Matthew Heimbach Kicks Off College Tour At University of Tennessee

Editor’s Note: I’m told the Chancellor of the University of Tennessee specifically condemned Occidental Dissent for writing a blog post about this event on the internet. It was nothing more than a political speech mostly about non-controversial things and this woman should relax and allow free speech on campus instead of hand wringing with politically correct gestures..

Matthew Heimbach kicked off his college tour at the University of Tennessee this afternoon. According to the media, there were about 35 people from the Traditionalist Worker Party and League of the South who attended the speech. The attendees were vetted to prevent another Florida meltdown. Most of the people who wanted to watch the speech caught the livestream which the local media and SJWs on campus had been kind enough to hype for weeks.

There was no violence or arrests at the University of Tennessee. Matthew Heimbach was given a platform and delivered his speech without interruption. There are reports that 6 members of the so-called clergy were detained outside of the event for attempting to block traffic. A handful of Antifa members showed up and attempted to prevent TWP from leaving from the parking garage and failed. It was a half-hearted effort that comes in the wake of the thousands who turned out at the Women’s March in January.

It appears that everyone is accounted for and it was a low drama, high publicity day because the police and media did their jobs. This was the fourth Hard Right event in Tennessee since October – White Lives Matter in Shelbyville, the Shieldwall Network rally in Memphis and the TWP protest of the Women’s March. It was the fourth Hard Right event of the year including the League’s rally in Tallahassee. It was also the first time the Hard Right has given a speech on a college campus.

I’m sure Matthew Heimbach and JC Hinson will have more to say about this here later.


Here is a link to a livestream which can’t be embedded.

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  1. I know a couple UT students who were intrigued to listen but didn’t want to be seen going in by faculty they knew who were protesting. sad

      • I had numerous college profs who would punish students with lowered grades who didn’t toe their political party line. There has to be some way for those who want to attend to be able to conceal their identity. At the least I’d think TWP would be putting Heimbach’s speech online where it can be viewed in private.

        Someone tech-savvy might think of helping them do it without leaving a digital trail.

  2. God bless Matt – he’s a doll! – and all the brave participants. I’m praying for all of you. Thank the cops there, too. They actually did their job.

  3. Unfortunately most college students don’t give a damn about anything except parties and Spring Break. And the only reason those student protesters (notice how the kike press never calls them antifa or communists) are present at the Heimbach speech is because they’re too fat and/or unattractive to be hanging out with popular crowd.

  4. The TWP, Spencer, Enoch, et al are all doing great work at great risk to their safety – and I genuinely appreciate it. However, none of them are going to lead us to Ultimate Victory over the diabolical kike and its minions. We must continue to wait for that Great Man to rise up from obscurity and take his rightful place as Unser Fuhrer. But where is he?????

  5. “Heimbach’s speech at the University of Tennessee is over and members of Traditionalist Workers Party appear to have left campus. A UT spokeswoman said six tickets were issued, but there were no arrests during the protests. Chancellor Beverly Davenport will speak to the media at 4 pm.”

  6. Any civilly-delivered defense of white people in the public arena is a win. Most of the spoiled protestors are spitting on the white working class that funds part of their tuition. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

    College kids are incredibly easy to manipulate and mind-control. I’d take a pacifist posture towards many of the merely misguided while you plant the seeds and watch them grow.

    • We need to start shining the light on the professors and other faculty members who often are the instigators behind all these anti-white attacks. Also, the people who financially endow these anti-white institutions.

      Expose them all. Every one of them should be as recognizable as Bill Ayers. I still think he may be a Jew. Does anyone know for sure?

  7. When Matthew Flanagan went outside his San Bernardino home Valentines Day morning, he discovered a newsletter in a bright plastic bag in his driveway.

    I did not think too much of it, he said Thursday. We sometimes get flyers and newsletters like that and, honestly, a lot of times they just end up in the trash.

    Wrapped in the newsletter was a flyer that shocked Flanagan. I was floored, he said.

    The black-and-white flyer had the profile of a white woman, looking upward with flowing blond hair below large block letters seeming to shout, Love Your Race. Underneath the photo was the logo and website address for the National Alliance.

  8. This is an echo chamber for autistes. No matter it’s on a college campus. No one outside the inner circle of true believers is listening, or even cares. Not the way to go.

  9. There were a couple of livestreams, mostly on facebook I think.

    The cops wouldn’t let any students in. There has got to be a lawsuit for that. Probably the heckler’s veto angle?

  10. Heimbach wants to relitigate and refight C20.

    Better to reframe C20 as the century of mass society and focus on C21 which feels as if it commenced in 2014 – a century after August 1914. Hunter has noted C21 is more akin to C19. Step over C20 with techno-traditionalism.

  11. she did call out OccDissent. UT had a livestream of her speaking on instagram and she said something like “We’re not going to allow white supremacist propaganda such as Occidental Dissent or any hateful websites scare us on our own campus” and it got a big cheer

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