker warned that women’s desire to be “nice” and behave in a socially acceptable manner can place them in great peril when it causes them to disregard their innate self-protective instincts.

Unfortunately, I have had this confirmed by an experience of someone I know well. In college, a close friend was jogging on a path in a public park in the middle of a sunny day. Ahead on the path, she saw a group of black male teenagers coming towards her, and instantly had the urge to flee. She quickly scolded herself for her racist judgement, and continued down the path towards the teens. When she reached the group, they dragged her off the path and gang-raped her in the woods.

I cannot believe this is an isolated incident.

My friend was not someone who automatically feared all black men. I believe there were more subtle cues perceived by her subconscious that triggered her internal alarm. The problem is that she had been conditioned to believe that the alarm was triggered because of senseless prejudice, and thus chose to disregard it. The lesson is not that all black men should be considered violent. The lesson is that implying to women that their fear is based in immorality rather than a realistic assessment of the world, and instructing them to disregard their God-given self-preservation instincts, is harmful. Depending on the motivation, it may also be evil. The same dynamic is at play when women are skewered as “bigots” for expressing their instinctive discomfort about sharing bathrooms with gender-bending males.

As one CWW organizer stated at a workshop last year, after telling the story of Emmett Till, “When White women say we’re frightened of scary Black men, really bad things happen.” It seems the message is that fear of Black men is a bad, that is, not “nice” feeling that should be ignored or suppressed.

I know the kind of damage this thinking can cause. It is not just wrong. It is dangerous.


  1. Unfortunately, women have a strong herd instinct. This is important their survival because they are more dependent upon the herd than men. This herd instinct has been turned against them.

    • White women who exhibit independence bring about way more violence than those who don’t, when things like socioeconomic status and other variables are equal.

      White women should be absolutely drilling down on the jewish character of this attack on us. Telling the average white woman, of my generation (X) at least, that (some) black men don’t commit systemic violence against us on the streets, etc., will backfire. We (X) weren’t socialized to feel guilty for recognizing this pervasive threat, or to feel particularly guilty about identifying it.

      But of course, this is where ‘I’m obsessive’ blah blah since I have long illuminated just exactly where the mediterranean female, here a jewess, parts with the european woman in America on this front.

      I have actually been chastised and chagrined for pointing this out on Occidental Dissent, a website supposedly devoted to Southern – anglo – identity and independence.


      No Apologies

      My tag line was appropriated by none other than Red Ice’s slavic and sociopolitically not really white Lana Lokteff, not long after I made it an occasional mantra here on OD last spring. Two of her videos from mid-summer to October were at least 65% attempt to refute and spin my various micro-theses. She awkwardly contrives, in one, to establish that blacks and hispanics can’t discern between anglo or ‘nordic’ women and mediterranean ones.

      It’s called controlled opposition.

      Silence = Death

      • Lana is Nordic, not Slavic. The Slav’s are closely related anyway, as “Russ” Vikings portaged their way across rivers. They had ships where they could attach wheels, to then navigate their way deep into what is now Russia.

        • That was Lana Lokteff’s terminology. I don’t use the term ‘nordic’ to describe the primary targets of (((non-white))) violence against ‘white’ women. I use the term anglo, because that is the specific group that bears this cross. I’m not sure what ethnic group Lokteff comes from if it’s not slavic. She doesn’t look like she comes from northwest Europe, even as her features aren’t an extremely contrast.

          I had a college roommate who was half irish and half polish. She was more noticeably slavic, and attractive without being downright cute. The difference in how she and I got treated when we walked off the campus of a DC college and into the downtown or city area was profound.

          Even female students of this school who were very striking, and fair, but slavic or middle european were treated very differently. Same goes for the irish when they didn’t come so close to the WASPier looking among them. In general, strikingness made a difference for white women in many instances in how they got treated but anglo-ness was the pivotal factor in every situation.

          No Apologies

          • I never saw such drivel in my entire life. As a matter of fact, I happen to be half Irish, half Latvian/Lithuanian, with a smattering of Scandinavian, and in my younger days had outshone most of the so-called ‘anglo’ girls without problem. I’m no raving beauty, but even at age 67, I’ve had men under 30 wanting to go to bed with me (the answer was NO), so stop with that pure anglo shit already.

          • No Apologies

            All you’re doing, Gabby, is demonstrating to my people exactly my point. You’re so overwrought you can’t even process basic english.

            Explain to me again why you purposely abandoned your own culture to come into a country founded by anglo-protestants?

            Again, to my people. Note Gabby’s whining about wanting negroes to violate her, verbally or otherwise. This deriving of all identity and power from victimhood doesn’t remind you of (((someone)))? Note her issuing orders to an anglo female, in AMERICA.

            The weakness of the slavic and romanized catholic females is on vulgar display. Her entire self-concept is ‘I’m prettier than you.’

            Pathetic, a mindset the germanics and true celts simply cannot fathom.

      • Yes goyim, I’m one of you real Whites. Red Ice is controlled opposition, I know them, and in other sites. Occidentaldissent is controlled opposition as well. Every group is controled opposition. Just trust me, okay?

    • I should probably add that almost every supposed pro-white outlet has attempted to silence my defense of anglo women, who are the primary targets of black on ‘white’ female violence. Some other names who have attempted to publicly shame me for defending whitey women at some time or another: Kyle Hunt, John Friend, Kevin MacDonald (although oddly enough he has at times allowed the truth to stand), I think Matt Parrott may have but I don’t remember the specifics, et al… OD’s transgressions along these lines are just particularly outrageous given its alleged orientation.

      My response to the assorted honorary faggots who betray their own women is, fuck off and grow a spine. It’s hard to get really fully ‘mad’ at them since the only real ‘alphas’ tend to silently lurk and avoid confrontation with the self appointed whitey male diadem.

      No Apologies

  2. This sounds like a workshop for the ‘gender’ component of White Privilege education. It is pure Cultural Marxism and probably coming to govmint skool and JewU near you. I endless opportunities here for Black men to race hustle the White wymmins.


    Dear Judaists: please become civilized. Please stop inciting the kala kakoos* to attack white women. Please stop promoting negrophilia, necrophilia and all sorts of gutter behavior Judaists are famous for.

    *Kala kakoos: a word at the uni Indian students used to describe black people, a word which literally means black manure.

    Dear Judaists, today is sabbath. Please do better and leave your gutter religion. Stop reading the vile Torah. Throw it into the trash, please. Flush it down the toilet. Become civilized.

    • Arnold, I’m saying it again.

      Before I became Orthodox Christian, I worked as a shabbas goyim for seven years for a synagogue. I saw the enemy -up close, personal, in all their revolting hubris. I know whereof I speak!

      The only time they ever read the Torah, was as a preamble to denying it in their sermons, or via their actions.

      Their sole point of contact with the Bible was the fallacious presumption that they were ethnically related to the Bible heroes. Genetic evidence, books like “the 13th Tribe” by Jewish author Arthur Koestler, and numberless articles on the Internet, all have shown it to be an effing LIE!

      Jews do not believe the Torah is the word of God- as Christians do. The Jews’ “holy book” is the TALMUD. And it is a multi-volume manual, of how not to OBEY the Word of God.

      Get it? Got it? Good!

      • Namely how to divert, defile, usurp, torment, divide, defraud, harm, impoverish, terrorize, rob, break, displace, rape, murder everyone who is not a Kike.

  4. To those of you who claim Russians/Slavs ain’t really White just look at some of your Germans and Irish, who are rather dark like Italians. Or the Finns, some of whom are quasi Mongol in appearance. Then STFU.

    • Very very few irish have olive skin. The darker-skinned simply didn’t survive the lack of Vitamin D it caused in such northern latitudes. ‘Irish’ black hair came from Spain, as did the echoes of mediterranean looks in general that one sees in the irish. These traits aren’t celtic, they’re admixtures. Some dark brown and auburn hair existed in the native celts but not dark skin or black hair.

      Germany absorbed a fair amount of admixture from its neighbors. Black hair isn’t native to mainland Europe in general.

      The jews and blacks (and hispanics to a lesser degree when it comes to violence against women which in their culture is somewhat more diffusely focused) consider ‘white’ to mean anglo when they’re looking for whipping post females, and cannon fodder males. Hence, Lana Lokteff is not ‘white’ on the streets of this country’s cities, no matter that she’s relatively fair (her hair looks dyed but she does seem fair skinned) and northern/mainland european-featured. She’s still not anglo = whitey.

      This doesn’t mean that she or even some mediterraneanish woman would never be attacked violently by blacks on behalf of their jew masters, just that she would have to be lower-hanging fruit to become the main target, i.e., do something pretty reckless…like walk into some dangerous city’s sketchy-ish sections at 3:30 am, etc. Lokteff’s nordic looks would make her more of a target than any mediterranean in most situations.

      The anglo female is hunted down in every corner of this fucking continent, for doing nothing but existing in her own private space. This means in her home, on the streets of ‘safe’ higher class neighborhoods with families and crowds milling about, in public arenas where such violence ‘doesn’t happen’ like schools and workplaces, etc. etc.

      No Apologies

    • Isn’t it just brilliant of some of these people to question whether Russians and Slavs are white. Russians actually have more blondes than any other ethnic group. Causing a division among whites certainly isn’t very intelligent.

      • So were you awaiting some apology from Emily’s friend for being an anglo woman, Gabby? For getting gang raped by a pack of savage groids while jogging on in the middle of the day in a presumably decent neighborhood, in the country her people built? For not being you?

      • Niggers see Slavs like me, Anglos, even Jews as white, and therefore as potential prey. Anyone that doesn’t resemble shades of poop with steel wool hair is white to them.

        • My sister had a DNA test done and it was discovered that we are 49.2% Celtic, 47.2% Latvian/Lithuanian, and 3.6% Scandinavian. As far as I’m concerned if someone looks white and acts white, they are white.

      • Anti-Whites like to act dumb when they ask “What’s White?” Beware of anyone trying to divide our ranks along ethnic, regional or even religious lines. Beware of anyone urging us to engage in violent opposition or terrorism.

  5. Always remember-blacks are the victims. When a black robs or rapes a white, the black is the victim. When a black bashes or kills a white, the black is the victim, and the white is the racist. When a white police officer asks a non white to take her feet off a train seat and she refuses to do so, and is removed, yes…..another ‘victim’ of ‘racism’.
    Is it any wonder the Alt-Right has to exist? Leftard BS needs to be exposed.
    Every day we hear stories of why blacks and whites don’t belong together-and its usually a result of their conduct, not ours.

    • And yet there are more than a few Whites who cry hysterically when black females have abortions. Would those fags be happier with several million additional nigger rapists, killers and welfare leeches to support?

      • @Spahn,
        Yes, I’m certainly pro-abortion for non-whites. The population predictions for non-whites in their nations, and in the West make for bloody scary reading……and who is going to be tasked with supporting them?
        The elites literally must be punished down the track for their treason-they are contributing to our certain extinction.

  6. A sound example of the connection between the impunity of black on white violence and the neuroticism of jewish ethnic malevolence. This is the logical link that is haram in media. Colin Flaherty videos really helped me expel all cultural delusions about black criminality, despite lacking this crucial line of code.

  7. The criticism (from a racial perspective) of Lana Lokteff is pure idiocy, just as is the criticism of the Irish, some Germanics and true Russians. She’s doing more to wake-up the females than the rest of this commentariat combined and as of the last fifteen years Russia is hands-down the most Christian nation among nations populated by whites. They’ve been building 15,000 non-“prosperity gospel”, race-oriented Orthodox Churches per year for the last ten years in a row and I’ll bet less than half of you have even bothered to find a truly conservative Church, let alone bother to attend.

    I despise idiots.

    In a nutshell, here are “our people”: “Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandanavian and kindred peoples.” True Russians are of Scandanavian descent and are thus “kindred peoples.”

    I’m 75% Irish and as White as White can get, replete with blue eyes and blonde hair. My wife is 100% Germanic and is White as White can get, replete with blonde hair. We produced essentially four physical clones of ourselves, which is most likely a higher number than 99% of you “talkers, not doers.” We also homeschooled them and did so well before it became a popular option and three of the four were not vaccinated either, with the eldest receiving only the first round shortly after he was born in the early 1980’s. All went on to graduate from colleges with STEM and in one case a degree in Law as well, and because of the solid grounding provided to them by their parents they successfully resisted the communist borg during matriculation.

    Oh, yes. They were also raised in the Northern Rockies, off-grid and completely surrounded by a National Forest with our own self- desinged and builtt hydro-electric system, 4-H’ers their entire youth to late teens, raising cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys all the way through slaughter and processing, massive gardening as well as being hunters and good fishers. They can plumb, run electric, build fence, barns and houses. We have to plow our way out two miles come winter and we’ve heated exclusively with wood for the last 35 years and we don’t buy a single round of it either. Best yet, they all married properly as the Bible so dictates and we’ve got ten grandchildren. I would not be surprised if that number reaches between fifteen and twenty.

    What have you become? Honorary members of “The Culture of Critique”?

    • Red Ice and Lokteff are controlled opposition. Any ‘idiot’ can see that. Get back ‘off the grid’ and leave the fighting to those capable.

      • You’ve misspelled your handle again FISooietstein,

        You’re the controlled opposition.

        I wish you morons that continue to spew this anti-Russian, only anglos are white, nonsense would STFU! You’re only give enemy sock puppets cannon fodder.

        • Are you people so challenged that you really can’t process our language after all these years? Any reasonably literate person easily grasps what “sociopitically not white” means, as opposed to racially white.

          Arctic Warrior once came on here claiming his people had been ‘victims of discrimination’ at the hands of Anglo America. You follow my people all over the planet and then make false accusations of ‘discrimination’ and jewishness.

          Tell me again who the jew in the room is.

          This is what life in the North is like, Southrons. Being followed by all these vicious opportunists who want to explain to us how equal their abandoned culture is while they shake hands with the architects of our genocide.

          There’s a reason I change aliases from what today is different devices.

          There is no jew handbook on ‘How the Slavs Became White (Noel Ignatiev wrote one for the Irish) or endless memorializing of Russia’s mass rape, torture and murder of german women in Hellstorm.

          No Apologies

          • “Tell me again who the jew in the room is.”

            You anti-Semitic tools are so cringeworthy it’s almost hilarious. 😛

  8. “ Always remember-blacks are the victims. When a black robs or rapes a white, the black is the victim.”


    THAT myth (like the one about Wakanda) needs to be ripped out of the body politic, asap.

  9. Our enemies plan by centuries. The whole enchilada, from suffrage to “take control of your body” abortions to militant feminism, was all part of the plan to do exactly what these women do…. help destroy Western Civilization.

    Go listen to Katie Hopkins. After investigation the invasion of Sweden, she discovered that feminists were at the forefront of protecting the migrants.

  10. I take back my positive comment about Jordan Peterson from the other day. I think he may very well be controlled opposition. He’s highly suspect right now.

  11. @ Suet (hard, white fat)-

    Leave the fighting to those capable?

    I’m 63 and could physically kick your worthless, do-nothing ass in under two minutes and tear you to shreds intellectually in less. I’m one of those “Boomers” who didn’t buy in to the mantra of the 68’ers and worked my ass off my entire life while you are literally nothing more than the type who, after kicking a months worth of dirty laundry across the floor, preens in front of the mirror while jerking off into the sink inside that four-decades old 40′ single-wide you rent by the month.

    Not even a “one night stand” slut would have you, let alone any woman of worth ever consider reproducing your offspring, you disgusting excuse for a man. Thank God Almighty that your line of worthless D.N.A. will perish when you go, you pathetic, “Trailer Trash” little pussy. There’s nothing worse than having to put up with a failed eighth-generation descendant of a filthy Carpetbagger, and that’s you, Schmuck.

    Go to hell.

    • I’m 68 and in better condition than I was when I was 25, and I too am sick of this idiocy of blaming ‘Boomers’ for the state of the world. As my son said the other day, why aren’t people of this generation doing anything to remove those in power rather than complaining about people who just tried to work and raise kids like every other generation before them. These clowns also don’t realize that our access to information was extremely limited. A few magazines and newspapers, along with some scanty news on television was all we had. If we wanted to research anything we had to physically go to a library and hope that what we needed was available. I have pointed out, too, that blacks, hispanics, jews, and other minorities don’t attack their own, whites seem to be the only ones stupid enough to do that, and it’s especially disgraceful on a site like this which is supposed to be pro-white.

      • “…These clowns also don’t realize that our access to information was extremely limited…”

        This is very significant and on point. I thought there might be some conspiracies and read about a few. More because I was curious than anything else but I never really heard anything about the Jews until after 9-11 when I really started looking. If you’re younger and haven’t heard at least a bit about the nefariousness of the Jews I would be surprised. A lot of older people only use the internet for email, the weather and social media.

  12. Again, this goes out to proud whiteys, in the South particularly but all over the US.

    We have a collection of victims here, of…the evil whitey americans. They perceive ‘discrimination’ and persecution where nothing of the kind was expressed towards them. It is apparently some heinous jew-inspired second holocaust for the anglo female to defy the forces of violence directed at her.

    I have nothing to really add to their input. Except that basic reading comprehension still escapes some. I’m a woman and stated that clearly in my first comment.

    A southern woman married to an OD writer recently asked me, “Is the reason you became so feminist because you weren’t surrounded by your/our men?”

    I dunno if that made me ‘feminist’ or not. Hardened, definitely.

  13. Maybe Sophie Ellman-Golan and Kirsten Brydum will wind up being shackled to the same nigger gang raping wheel in hell.

    • Germans for example have been raped non-stop for more than two millennia.
      Romans, Huns, Slavs, Spanish, French… and in the WW2 massive rapings by American mongrels, Mongols, Slavs, Jews…and now Muslims.
      In fact is very common to German women to travel to places like Greece, Turkey, Egypt, to find real men.
      There’s no purity of blood.

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