HNN: The Far Right’s Toxic Forbears: Super-Wealthy Secessionist Slaveholders

In my case, I have explicitly made this connection for years

“There is a valuable lesson in all this for today’s progressives. Dig deeply into the history of slaveholding South Carolina and it soon will become obvious that the ideology embraced by its cotton planting politicians and the doctrines espoused by today’s hard right share strands of historical DNA which makes them “kissing cousins.” Pair these two and past and present do actually rhyme. This comparison also warns us in no uncertain terms that this younger hard right “cousin” threatens our democracy just as gravely as its secessionist elder once did. Such a loaded indictment requires extensive substantiation and that is precisely this essay’s intention …

So the final strand in the shared DNA, and the most dangerous one, is an urge for concerted planning to jettison egalitarian democracy in order to replace it with something “better.” Remember those earlier references to slow-motion coups d’etat? The antebellum South Carolina Constitution, the most antidemocratic in the nation, included property requirements for voting so strict that the planter class, en masse, constantly re-elected one another. In addition, it permitted them to further magnify their power by allowing them to hold more than one governmental office at the same time. They were further bolstered on the national level by the infamous “three fifths compromise” assuring slaveholders’ and their northern allies’ control of the House of Representatives. There, in 1850, they and their racist free state sympathizers pushed through the disgraceful Fugitive Slave Law requiring every northerner, on pain of imprisonment, to assist in capturing black refugees from slavery. In this instance as it is so often, the “states rights” principles of political reactionaries were revealed to be convenient fictions. …”

I don’t think it holds for much of the Alt-Right.

It is true of Southern Nationalists though. I’m not inspired by fascism or National Socialism or the European New Right. Instead, I am inspired by the antebellum Southern reactionaries and fire-eaters like George Fitzhugh, John C. Calhoun, William Gilmore Simms, Robert Barnwell Rhett and William Lowndes Yancey. I despise the libertarian Koch Brothers though.

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  1. The Big Problem is the Southern Whites lost, and lost as badly as Germans lost. The only White ethnies that have been as consistently and thoroughly demonized as each other. It’s NOT about ideologies. It’s about Race. And it all boils down to Der ewige Jude. Poor fool Jeff Davis wound up impoverished, disgraced, HATED, and persecuted, and Judah Benjamin fled with all the shekels left, in Dixie, and lived to a ripe, happy, very well fed old age in Londonbergstein, with his co-kikes.

    Base your plans in these FACTS.

  2. The U.S. wasn’t set up as a Democracy®.

    In 1912, the War Department published a pamphlet, which it distributed among servicemen and the service academies, which specifically warned of the the dangers of Democracy® and the need to maintain a Republican form of government.

  3. I read the article. It’s just the usual Massachusetts Yankee supremacist bullshit. That’s been bent to fit the Jews’ purposes.

  4. “I despise the libertarian Koch Brothers.”

    Give me a fucking break! The Koch Brothers are NOT Libertarian!!!

    • @jackson

      They’re Oligarchs. Just like one’s in Boston and New York who financed the Abolitionists and Free Soilers. Same Republican party, too.

  5. The term right wing is used to blur the lines and was impose by neocons, it’s origins are in the govt of the French revolution and then the initial Soviet govt. Secondly, the confederates were democrats. It’s elites were disproportionately Jewish, like secretary of the confederacy Judah P Benjamin, his crony FL senator David Yulee Levy, who later wrote the precursors of Jim Crow, the black codes and others like confederate slave owner kkk cofounder Simon Baruch, whose son Bernard was a Wall St banker, funder of the bolshevik revolution in Russia, and advisor to FDR. I’ve long been confused about the advocacy here and your seeking common cause with the “progressives” aka Marxists tells me that far from being patriotic American advocates of the rights of white Americans, that the powers that wannabe on this site are all about dividing us to help your leftist allies.

    • You are, without understanding your own point, making the case that the USA was a Jewish scam from beginning to end. Amendment 1 should have read, “no jew shall be a citizen of these United States”. Start there.

  6. They were further bolstered on the national level by the infamous “three fifths compromise” assuring slaveholders’ and their northern allies’ control of the House of Representatives.

    What exactly was “infamous” about the 3/5 Compromise? This is the use of an emotion laden (and unproven) term to denigrate a political settlement which has been considered reasonable by objective historians.

    Of course, the Compromise did not claim that blacks were 3/5 of a human being per se. Rather, they would be counted that way for apportionment of votes. The Southerners wanted blacks counted as 100% so they would get more seats in the House of Representatives. The Northerners wanted them counted as zero percent to undercut the South in Congress. Most people could not vote at that time, anyway, there was a property qualification for the franchise.

    It’s only been in recent years that the 3/5 Compromise has been distorted all out of shape to suit a political agenda. It’s another example of how history is being rewritten.

    • @R_Moreland

      “What exactly was “infamous” about the 3/5 Compromise? This is the use of an emotion laden (and unproven) term to denigrate a political settlement which has been considered reasonable by objective historians.”

      This was actually one of several such compromises which was demanded and got by the North. This “Professor” takes what the Abolitionists, the Oligarchs who banked rolled them, and the Republicans who pandered to them politically, did, and turns it around on the South. Which is something even the most hard core Neo-Yankee, if he wishes to be taken seriously nowadays, won’t do.

      He also wanders off into the same old moral argument that somehow, supposedly overrides the Constitution and justifies the criminality on the part of the Abolitionists and their supporters.

    • “ the Compromise did not claim that blacks were 3/5 of a human being per se…”.

      No, they were being too generous! But, let’s just be objective and scientific about all this, shall we? The average sub-Saharan IQ is 70, average White 100.

      70/100= 7/10= 3.5/5 ….breddy darn close to 3/5ths. I note that those White Sothernors came up with this ‘compromise,’ centuries before the concept of IQ testing, even existed!

      Then again, from a mathematical perspective, a dumbass Nigger is roughly 3/5 of a normal intelligent White man. The math doesn’t lie.

      Why should we, anymore?

      • @Fr. John+

        Not any of us lying. Just those who use niggers as tools of conquest, or political weapons against Whites.

  7. There is nothing libertarian about the Koch brothers. I’m sympathetic to libertarianism if it’s bunch of white people where it could work on a community level, but some oligarchs with too damn much money.

    I guess its too late to go back to the Articles of Confederation. Those wacky Anti-Federalist were right; everything that has happened has come to pass.

    This is not my original thought, but as one blogger said what is one piece of advice I would have given the founding fathers. Pick your own cotton.

    • @Someone

      “Pick your own cotton.”

      It wouldn’t have mattered if they did. Or if they never grew any at all. Massachusetts wanted to rule all of America for themselves. To do it, they had to crush hated Virginia and all of their political enemies across the South, one way or another.

        • @Ironsides

          ‘They still should have picked their own cotton. Less groids in the country that way.”

          They tried in the beginning. But everybody died of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and semitropical and tropical diseases.

          Read Hunter’s articles on South Carolina and the British Caribbean.

  8. Wasn’t the US and the colonies controlled by companies always just the plaything of the extremely wealthy and pathologically ruthless?

    John Smith freebooting adventurer. Indian killer. Founder. President.

    “He that shall not work shall not eat”

    Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (personal privateer to Carolina Governor Charles Eden)

    John Locke writer of an older constitution. Profiteer occasional philosopher.

    John Hancock, super-smuggler.

    It’s always been about stuffing pockets with loot.

  9. Off-topic but, since this post reminded me of the old SNN & “Golden Circle” podcasts; I was wondering if anyone knows where (if anywhere) those are available online? Hunter and Mike were fantastic in those old shows.

  10. I’m only familiar with George Fitzhugh and there are some significant corresponding parallels in his thought and that of Fascists and National Socialists. Especially NS, since they shared a very race-based worldview. The only discordant note would probably be his Christianity, since Fascists and National Socialists were generally speaking either indifferent or hostile.

  11. A young, completely jewed nation like America is totally out of depth with the great issues and battles of the age now coming together in our time.

    The sound people should get familiar with are the military chants and the national anthems of the Visegrad nations. Long Christian nationalist history fighting the Islamic invasion of Europe. These are the nations to follow: their faith, their nationalism, their military traditions.

    Poland is simply in a class by itself. Currently it has stuck its finger in the eye of GOG and told precious Irsrael – there were no Polish death camps for Jews or anybody else. They were invaded on two fronts in WWII Poland fought them both. In the 1920s Poland fought the invasion of the Jew Red Army invading Europe in force. The miracle of the Vistula is probably the greatest military Rosary miracle of the age – greater even than Lepanto.

    Their national anthem is dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mother of God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

    English translation:

  12. Listen to this wile-y Jew kvetch about Poland shutting down Jew free speech and their Jew party line that Poland was complicit in the holocaust (of which we will never hear the end). Oh God, this is just too good.

    The Polish law condemns Polish nation libel on the part of the Jews (especially on the part of the Jews) and has just stuck their law right up the collective tushi. In Poland, they have to just shut up about Poland as a ‘holocauster’.
    Is Poland engaging in anti-Semitism by stirring up nationalism. (One can only wish)

    Which puts me in the mood for another Polish anthem: Rota: The Oath. Listen to it while you can people.
    Rota (English subtitles)

  13. The War for Southern Independence was doomed from the beginning. Why? Because y’all walked right into Mr. Lincoln’s trap by firing the first shot at Fort Sumter. That made your side look like the aggressor.

  14. The fire-eaters all wrote for a newspaper owned by Moroccan Jews (The Charleston Mercury).

    If their preferred policies had been implemented, such as conquering Cuba and Nicaragua and re-opening the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the biggest beneficiaries would have been Jewish slave traders.

    • @DeplorableNationalConservative

      Jews also push support for Israel on religious grounds, while promoting Atheism. They’re always working against themselves. Like insane people often do.

      The Jews will sell us the rope, at a hefty profit, with which we’ll hang them.

  15. If we had a time machine, it would be wise to go back in time and kill every white American who attempted to import a black slave or buy a black slave. The Americans/Southerners who used and defended the idea black slave labor were, are and always will be enemies of the white race. “Slavery” is neither here nor there; it’s fine as far as I am concerned. However, using *black* slaves in a white nation is a CRIME against the nation and its people and it should have never been allowed. Those who attempted to import or buy black slaves should have been stopped by any means necessary.

  16. To reiterate: the reason America is so fucked up today and possibly unsalvagable is because of Southern slave owners. All of America’s problems with race, multiculturalism and Jews lay SQUARELY at the feet of the people who saddled this nation with blacks: Southern slave owners.

  17. Super-Wealthy Secessionist Slaveholders were total pieces if shit Oligarchs. They didn’t care about the South. They cared about profits. They’re no different than the pro mass immigration Romney’s and that bunch.

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