Supreme Court Refuses To Hear DACA Case Just Yet

The Supreme Court is clearly in no hurry to end the DACA program:

“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court refused Monday to review a federal judge’s order that the Trump administration continue a program protecting undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

The denial leaves in place the popular DACA program, which has protected some 690,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation and enabled them to get work permits.

The program had faced a March 5 deadline for congressional action set by Trump last summer. Two federal courts have ruled the administration’s action was illegal.

The justices could have agreed to hear the case this spring, leapfrogging a federal appeals court based in California that has been sympathetic to the cause of immigrants. They also could have overruled federal District Judge William Alsup without a hearing.

Instead, they simply allowed the case to run its normal course through the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. …”

In other words, DACA will continue to wind its way through the Ninth Circus, and the March deadline is meaningless. This doesn’t mean the Supreme Court has upheld DACA. It only means that it isn’t going to issue an expedited ruling. So this will drag on for months and effectively kicks the issue back to Congress. There probably won’t be a final ruling on this until May or June 2019.

Sorry ‘Pedes, there goes your can … kicked down the road yet again.

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  1. Trump promised to end this “Day One”.

    I do not have the pulse of the 2018 General Election yet (soon…) but there are certainly ominous signs. Where I live, in Deep Red Texas, I have never seen so much Democratic activity. The area will stay Red, but what about swing areas?

    To repeat: 4D Chess confuses and demoralizes the base – even if true.

    In the event of a 2018 reversal, our movement will have 2 years to turn 2020 into a referendum on “In or Out” of the New Nation, because that is exactly what it will be. 2016 was never about Trump; like Clinton, he was a horrible candidate and when the final numbers were posted he LOST 46 to 48% Never forget, it was razor tight margins in Rust Belt states against a candidate that literally could not stand on her own two feet in public that gave Trump the win.

    No, 2016 was about whether white America was ready for America to die. They said “no, we are not ready”, but as in hospitals all across America every day, that body lying in that bed is not the person you remember. That person is long gone, and it is time to pull the plug, mourn, and start anew.

    • Part of the reason the regular GOP decides to Cuck is that they know they’ll stir up a black vote and possibly a liberal white vote that would otherwise fail to vote, if they didn’t.

    • Day one. Day one. Day one. Those are the words we must always remember.

      Look, these guys can come up with all the 4d chess theories or whatever but that fact is that none of this extremely large waste of time was even necessary because Trump could have killed it with a pen on day one like he promised. This was an easy one fellas and he couldn’t even sign his name and end Obama’s unlawful executive order. Instead he created a circus out of it and for what? To win the Hispanic vote? To try and blame it all on the Democrats? Gimme a break.

    • I agree with your idea that even if this was 4d chess it doesn’t register with everyday voters. All they care about is results. They could care a less about 4d chess theories and political intrigue. Swing voters will NOT fall for the usual GOP dog whistles like many in the red states will. Trump has to get some results and fast.

    • I think Trump is going to be America’s last “real” president. After he’s gone the country breaks up into smaller republics and the executive office becomes little more than a ceremonial post. Eh?

  2. Reagan started the Amnesty thing. I used to think he was the last decent president. He set the cuck & sellout pattern that all Republicucks have followed ever since.

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