Heavy Metal and white identity

Today’s top heavy metal bands are the bands I only dreamed about when I was a kid.

The Swiss band Eluveitie has been one my favorites for years, but their new album puts their old work to shame. The band now has nine members. The only original member is Christian Glanzmann, who does male vocals and plays the tin whistle. Previously, Anna Murphy, from Ireland, played the hurdy gurdy and did occasional female vocals.

Anna Murphy left to do a solo album and has been replaced by two different women. The Swiss singer Fabienne Erni is now the lead vocalist and Glanzmann is more of a backup singer. Michalina Malisz from Poland has taken over the role of hurdy gurdy player. Frankly, both of these women are also more attractive than Anna Murphy as well. I will say that Anna Murphy sings better on her solo album than she did on previous Eluveitie albums.

The name Eluveitie refers to the Celts who once lived in modern-day Switzerland. Eluveitie is a celebration of the ancient Celts. They even sing songs in reconstructed continental Celtic.

The Italian band Fleshgod Apocalypse is the band I had been waiting for since I was 12. All the elements that I thought was missing in the perfect metal band, Fleshgod Apocalypse finally completely. They are extremely skilled musicians playing true neo-classical masterpieces. Francesco Paoli, the drummer, may very well be the best drummer in the world.

Each album has only gotten better and better. The bands’ themes are rooted in Greco-Roman culture.

Finland is the only country in the world where heavy metal is the most popular form of music. Sitting at the top of the Finnish heavy metal throne is Amorphis. I saw this band live when I was in High School.

Amorphis has played every kind of metal there is. From Death Metal to Progressive metal. There is one constant that has remained. Amorphis has always drawn their lyrics from traditional Finnish folklore.

Many of their early songs are about the hardships of living in the extreme cold of Finland before modern technology existed. My favorite Amorphis song and video is called Black Winter Day. I even used to play this song on guitar. They have newer, better, fancier videos, but I still like this one old the best.

However, I will post one of their newer videos here, only because I think their newer stuff will have a much broader appeal.

Arkona is a Russian heavy metal band infused with traditional Slavic folk music and Slavic folklore. The lead singer goes by Masha Scream. Their albums feature tracks by dozens of different musicians playing different instruments and styles.

The lyrics are about Slavic folklore, holidays, traditions, and the old Slavic Gods.


    • The Celts have not been pagans for 2000 years.

      This music is shit, your ideology is utterly satanic, and this is not the future for white man-rock music is bestial, African, anti-European and an complete waste of one’s brain cells. It’s idolatry, and your writing shows that. You worship this crap. Better to pick up your own tin whistle, or a Celtic Harp, and starts to sing the songs that your people used to sing, rather than trying to make your billions by being a hedonistic slob.

      Repent of it and give it up!

    • How come none of these “Celtic” bands use the original “Celtic” instrument in their “music”—the bagpipes. LOL.

      • Eluveitie has bagpipes in several songs. Many other European heavy metal bands also use bagpipes. They are especially common in German heavy metal bands where there is an entire genre that features renaissance era bagpipes prominently. Bagpipes were common all over Europe from Spain to Russia. Highland Bagpipes are specific to the Highlands of Scotland. They have three pipes in a very specific configuration. Most other bagpipes have one or two pipes. Early bagpipes were usually a “bagpipe” with one pipe and during the Renaissance they started having two or more pipes.

        • In Extremo is one of several German bands that could basically be called “Bagpipe Metal.” They are the best one. This song is actually a traditional Norwegian Folk song that they are singing. Schelmisch is also great. People make a big deal out of Corvus Corax, but I think their singer sounds like crap. Faun has some really great stuff.

    • I watched the Arkona video (“The Call of Empty Villages”). Although this really isn’t my kind of music, I found it interesting. I guess they’re searching for roots and connectedness. Who are we in this world? Where do we come from? Do they sing about the pagan god Perun?

      • Agreed. The male growling vocals ruined heavy metal for me. I call it MVV (Male vomit vocals).

        It reminds me of the sound the guys made in my college dorm bathrooms, barfing their guts out after a beer blast!

  1. Whatever happened to the Slovenian group Laibach? I liked their videos. I could swear the vocalist sang “Get me a light beer” in one of them.

  2. I admire the optics and the ethnic pride, no doubt, but this just isn’t my kind of “Metal”. I’m more of a Dio and Ozzy kind of head-banger, you know, old school. The first time I was ever exposed to thrash/croaking metal was through an 80s group called GWAR… and I didn’t care for it then either. Gotta say though, the chicks in this band are rather cute!

  3. Just listening to the bloke singing gives me a sore throat. His input lowers the tone somewhat. Everything else is top notch. The redheaded chick is a cutie….if I was single I could do her like a chocolate desert!!!

  4. I admit, for many years I have disliked or even hated heavy metal or its offshoots. However, I will hand it to this writer, Logan Crow, for immediately opening my mind. As a musician, I have always placed heavy metal above RAP “music” or sometimes even mediocre pop music, which obviously isn’t saying much for heavy metal. But parts of the music that Crow posted above are quite musical, intellectually and emotionally moving. As a progressive rock fan of the late 1960’s-1970’s period, recalling the way bands like Gentle Giant, Genesis, Yes, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer were so heavily influenced by classical music, and how these bands could at times express themselves in a most promethean way, it is hard for me to get that excited or artistically moved by even the best heavy metal, because even metal’s best harmonic and rhythmic moments are mostly a inferior rehash of prog rock of old. And as incredible as some of the speed metal drummers are, they exhibit an almost infinite excess of precision technique, mixed with an almost soulless lack of graceful rhythm. And I must agree with Father John about the male vocals. It is just screaming and vomiting. Crow might like checking out an Italian band from the 1970’s, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), if I spelled the name correctly. Regardless, I very much appreciate his article and will continue listening to his favorites. Oh, and by the way, the hideous growling and guttural gurgling of the white male heavy metal vocalists that I and Father John hate, these crude expectorations are Shakespearean when juxtaposed to the very best of RAP “music”.

  5. If I was a jew record company executive I would probably pass on these bands as being too “foreign” for the American market. But I imagine they have a dedicated following in Europe.

      • These recommendations were for the other commenters on the thread, the ones who think good rock died with Lynyrd Skynyrd or Skrewdriver, KEK. Both great bands by the way!

        Thanks for the reply though.

        What SJW bullshit are you referring to? TYR has some good songs that are pretty subversive. You have to admit it’s hard to be openly pro-white and earn any shekels in the times that we leave in.

        Out of curiosity, do you like a couple other bands … Dropkick Murphys, The Rumjacks, Skolot (??????) or ????? ? (Otava Yo)?

  6. Metal isn’t White. It’s satanic asshole gibberish. Which makes it more jewish than anything. Fuck satanism. When Jesus comes back you index&pinkie finger fuckfaces are screwed. Fuck metal.

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