God Might Have Messed Up Creating Somalians!


Somalia is the most dysfunctional country in Africa.

It is probably the worst, most dysfunctional place on earth. It is so bad that it isn’t ranked in the UN Human Development Index because it hasn’t been a functioning state since 1991. Millions of refugees have poured out of Somalia and have gone on over the years to commit terrorism and violent crimes in the UK, Norway, Kenya, Minnesota, Georgia and Ohio and Maine.


  1. We’re one wasteful program away from fixing this, one more glowing fictional depiction from the Hollywood jew. The negro Somalian will start improving tomorrow.

    – Modern Heretic

  2. God did not create negroes, Chinese, Japanese, or any other non white so called people. Genesis 5″This is the book of the generations of Adam” Negroes are descended from the fallen angels that were cast down to earth Revelation 12. When were they cast down? We are not told but it was certainly before Adam was placed in the garden because the tree of knowledge of good and evil was all ready in the garden when Adam was placed there. The epistle of Jude and 2 Peter tell us that there are descendants of the fallen angels here on earth.

    • The descendants of the family of Noah, the “eight souls saved from drowning” was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ. But not all their descendants devolved at the same rate. Those who held to the Patriarchal faith in the coming Redeemer, those who were monotheistic and monogamous, those who observed the law of kind after kind and other natural laws and practised fidelity in marriage stayed a lot closer to their parents and originals than branches which got into sex magic (with unclean spirits), voodoo, juju, miscegenation, cannibalism, human sacrifice to demon gods. These branches of the human race devolved markedly.

      Descendants from the fallen angels – the Nephilim were giants. It is true the remnants of their race were in the earth after the Flood, but they were declining in stature, power and abilities. The giant tribes are named in the Bible – the Anakim, Zamzumin etc. They were in Canaan. The remnant of the pre-Flood , Genesis 6 civilisation – built by the Nephilim can be seen all over the earth – their megalithic works in the hardest stone – basalt, granite, andesite – could not be duplicated today. Markedly devolved branches of the human race never progressed beyond wattle and daub structures much less something like Ba’albek or Saksaywaman the great earthworks in the Sayan mountains.

  3. I don’t think the need for the nog on this planet was ever properly explained to us. Maybe as a test or to build our character or something, as they’ve been of little practical use otherwise.
    And to think, due to affirmative action and forced inclusion policies, they’ll likely end up on Mars with us in 2080-being the same useless, violent specimens they’ve always been.
    Like an itchy rash that won’t clear, Africans are something that was imposed on the world for no apparent reason and with no benefits whatsoever-they just exist and are there.

    • No one has explained why the planet needs mountain lions or banana slugs either, but then, no one claims that we ought to welcome mountain lions into our communities to play with our children.

      Negroes resemble humans only in that they walk on two legs, use crude weapons to hunt and fight, and vocalize something approximate to human speech (cf. Ebonics). The existence of human-negro hybrids proves nothing. There are also dog-coyote-wolf hybrids but no one pretends that these canids are one species, and you need a special permit to keep any that aren’t 100% dog.

      Every species exists because it fills an ecological niche. In an jungle where food grows year-round, one doesn’t need intelligence to survive, only dark skin, resistance to malaria, and the strength and reflexes to kill that other muhfuggah before he kills you.

  4. Denise, you are correct niggers are not human they are the natural brute beasts bound in chains of darkness according to the apostle Jude. The bible is the most racist book ever written, if you are not a white adamic person you have no name in scripture. The white man and woman did not come from some ape in Africa. Niggers are here descended from fallen angels and they are a punishment to our race. Inter-racial marriage is called adultery in the Old Testament and fornication in the New. Don’t expect your modern corporate pastors to know the first thing about the bible as they are preaching egalitarian communism, they can’t even get through the 1st chapter of Genesis without lying. Man and Adam are the same word in the Hebrew language. If you have a concordance just look it up for yourself.

    • @Zera08

      Adultery doesn’t mean diddling some other man’s wife. It means racial pollution. Unadulterated doesn’t mean marital fidelity. It means uncontaminated, pure.

  5. Where do you people think this “charge” of white supremacy, white privilege, racism, feminism, diversity and multi-culturalism come from? It comes from these kike bastards and their Babylonian Talmud. This book of garbage is the basis for communist ideology and usury based capitalism. Israel Cohen and his racial plan and Coudenhove-Kalergi and his pan European plan. These kikes want to destroy the white race with race-mixing. There is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. All that means is the priesthood has been taken over by the teachings of the Talmud. They got control of the seminaries about a hundred years ago and we handed over our economy to them in 1913. Who do you thing owns the federal reserve?

  6. Negroes are just another failed species of human primate. If we had left them alone they would have gone extinct by now.

  7. No arguments based on the bloodthirsty Jewish Torah (old testament) have any meaning in the real world.

  8. The Old Testament is NOT a jewish book! Where are any of the patriarchs called Jews in the Old Testament? Zero! The Torah is the first five books of the Babylonian Talmud which our European ancestors used to burn! The word jew is not even in any original manuscripts. They are certainly not the chosen ones but rather are the synagogue of satan and mystery Babylon in the last chapters of revelation.

    • Whether-or-not the actual word “Jew” existed in the times that those “scriptures” were first written down, the religion itself HAS NOTHING AT ALL to do with OUR people, White people. You can call them Jews, call them Judahites, call them Hebrews… whatever. That. Religion. Is. Not. A. Product. Of. Caucasian. Ancestry. Or. Spirituality. PERIOD.

      And just for the sake of common courtesy, PLEASE refrain from getting on your G-D DAMNED soap-box and preaching to us here!!! The majority of us are fed up to our eyeballs with you “scripture”-quoting, superstitious, brain-locked messiah wannabees spouting (((Bible))) shit while the rest of us are trying to have actual, productive conversations about the REAL issues facing us!!!

      That goes for ALL of you “White Identity” types, too. GET A F**KING GRIP.

  9. Zera – While l would disagree with your analysis of the non-Adamic, (check out Brian Godawa) don’t try to argue with “Mestizo-don’t-get it.”

    He’s an ignorant bigot Christophobe.

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