Do Elections Matter?

Weev writes at TRS Forums:

My response:

1.) First, I would say that elections matter a great deal to, say, Sheldon Adelson or the Koch Brothers because the GOP sells its policies to its donors. It is largely a contest between the billionaires who are represented by their puppets in Congress. If Hillary had won the 2016 election, it is unlikely that Jerusalem would have been recognized as the capital of Israel or the Koch Brothers would have got their big tax cut. Let’s grant that elections matter a great deal to those people.

Do elections matter to us? That’s a different story. The mainstream is an agreement between the elites of both parties to exclude us from representation. The whole point of elections is to secure representation, but it is a foregone conclusion that we are toxic and our interests won’t be represented by either side in the government. Neither side is willing to represent our community so we have no stake in elections because we lose no matter who wins.

In Europe, there are populist nationalist parties that take votes away from the mainstream parties, which is why elections matter there but not here. Elections would only matter to us in the United States if we had a similar third party to take votes away from the Republicans.

2.) Second, the Trump movement wasn’t “the greatest awakening of White consciousness within any of our lifetimes.” In fact, as soon as the election was over Donald Trump and the MAGA movement threw us under the bus because we were no longer needed to swing the election. They have been arguing against White identity ever since in order to pullback the Overton Window. Congress passed the Charlottesville resolution and it was signed by Donald Trump which condemned us exclusively for the violence in Charlottesville while exempting Antifa from blame. White Nationalists are now even more stigmatized under Donald Trump than we were under the Obama era when social media was relatively free.

3.) Third, mainstream politics will fail anyway in the 2020s due to changing racial demographics, the radicalization of the Democrats and the cucking of Republicans due to the browning of Red States. We will find ourselves back in the Reconstruction South. It will be California on a national scale. It is better to confront the reality of our situation now than to kick the can down the road with the Republicans who has Trump has shown are incapable of doing anything to reverse our decline.

4.) Fourth, we believe in balkanization. We don’t believe we are going to MAGA. We want the GOP to collapse as a national party like the Whigs in the 1850s. It will destabilize national politics and open up new possibilities that have been closed to us by the “mainstream” for decades.

5.) Fifth, the United States isn’t an ordinary Western nation, and we are not going to seize power by winning elections here. Non-Hispanic Whites are now only 61% of the American population and falling rapidly. This number also includes Jews and Arabs and other populations which aren’t White so the White majority is even slimmer than it is reported. If we counted the illegal aliens who are not included in the Census and who Donald Trump wants to give amnesty, we are already a minority.

6.) Sixth, Donald Trump was the royal flush of civic nationalism. He was the best hand that a civic nationalist could ever possibly be dealt. The Trump presidency is proof that even if civic nationalists won the presidency itself that they would succeed in changing nothing and that we would remain as marginalized as ever. Therefore, the notion that we should stop talking about Jewish power, White identity, the reality of race – in pursuit of notional victories – is absurd because because even when Republicans win elections we gain no representation because of it. Trump’s victory was purely vicarious for us. It was the equivalent of watching Alabama win the national championship.

7.) Seventh, the taboos that we want to change which keep us marginalized are a product of the Jewish power structure and media networks that we call “the mainstream.” Jewish power is the ability to set the norms that define the mainstream. The idea that our Jewish elites are ever going to accept us as mainstream is laughable. In the last year, Jews have taken over social media and have driven us from crowdfunding sites even though Donald Trump is president and Republicans control Congress. These taboos are not on the ballot and voting for Republicans isn’t going to change those taboos and bring us into the mainstream because Jewish donors finance the GOP.

8.) Eighth, taboos only fall when they are challenged in the public square by brute force and cease to be observed. Violence won’t change those taboos. Voting certainly won’t change those taboos. Activism on a large enough scale could in theory disrupt those taboos. The taboos we live under will only crumble when Whites cease to observe them and defy them en masse in public. Period. I’m sorry but there is no easy or cowardly way to change our circumstances. Besides, mainstream politics is going to fail anyway, and within a decade all we are going to have to express ourselves is the streets.

9.) Ninth, Steve Bannon is proof that sneaking up on the Jews and trying to be “politically viable” will never work. Bannon’s career was destroyed in the span of a week. Countless mainstream conservatives including Sam Francis who showed the slightest hint of racial consciousness were purged. Also, it is important to keep in mind that no one will be politically viable or have a career or a future (even now your career can be destroyed in an instant by a microaggression or a #MeToo accusation) once Whites descend into minority status. There isn’t going to be a future for our people unless we summon the courage to create one.

10.) Finally, Weev has led us down a dead end road into mainstream conservatism which becomes increasingly evident by the day. Under the Trump presidency, Republicans have reverted to their familiar conservative program of neoliberal tax cuts, deregulation, amnesties and neocon foreign policy. Nothing changed on the policy front. Nothing changed on the cultural front either except for the fact that under Trump more Confederate monuments have been torn down, homosexuals are less stigmatized, the Alt-Right is more stigmatized than ever before and there is less free speech than under Obama. Also, Trump is the most Zionist president who has ever sat in the White House and Jews are the big winners of his presidency, so much so that he is even featured on the half-shekel in Israel.

The fact is, we have tried Weev’s strategy. We have tried the Ricky Vaughn strategy. Both of them got what they wanted when Donald Trump won the presidency. Matt Heimbach supported Donald Trump and was willing to give him a chance. I supported Donald Trump and was willing to give him a chance. Neither of us stood in the way of the ZOG Emperor. In fact, I even personally went to Washington, DC to attend his inauguration, and many others who supported Trump devoted far more of their time, energy and money into electing him president. The return on our investment is in now.

After the trial of a year and two months, where does our community stand under the Trump presidency? The truth is that our lives have become more difficult and it is harder to get our message out under Trump than it was under Obama. The truth is that electing Mark Burns and Mitt Romney to House and Senate isn’t going to change a fucking thing for White people. The truth is that Donald Trump is a con artist who lied to get elected and who abandoned his populist and nationalist program and reverted to mainstream conservatism. The truth is that Trump has used the presidency only to advance the conservative policy agenda. Above all else, the truth is that we are the cucks when we throw ourselves into electing Republicans, get taken for a ride and have nothing to show for it.

Perhaps Weev wants to romanticize and relive the glories of the 1980s. Maybe he is just content to feast on librul tears in pyrrhic electoral victories. We know how Reaganism ends. The Trump legacy will be another tier of browning states – Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina – that have become an even bigger California. Maybe Trump will succeed in boasting the stock market, cutting taxes for the wealthy, making life easier for hardworking multinational corporations and slashing the social safety net for the poor schmucks who thought he was going to bring back coal mining and manufacturing in Appalachia. It was victory for Jared Kushner and his fellow Jews, not for us.

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  1. Weev just can’t accept that Trump’s win installed Jewvanka as the ruling regents in the White House. Both he and Anglin are rapidly descending into irrelevance.

  2. I’ve been voting in state, local & presidential elections for almost 50 years. I’ve come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter any more. If you vote an issue down, let’s say a tax levy, some special interest group will circumvent the result & ultimately get want they anyhow, by any means available. As with candidates for public office, don’t expect them to fill even a small percentage of what they promised. We’ve just witnessed that with Trump, big time!

    It’s been said that America will end the way it began, with a violent & deadly revolution. I agree. As some have posted here at OD, it’s not going to change via the ballot box but with the ammo box. All I can say is, be prepared.


    In a true democracy, people have a chance to vote on the issues, in binding superseding national referenda, which the US does not have.

    Even many 3rd world countries have it and don’t have 1/2 the problems the US does.

    Our politicians are owned and operated by AIPAC, etc. so this is the most corrupt election process in the world.

    See National Citizens Initiative For Democracy–

  4. I don’t know the correct strategy here, but I do know that the only way Trump will do anything pro-white, is if he needs to do it to get elected, and he don’t need to do that if pro-whites will support him no matter what he does.

  5. Accelerationism. We have risen to prominence in the public sphere because of Obama’s leftist political overreaching (Trayvon, Tranny rights, Syrian refugees).

    We will grow 6 million fold if Kamala Harris becomes President. The boomers will be on the sidelines then, and young whites can be converted to our position because they will have nothing to lose.

    Some of these idiots have really never studied military or political strategy. They need to read The Prince and Roman Fabian tactics.

    No false sense of security where Trump lulls us into sleep while super Jew Sheldon Adelson sets up the next Mideast War.

    • >and young whites can be converted to our position because they will have nothing to lose.

      Young Whites are mainly converted by living in a multi-racial society that the older generations don’t get to experience.

  6. HW et al, recall the dust up when Dr Hill said be wary of the alt right? This is why.

    Our primary thesis (correct me if I am wrong) is that America is already dead and that we are living in the cooling, rotting, stinking corpse of that once great nation. Peaceful coexistence with the Enemy is not possible under the same government. Trump at most can buy us time to lay the groundwork for Partition; time we are wasting supporting the Trump GOP.

    It’s time to start talking seriously about forming a new nation; laws, maps, money, trade, travel, foreign policy and defense. No one is going to write us a blank check; we have to earn the confidence and consent of our people and in due time this system will fall.

    • Strong agree.

      Trump will not stop current trends.

      Therefore we will become a disenfranchised and hated minority.

      How do we react to that?

      We react to it by seceding and forming a new supermajority white country.

      You try to do it peacefully at first, like all those other secessionist movements around the world. And if they don’t let you, well there is your cause for war.

    • Exactly! Revolutions need a governmental framework, a platform, to base their ideal nation off of. The League that Hunter is part of should write a political manifesto on how we should achieve our goals. It’s time to plan for the future.

    • Well said. I was willing to play this game one last time with Trump. I gave the civic nationalist’s one last time to prove they were going to turn this around and not only did they fail but they failed utterly. They didn’t even come close. Trump made so many mistakes in 2017 I have lost track and now I am the point where I no longer care.

    • Could you say that Weev wants power, but that We merely want freedom?

      That he is by nature an authoritarian (whether German or Jewish) personality, and we by nature, are basically Celts? (Having moved to the South, this is the only cultural difference that I see- as a Yankee, I was surrounded by non-Celts much of the time. Down here, it is the exact opposite, and it is refreshing, while also aggravating: because that societal framework, that undergirding, is far less present in the South.

      Could one say that our ideological differences are very much those of either Braveheart, or the Patriot? A fiercely independent Celtic spirit, at odds with those of an authoritarian State?

      Are we the cultural equivalent of the dying Gaul?

      As a Boomer, it is very difficult for me -almost impossible, in fact- to believe that the nation I once loved, is dead. We have- as a generation-long hoped that we could return to something resembling our childhood; that era of safety, security, and normalcy that Is pictured by Norman Rockwell.

      That is neither to be deprecated, nor laughed at by others. Instead of throwing stones, why not pity us? We are morning our own civilizational death, while yet being alive…

      But I believe you are correct. We now can never, ever, fight against the forces of antichrist by the ballot box: we must engage in a revolution.

      Heads must roll. Armageddon will arrive, to thwart the Christ-killers, and their Uruk-hai.
      Our enemies must die.

      And many of us will die also, in order to make our people free. To quote an old hymn, (that was as incorrect as it was blasphemous, when used by ‘those people’), “His truth is marching on.”

      But this time, WE are the standardbearers
      of that truth- as we have always been.
      Death to the Emperor. Long live the Free Celt.

      • The gauls weren’t christian your spiritual ancestors are the same kikes you hate??Maybe there’s the reason you can’t defeat them.

        For everyone else

        Guru Gobind Singh has told us

        Weapons are the road to rule he who does not adorn them will find only failure??

        Nobody has ever been given Rule??Whoever has taken Rule has taken it on the basis of Strength??

    • @Afterthought

      This is why I keep promoting the idea that we need to totally occupy like 3 or 4 counties (literally move there) and start pushing the new ethnostate. Counties that already have our leanings….

  7. Trump’s election prevented or at least delayed a race war, for better or worse. Black Lives Matter was exploding all over the country, then suddenly evaporated after Trump’s surprise victory. All along, BLM leaders were building resumes for jobs in the Hillary administration, and their semi-sentient simian followers could not carry on the movement without them.

    Under President Hillary, hundreds more cops would die in BLM ambushes until the police finally woke up and started making their own laws, e.g. that every officer’s grave must be decorated with one hundred freshly severed nigger heads.

  8. right on. we now have Ronald (Reagan) Trump. appeasing & cucking has never been a good strategy. it makes the future worse. excellent article. no rose colored glasses here.

  9. Weev is a fascinating guy but I think he’s a bit nutty from his stint in a Federal penitentiary, followed by his exile from the country.

    • It is probably impossible to find someone with whom you can agree 100% of the time anyway. Also, I think he is trolling with the 105, he’s definitely, as you put it, a fascinating figure. I think all of us can be considered a bit nutty since we don’t mooo the same as the rest of the herd.

      • I think we need to keep in mind what weev did following his stint in prison. First, he packed up and moved to several failed states and then Ukraine. Then, he argues about how the right mustn’t go onto the streets because people on the streets from the right-wing accomplish nothing (didn’t Ukraine have a regime change doing this?). Now he’s fully on board with flag-pin-nationalism.

        Plus there’s still the fact he looks like a midget kike.

        • I will not counter-signal him. I will always listen to what he has to say even if I disagree.

          That said, there’s no 4D chess.

  10. Hillary would be worse than Trump, though.

    We don’t really have a true democracy, a plutocracy is more like it.

  11. The silver lining in the Trump betrayal is that a helluva lot more people realize the Jewish problem is no question. We have a corporation problem, too.

  12. Party affiliation means nothing to someone like Trump anyway. Democrat or Republican is totally irrelevant. Trump has been both and at the same time, too. These parasites and scavengers have absolutely no morals. Unfortunately, whites are fractured so they can tell us anything, knowing full well, once elected, they can abandon us immediately without even throwing us a morsel of one promise.

    If you think about it, Trump is the epitome of betrayal. The whole thing was a con. His lack of condemnation when his supporters were being attacked at his speeches was troublesome for me. When he abandoned Flynn so quickly, I knew we had a problem. Of course, he still has support with the CPAC idiots.

  13. Their strategy did make sense (even though I doubted it) until Bannon was destroyed. After Bannon’s destruction, I don’t see how this is even relevant anymore. I already voted for Trump in 2016. We all went and happily voted for Trump and we all got behind him.

    I was for acceleration after the Bush presidency and sat home and refused to vote GOP in 2008 and 2012. I decided to end that and come out for Trump because his campaign was brilliant. This administration tho is a fucking train wreck and if these guys expect me to get behind this they are losing it. We are getting the acceleration without the anger that normally would happen under a Democrat.

    I have noticed that some of these guys are getting extremely angry and triggered over the fact that many in the alt-right is moving away from Trump. What did they expect ? I mean shit – look at what the fuck is going on? Even censorship is roaring under GOP rule which was NOT supposed to happen – voting for Trump was supposed to mean the fucking opposite. Rather than be angry at the MAGA movement and civic nationalists for failing, they want to blame us. Fuck that.

    If Paul Nehlen runs in 2020/24 for President, I will vote for him, I will make an exception for him.

    • >”I decided to end that and come out for Trump because his campaign was brilliant. This administration tho is a fucking train wreck and if these guys expect me to get behind this they are losing it.”

      Yes, Trump ran as a real white Nationalist with his strong anti-immigrant talk. I was suckered into voting for him like the rest of us. I even donated money to him (the first time I ever donated to any political campaign).

      But in the end, Trump was just another actor, who talked the talk but won’t walk the walk.

      Fool me once, and I voted Trump. But I won’t be fooled again, because Trump has an actual track record now, and it looks pretty awful.

      • Trump’s record is essentially one giant dumpster fire.

        His groveling before the Jews is something that even George W. Bush never attempted.

  14. The Bible teaches it’s best not to marry (Vox Day understands this; Augustine understood it, Kierkegaard did, as did Newman). Chastity is an integral part of Christianity. If you kill the monasteries, you kill the backbone of Christendom. We need quality, not quantity. When Germany was at its cultural peak, around the year 1800, there were only 20 Million Germans alive in a territory that was at that time larger than today’s Germany.

    We have about 60-65 Million Germans alive in Germany today, its (my) culture sucks, it’s decadent, it’s paling in comparison to the high cultural level of Goethe’s Weimar — even though during the day’s of the latter there were only, as I wrote, 20 Million Germans alive.

    As the Catholic thinker Nicolas Gomez Davila wrote:

    “Eugenics appalls those who fear its judgement.”

    “Beneficiaries of slaves never are supporters of birth control.”

    Gomez Davila was wealthy, lived a life in leisure, thinking, reading, writing; had three kids; was the most brilliant Christian, one of the most brilliant thinkers of the 20th century.

    Europe practiced a “soft” eugenics due to the Church anyway. Most people did not marry and have children; to have sex, you had to marry, to marry, you had to be able to provide for a family, being able to provide for one usually meant being capable, i.e. not too dumb, not too lazy, not too mentally unstable.

    Serfs did not reproduce. The Black Death killed, if I recall correctly, 1/3 of Europeans, but 80% of the serfs. This resulted in a “boost” in terms of genetic quality, because of the subsequent generations were of the upper classes that had survived due to their greater wealth; and greater wealth often correlates with intelligence and other positive qualities.

    (See also Vox Day’s time-to-civilization hypothesis.)

    Unlike today, where having children out of wedlock is seen as “normal” and supported by the state, so that even those who can’t provide for themselves are allowed to have children; where everyone thinks he’s entitled ot have sex. Humans have been numerous only really since the French revolution. Why? Because it relaxed the societal birth control of having to marry to have children. That’s the whole reason Europe experienced the awful demographic, industrial and democratic catastrophe that has forced us to live in this abhorrent modern world.

    The Orthodox are wrong; people need solitude, not families with at least 10 children. That’s insane. We need less humans on this planet, as was the case for centuries, nay, millennia. The quality of man matters. To quote the great Nicolás Gómez Dávila again:

    “The reactionary’s ideal is not a paradisiacal society. It is a society similar to the society that existed in the peaceful intervals of the old European society, of Alteuropa, before the demographic, industrial, and democratic catastrophe.”

    “Population growth disquiets the demographer only when he fears that it will impe
    de economic progress or make it harder to feed the masses.
    But that man needs solitude, that human proliferation produces cruel societies, that distance is required between men so that the spirit might breathe, does not interest him.
    The quality of a man does not matter to him.”

    “A limited population produces fewer ordinary intelligences than a numerous popul
    ation, but it can produce an equal or greater number of talents.
    Great demographic densities are the breeding grounds of mediocrity.”

    “The modern world resulted from the confluence of three independent causal series: the demographic expansion, democratic propaganda, the industrial revolution.”

    “Demographic pressure makes people brutish.”

    It’s more important to reverse immigration and the West’s current self-hatred, to rebuild the monasteries and then to re-institute marriage as it was even during the 50’s almost into the 60’s of the 20th century.

    If you want to have sex, you need to marry, to marry, you need to be capable. If you aren’t, then you have to accept the fact to die a virgin. Pray to God that He may give you chastity if you honestly ask for it and seek it; see it as part of your cross you have to carry, as I view it myself. I have no problem admitting that I’m genetically inferior to many; that my children would become as idiotic as I am, an object of ridicule in school, as dumb as I was during school years (the fat, lazy, indolent idiot in class). That’s all only okay though only if you accept Christ, because Christ allows you to accept your own low genetic and societal worth. But only iff you become born-again as a Christian (I hanged myself seven years before becoming one; obviously my incompetence saved me, otherwise I’d now be in hell). In previous times, people like me would have joined monasteries.

    At last, lets not forget what was written in the Catechism of the Council of Trent about marriage:

    “As it is the duty of the pastor to seek the holiness and perfection of the faithful, his earnest desires must be in full accordance with those expressed by the Apostle when writing to the Corinthians: I would that all men were even as myself, that is, that all should embrace the virtue of continence. No greater happiness can befall the faithful in this life than to have their souls distracted by no worldly cares, the unruly desires of the flesh tranquillised and restrained, and the mind fixed on the practice of piety and the contemplation of heavenly things.

    But as, according to the same Apostle, every one hath his proper gift from God, one after this manner, and another after that; and as marriage is gifted with great and divine blessings, so much so as truly and properly to hold a place among the other Sacraments of the Catholic Church, and as its celebration was honoured by the presence of our Lord Himself, it is clear that this subject should be explained, particularly since we find that St. Paul and the Prince of the Apostles have in many places minutely described to us not only the dignity but also the duties of the married state. Filled with the Spirit of God (these Apostles) well understood the numerous and important advantages which must flow to Christian society from a knowledge, and an inviolable observance by the faithful of the sanctity of marriage; while they saw that from ignorance or disregard of (its holiness), many and serious calamities and losses must be brought upon the Church.”

    • German Reactionary is a whiny incel. He’s bitter because women hate him, so he tries to convince everyone that being an incel is the right choice. ROFL!!! 😛

    • Germ. React- Rome… is a cult.

      It has not been part of the Catholic Church, since at least 1100, and it is only now showing that it is the whore of Babylon, that the reformers all agreed it was-and they knew, because they all came out of her!

      The Orthodox are the only valid representatives of historical Christianity on the planet, along with some very very small traditional Lutheran and Anglican groups. Your Gnostic predilections are not wanted here.

      What we must do, (if God grants us success) is the culling of the herd of the ‘beasts of the field.’ And one can’t call it ‘genocide,’ when the ’genus’ you are obliterating, are not even human. That’s eugenics from a Christian standpoint.

    • @German Reactionary

      I agree with you on many points, but disagree on the notion that we should be discouraging families. In a society with a moral code people would be able to provide for 10 children. Working a farm, producing as a family-for the family. People say colloquially that the order of important things in life is God, Family, Work. I propose that the scriptures talks more about work than it ever does the family and perhaps the correct order of importance is God, work, family (for work is how you take care of the family).

      I do think our society has made virginity a mockery. God will correct this, in Revelation it says God is raising up 144,000 people NOT DEFILED BY WOMEN. Virginity is a sign of purity and devotion. These 144,000 will likely be warriors conquering. I get very squeemish when people/medias make fun of virginity. It’s high on the list of blasphemy.

  15. It’s hard to add to your response.Certainly voting in this day and age in any two party electoral system is futile. Both have been hijacked, both are the enemy. Voting for a lesser evil is still voting FOR evil.

    Trump does not need the congress/senate. barry soetoro did not have it and others before him did not. It did not stop him. Trump could just ignore the law or start interpreting any way he wants. It’s that simple. He could be issuing one executive order termed ‘Repatriation of Love’ Act after another.

    I don’t see not voting until there is someone/something worth voting for as an issue. Perhaps it’s the only way to show the world and maybe even to ourselves that we indeed have the pull we think we do. To show that we can act in a unified way for our best interest.

    Trump is supposedly a master negotiator. How do we know? He said it himself. He’s been called the worst names and yet he does the bidding of the people calling him those. I don’t see him getting upset at us trying to negotiate.

    Frankly, the reason things got this bad is because we always blink. We are chicken. We can threaten, we can reason, but in the end don’t follow through. And they always know they will get our vote and they can wipe the floor with us. I am either not voting or voting the insane party. Worse is better. It’s time to stop being reasonable and I intend to convince as many people as possible to do the same.

  16. Watched NASCAR in Atlanta today.Stadium was half empty.Demography declined in that area.Back in the 80s it was jam packed.

  17. Fasce is the old Roman symbol; united we stand.devided we fall.South Africa aparthei collapsed by way of ballot box.Same with the civil rights act gave non whites power.

  18. The demographic time bomb is about to go off. By electing Trump we just bought a few years. He will probably lose in 2020. The Leftists will be back with a vengeance as soon as they get back in office.

    It only takes a few years of open borders to make voting meaningless. When Texas and Florida go blue electing a so called “conservative” wound be an option. And that is just a decade away, at most.

    • I’ve gotta ask… how did we buy a few years with a pro-DACA amnesty and Zionist president?

      Seven states go from permanently red to permanently blue the moment he signs an amnesty bill, and the GOP will never again win the presidency.

  19. No. (To the question posed above.)

    It’s a choice between leftist jews and their acolytes and neocon warmonger jews and their acolytes.

    (The two groups seem now to be merging, however. Jews provide 50% of the funding for the former and 25% for the latter.)

  20. Having a choice of just two parties is not democracy-more like mockery.
    When people with healthy views of what they want for a nation are more stigmatized than, say an illegal Somalian rapist, then we’ve truly turned to shit as a country.
    One party is openly leftwing and controlled by kikes, the other is a bunch of cucks controlled by kikes. Ummm…….thats your ‘democracy’ for you right there.

  21. “cut the trump movement short.”

    The Trump movement ended like 5 months ago. The only MAGApedes left are the Elmer Fudds like Weev who still haven’t caught on to the fact that they are being played for fools.

    • It ended when Trump bombed Syria, and was smug, like Bush.

      He ran on a platform of ending all wars and ties with the Middle East.
      Trump is owned by big business and Jews.

      I have no use for him if he doesn’t get the Wall done.

  22. I will vote for any radical republican in the primaries this year, and then vote Dem in the general election in 2018…same in 2020, except that if trump runs for reelection I will vote for him in 2020….unless there is a more radical gop candidate who gets up in the primary polls…accelerationism is best…also, the Dems might just have to promise real single payer this time in order to get into office

    • Liberals are traitors. They side with the dominant group against their own group.

      Liberalism makes MORE sense for certain personality types, after a certain point of decline, when your own group has little to offer.

      Liberals aren’t the demographic you want to look at, the more relevant question is:

      Under what circumstances can non-liberals can be motivated to resist their own dispossession, by doing something more than just voting for an approved mainstream candidate?

  23. HW #4

    What’s the split? Is there a map?

    We need an overthrow of this government returning us to the “Bill of Rights” and Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We don’t need to split into many nation-states.

  24. Everyone here is correct. This is no longer America, it is (((murica))). The jewish parasite has laid waste to yet another mighty country. Skin is all that matters now and the jewish parasite is the world’s foremost problem.

  25. Weev and Anglin see the possibility of whites getting so fed up as to vote in somebody who will address their interests. Examples from the past – Hitler, from the present Dutarte in the Philippines. Who else? Maybe Erdogan in Turkey. And of course, God Emperor Trump. True enough, the political establishment did not want Trump to win AT ALL but he did. But, as Bannon said, the first days of Trump’s presidency represented a cave-in to the establishment. He continues to blather about trade deals, as record trade deficits accumulate, but on immigration and foreign policy the establishment is in charge. Amnesty is in the works in exchange for what? How about deportations? No can do. Neocon foreign policy prevails, with potential nuclear war with N.Korea now in the mix. Trump has to concede or be deposed. I’m not a libertarian, but had the energy of Ron Paul’s campaign carried him to power, because he was serious about looking at the Federal Reserve and changing foreign policy, he would probably be a dead man now (or deposed).
    A democratic victory can change things if some institutions, in particular the military, are not hostile to your rule. In the U.S., the institutions are all under control of an (((enemy))) who hates us and will not cede any power voluntarily.

    • The key difference between the US now and Germany then is that Hitler won the election by manipulating Weimar’s broken parliamentary system, but he only did so AFTER he was made into a folk hero by way of the November Putsch. He wasn’t a reactionary like weev and Anglin, he was most definitely a revolutionary.

  26. Weev speaks about autonomous racial killing drone tech, he fantasizes about all kinds of things that are far flung but maybe possible. In a few years there may be more Hard Right clones, and TWP can learn and change based on intelligence, that’s what NatSoc is all about. He said his IQ was 105, not high, but decent. He also refuses to do a DNA test, paranoia or worried? He doesn’t think we can accomplish this amazing feat, we can, and much more. I’ve thought out all this long ago, the path of the Hard Right is best for the real men amongst us, it could be expanded with more groups in his line of thinking however. He must have never hung out with us. We are building on bedrock. We are creating our own future. We are affecting the whole world. Keep up the good work!

    • Weev once tweeted me that his IQ was not very high. I find that hard to believe. If what he said is true then IQ is not a satisfactory or reliable criterion for measuring one’s true intelligence.

    • Weev doesn’t want to do a DNA test because he doesn’t want everyone to know that his mother wasn’t lying about him being a Jew – he certainly acts Jewish a lot of the time though…

  27. “I don’t think we can win a war at this point in time. I don’t even think we’d survive it. The Iron Heel of ZOG will come down harder than any of us could have ever imagined and only thing to change is that whites in America will die quickly rather than slowly. That is not an optimal outcome.”

    Widespread, large scale repression of the population is destabilizing

    It’s too early, that’s still a risky course for them

  28. I was gonna post this over that the right stuff forums, but I just registered, and it will not let me post till tomorrow…so here is my response to the thread posted over on the right stuff forum:
    well, this is a fascinating debate…both sides have some decent points….as for the hunterwallace/TWP/Heimbach side, I am more or less in agreement with their accelerationist strategy…hunter’s points above are basically correct…trump changed little…yeah, there was a coalescing of white dissident populism around him…but it was already there…what started it was the realization among many whites that there is not going to be any kumbaya end game for multiculturalism…the trayvon/zimmerman trial was perhaps the catalyst there…many whites are realizing that there are too many brainwashed self-loathing whites and too many minorities propagandized into hating whitey…and that there cannot be a coming together and a healing…this long multiculti propaganda campaign by the establishment has built up a lot of momentum, has poisoned millions of minds, and that momentum cannot be stopped now…we are hurtling into the abyss…

    and trump is a one-off, unique situation–he is super rich and was well known even before the election…he did not need the money of the donors…where are we going to find another one like him?

    As for the whole optics thing, meh….It’s a big tent…the anglin/Enoch/TRS camp is looking to assert their dominance here…Hey, I welcome their approach…I welcome the new young blood they bring to the game…young people have a different viewpoint…and I welcome their energy…but the TWP/League of the South approach can also yield dividends…

    Yeah, the TWP helmets, not something I find real appealing…I like heimbach because he incorporates economic leftism into his platform, and I think that is vital. But the helmets?

    But then again I do not agree with quite a few of the strategies and ideologies espoused by the alt-right in general…but you can’t have everything…

    as for how the revolution might take place, it could take place via electoral politics, but only when the establishment is FORCED to concede…that was what happened with the fall of the soviet union…the price of oil fell a lot, and russia could not afford to financially support the satellite states…also, the soviet people no longer bought into the soviet propaganda…and so the soviet establishment was forced to give up their empire…and that is what america and always has been–a empire owned by elites…they are not going to give it up willingly…

    if we can hurt the economy sufficiently, and spread our own propaganda widely, we can force the establishment to concede…

    one way to hurt the economy is to slow immigration, to make immigrants think twice about coming here…that is one reason the establishment hates trump–he scares potential immigrants with his populist rhetoric….yes, it is true that trump is mostly just empty rhetoric, but if that rhetoric scares away potential immigrants, that is going to hurt the establishment….

    if our side can spread scare-propaganda into 3rd world nations that send immigrants, that could scare away potential immigrants, and slow immigration, and hurt the american ponzi scheme economy enough to force the establishment to concede.

  29. The social order of America has always been Freemasonry. As such, the electoral process is a farce. But it should be utilised as a productive farce.

    What is important is for the White American nation to come together as a nation representing the old founding European stock of Project America, voice its interests and stake out the land it can occupy and push back against the Federal ie JewSA and its world empire state: Israel.

  30. If our society (under its current rulers) ever goes the “eugenics” route, branded right-wingers will be the first ones forbidden from having children. That’s what they told Eric Rudolf when he was captured: you’ll never have children. Hell, what do you think PC and feminism are all about? A man with traditional values without gifts and connections is at a great disadvantage. If you find your thinking is like Margaret Sanger, you’ve got a big problem.

    There’s always been a very simple solution to the problem of the other races: require that they take care of themselves separately from us. It is the only just and practical solution.

  31. America is a young nation. The White American founding stock is a confluence of European nationalities that have melded. Identifying as non-hyphenated Americans, the foundational and pioneering history remains and also some language and culture of the old countries is retained.

    At this time, America as a nation is taken over and its White culture subverted.

    One of the great strengths has always been the English and the Britons. In Wales, the Brythoniaid is still strong. Looking to the old country – the nation sings its long history – the Roman invasion, the suppression of native Britons, the long wars with the English (Saxons, Angles) and their resilience as a nation. Cymry (Wales) is a bardic culture and after millennia they are culturally intact. America must look to its roots in the old countries and draw upon their national cultures for the inspiration to re-envision American culture and social life.

    For example, the stirring Yma O Hyd narrates the long story of the Brythoniaid and their fight to be a nation and preserve their ancient bardic culture. Don’t worry – it has a translation – they are singing this against the English, especially the England post the War of the Succession – jew bought and paid for all the way.
    Rhydian and Daffyd Iwan – Yma O Hyd. (We are still here)

    O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau

  32. Hunter – if Hillary had been installed – we’d be in FEMA camps by now. After all – she called us all Deplorables. Trump bought us a little time. A little. It’s the JEWS. It’s always been the Jews. If it’s not one, it’s another, Whites have to SEE – and decide to live. Do we want to live, or not?

    • No we wouldn’t. That’s as ridiculous as the liberal fear-mongering that imagined Trump as the next Hitler. I remember when people like Alex Jones thought Obama was going to usher in a “new world order” and put everyone in FEMA camps. Would Hillary have been good? No, just more of the same that you get from all of these whores whether republican or democrat.

  33. I guess Whitey isn’t going to start fighting back until the country disintegrates into smaller, semi-barbarous fiefdoms that are constantly at war against each other. Something to look forward to.

  34. OD is a bit too black-pilled and negative. In general this is just not the proper way to live under any circumstance. It shortens your lifespan and is no fun.

    Both parties are right to some degree. Trump has failed us on many levels, but I don’t consider him a total lost cause. He’s still far better than Hillary and is at least the white nationalist camel’s nose in the tent, albeit a tent with Jews in it. Did you really expect otherwise? Trump’s daughter married a Jew and converted. Trump has been surrounded by his trusted team of Jewish lawyers his whole adult life who made him money and defended him. He’s emotionally invested in Jews. He didn’t have a team of white nationalist lawyers who made him millions and billions.

    I consider weev and Anglin’s politics and presentation a non-starter and Heimbach is a lot more charismatic and likable than either of them, but the national socialist thing is a dead end. Hunter’s appeal to Southern nationalism is far more effective and practical than either of those groups. It reminds me of Asian martial arts. Where you have all of these different styles that don’t work but people still practice them out of pride and tradition. MMA showed what really worked and that’s what we have to do. We have to do what works and wins.

    • OD is black-pilled about the GOP and Trump. OD is not black-pilled about the far right’s future. It is not a controversial position on our side to claim that the destruction of the GOP will have a positive effect in that it opens up new avenues. Look at the Whigs in the 19th century for reference. There is nothing controversial about wanting the GOP to lose and die out. It made me laugh when I saw Weev act as though it was scandalous that Heimbach wants the GOP’s end to come about.

      Like I have said before, when Bannon was pushing for his populist agenda and trying to primary cucks, I was willing to reluctantly go along with it because it made sense. After Bannon was destroyed the “American nationalists” simply moved the goal posts to now say just go vote GOP across the board. No thanks.

    • Sometime the “black pill” is the right one to take. You don’t want to have any delusions whether positive or negative. You don’t want to think that a situation is worse than it actually is but you also don’t want to think that a situation is better than it actually is. Both can be equally detrimental. The problem is many people in the alt-right have positive delusions about Trump that aren’t justified by his actions, while the critics are much more grounded in reality as they can actually point to his betrayals. All I see from the pro trump crowd is a bunch of obtuse clap trap about moving the “overton window” and the lesser of two evils fallacy.

  35. “ is that whites in America will die quickly rather than slowly. That is not an optimal outcome…”

    I mentioned over at GAB “the Benedict option;” with the thought that maybe some serious retired boomers (with disposable income) could relocate to a Latin American or South American country, and to help fund (with a lower cost-of-living, south of the border) the eventual Second American Revolution.

    In other word, what the g-d beaners are doing, albeit in reverse. We’re not young, we can’t survive war, but we can help finance it: a “million- man White George Soros,” as it were….

    Nobody took me up on it. Anyone here even remotely interested in that idea?

    • Like everything, this will most likely be one of those… ‘just do it’ and ‘if you build it they will come’.

      You may not even have to relocate; start small. You (and by that I don’t mean specifically you) don’t even have to change much. Cancel cable, perhaps some other subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, or even charities that are not explicitly /ourcause/} that support the system and redirect funds. Stop volunteering for anything not explicitly ours.

  36. Weev the jew wants us to continue to be part of a jew owned political system. I think his views are jew compromised. There are over 100 million voters who have decided not to vote. I used to be one of them. The key is to go third party and convince those 100 million to go third party as well. Do not support republicans or democrats anymore.

  37. Exactly, It’s 1860 all over again, or 1917 in Russia all over again compliments of the genocidal demon race known as Jews. Whites should get what weapons and ammunition they can, and they better have the stones to shoot and kill their enemies when the waste matter hits the fan.

  38. Brilliantly stated. Trump was fun during the election but it seems proWhites got high on our own memes.
    And most of us old timers knew where this was headed (right where we are) but figured what the hell lets see, maybe Trump can do something. Nothing happened positive for Whites, as we all knew deep down would be the case.
    Trump loves jews and jews love him.

  39. We aren’t living in a sane society, or anything close to it, how much longer this can continue,is anyone’s guess. I used to write to VDARE and say that the white nationalists needed a third party, nothing much has come of it, unfortunately. The Republicans just use the white vote to keep themselves in power, then they do what they usually do, which is use the American military to boss the rest of the world around, give tax breaks to some of the biggest parasites of the last 300 years, show their viciousness by cutting social programs for people who really need them.

  40. “Second, the Trump movement wasn’t “the greatest awakening of White consciousness within any of our lifetimes.””

    Ok, fair enough. Then what was? There has to be one, so what was it? ???

    This is why you’re losing it, bud. You deny obvious factual realities because they conflict with your pre-selected narrative.

  41. The only logical conclusion to this whole article is that we should be doing everything we can to help the Jews and the democrats to achieve their (and now our) goals. Fact: We’ve already lost. All is lost and they’ve already won, so the only hope to salavage *anything* is to speed up the process of “collapse” and hopefully see the nation destroyed in an orgy of death – where we will see our parents and children killed in front of us, mind you – but we will come out of it OK with a multitude of nation-states on the North American continent. That is the plan: push for a cataclysmic destruction of the nation and nationalism as such.

    This is LITERALLY what Hunter wants to see happen. Ok, fair enough. Let’s say that’s a viable, non-insane plan. Why, then, shouldn’t I LITERALLY join with the Jews and the democrats to help them achieve their (and Hunter’s) goal faster? There’s no argument against it. Correct me if I am wrong.

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