Murder of Kirsten Brydum finally solved

Kirsten Brydum was a high profile left-wing activist in San Francisco.

In 2007, Kirsten Brydum was traveling the United States to campaign for presidential candidate Barack Obama. She was shot in the head in New Orleans while riding her bicycle at night. NOPD originally claimed that her bicycle was not stolen and that robbery did not appear to be a motive. Police also said her dead body laid on the sidewalk for hours and no one even called the police. City workers doing post-Katrina repairs finally called police when they saw her.

The San Fransisco Chronicle simply changed the story and claimed she was murdered for her bicycle while on vacation.

Friends of Brydum said it was a ratty, old bicycle with no value. They also said she arrived in New Orleans, via train, as an activist to campaign for Barack Obama. Before she arrived in New Orleans, she had been protesting the RNC National Convention.

An accused black serial killer has now confessed to her murder and three others.
At least one of the other victims is a white female. The other two victims are females, but their race has not been disclosed.


      • Clinton is a sociopath. That kid was probably misled by the jewish propaganda machine filling peoples heads with dumb ideas.

        We should be trying to save these kids not applaud their deaths.

        • As obnoxious as some of these idiots are, some are probably salvageable, and could well wake up and be normal in the future. Brainwashing from birth is hard to overcome, but it can be done.

        • Karl Fuckhead: That girl was intelligent, but not very smart. She should’ve known better than to screw around with niggers and Marxists, but she decided to do so anyway. She got what she deserved, asshole.

        • Karl -even God commends the death of evil ones.

          Your sympathy, empathy or whatever the hell it is, is to be commended… But it is misdirected.

          She deserved to die.
          All of us deserve to die for our sins.

          But only God, in his mercy, allows some of us to live. And those of us who do live and who follow His law, have the right to do what is necessary to rid the world of evil people, who will not submit to the white man’s rule-which is Christendom.

          Therein lies the entire difference between the Jews vision for ‘Tikkun Olam,” and the White man’s vision for a shining city on a hill. Learn it!

  1. “confesses to 3 unsolved murders”

    this is part of a plea-bargain. The part the DA uses to clear cold cases.

    and I don’t give a shit who killed this Red bim. Just so she’s


  2. This used to happen to Christian missionaries in Africa and India during the Imperial period. It was at lest used by the Imperial authorities as a pretext for exterminating black tribes.

    Woe to the vanquished.

      • Missionaries cooked in the cannibal pot always ruined the breakfasts of London Times readers; who would then demand retaliation against the darkies by Parliament.

    • Captain John – Which is why missionary endeavors to nonwhites is an oxymoron.

      God never, ever desired the “Salvation” of nonwhites.

      Because the “world” of Jesus’ “great commission,” was only the continent of Europe.

      That’s all the apostles knew-and that’s the paradigm with which Jesus taught them to “go into all the world, etc.”

      Christianity truly is, and always will be, forever known as “ The White Man’s religion.”

  3. I remember this story. She was hitchhiking across the country, and she was keeping an online log of her journey. She was a very naive individual, raised by Hippie parents who had her involved with some sort of free-market, where people bartered items or merely took what they needed. No thought appears to be given to how these magically gratuitous commodities were manufactured or distributed to begin with, or the capital that was expended to make their existence possible. In her journal, she complained of being offered rides by men and boys who made unwanted advances. Yet, she seemed to be blissfully oblivious to the dangers of riding her bicycle around in New Orleans in the middle of the night. I guess she thought her Tolkien amulet would protect her, or her Ankh necklace would signify her solidarity with the poor, lowly, down-trodden Negroes, thereby shielding her from harm.

    Sadly, more and more of these women and girls are becoming victims of their own silly, ideological crusades by being murdered by those they seek to assist. I liken them unto the people who keep wild animals as pets, and then are completely baffled when their Tiger suddenly mauls them

  4. There are enough people in the world. She got the Hope and Change she deserved. Nothing of value was lost.

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