Black History Month 2018: Anarcho-Somalism


Somalia is the most dysfunctional country in Africa.

It is probably the worst, most dysfunctional place on earth. It is so bad that it isn’t ranked in the UN Human Development Index because it hasn’t been a functioning state since 1991. Millions of refugees have poured out of Somalia and have gone on over the years to commit terrorism and violent crimes in the UK, Norway, Kenya, Minnesota, Georgia and Ohio and Maine.

This is surprising because Somalia had all the ingredients of a successful nation-state. Unlike other countries in Africa, Somalians share a common race, ethnicity, culture, language and religion. It is one of the most homogeneous countries in Africa. And yet, it has been the dysfunctional, unstable country in Africa while heterogeneous states like Senegal, Cameroon and Tanzania which aren’t divided by ethnicity and religion have managed to remain peaceful and intact.



Somalia is the most natural ethnostate in Africa. There are Somalis who live across the border in the Ogaden in Ethiopia and the Northern Frontier District of Kenya. This is true of most African countries though. The Bakongo are split between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Angola. Most of the Tswana live across the border in Botswana. The Mandinka live all over West Africa.


Somalia’s dysfunction can’t be blamed on “the legacy of slavery.” The slaves who were brought to the New World came from West Africa and Mozambique. Slavery was abolished in Somalia in the early 20th century by the British, French and Italians who carved up Somaliland only to reunite the country in 1960.



Somalia’s dysfunction isn’t due to “the legacy of colonialism” either. When British and Italian Somalia were reunited in 1960, Somalia was one of the most peaceful, successful countries in Africa. Mogadishu was known at the time as “The White Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” The British and Italians weren’t interested in Somalia because of its natural resources – it didn’t have the oil of Nigeria, the diamonds of Sierra Leone, the gold of Ghana. The resource curse theory doesn’t apply to Somalia. They were interested in its Indian Ocean ports which were modernized and inherited by Somalians.


In 1969, Siad Barre came to power in a military coup in Somalia. He turned Somalia into a Marxist-Leninist state, built the largest army in Africa and set Somalia on a collision course with Ethiopia in his determination to conquer the Ogaden. Somali minorities existed in Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia and the aim of Somalian foreign policy was to reunite all Somalis into one ethnostate. It ended in a disaster when Somalia invaded Ethiopia in 1977 only to be betrayed by its Soviet and Cuban allies who backed Mengistu’s Ethiopia. Siad Barre’s dream to create a Greater Somalia came to an end in a stinging defeat.

After that experience, Somalia switched sides in the Cold War and was supported by Ronald Reagan’s America in the 1980s which supported a number of other regimes on the continent including Apartheid South Africa and Mobutu Sese Seko’s Congo. Like all these other countries, America no longer needed its African allies when the Soviet Union began to collapse and cut off its client states in 1988.

The true cause of Somalia’s collapse is clan warfare.

It is a desert society populated by camel herding nomads. These nomads are all related to each other through clans and sub-clans. Ethnically, they are all Somalis, but at the end of the Cold War the Somali clans turned on Siad Barre and turned on each other. By 1991, Siad Barre had been driven out of power and Somalia had disintegrated as a state into a vicious downward spiral of clan warfare.

This was hugely embarrassing to the United Nations. In 1992, a famine broke out in southern Somalia. Hundreds of thousands of Somalians were starving to death and dying in pointless street battles in Mogadishu between Somali militias high on khat. Fresh from his victory in the Gulf War, President George H.W. Bush thought it would be a great idea to save the starving blacks of Somalia in “Operation Restore Hope” before Christmas and show the world that the US military and United Nations was capable of building his New World Order. He lost the presidency in 1992 though.

Bill Clinton inherited the mess in Somalia:

Clinton in the United Nations set out to rebuild Somalia as a functioning state. It ended in the Black Hawk Dawn disaster when 18 American soldiers were killed in Mogadishu. Over 1,000 Somalis lost their lives in that victory but it drove the Yankees out of Africa until George W. Bush’s intervention in Liberia. The major reason the Rwanda Holocaust happened was because we don’t want to get burned again saving Africans after Somalia. The best estimates are that 300,000 Somalis have died in the hell of war and famine and after the Black Hawk Down disaster we abandoned Somalia to its fate.



Sorry shitlibs, but Somalia isn’t the White man’s fault. This cascading disaster is caused by clan warfare and is rooted in Somalia’s own unique nomadic culture. The rest of the world has tried at least a dozen times now in the years since the United States pulled out of Somalia to put the country back together again. It is a war unlike any other on the African continent and has completely destroyed Somalia.


In recent years, Somalia has turned to Islamic fundamentalism in the hope that it can be used to quell the division between the clans. It has also developed a reputation for piracy:

As in Nigeria, the terrorist group al-Shabab has found fertile soil in Somalia:

Are all peoples equally capable of freedom and self government? Is white supremacy a bad thing? Somalia shows us otherwise. The country would be far better off today if it had remained colonized.

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  1. Those two photos of Mogudishu during the early 60’s say a thousand words. Clean streets, order, beautiful architecture, classic (but then new) European cars in the streets….it just says it all really-the difference between us and them.
    When blacks and shitlibs claim all races are equal, they base this assumption on what exactly?
    There are two problems with non-whites, especially blacks :- they are inferior and they are increasing in number.
    In 2050 when Europe looks the same as the top photo and the infrastructure is crumbling due to non-white rule……it will be blamed on slavery and colonialism….anything but their own low IQ.

  2. Sans European colonisation , Somalia and anarchy go together like tohu et bohu, fire and gas, jews and wars.

    There does objectively exist a natural, temporal order among nations and Somalis are not capable of joining it. Even before the Europeans came along and build infrastructure for them as the colony of a greater hegemon, the Somali camel herders were the go-fers for the Arabs in running the African slave trade to the Ottoman Empire, piracy and looting of Africa in the interests of foreigners.

    The Europeans made them the best deal they ever had, especially the Italians in establishing the Church in Somaliland – and they blew it on a Jew Marxist revolution.

    • You cannot understand of the utter depravity of the non-elect, until you look at all these articles that HW has been uploading this entire month, as a representative sampling of every Negroid on the planet.

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  3. Hunter, please do something on the Boers and British in South Africa. Especially on the Zulu Wars.

    South Africa was unpopulated. Europeans moved northeast and Zulus, an East African people, moved southwest, into empty lands. South Africa was a “meeting engagement” between Africans and Europeans.

    They blame Black dysfunction on Apartheid, rather than on slavery and colonialism.

  4. In Africa, the only form of government outside that supplied by Eurasians, is Negrocracy. Calling Negrocracy “Democracy®” or “Marxism,” or “Capitalism,” is just polishing a turd. European political concepts, indeed politics, means nothing to Stone Age peoples.

    • But stone-age peoples in occupation of lands rich in resources have a very specific meaning for the Judaic Imperium and its Communist/Globalist revolution. . Just as in former times they had a very specific meaning for Islamic Caliphates – like the Ottoman Empire. And they have very specific meanings for people who oppose both.

    • @James,
      Yes exactly. What nog even understands what any of that means, let alone practices them? African countries are just……shitholes! Sugarcoating the naming doesn’t make them any less shitholed. If African countries really were ‘Communist’ in its proper application, they’d look remotely civilized. But we all know this isn’t the case.
      The proper name for these places is…..LowIQshitholeism.

    • Thanks for the link, James. This website & OD has given me more information & insight in the past year than in the previous 50+ years on the issue of race. I first witnessed the devastation done by congoids starting with the riots in the Watts section of Los Angeles back in August,1965 & well into the late 60’s. It’s never really improved, just worsened. A special thanks to Hunter Wallace & all the great BHM articles & their respective links.

  5. Somalis are simply not capable to maintain order. These are backwards creatures that will always remain dysfunctional.

  6. While it is true that the colonial exertions of Europid Christendom built honest nations where none could have arisen from the indigenous populations, one of the lessons learned in their repeated implosions to core behavior is that such projects attract these races and sub-species from outside of the evolutionary timeline of our total ancestral investiture.

    The darkies get obsessed with our weapons, and le jews, arabs, hindoos and chinamen lose their minds and intrude like lunatics into our economies. If we had a way of getting these groups back into their own evolutionary lane. If we had a way of clawing it all back and stabilizing a multigenerational means of preventing the implicit subversion of their presence.

  7. You have bad base DNA from the nigger race then made even worse with inbreeding and Islamic insanity. Their dysfunction is to be expected with that extremely dysgenic combination.

    “World Health Organization: 1 in 3 Somalis are Insane” (Sounds about right for American niggers too.)

    There’s a reason whites outlawed cousin marriage once we realized it lowered IQ and increased genetic abnormalities and mental illness.

    “So how inbred are you?” is a common discussion among Somalis.

    Somalis and many Muslim groups are so insane and dysfunctional that they desire inbreeding and want to revert back to primitivism.

    “Why so much retardation among Somalis in Minnesota?
    The New York Times featured an article on the high rates of “autism” among Somalis in Minnesota, but noted that it seemed different from the similarly high rates of autism among Minnesota whites because none of the Somali “autistics” had IQs over 70.

    In other words, it’s not like Ludwig Wittgenstein or Glenn Gould-style autism, it’s severe retardation.

    Retardation is also common among Pakistani immigrants in the English Midlands, due largely to high levels of cousin marriage.

    What about Somalis in Minnesota? From Wikipedia’s article on “Cousin Marriage:”
    A bill to repeal the ban on first-cousin marriage in Minnesota was introduced by Phyllis Kahn in 2003, but it died in committee. Republican Minority Leader Marty Seifert criticized the bill in response, saying it would “turn us into a cold Arkansas.””

    The Muslim problem is more than just a question of their religion. Their culture, politics and inbreeding are all extremely dysfunctional and unhealthy.
    37.8% first cousin marriages, Pangani – Household 503 Tanner (1958) (Muslims) survey

    61.4% Nubia 1967/68 Household 611 D1C,1C,1 1/2C,2C Badr (1972) (Fadetchi) survey

    62.0% Nubia 1967/68 Household 757 D1C,1C,11/2C,2C Badr (1972) (Kenuzi) survey

    69.8% Nubia 1967/68 Household 414 69.8 D1C,1C,11/2 C,2C Badr (1972)
    (Arabs) survey

    63.6% All-Nubia 1967/68 Household 1,782 63.6 D1C,1C,11/2 C,2C Badr (1972)

    44.2% Gezira 1969/74 Household 2,999 44.2 1C 0.0028 Ahmed (1979) survey

    18.3% Khartoum – Blood donors 345 18.3 1C,2C Saha & El Sheikh (Nilotes) (1988)

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    52.0% All- – Blood donors 4,833 52.0 1C,2C Saha & El Sheikh Khartoum (1988)

    Burkina Faso
    65.8% North – Household 308 65.8 1C,2C Hampshire & (Fulani) survey Smith (2001)

  8. Somalia is the natural state of the negro. Just as water always finds a level, negroes will always live in chaos and disorder.

  9. It’s not so much that Somali fell apart over decades of warfare. It is the impossibility of putting it back together. After all, much of Europe and Japan were devastated by World War II, yet bounced back stronger than ever, at least materially. But Somalia seems to be acting according to the principle of “reversion to the African mean.”

    The dilemma is that this “mean” is being exported to Europe and North America.

  10. You’d think a warm-water port city on the Indian Ocean like Mogadishu would be a huge, thriving metropolis. But not under nigger control. They are more destructive than atomic radiation.

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