China Moves To Abolish Term Limits

If you were Chinese, why on earth would you want your Great Helmsman to step down?

“BEIJING — There was a time, not so long ago, when a Chinese leader setting himself up as ruler for life would have stirred international condemnation for bucking the global trend toward greater democracy. Now, such an action seems fully in keeping with moves by many countries in the other direction.

The surprise disclosure on Sunday that the Communist Party was abolishing constitutional limits on presidential terms — effectively allowing President Xi Jinping to lead China indefinitely — was the latest and arguably most significant sign of the world’s decisive tilt toward authoritarian governance, often built on the highly personalized exercise of power.

The list includes Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, all of whom have abandoned most pretenses that they rule according to the people’s will. Authoritarianism is also reappearing in places like Hungary and Poland that bare …”

Since the 1980s, the poverty rate in China has dropped from 88.3 percent to 1.3 percent. 84 percent of the population trusts the government. Hip hop is being eradicated from China. High speed trains connect Beijing with Shanghai. The Great Firewall keeps Jewish degeneracy at bay and the One Belt, One Road project is going to make China the world’s economic center of gravity. The Chinese are among the most optimistic people on the planet as the government has rolled out a welfare state.

Here in the United States, we live under a Jewish oligarchy with a crumbling infrastructure. The US Congress spends its time debating giving amnesties to illegal aliens. It won’t authorize a nickel for Trump’s border wall while China builds infrastructure all over the world. Conservatives have become the equivalent of a Pacific island cargo cult that worships the Constitution as a magical document. Foreigners look at the West and see drag queens reading books to children under liberal democracy.

Is it any wonder that the Chinese model is seen as the future?

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  1. When Bush first got into office he looked to be gearing up for a Cold War with China. The downed USN spy plane and crew would have made a jolly good excuse to blockade Chinese ports and sink their merchant ships and match on Peking like in the days.

    No use drying over spilt milk I guess. At least the US holds the vital city of Kabul.

    • The US has no business being in Central Asia, except to contain China, Iran and Russia. That is NOT what I voted for in November of 2016.

  2. Exactly. Your Chinese – your leaders have taken advantage of the most powerful government the world has ever known – the post WW2 United States, stole their technology, stolen their economy and did it without dropping 1 drop of blood. Why in the world would you be against your leaders? Why would America’s rhetoric about freedom and democracy and elections mean anything to you other than something to mock and laugh at?

    Under our current system only shysters, frauds, thieves and grifters can rise to power – whoever can be bought like a cheap hooker by the Jewish oligarchs and corporate money. Who the hell wants to emulate that disaster? No one.

    As America continues to lose legitimacy around the world, most nations will no longer even pretend any longer and will drop all token gestures to liberal democracy. They will openly mock the United States and the west for their failures.

  3. The Chinese have a concept analogous to the Divine Right of Kings in the West:

    The Mandate of Heaven.

    Under this concept, as long as a government is doing its job well enough, it has the right to govern. When it starts messing up, it needs to be replaced.

    In other words, even in a dictatorship you still need the consent of the governed.

    There is a lesson here for our movement: don’t expect Normie to join you at the barricades (until the fight is already won), but you do need to serve Normie’s interests, even if Normie cannot understand and articulate their own interests as well as we do.

    This is the classic conception of the job of the Nobility. Become the new Nobility. Be the new Nobility. Be noble.

  4. If the Chinks aren’t careful they will find their new global empire under the control of a certain (((hostile alien elite))).

      • It is true that jew advisers from the USSR helped bring Mao to power. But the jews have yet to establish a strong foothold behind the Bamboo Curtain.

    • Not likely. I don’t doubt they’re wise to them. I can’t see any Chinaman ever giving a shit about the Holocaust and becoming guilt ridden or self hating over it.

  5. “Hip hop is being eradicated from China.”

    The Chinese hate niggers. They regard them as animals. They also don’t believe they have to tolerate their existence. Or put up with their presence in China.

    • @James,
      The trouble with the Chinese though, is they expect everyone else to tolerate them.
      Here in Australia, they have a substantial presence in every aspect of our lives. They purchase expensive real estate and farms, they set up busineses and enploy only eachother. Whole suburbs are now populated only by them. Also, Chinese women, like other Asian women, are going after white men and turning us into a nation of halfbreeds-robbing us of yet more vital numbers down the track.
      Is there one white nation anywhere untouched by their unwanted influence? They are going to create an overclass, and use our weaknesses against us.
      The Chinese may hate the Africans but apparently love their animals, or more to the point, the bits and pieces that are cut off or out of them for souvenirs or ‘medicine’. Guess who is sending Africas wildlife extinct because of this market? The bloody Chinese!
      For these reasons and more, I despise them.
      Only white people are like white people.

      • That’s what Diversity is all about, courtesy of your traitorous leaders. The same thing is going on in every other White country. You needn’t be overrun with blacks, Hindus or Hispanics to be force assimilated out of existence. Any non White race will do.

      • Precisely, any non-white invaders would do to eliminate us by war or breeding out. That is a fact the Slavic peoples know all too well because of the Kikes, Yellow Hordes and Ragheads.

      • @john

        I’m not crazy about the Chinese. However, they’re the Chief example of a people who tell the nation wreckers where to get off.

  6. Jews have been in China for a very long time and also have intermarried with them. The picture of this leader of China could very well be a jew. A yes the Rothschilds (Bauer) have owned China for a very long time. Communist ideology is from the Babylonian Talmud as is usury based capitalism. Remember Rabbi Karl Marx? Or was it Rabbi Mordecai Levy? They are one and the same serpent.

  7. Its time to put adults back in charge in EVERY white nation, who are there for the betterment of their own people, can’t be voted out by leftards, is free of Jew infestation, and deals with the dregs of society appropriately. This can only be achieved in a single party system, free of the farce of democracy.
    Russia, Poland and Hungary look promising.

  8. The jews definitely have the Orient in their sights, now that the West is in rapid decline. That’s why Mark Zyklonberg married that ugly Chink and had a mischling with it. The mischling’s assignment will be to penetrate the Bamboo Curtain for the benefit of the International Criminal Jewish Conspiracy.

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