What’s Wrong With American Nationalism?

It has been quiet around here this weekend.

This is because a massive debate has been going on between the self-described American Nationalists and the Hard Right over at the TRS Forums. It is safe to say the two sides have irreconcilable differences. The rift that has been growing since Shelbyville is now a complete schism.

Here is the definitive guide to what is wrong with American Nationalism:


1.) American Nationalism is civic nationalism – The debate which has been raging all weekend isn’t really about “American Nationalism” as it is understood by 99.999% of the American people. It is an internal debate within pro-White circles over American identity.

In one corner, there are the self-described American Nationalists who insist in spite of all the evidence to the contrary that Americans are White people and the United States is a White country. In the opposite corner, the Hard Right argues that American Nationalism in the 21st century is understood to mean civic nationalism except to one website on the internet and a few e-celebs.

It’s true that American identity was historically based on whiteness. It is also true that ended several generations ago. The shift from the historic American identity began in the 1930s with the New York Intellectuals and ended in the 1960s with our present deracinated American identity in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. For the last 50 years, Racially Conscious White Americans have been reduced to the American equivalent of India’s Untouchable Caste.

American identity is now based on the triumph of civic nationalism over White identity. Martin Luther King, Jr. has become the most important figure in the pantheon of American Nationalism. The Hard Right believes it is ludicrous to embrace American patriotism because the pageantry of American Nationalism is explicitly anti-White. American Nationalists believe they can “Take Back America.”

That’s the core disagreement.

2.) America’s changing demographics means America is lost – The second source of disagreement is over changing racial and cultural demographics in the United States.

American Nationalists are backwards looking. They believe that they can “Take Back America” in a country where non-Hispanic Whites are 61% of the population and falling. The Hard Right points out that the 61% figure includes Jews and Arabs and all sorts of people who aren’t really White in the sense that we understand the term. It doesn’t include the millions of illegal aliens here. If the US Census used our definition of who is White, it would find we’re probably already a racial minority.

Regardless of whether we are a racial minority in the present, we will certainly become one in the near future. Within our lifetimes, non-Hispanic Whites will become a minority in the United States. The Hard Right argues that the cake is already baked. Even if all immigration ceased tomorrow which isn’t going to happen, it wouldn’t change anything about America’s future because that generation has already been born, Whites are dying out and Whites are already a minority in the youngest age brackets.

“American Nationalism” is based on nostalgia for a bygone era. Just as Ronald Reagan’s legacy was a browning America and the loss of California, Donald Trump’s legacy will be an even browner America and the the loss of a larger tier of states to the Democrats. We shouldn’t base our sense of identity on membership in a state which is only going to become more hostile to our existence.

3.) American Nationalism is a cancer – American Nationalists are scandalized by our diagnosis that Americanism is a disease. America has been struggling with this problem though since the American Revolution. The trend for 200 years has been the expansion of liberty, equality, tolerance, rights, voting and capitalism at the expense of everything else.

Authority has been consistently undermined. Homogeneity has been consistently undermined. We’ve been in a permanent state of social revolution for centuries. As soon as one novelty is mainstreamed, another predictably rises to take its former place and agitate against limits. This has hardly changed under Donald Trump and may have even accelerated as we are purged from the internet and the #MeToo movement has mainstreamed an even more radical strain of feminism.

American Nationalists want to pretend that there isn’t any inherent conflict between civic nationalism and ethnonationalism. And yet, everywhere we look in the world where civic nationalism has triumphed we see the futility of voting our way to a traditional culture. In the long term, the system has produced the same result everywhere it has been tried because its ideals – liberty, equality, tolerance, voting, individual rights, capitalism – are inherently destructive and corrosive of social hierarchies. They undermine the social order and weaken ethnic bonds which allows hostile elites like Jews to rise and takeover.

Once again, everywhere we have this system we find the same problems. The problem is inherent to the system itself when the collective result of all elections produces the same result all over the world. American hegemony since the Second World War has exported the disease of civic nationalism abroad.

4.) Federalism is a thing of the past – American Nationalists insist we need to seize power at the local level. In a sense, they are right that some offices might be of some use to us like becoming the local sheriff in your county. The problem with our system though is that power is concentrated at the top in Washington. There isn’t much in the way of meaningful state and local government that can’t be shot down by the federal courts or by threats to cut off federal purse strings.

As Donald Trump shows, power isn’t even concentrated in the office of the presidency itself. The Jewish oligarchy still has the power to bend a president elected in a “nationalist populist revolution” to their will. The American Nationalist belief in reforming the system is contradicted by their belief in the power of the Deep State which they lament has checked and neutered President Trump.


5.) Reforming the system is impossible because of demographics – American Nationalists unironically believe the system can be reformed through voting for the Republican Party. The Hard Right believes that mainstream politics is destined to fail due to changing racial demographics. Once Texas or Florida goes, it will become impossible to elect a Republican president. The browning of North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona will also turn those states into swing states.

Sometime in the 2020s, the United States will tip into the future where the country as a whole has the politics of California. The two-party system will collapse once the Republican Party ceases to be viable. Conservatism will become obsolete. This is the future the Hard Right is anticipating and preparing for while American Nationalists look back nostalgically to the 1980s.

6.) Donald Trump was the royal flush of civic nationalism – Donald Trump is the ultimate argument against American Nationalism. He was the royal flush of civic nationalism. He was a rogue billionaire who ran for the presidency and defeated all his rivals and won the White House.

This was the best hand that American Nationalists could ever possibly be dealt. The Trump presidency really was their last conceivable chance to Take Back America. The result of the Trump presidency has been the usual conservative program of tax breaks, deregulation, increases in military spending and giveaways to Israel. Donald Trump would have to be using the presidency to make sweeping changes to our immigration laws and deporting millions of illegal aliens to even make a dent in our trajectory. He isn’t even trying to do that which shows how impervious the system is to reform.

The GOP has spent 2018 arguing about the Democrat agenda of gun control and DACA amnesty.

7.) The policies are sold to the donors – The major reason that elections change so little is because the policies are sold to the donor class. As long as a Jewish billionaire can buy our trade policy, our foreign policy or our immigration policy, voting is a meaningless ritual. American Nationalists operate on the assumption that America is a democracy when it is an oligarchy.

They want us to stop advocating our own cause and cuck ourselves to the GOP. They offer us nothing in return for accepting this deal except notional victories. Vote for the Republican Party … and you will end abortion. Vote for the Republican Party … and you will stop sodomite marriage. Vote for the Republican Party … and the jobs will come back from overseas. Vote for the Republican Party … and coal mining will come back, believe me. Vote for the Republican Party … and we will build a 30 foot Mexican border wall. Vote for the Republican Party … and we will defeat political correctness, believe me. None of these notional victories ever materialize or amount to anything more than token gestures and failure theater because these issues are dropped from the legislative agenda.

Elections matter a great deal to Sheldon Adelson or the Koch Brothers because the GOP sells its policies to its donors. They don’t matter as much to us. It is a contest between the billionaires who are represented by their puppets in Congress. If Hillary had won the 2016 election, it is unlikely that Jerusalem would have been recognized as the capital of Israel or the Koch Brothers would have got their big tax cut.

8.) You’re not going to purge the cucks – We don’t hear much about Bannonism anymore from the American Nationalists who were going to purge the cucks a few months ago. Trump’s “America First” foreign policy reverted to the traditional Republican neocon foreign policy. Trump’s “America First” economic agenda has defaulted to nothing more than the Reaganite supply side tax cut that Republicans have dreamed about since the 1980s. Trump’s “America First” immigration agenda has amounted to nothing more than a few border wall prototypes gathering dust in the Arizona desert. Steve Bannon himself was driven out of the White House and fired by Breitbart.

How do the American Nationalists plan to Take Back America in the 2018 midterms with candidates like Mitt Romney, Pastor Mark Burns and Stacey Dash? The Republican Party has been given the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and the majority of state legislatures. It is at the apex of its power. Voting for the Republican Party as a strategy has been exhausted it is only downhill from here.

9.) American Nationalists are the supreme cucks – American Nationalists like to pose as supreme pragmatists. They are moving the Overton Window through small steps with electoral victories. In reality, the Trump administration has coincided with the decline of free speech, the removal of Confederate monuments and the normalization of homosexuality on the Right. The Merchant Right is a more pozzed and degenerate version of Bush era mainstream conservatism. The Trump era has been a more degraded era of mainstream conservatism with a thrice married president. American Nationalists breathlessly cheer on conservatives as they move the ball down the field on tax cuts, deregulation, military spending, cucking for Israel and other areas where substantial policy gains are made.

Far from being supreme pragmatists, American Nationalists are the supreme cucks. They are cheerleaders for the GOP which uses and abuses them like a cheap date. In the end, all they end up accomplishing with their 24/7 GOP cheerleading is cucking voters into supporting the traditional Republican policy agenda which is neocon foreign policy and neoliberal economics in exchange for notional victories on issues like abortion or a border wall that has been promised for 12 years.

10.) You’re not going to infiltrate the system – As Richard Spencer pointed out the other day, the people who have infiltrated the Republican Party to change it from within have become so terrified of being policed and losing their jobs that they have been of little use to the movement. They would be better off just trying to make as much money as possible so that they could send donations.

How do American Nationalists plan to infiltrate and reform the system when the media has the power to destroy the careers of people like Steve Wynn who aren’t even White Nationalists? How do you infiltrate and hijack control of the GOP when you can’t even infiltrate a middle school in Florida?

11.) These Republicans are our secret friends – Is Donald Trump our secret friend? What is the message he is really signaling to us? American Nationalists are glued to this stuff which keeps them enraptured with conservatism. They are no different than their parents generation who sat in their La-Z-Boy watching Bill O’Reilly explain the George W. Bush presidency. Just try pointing out to these people that they were unanimously condemned by the GOP Congress and Donald Trump and watch them shrug it off. The Republican Party has been dog whistling to them for decades only to pick their pockets in power.

12.) You will never be mainstream – American Nationalists argue we need to be “mainstream.” What is the “mainstream” though? The “mainstream” is a network of Jewish-controlled media outlets who establish and police the boundaries of “mainstream” political discourse to keep it kosher. The “mainstream” is an agreement between the elites of both political parties to deny us representation, stigmatize our community and exclude us from politics. Don Quixote had better luck charging at windmills than American Nationalists do of ever being accepted as “mainstream.”

American Nationalists are convinced the eternal normie can be won over with aesthetic appeals which has led to their obsession with optics. They believe all we have to do is wear the right outfit or wave the right flag and act like the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We can make this safe and respectable even though by definition we are stigmatized as outside the “mainstream” by the Jewish power structure.

The Eternal Normie who is their target audience is an individualist, a materialist and a follower. Even when he agrees that American Nationalists look good and present well, he has no inclination or incentive to join a marginalized political movement or take any risks to bring about political change because of it. This is because he is fundamentally out for himself in life. In the event that he does join and participate in the movement, he will only use the internet as an outlet for his repressed fantasies.

The American Nationalists who believe they can become mainstream and cease to be stigmatized by putting on a polo shirt, wearing khakis and going to the gym are as deluded as the Africans who believe that eating the hearts of their enemies will cause bullets to magically bounce off them in battle.

13.) American Nationalists aren’t represented in the government – The whole point of participating in the political process is to gain representation. The pro-White community voted for the Republican Party in historic numbers in the 2016 election. It gained no representation. The Republican Congress unanimously blamed White Nationalists for the violence in Charlottesville while exempting Antifa from criticism. If our votes for the Republican Party don’t translate into either representation or policy victories, why should anyone invest so much time in caring about the outcome of elections?


14.) Voting for the GOP doesn’t change taboos – Voting for the Republican Party will never change the taboos we live under that have stigmatized and marginalized the pro-White community. It will only empower conservatives to implement their own agenda.

History shows that taboos only fall when they are challenged in the public square by brute force and cease to be observed.  It will require a revolutionary mindset to change those taboos. The taboos we live under will only crumble when Whites cease to observe them and defy them en masse in public. There is no easy or cowardly way to change our circumstances. We’re more likely to change those taboos BY NOT VOTING for the Republican Party and using our leverage to cause them to lose elections.

In Europe, there are populist nationalist parties that take votes away from the mainstream parties, which is why elections matter there but not here. Elections would only matter to us in the United States if we had a similar third party to take votes away from the Republicans.

15.) These taboos are not on the ballot –  The taboos that American Nationalists want to change are not on the ballot. Republican have won countless electoral victories. They control the White House, Congress and Supreme Court. They control more state legislatures and governorships than at any point since the 1920s. Politically, the Democrats have been decisively defeated, but the culture continues to shift perpetually to the Left because norms are upheld in the public square and can only be changed there.

16.) The Trump cheerleading cult – In the service of God Emperor Donald Trump who has jettisoned the platform he ran on during the campaign, American Nationalists like Ricky Vaughn would have us transform our movement into nothing more than a vacuous Trump cheerleading cult. This is the same mistake that George Wallace voters made when they were coopted by Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

17.) American Nationalism reinforces our marginalization – American Nationalism reinforces our marginalization in three ways:

First, it reinforces the taboos that marginalize us by attacking and discouraging our own activists. What sense does it make to relentlessly attack the people who are willing to take the most risks and make the most sacrifices for our cause? Why on earth would any movement want to alienate its most committed supporters? We don’t see any parallel of this on the Left.

Second, it reinforces those taboos by diverting time and energy away from our own cause in order to cuck our movement into energizing and propping up mainstream conservatism. The only thing “American Nationalism” has managed to accomplish so far is to polarize, undermine and weaken the Alt-Right which is why civic nationalists who don’t have our best interests at heart have been promoting it.

Third, it has all been done in the service of promoting the aesthetic of any run-of-the-mill Patriot group in America without creating a corresponding street presence. All these polarizing debates about optics and American flags have been completely academic because “American Nationalists” generally don’t leave their homes anyway.

There are countless conservative Patriot civic nationalist groups like the Oathcucks or the Threepers out there who are doing the mainstream version of “American Nationalism” that appeals to 99.999% of Americans and they can’t even generate the numbers of Unite the Right. Why haven’t the normies come out to support those guys? It’s because they sit at home and watch them on Facebook Live.


18.) American Nationalism blackpills the family – The most destructive aspect of American Nationalism isn’t waving the American flag. It’s not cucking our cause to mainstream conservatism in order to help the Republican Party win elections. It isn’t revering a state that despises and oppresses us.

No, the worst aspect of American Nationalism is that it “blackpills” impressionable young men on the traditional family. American Nationalists tell these kids absurd things like, “no woman will ever love you.” They discourage them from finding a wife, settling down and starting their own families. Instead, they tell them to invest everything … in the success of cuckservatism and the Republican Party.

There is absolutely nothing more “blackpilling” than to tell a young man that all is lost and to discourage him from starting his own family and preying on his loneliness to advance your own agenda. He might not have a glorious career in a declining Third World America. He might not be represented by the Republican Party. American Nationalists tell these kids not to pursue the things in life that are actually achievable.

19.) American Nationalism drives a wedge between men and women – Consistent with their goal of blackpilling young men on the family, American Nationalists have demonized women and attempted to drive them out of the movement altogether. They’ve even been known to attack women who are in normal, healthy relationships with other men in the movement. How on earth can a movement that is supposed to be about “securing the existence of our people and a future for white children” accomplish its goals by listening to a bunch of embittered, childless losers who have forsaken their God-given roles as husbands and fathers?

20.) American Nationalism drives a wedge between the young and the old – If it wasn’t bad enough that American Nationalism pits men against women, it also find its necessary to pit the young against the old. Instead of respecting their elders and honoring their fathers, they denigrate them regardless of their ideological views. It’s un-Christian, unnecessary and it is also politically retarded.

21.) American Nationalism drives another wedge with snobbery and optics spiraling – American Nationalists want you to know that they aren’t just racists. In addition to being racists, they also believe it is vital that we hate women and to look down on other White people. So, even if you manage to convert to the cause of White Nationalism, they want to alienate and drive you away over “optics.”

The result is optics spiraling which is basically endless Queer Eye for the Straight Guy sessions about fitness and clothes by all the ponces and fags who can’t attract a woman and start their own families. It is yet another reason to polarize and fracture the movement and narrow the appeal of their own cause down to an even tinier percentage of the White population.

22.) American Nationalism undermines the solidarity that gives coherence to White Nationalism – By driving out women, older people and everyone who fails the optics test, American Nationalism destroys the foundation of White Nationalism, which is creating a state based on racial solidarity so that our children can have a future. Then again, American Nationalists don’t have children so this isn’t a problem for them, but the overall effect is to undermine the glue that holds the movement together.

23.) American Nationalism makes White Nationalism toxic and narrows its appeal – The toxic rhetoric of American Nationalists has been used to tarnish our public image. A movement which denounces “goon marches” and purports to be about assembling coalitions to win elections simultaneously advocates beating, torturing and raping women because it is incoherent:


24.) American Nationalists abandon moral standards – We don’t live in a White Nationalist society. This is a difficult subject because it forces us to deal with imperfect people who come from a variety of backgrounds. I’ve tended to err on the side of being charitable for past transgressions. My reasoning is that we will all be dead one day and what matters is the world we leave behind to our children.

As a practical matter, our movement will never grow if we only accept flawless people, but at the same time it will lose coherence if we have no standards. It is one thing to have done something in your past that you regret and want to move on from. It is another thing to defend and advocate miscegenation in the present as just blowing your load in the non-White gene pool.

25.) American Nationalism talks down White Nationalism – My final criticism of American Nationalism is that in pursuit of non-existent electoral victories it attacks White Nationalism.

White Nationalists aren’t in power but that doesn’t justify abandoning principles. It doesn’t mean we have to jettison moral standards. It doesn’t mean we have to give up on the family. Truth be told, American mainstream politics isn’t nearly important as to how we orient ourselves toward truth and live our lives. Starting a family does more for our cause than voting for your Republican congressmen.

In the place of truth and ideological coherence, American Nationalism offers nothing but layers of irony and nihilism, stupidity, trolling for lulz and harassing people which generates massive legal bills. It is bro culture for immature overgrown adolescents, not a plan of action.

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  1. American nationalism? Where is it? AIPAC will define and explain it if there is any thing called American nationalism

  2. OK, Brad. This is your most coherent anti-Anglin post yet. But again, you offer no concrete solutions!

    Your negative rhetoric about Anglin encouraging men to not marry, has a very valid corollary -why bring children into the world, if you know that they are going to be murdered eventually, by your greatest (((enemies))) – or their foot soldiers?

    Isn’t it better to “make the world a safe place for us and our children,“ before we bring them into existence? I would think so. That is, expecting that you’re going to win… and live. Now if your amillenialist defeatism (Lutheran orthodoxy) expects you to fail, die, leave your wife a widow… and then have your son replace you on the battlefield-well, that’s just disgusting.

    As a father, you are still in the flush of youth, in thinking that somehow or other, your child will remain unscathed by the future. How ignorant you are! As I now see my children being of legal drafting age, I fear for their future-because I will not allow my children to be fodder for some goddamn war -for either the bankers, or Israel!

    You prate on about ‘Christian’ morality, and yet I have seen the Daily Stormer posts become more Christian (or at least tacitly taking the position that the past worldview of whites was explicitly Christian-it’s much the same difference) over the last four years, and you have become more pragmatic! Explain that, if you care to, please.

    I would like nothing better than a Second American Revolution to rid this land of the people who don’t belong here, but nowhere do I see you issuing a call to attack; to taking up arms and storming the Bastille. Empty rhetoric, iow.

    At least Anglin is trying to appeal to disaffected and demoralized young people of 35 years and under, who want someone to give them some concrete direction! If you know your Christian history at all, (and I expect you do) reformation comes about firstly inside of one, before it becomes visible or manifested on the outside.

    So, calls to take care of one’s body; to avoid drugs; to ‘abstain from fornication,’ are actually far more Christian, than your denigrations of same!

    Yes, you have some very concrete observations -but one needs solutions. You’re a student of history; what did other people propose in similar situations? Which state should we all move to to create an electoral majority, to then vote ourselves out of this goddamn Jewish USSA?Give us concrete steps towards positive action…

    Otherwise, if you’re going to sit and talk about all this, without actively saying “this is what we’re going to do,” then your position is absolutely useless…and a waste of time-an ivory tower academic- without the PhD. Please….

    I’m daily surrounded by those fools, all the time…Brilliant in one area of academic endeavor, and clueless about how to lead our nation out of its intellectual, moral, and spiritual morass.

    I want something better. Both from them, and from you.

    • “I want something better. Both from them, and from you.”


      Denise, stfu. Go make some man a sammich.

    • This is an excellent essay, but you undercut it because you couldn’t resist taking a shot at Anglin. Hoe your own row and let him hoe his.

    • Yes, time for solutions – in other words Partition. By the way, pushing our views hard does not mean we cannot also participate in the to and fro of electoral politics, but electoral politics is not enough.

      The end game is the 14 words, not making multiculturalism (temporarily) safe a LA Trump.

  3. The Jewish oligarchy still has the power to bend a president elected in a “nationalist populist revolution” to their will.

    I know it is extremely difficult to admit a failure of one’s discernment, but I contend that Trump is a CONMAN who hoodwinked you all.

    Trump was able to pretend he was leading a “nationalist populist revolution” because white people (in general) want it so bad. But that doesn’t mean he ever really meant anything (other than what the jews were orchestrating all along). I call it the Trump Ear Tickling (he tickled the ears of the white race while totally immersed within the very troublesome jew power structure). From the get-go, his jew associations should have made him a non-starter. But white people seem to be unable to understand that our very problems lie within the jew power structure (I suspect because they still consider them ‘white’). Stupidity could be the answer.

    My point is that we must stop falling for every conman that comes along, but apparently (as I have witnessed my entire 55+ years) we simply cannot. As a race, we seem to have no ability to discern conmen.

    The jew owned R Vs D fake, two party opposition has the white masses hoodwinked.

    • Any successful businessman who has a team of lawyers is going to have “Jew associations.” Just like any successful athlete in America is going to have nigger associations. That’s who is at the top of those professions. You can’t get away from it.

      All political candidates have Jewish associations and are controlled. Trump was the best of the bunch, even looking back now. There’s no question about that. The rest where all bought and paid for cucks with no exceptions. Trump isn’t perfect but he was far and away the best choice out of that despicable lot and especially compared to Hillary. We all made the right choice.

      Be sure to let us all know when the perfect white nationalist candidate shows up and can get elected.

    • Conman or not, he still had to be elected. Hillary would have had people shot in the streets on a daily basis, for kicks, because she is a psychopath. Also, the election of Trump has served a purpose: it has proven that the system is unreformable, at least until the economic collapse occurs.

      • sorry, but this is just wrong–hilary would not have had people shot in the streets on a daily basis…please do not go overboard here…and she is not psychopath…somewhat sociopathic, perhaps

        • “sorry, but this is just wrong–hilary would not have had people shot in the streets on a daily basis…please do not go overboard here…and she is not psychopath…somewhat sociopathic, perhaps”

          You are deluded.

  4. Anglin and weev are sadistic sociopaths. It’s not just garden variety let’s have fun trolling feminists rhetoric. It’s seriously mentally ill and dysfunctional. They also lie with abandon. I have no use for people like that. We shouldn’t condone/promote lowlifes. We lower ourselves and devalue our message by doing so. I’m not going to lose all of my morals and integrity just to promote white nationalism. As far as I see it WE ARE on the right side of history and morality, as long as we don’t allow ourselves to dwell in the gutter along deviants and sociopaths like those who manage and post at places like VNN and Daily Stormer. Those people need to be sterilized for the betterment of humanity and our movement.

    • Well, that’s a nice little ad hominem screed.

      Did you have anything of substance that you wished to add to the debate?

    • “Anglin and weev are sadistic sociopaths. …seriously mentally ill and dysfunctional. ….I’m not going to lose all of my morals and integrity…we don’t allow ourselves to dwell in the gutter along deviants and sociopaths…Those people need to be sterilized for the betterment of humanity and our movement.”

      So said every moralfag normie cowardly dickhead about every actual brave SOLDIER that had to DO what they couldn’t fucking stomach doing.

  5. Yes, appearance does not matter. 300 pounders in clothes a ghetto dindu would be ashamed to wear, that is exactly what we want to bring out for the cameras. And that ain’t must whistling dixie!

  6. HW is correct, the Anglin-Weev-Azzmador crowd is too immature, exclusionary, ironic, misogynistic and snarky. I keep thinking about real White men of action – Bloody Bill Anderson, the James Gang, the Freikorps, the Sturmabteilung, etc. We should be following their examples. At the rate things are going we here in the West will soon be in the same situation that Whites in South Africa and Chimpbabwe are in right now. There is no time for screwing around with “book clubs” and plastic helmet fights in the park!

  7. Interesting piece. I agree that America is far beyond restoration at this point. I gave up on restoring America in November 2016, and briefly advocated for the Amerikaner concept before adopting a regional based WN ideology (Southern Nationalism) in Spring 2017.
    I never followed Anglin or the DS, so there may be some nuances here in this article that I am unaware of.
    George Lincoln Rockwell, who’s 100th birthday will be later this week, mired himself down in restore America for Whites. ideology Despite Rockwell’s impressive intellect, personal courage, and his status as a former Naval officer -it failed for him. It will also fail for others less distinguished in our own time.
    I agree that voting will not save us. But I have my doubts that street protests (while valuable) will do so either. I am of the mind of peacefully disconnecting from the system. I lay out part of this in my post “Christianity, Nationalism, and Agrarianism”. https://godkinandsoil.wordpress.com/2018/01/26/christianity-nationalism-and-agrarianism/ . I think that we need to be thinking regionally, and locally, and focusing on peacefully disconnecting from this corrupt and decaying system that hates us.

    • ZOG and its minions will not permit us to peacefully secede, JP. You have just admitted they hate us. Extreme measures will eventually be required.

    • Joe Putnam makes a great point in his linked article above, (paraphrasing) We can’t even feed ourselves but we’re arguing about politics in a country where we have no political power (!)

  8. A fascist-Nationalist revolt is impossible when your people sit at the heart of a great Empire.

    It’s the same reason Mosley made no headway. He should have had his father in law Lord Curzon give him the Viceroy position in India instead of trolling the Yids in the East End.

    You’ll have to learn to love the Empire in its late stage of decay.

  9. interesting article…I agree with much of what you said…one important thing you say is that america cannot be saved…and we should not want it to be saved…the united states was imposed on the american people by the founding plutocrats, who specifically said that the structure of the federal gov’t imposed on americans by the constitution was meant to dampen democracy and allow the rich to rule..the end result is what we have now…if we want to move forward we have to disempower the federal govt….see Dr woody holton’s book Unruly Americans for more details on what happened over 200 years ago….

    how to move forward? An article 5 constitutional convention of the state legislatures might be one path–get at least 38 state legislatures to call a constitutional convention and pass an amendment to send power back to the states…but that is just a dream at this point…political solutions, even at the state level, seem out of reach for the foreseeable future…

    what else?

    The establishment runs off of the economy and taxes and corporate profits…if you want to hurt the establishment, then hurt the economy…

    how do you do that?

    First, we have to build a stronger movement…how to attract more followers? First, attract white liberals and independents…to do that you have to focus on just a few issues…the more issues you focus on, the more narrow the pool of possible followers…you bring up the way that much of the alt-right demonizes boomers..this is a good example of sacrificing a broader movement for the sake of attracting younger followers…this may well help the pocket book of those alt-right “entrepreneurs” who make such an appeal, but it is hardly going to grow a large and viable movement…

    you have the right idea on capitalism–it really is the big corporations that are the enemy…and that approach will help convert some liberals.

    The whole jew thing is not going to help convert liberals or normies….and although rich jews and jewish organizations are definitely our enemy, there are plenty of elites who are not jewish.

    Once we get a larger movement we have to know what to do with that movement. If change cannot come via the electoral process, then how can it come? Well, again, to hurt the establishment, you have to hurt its money, which comes from the economy. One way to hurt the economy is by slowing immigration. One way to slow immigration might be convince potential immigrants not to come. How to do that? One way might be to generate scare propaganda and disseminate it in nations that supply immigrants (mexico, central america, africa, pakistan etc etc)…such scare propaganda might be fake news articles written in the native language and spread in those nations)…also a campaign of freeway overpass banners warning immigrants to go home might generate media attention and make america seem unfriendly to potential immigrants…

    • I’ve said for a while, stop picking apart white people: this idiocy about the ‘boomers’ is just that, as if those people of my generation had any ability to shape the course of destiny. It’s just one more way to divide white people and make us weaker. Jews, blacks, and latinos don’t do this, why should we? Yes, there are despicable white cucks of all ages, I say ignore them for the time being, push back when they directly attack us, but start forming real plans on how to proceed. Accentuate the a positive program for whites rather than attacking people who may be on our side.

  10. Hunter, Steve Wynn’s real last name is Weinberg he is not white he is a tare. There is no political solution to our woes, zero, none. I know you people will not understand this but the white nations comprise the true Israelites of the bible. These kike bastards have been raised up to punish us but we are assured a ultimate victory upon Christ’s return when we will massacre all of these non-whites. Ezekiel 38 & 39 is parallel to Revelation 17-19. It will take us 7 months to bury the bodies. That is what the marriage supper of the Lamb is, a complete purge of the world of non-Adamic people.

  11. American Nationalism is just another fake opposition, non movement movement and a Jewish Trojan horse.

    Hitler operated in an all White country where the Jews didn’t have coloured auxiliaries, and the Germans they coopted were few in numbers. Jews always exploit the natural cultural and political rifts in target nations. However, national unity is the counter to this. Hitler had it, we don’t, and never really did.

    In America, the Jews control two whole regions, the Traditional North and the three Pacific coast states, and their overwhelming populations and electoral power. Furthermore, these regions have a tradition of Patriotism® that is based on crushing their “fellow Americans” in the South and interior West, politically and militarily, rather than on victory over foreign enemies. Which the Jews exploit to the hilt, even in the midst of wars against foreign powers.

    In short, the anti-White anti-Americans dominate America, and the Jews dominate them.

    Finally, the Jews have and ever growing horde of Askaris that are supplanting the Yankees and Pacific Coasters, and eventually will engulf and destroy even the Jews themselves.

    Our Confederate forefathers had it easy. The Yankees back then, hadn’t been subverted into self hating Whites, yet.

    Hitler had it easy. He had an all White country in which the subverted tools of the Jews were in the minority, and coloured auxiliaries were nonexistent.

    • He was also dealing with something like 1/12th the Jew population we have here in the States.

    • One thing I don’t like about “american nationalists” is they seek to romanticize the old rather than create something new. They want to wave the old, tarnished cum-soaked America flag rather than do what the national socialists did which was to create a new flag that signified the birth of a better future and paid no homage to their old republic. We need to move on. The American flag is the flag of the degenerate Wiemar America that has existed for the past 60 or more years. There is no saving it.

  12. “American Nationalism in the 21st century is understood to mean civic nationalism”

    Only because the Culture of Critique has fooled people, for the past 50 years, into abandoning the original understanding of American nationalism.

    Instead of tamely surrendering our authentic identity and its symbols, we American nationalists plan to stand and fight for them.

    What authentic American nationalists are doing is comparable to Brad’s fight against the Rainbow Confederates who hijacked authentic Confederate nostalgia.

  13. The anti-whites are the flood out of the mouth of the serpent (jew) and that Gonzalez beast that Hunter cited is a Sephardic. Look up her name at Sephardim.com

  14. James Owen, they don’t just control those two regions, they control our entire nation and entire world through international banking and trade. They are Mystery Babylon, the princes of this world. By the way that Dylan Roof shooting was another false flag. He didn’t shoot anybody.

  15. Good observations Hunter. After seeing yet ANOTHER Stormer article attacking “LARPers” I have had enough with what I call “2nd Grader Nationalists” in their cute little White Polos and Khaki pants. No one here wants to LARP with NSDAP uniforms.

    I see it like this, we have 3 options going forward.

    1. AmNats do what they originally said they would do, let us go our separate ways and they stop writing attack pieces on us. Even with Heimbach now working with TRS the 2nd Grader Nationalists are still whining. Best case Scenario we both get to work for Pro-White causes from multiple fronts without causing friction.

    2. We declare the 2nd Grader Nationalists our enemies in the same way they declare us their enemies. I insist that we are one the same side and the way forward is through a round table meeting of our prominent leaders (Which Anglin explicitly stated he has never offered as a solution). But if they will not shut their mouths and keep causing unnecessary division in the public eye we have no choice but respond to their gay attempts at “bullying” us into flying the Federal flag, and do what must be done. Best case scenario the strongest faction wins out and builds a culture-changing movement.

    3. The last option, and the best, is that we unite under a common cause and work together. Remember what we accomplished at C-ville, and realize we can do so again and eventually with bigger numbers. Again, this would probably be achieved with some kind of Round Table of the Leadership to come to a resolution to all these problems.

    Don’t shit on your Radicals in the streets. The Hard Right will continue to rise regardless.

  16. Excellent article, points well laid out and very descriptive of our competitions negative aspects. The American Nationalist have their day though via the GOP and Trump. They are experiencing their Tea Party moment. We in the Hard Right, departed quickly knowing what is to befell this path. It is still too early to see these folks awaken as to their mistake.

    As for our side, we need to just work on clarifying our positions, work on our outreach, solidify an image and build our hierarchy; all things I belive the The League of the South is currently doing well.-Mark

  17. You are largely right about your assessment of American Nationalism, but your own position is incoherent and wanting.

    I’m in agreement with Fr. John.

    As a father, you are in the flush of youth. You have idealized your wife and your family, and have generalized from your particular situation to society at large.

    That is the arrogance of youth.

    Maybe you are unaware of the feral female, but to be unaware of the feral female, you must be living a very sheltered life.

    Women declared war on men a long time ago – MeToo is just a mopping up operation.

    Yet, you treat male-female relations like a third rail as you pedestalize women. Why?

    Also, you claim to take the side of the Hard Right, yet you are unwilling, intellectually to appreciate the lessons of history – when the system cannot be reformed from within, some very uncivilized, yes barbaric, behaviour is going to occur before a new society emerges, and your pedestalized women are not going to be leading the way to that new society.

    There will be social/economic collapse, and yes, dead kids, before the rise of the new society.

    I don’t think that you are honest with yourself about what it means to be Hard Right, and to have given up on reforming the system from within.

    All men who wish to lead can benefit from a good hard look into the mirror – subject your own opinions and beliefs to a hard assessment. At the moment, you are fomenting discord, which is what you accuse others of doing.

  18. Anglin is a methed out midget quadroon who is missing teeth. Who the hell is he to lecture anyone on optics? His optics are so bad he can’t attract anyone but Thai lady boys he has to pay.

      • And yet, he has a website…. and you don’t. Ad hominem accusations are the lowest form of whiteness… just sayin’.

        • “Ad hominem accusations are the lowest form of whitenes”

          Anglin is the lowest form of white. You big dummy.

      • Yes it really is. Now you see the levels of depravity and most likely demonic possession we are dealing with.

      • “Is that actually Weev? Weev is flat out insane.”

        “Yes it really is. Now you see the levels of depravity and most likely demonic possession we are dealing with.”

        No offense, but both of you are living in La-La-Land if you think those words are “insane” or that someone has to be “demon possessed” to shove what our enemies have said about US and OUR children right back in THEIR faces. We are at WAR with these fucking monsters! They have absolutely no problem telling US that they want to murder US and OUR precious babies… So, again, how is Weev “insane” or “depraved” for saying “Oh yea? Well, fuck YOU and YOUR little rats!” right back at them?!

        • exactly. Not a day goes by that some Jew or Jewess doesn’t publicly proclaim (((their))) intent to extirpate the entire White Race and White Western Civilization.

          this has been true going are far back as Susan Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag’s 1967 remark that “the White Race is the cancer of human history”.

          either we liquidate (((them))) and their shabbatz goy servants. Or

          (((they))) will continue to liquidate us.

  19. Hunter,
    I agree with the majority of your sentiments here. I believe that the only way the current system will change – and an opportunity arise to reforge America and sweep the current elites aside – is in the event of a serious military reverse, e.g. a bloody nose from Russia, China or Iran that forces the masses to take a hard look at the elites and drive them from power. Similar to what happened to the USSR as a result of Afghanistan. Only on a shorter timeline. Decadent, corrupted multikulti America has no stomach for a serious drawn-out war (i.e. one that involves losing thousands of troops daily, going toe-to-toe with a worthy foe like Putin or the PRC), and a couple of short, sharp engagements driving us out of the Middle East or South China Sea would likely lead to public anger and questioning of the blank check we write to the DOD and also the “masterminds” behind our reckless imperial policies.
    The more theaters we are (stupidly) meddling in, the more this outlook seems likely.

  20. What way forward for the Hard Right in America? Word needs to get out about the South African situation. Whites here need to be pushed and cajoled into supporting their Boer brothers and sisters in the event of civil war and racial siege. Such a mobilization would provide a much-needed wake-up call.

    • I think it’s called normalcy bias or some such.

      You can’t get normies motivated until they are personally hurting or seriously threatened, because the attitude of the average normie is “it won’t happen here” or “it won’t happen to me.”

      Ostrich attitude.

      • Totally agree. Even non-pc, race-conscious folk I know have that attitude. They need to realize that South Africa could be HERE, and sooner than we think. Support the Boer!

        I do find it ironic that while in the 1800s the frontier was the wild country to the west, and the pioneers were gun-wielding, bearded white patriarchs, today the “frontier” is the inner city, and the “pioneers” are goateed, white, lefty- soy-boy types – also known as “gentrifiers”.

  21. As far as movements go I think the League of the South always conducts themselves in a dignified manner. And their “optics” are spot-on as well. My only complaint with them (if you could call it that) is what I perceive to be a somewhat unclear statement of purpose. Is ths LOS advocating secession of the Southern states from the Union, greater regional autonomy, a rediscovery of Southern values, some of these things or none of these things?

    At any rate I believe it’s time to move past tweeting, meme-ing, LARPing and petty bickering. A legitimate alternative third political party that is explicitly pro-White, and which also has a small, highly disciplined paramilitary wing, would be a move in the right direction. The Unite the Right Party? The Alternative for America Party? The American Nationalist Front? Time is not on our side, gentlemen.

    • Thank you, Spahn. This is the sort of concrete action I was wanting to hear from HW. While intellectual discourse is great, at a certain point, one needs to lay down the pen, and take up the sword….as someone said.

  22. Nationalists movements that aren’t based on blood are false, that’s the problem with the American government oligarchy, it’s just a bunch of war mongers and rich assholes wanting to shove other people around. They don’t care about anything that really matters.

    • “Rich man’s war, poor man’s fight” is how many Confederate soldiers (like Sam Watkins) viewed the Civil War.

  23. Bunch of white guys honoring MLKoon.Removal of the Civil War Monuments is practically ok. GOP Gay Ole Party.

  24. These infights are waste of time and energy. There is a movement. A movement where people talk about the JQ. A movement that is pro-white. That movement has different groups that love to fight against each others instead of doing their own thing. Stop the fighting and start working again.

    • Interesting article by Hunter. But there really isn’t anything new here. Over the 50 years, I have heard the same thing said many times. Every few years someone pops up and think they have some great new revelation. We will win this struggle,not because someone has a great idea, but because organically nature will reject the infection. In the mean time we must understand how the enemy “takes down their opposition,” keep a watchful eye that we don’t allow them to get a “handle” on us. Be bold in reaching out to ALL our white brothers and sister with a powerful message of love. We will never win the masses until they understand that we love them. Just some thoughts http://www.kkk.com

  25. Excellent article, very well presented and expressed. Having said that much, though, I tend to agree with a lot of what Fr. John+ had to say above.

    Another thing I want some of you morality-spergs to consider: War is 100% of the time mean and nasty. Weev has caught a lot of shit about that ‘Why I Am Getting A Bowlcut’ post, but I for one have no shit to sling at him for it. Of course killing children (and terrorism in general) is awful business! It certainly is. But why do you think it’s even called “TERROR-ism” to begin with? Because the object is to completely astonish and shock your enemy, to terrify them to such a degree that they will NEVER, EVER fuck with you again. So Weev said some harsh stuff… yes, indeed. But think about the actual destruction that, say, a bomb dropped from high altitude leaves on the unlucky bastards below. Just because the bombardier might not see the results up close doesn’t mean kids, puppies and old folks didn’t get blown to smithereens! They certainly did. War is ugly as hell. Because it has nothing to do with morality; it’s about DESTROYING your enemies…. sometimes root & branch, which means adults (root) and kids (branch), especially when we’re talking about ethnic/racial cleansing. How many times do WE have to hear our enemies declare that “White people need to die, White men, White women and White babies!” before we understand that actual war is being waged against us in all its ugly, kid-killing splendor? Do we engage our bloodthirsty enemies then with morality? FUCK no. When you see or hear these niggers and kikes talking about “All I want for Christmas is White genocide…what happened in Haiti was very good”, you’d better believe that they aren’t excluding our children from their murderous fantasies and intentions!! SO WE FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. I want THEM genocided, I want THEM obliterated from the face of the earth “in the jewish way, with even their animals destroyed”!! Fuck THEM and THEIR little snakes and orcs. And fuck moral-sperging about someone from OUR side who has the balls to tell THEM that we want THEIR goddamn blood to run in the gutters.

    • Disclaimer for LEA: I personally am not planning to go out and hurt anyone. My post above is about addressing the genocidal rhetoric used against White people with equally harsh rhetoric of our own.

      • “Disclaimer for LEA” .. really, are you that frightened of the jew behind the curtain? or the spook lurking on this board?

        I have seen dead babies, and have done and been an accessory to the things you cavalierly describe. Yes, war is hell and you can not refine it (Hunter, others, do you know who I am quoting?)

        There may be things that must be done, but we will do them not because they give us pleasure or they make us feel like a man, but because if we do it, our children will not have to.

        My best advice to all is follow the word of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Revelations 18:04, get out of Babylon while you still have time.

        • “really, are you that frightened of the jew behind the curtain? or the spook lurking on this board?”

          Nope. But I do have a family and don’t need my door kicked in, my dog shot, etc. at this juncture, smart ass. Anything else you wanna fuckin know?

        • Psalm 137 is a psalm about the Elect of God being in captivity in Babylon (the allusions are there, for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear) – the last verse of the Word of God (which ‘gentle Jesus, meek and mild’ believed were divinely inspired) says: “O daughter of Babylon who art to be DESTROYED, happy shall he be that REWARDETH thee as THOU HAST SERVED US.

          Happy shall he be, that taketh thy little ones against the stones.”

          Jim, there you go. Scriptural justification for armed rebellion against the Babylonians of the present day- and the very thing you mentioned in your post.
          Truly, there is ‘nothing new under the sun.’

    • The issue lies in the fact that we’re seeing these same people push the optics cucking drama, and the pivot towards some sort of gay semi-nationalistic Americanism.

      Weev’s shit is literally past the SIEGE satanic cultists on the political spectrum, yet it’s considered heresy to want to let Burgerland crash and burn.

      • Note that that’s an extreme condensing of the debate – I just feel that I don’t need to rehash what has already taken up thousands of comments on the TRS 504um.

    • Infanticide is Biblical and everybody here knows it. But few are willing to say it. It is also prevalent in the animal kingdom and in human history and prehistory.

  26. Andrew Anglin is a hero.
    Even people living thousands of miles away of US know who Andrew Anglin is or heard about dailystormer. He’s somebody and will become bigger and bigger.
    Only envy could explain someone in the right criicizing him.
    Oh he’s misogynist! Says the virgin social inept who puts women on a pedestal. Women are dumber than negroes.

    • Sadly I agree in the main with Andrew Anglin & Co take on women in society, and white women in particular. I say this as a married man with two daughters. I base my opinion on observation, and moreover, on statistics (at least when applied without manipulation.)

      In most Western societies it is the female vote that drives forward the progressive liberal agenda viz the eradification of Europeans and their cultures. Most women, for biological reasons or otherwise, generally have no sense of heritage, traditional, ancestry, DNA, or history. Yes, there are outliers like Marion & Marine Le Penn, the Italian leader of Fratelli d’Itallia Giorgia Meloni, even Mrs Thatcher, but they are exceptions not mainstream women.

      There are many statistical examples of this but I’ll take a few of the most recent elections as illustrations. Austria recently had both a Presidential election and a General election. At one stage in the Presidental election, it appeared that the anti-immigrant FPO candidate Norbert Hofer would be the likely winner. In the end he lost by small margin to the Green Party’s, let’s welcome more third world rapeugees, Van der Bell End. An analysis of the votes showd that 62% of women voted for him. You can see them on video prancing around the streets of Vienna with their ‘Refugees Welcome’ placards. These women, like in Germany, are the targets for rape and murder, yet this apparently doesn’t enter their heads. In the Austrian General Election, it was a similar statistics but refreshingly most young Austrian men(under 30) voted overwhelmingly for the anti-immigrant FPO. The contrast in attitudes could not be greater.

      If you take Sweden, and I prefer not to, the Government Ministries are almost exclusively run by women. They have a male, allegedly gay boy, figure head as Prime Minister but it is effectively a women run administration. The claim is that,well, these women are’ feminists.’ No, these are women voted in by other women, just like blacks vote for blacks, and hispanics vote for hisopanics. Sweden is dystopia on steroids.

      The clamour amongst many in Germany, and elsewhere, is for Merkel to stand down but her likely successor is guess who? A woman by the name Ursula von der Leyen. Business as usual, a continuation of Coudehove- Kalergi plan, until the the last white person, probably a man, becomes extinct.

      If there is any women who thinks otherwise I would welcome their analysis. I would like nothing better than to be proved wrong.

      • Precisely. The weak point of this site is its stubborn denial of female nature. If I may be crude for a moment, it views women as “men with tits.” They are not.

        Loyalty to a tribe, an ideal, a nation are male characteristics. The female instinct is to mate with those males tough and ruthless enough to protect their offspring, thus ensuring their survival. If a woman is among men she perceives as weak and effective, she WILL work to destroy them and support takeover by men she perceives as strong.

        Put another way, men further the tribe by cooperating in its defense. Women are the ruthless cullers who betray weaklings in order to throw in their lot with the strong, regardless of tribe, etc.

        Try to treat women equally and they will despise you. It’s instinct; men are the defenders and the attackers. A woman senses that a man who forgoes his natural dominance towards her in the name of “equality” is surrendering to a weaker, slower, less aggressive, less cooperative, less enterprising creature — how, then, will he ever stand up to aggressive MEN from the outside and protect her offspring? She will discard the submissive male and gravitate towards the dominant one, without even knowing why.

        Western men have foregone their natural dominance over their women and their women loathe them for it. The raping, murdering, aggression, and contempt of the invasive foreigners is NOT a bug to the “Refugees Welcome!” women’s instincts. That doesn’t mean they want to be raped or killed, but it means that they are drawn to men whom their instincts are telling them are exhibiting Traits of Dominance.

        You don’t have to become a monster, but you have to realize that by the ruthless biological imperative of the human creature,White men can either start exerting their dominance over their own women again, or die. “Equality” between men and women exists only by the man surrendering — and women place no value in a surrender-monkey.

        Or in his society and culture — giving women the vote, for example, was a grand gesture of surrender. Voting is power; men ceding the vote to women was a naturally dominant creature surrendering power to a naturally submissive creature. The submissive half of the equation is inevitably going to despise the natural dominant for that, and resent the entire arrangement.

        • You absolutely nailed this issue down perfectly.

          It is a weakness of this site because it is a blind spot for HW, who positively encourages three very noisy shrews whose only contributions to the site are to attack men at every opportunity.

          I didn’t give women the vote and I let my wife and every other women in my social sphere know at every opportunity that they should not have the vote and that they will lose the vote (if only by destroying the society that granted it to them in the first place).

          The female question is every bit as important as the Jew question, and there is no future for WN without a return to patriarchy.

      • Women are the helpmeet of Men. They are NOT our equal. They are our ‘aide-de-camp’ in the fight against ‘the world, the flesh, and the devil.’ Giving them equal rights (in other words, NOT mandating that a woman’s vote is to be decided by her father/spouse/brother, and NEVER her!) was the work of hell.

        As corroboration, this article speaks volumes:

      • @Anglo-Celt John, you asked for a woman’s thoughts on this subject, so here goes.
        While today everything is evil and twisted, normally it is untrue that “Most women, for biological reasons or otherwise, generally have no sense of heritage, traditional, ancestry, DNA, or history.” Historical examples abound of the constancy and loyalty of women to their people, nation, and heritage. One prime example is the loyalty of the Southern ladies before, during, and after the WBTS. Traditionally, women were always the keepers of culture, morality, and tradition. The deviancy today is certainly not biological. On a smaller scale, there are countless examples of women standing by their men through thick and thin, despite better opportunities elsewhere, even in today’s sick society there are many women who are loyal to their men even when they aren’t worth it (abusers and such.) It may be true that women are less loyal to abstract propositions and ideologies than men are, being usually more practical. But loyalty is a very strong female virtue, and always has been.
        The Austrian voting statistics (like in other countries) are more like educated guesses that may or may not be accurate, due to the secret ballots. They are also too general, not being broken down by race. For example, in the last US presidential election, that basic breakdown showed a majority of female votes for Hellary, but drilling down further reveals that a majority of white women voted for Trump.
        What the European examples DO show is the results of decades of relentless propaganda aimed at women and girls. The jews know that the surest way to destroy a nation/ race, is to corrupt the women. At the same time, the nationalist side often tends to marginalize or outright denigrate women, and offer women nothing except the prospect of being doormats and sex slaves. So it’s not surprising that the propaganda is more appealing and leads so many girls astray.
        It is a fact that many women today are perverted and corrupt. Bad upbringing, decades of indoctrination, and lack of faith to guide their moral compass, are major causes. This is equally true of men, however. Even on ROK and other supposed “patriarchy” sites, the immorality is rampant. Although it may be more glaring in women, who were always held to higher standards, and used to be the keepers of virtue and morals.
        Ironsides and the Anglin crowd have no understanding of female nature or “instincts.” Their view of women is not only untrue, it is childish, unmasculine, and egotistical. They try to reduce human nature to brute animal instincts, disregarding reason, understanding and free will which separate humans from other animals. Their descriptions are how they WANT women to be, so they can compare themselves to them and feel superior. (Any male that has to compare himself to a woman to feel like a man, is certainly no man.) Instead of blaming all their woes on the opposite sex, these guys need to take a good hard look at themselves. Judging from their writings (“out of the abundance of the heart, the tongue speaks”) their failed relationships which cause their emotional bitterness against women, are most likely their own fault. They think by talking tough, and advocating the rape and murder of children and women, they are big strong men. They talk about controlling women and putting them in their place, when they can’t even control their own beastly animal lusts! While such things may attract a certain type of lowlife woman, or insecure dependent women who feel a sick need to be controlled, most real women are looking for a good loving husband and good caring father for their children, so it’s no wonder that these MGTOW types can’t find a mate. (Really a big part of the problem is that they aren’t looking for good women, so they won’t find them. They are only looking for women they can “control” and enslave, because that will make them feel “dominant”.) And it is rather amusing that their version of “the patriarchy” is an exact copy of the feminists’ description!
        As far as the supposed “weakness” of OD, Hunter (who is certainly no social inept) has a beautiful devoted wife and really cute kid, so he must be doing something right. Mothers are the lifeblood of a nation, so it is certainly now weakness to cherish his people’s most valuable asset, and “put women on a pedestal.” What is real weakness is the misogynist social outcasts giving into their beastly lusts and cowardly bullying propensities, to try to feel like a “man.”

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLGLOiAMqA0
    White DNA is an Abomination

    The hate speech of Anti-White discourse is mainstream discourse and protected speech in America. Even ‘it’s OK to be White’ speech is at best disputed speech. Acknowledgement of ‘White Privilege’ as compelled speech is being implemented as I write. In the next few years it will be mandatory to create ‘safe cultural spaces’ for aggrieved minorities by the acknowledgment of ‘White Privilege’.

    Societies move from speech to action.
    The Last White Man – Zimbabwe.

    And America is moving from speech to action across all the social bases controlled by the U.S (((Power Elite))).

    White Nationalism must quickly get a hold of the Marxist concept of false/controlled opposition and the Judas Goat.

    Michael Collins Piper interviews Jim Condit Jr.

    The above interview lays out, illustrates and expounds the concept of the Judas Goat with reference to the history of the Revolution’s accession to power in the Catholic Church – an accession which has seen the exclusion of Roman Catholics adhering to the traditional faith from all the organisation and structure of the Church worldwide. Piper, it should be recalled is a scholar of the Judas Goat. His classic study is ‘The Judas Goats: the enemy within’ is a study of the subversion of the American nationalist movement – a history that is still unfolding. In his interview with Jim Condit, Piper turns to a history of the Revolution that has been achieved and rolled out in an international institution for over fifty years. This history allows full play for the application and development of Piper’s concept – and unlocks the whole can of worms for application to other institutions

    For those familiar with Piper’s work the following characteristics of American Nationalism are the marks of controlled opposition.

    American Nationalism:
    18. blackpills the family
    19. drives a wedge between men and women
    20. drives a wedge between young and old
    21. drives another wedge with snobbery and optics spiralling
    22. undermines the solidarity that gives coherence to White Nationalism
    23. makes White Nationalism toxic and narrows its appeal
    24. abandons moral standards
    25. talks down White Nationalism

    No. 24 is the kiss of death.

    • Lynda, what a great comment!

      Hunter is correct. American Nationalism cannot exist with any form of racial nationalism. America today is virulently anti-white and pro-nonwhite and there is NO way we can take back America from the enemy.

      There is a British nationalist who has repeatedly stated that local politics is the answer for us in America. Even if a White nationalist were able to get a seat in local politics (which is very possible), he (or she) would have to hide his beliefs. He would have to make statements in line with civic nationalism. As soon as he gives the slightest hint of any pro-white concern, he will be booted off the board or out of office.

      Regarding the people who are driving a wedge between White men and White women, how do these people expect the White race to continue to exist if White men and White women do not have White children because they are told not to have children but to be at odds with one another instead? I am always suspicious of people in this movement who consistently criticize women.

      • White women are at war with men (not “at odds”) because they were weaponized by Jew academics to be at war with men. Very few women have any agency at all or will accept any responsibility in any part of their lives. Women are concerned only with themselves: their security, their status, and their material wealth. Given freedom, the vast majority of women will gladly murder their own children in order to remain on the cock carousel, and they will march in the streets for the “right” to do so. All politics is now female and public office is used exclusively to tilt the system against men and to appropriate male-created resources for women. You don’t like white men? Then be a mudshark. But, your choice is coming: accept your natural role and stop pretending to be men, or accept conquest by the mud people.

      • Dear Stephanie – My wife and I decided to include the ‘and obey’ clause in our marriage vows, well over a quarter-century ago. It was the wisest decision either of us ever made. We criticize the ‘weaker sex’ precisely because you ‘sinned first’ in Eden, and have again sinned by demanding ‘equality.’ It is a bitter pill to swallow, but the article I linked (to DS!) above, clearly shows that women without morality and patriarchy are motivated by the desire to ‘be as gods’ apart from their heads- the men that rule over them, their entire lives.

        • @Fr. John+ That article that you linked above, clearly shows nothing, except that there’s some women with as little morals as some men, who would be equally eager to buy perverted sex toys. Etsy is a HUGE site, with millions of shoppers, and the percentage of those degenerate female buyers is very small compared to the whole. In fact, a large proportion of Etsy sellers are stay-at-home moms, who are in a “traditional” gender role. It is disgusting how low society is fallen, but this is not due to women expecting to be treated equally as human beings. You forget the second part of the helpmate clause is “like to himself.” Yes, wives have to obey their husbands, but they are not supposed to be “ruled over” and “controlled” as slaves. This has nothing to do with equality, but with the hierarchy of the family.

  28. Yet another attack on the integrity and morale of the movement from Hunter. Is anyone shocked? Rejection leads to stuff like this. “You can’t fire me! I quit! And I never liked you anyway!”

    OD is now almost completely irrelevant to the dissident right movement in the US. It is its own isolated ecosystem that only exists to attack other white nationalists now. There’s nothing positive or constructive going on at OD. If you want solutions to difficult questions, look anywhere but here. OD has no solutions to anything. It’s just a blog that whines about other white nationalists and Drumpf. Its such a shame because this used to be one of the best blogs.

    Worst part of all? Hunter pretends this is political when in fact it is *entirely* about his feelings of personal rejection after the movement failed to heed his irrational ultimatums after CVille 2.0 and the WLM embarrassment. Demand that an entire movement follow you into an abyss of loserdom? Did you really think anyone was going to do that?

    Now you insist the only way to win is by embracing loser status and accepting it. Insane.

    “Hey guys, there’s no point in trying to do anything because we’ve already lost. Let’s just kick back and attack other white nationalists who refuse to believe in our defeatist passivism.” – the official policy of Occidental Dissent.

    This is why OD is no longer relevant.

    • 1.) I started to sour on Donald Trump in December 2016 when he selected his Cabinet. I wrote about it for months before Charlottesville and Shelbyville.

      2.) This article is about “American Nationalism.” The only people who identify with “American Nationalism” are Daily Stormer and a handful of e-celebs. It is “American Nationalists” like Ricky Vaughn who spend all their time constantly attacking White Nationalists.

      3.) What movement are you talking about? I never identified as an “American Nationalist.” I never will either for reasons which I have written about here for a decade.

      4.) Finally, I have long had opinions about all sorts of issues that I have kept to myself, but now I don’t have any reason to do so since “American Nationalists” are attacking everyone else.

  29. Is there an American ethnicity / people? Check. Are most non-whites properly within that ethnic group or do they mostly identify with their non-white ethnic group? Check. There is an American nationality. It’s very extensive, as America is something of an empire, so yes regional groupings of that nationality could, given the correct conditions, become nations themselves.

    The fact that MLK is held up as “The Last Great Man” (as my HS English teacher called him when asked who was the last great man) means nothing with respect to the actual identity and history of the American ethnic group.

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