The Florida School Shooter Was A Mentally Ill Hispanic Jew MAGApede

Don’t worry.

I’m sure the media will find some way to blame the actions of this nutcase on the Alt-Right or White Nationalism. They also blamed Zim Zam, Elliot Rodger, Jared Loughner and Chris-Harper Mercer on the “Radical Right” because that is their go to narrative.

“Cruz, who was adopted, also wrote in the chat, “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her,” CNN reported.

Law enforcement have said they have found no evidence of a connection between Cruz and any white supremacist group. …”

The ADL was duped by a bunch of trolls shitposting on 4chan.

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  1. Looks like Senator Breadface was doing the nasty with some of the Kikes he worships as part of his religious heresy.

    In hindsight, I can now see the mischling in this little nutjob.

    • America is indeed a very welcoming country to allow these people to live there.
      I’m reading a couple of far-right sites in English in the last weeks, and Occidental Dissent is excellent, both the articles and commenters.
      Even in this site Americans show their tolerance letting the wicked Mexican “El Chapo” free to troll the participants in the forum.
      I’ve been reading another White Supremacist site, incredibly written by another reprobate Mexican mestizo! He call himself “Chechar”, he hates Cristianity, worship ridiculous jokes like Arthur Kemp, and he’s indeed a homosexual That evil beaner should be liquidated.

      • at the very least, try to get facts right about chechar. his scholastics and ethics are a cut above. but anyone who buys the garden of eden narrative probably can’t see that. yup, satan worked some magic to corrupt hominid dna. for sure. (i think i’ll move to redding and attend bethel and help them fund raise for their new $100M campus.)

        • @highrpm The most radical and passionate about “White Nationalism” is a Mexican. On the other hand the most visible leader of “White Nationalism” i.e. Richard Spencer behaves and talks and looks like a female.
          At this point America should have thousands of Breiviks, but there’s only spoiled pussies with pompous, boring, harmless, and empty thesis on the Internet. It’s a shock to someone like me who thought of Americans as heroes when I was a kid.

      • Nemo, I think I’m gonna take a break from spahn, and focus on you a little more… Besides, spahn has more important things to do than having online bickering matches with me (like trying to find his dad)… Good luck spahn!

        • @ El Chapo I grew up in South America, I speak relatively well Spanish, fluenty Portuguese, though I have not Iberian descent.
          I’m really enjoying the decadence of America, I absolutely hate liberalism, feminism, Protestantism,,worship of the Jew,
          America and Britain must be eradicated, along with their genes, so that the evil above disappears.

          When the inevitable financial collapse takes place it’s gonna be incredibly funny to watch ,and I have a long life ahead to enjoy it.

    • This guy had some seriously mixed up identity issues. Abandoned by blood mother, adopted by a Cuban guy who died within six years, his adopted mother dies when he is 19. He then ends up at a school with a pack of Jews in an Hispanic metropolis.

      Behold the future America. A Jewish-Hispanic shooting diaspora Jews.

      • Supremely ironic if It’s true this unhinged whackjob has Jewish blood, if he did indeed shoot other Jews. He does indeed look like a walking powder keg with the fuse getting cut shorter all the time.

  2. Is there a way to find out if what he asserts is true? I’m still holding off on pointing this out to shitlib friends.

    Need confirmation.

  3. So the family who took in this stray who everyone knew was ‘deeply troubled’ and violence-prone somehow didn’t have a problem with him parking his AK whatever in their house…in this era of supposed near-constant school shootings and mass murders…and that same gun-sheltering family isn’t the one responsible for his emotional problems, so the public can’t blame them, or anyone apparently…

    And whites won’t feel adequately defensive since the shooter is ‘part hispanic and jewish’ while the MSM blares on about how his racism and anti-semitism is a mental illness and precursor to homicidality.

    Anyone gullible enough to continue buying this poppycock deserves whatever the jews have in store:

    • So this morning my comment posts as the same EST zone I see on my computer.

      Around 3 hours after I posted the above we hear the first report coming from the Snead family that took Cruz in. ‘We had no idea:’

      It was coming anyway, the BS cover up, but I do wonder about the timing. They watch sites like this, especially this one, like hawks.

      Their son knew Cruz but had ‘no idea’ and said nothing whatsoever to his parents…in this day and age…blah BS blah blah

      • The Sneads admit to knowing Cruz was ‘very depressed’ but nothing else about his supposed issues with cruelty to animals, aggression, etc. They allowed him to buy the safe they made him keep his guns in, and ‘assumed’ he’d given them the only key.

        Mr. Snead works for military intelligence.

        Read the article, if it doesn’t sound ridiculously contrived and transparent you need to stop using fluoride.

  4. Yet more proof that mixed-breed mongrels are inherently unstable and dangerous. MATE WITH YOUR OWN KIND.

  5. This creepy thing looks like a full-on serial killer. FLA cops need to research its recent history-no bodies have turned up in the area lately thats unsolved. Did its killing really begin with the shootings? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    • One more interesting thing I discovered about the delusional vile beaner “white Supremacist” called “Chechar”, he talks to himself!!
      The castizo gentleman created a sock puppet called “Jack Halliday” in his own site. So “Chechar” and “Jack Halliday” discuss important issues concerning the terrible predicament of the white race from a beaner point of view.

  6. He’s as white as Zimmerman and Geraldo Rivera. Of course there are even some clowns who post articles here who call such people white.

    There is also a growing contingent of castizos and hapas like Nick Fuentes and James Allsup who are called white and say people who are merely majority white in ancestry are fully white which has NEVER been the historical standard in North America and Europe. Just another sign of modern degeneracy. Everything gets downgraded.

    • Post-ethnic huwhyte Amerimutts are the degenerate downgrade people bucko.

      Fuentes and Allsup are both clearly white btw, lay off the hallucinogenics.

  7. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His face and ears are a case study of what it looks like. The UK papers called this. But the American media hasn’t touched it, even though both his looks and behavior point to it. Wonder why they refuse to see what’s in front of them?

  8. In project America many native born Americans, identified as Americans and not hyphenated Americans , have a a great diversity of ethnic heritage. Jews however identify as Jews. A Jew born in America is a Jew or an American-Jew or a Jewish American. A person of any European ethnic heritage born in America is not a French or a German or an American-English or a Swedish-American – they all identify as Americans and help to create American culture as Americans.

    • There are Irish-Americans,,Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Russian-Americans and so on.
      America was built on liberal values and by the Puritans in the beginning, I have doubts if Puritanism was not the worse cancer that ever came out of European minds.
      Today American culture is by large Jewish culture, much worse than Weimar Germany.
      America now is just a freak show with only a couple of exports; wars, funny money, and the most gross and pathetic degeneracy.
      The commander-in-chief is an.imbecilic orange buffoon entertainer Zionist puppet who succeeded a laughable Muslim mulatto homosexual.

      • I like the way you think, you have a different perspective on things. Maybe the Whites of South America will wind up ruling the world after the Jewnited Snakes and the Jewnited Kingdom self-destruct, yes?

  9. I m fine with sensible restrictions on crazy people owning guns.

    Giuliani style stop and frisk made all the difference in the workd ending David Dinkins era Black gun criminal anarchy.

    I m fine with living in a Danish style Homogeneous White ethno State .

    If some White Lib leader can package strict immigration control with sensible gun control to keep guns away from Black ex cons and these crazy loner students – that would be fine.

    Japan and Singapore have both strict gun laws and strict immigration policies.

    The race denying anything goes with guns Constitutional open borders nonsense has to go.

  10. When I saw his surname was Cruz, I knew right away there had to be a Jewish connection. Cruz is a very common surname used by Marrano Crypto-Jews. He admitted his birth mother was Jewish. Apparently, he was adopted by a Crypto-Jewish couple. Florida, btw, was always a haven for Marrano’s,

  11. I think it’s hilarious how ADL got caught with their pants down. They hate White people so much that they don’t even bother to check the validity of a story but just run with. Of course, ADL will never be called out on it as this revealing episode is quickly flushed down the Memory Hole. Everyone knows questioning ADL is anti-Semitic.

  12. This kid was either falsified or picked as a patsy who was just ‘white enough’ to be grouped with ‘racists white nationalists’ when it serves the jewish media, but then more on certain internet news outlets said to be part cuban and part jewish to keep actual white nationalists from feeling accused.

  13. OK bs_mike, ip this story is so credible; then why doesn’t the author identify himself? You’ve got to be a stupid motherfucker to believe this…

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