The American Conservative Is Being Blocked As A Hate Site

It is about time.

Rod Dreher had the audacity to defend Donald Trump’s bigoted shithole countries remark. This homophobe is no better than any White Nationalist racist. This conservative website offers nothing more for public discussion than thinly veiled white supremacy anyway.

No platform for fascists!

/ sarc

Note: Can you imagine what it is going to be like when these loons return to power?

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  1. You don’t say who blocked it?

    I DESPISED the Google/YT merger. As soon as it started suggesting we combine accounts I knew something big and rotten was up.

    • This is a high-speed internet service based in Virginia. The list of sites to block generally comes from the ADL. The ADL sends out their list to companies all over America and tries to get them to “bundle” it with other filters. Often people inadvertently turn it on because they do not even know it is there.

  2. We have to stop whining that the social media giants are being unfair.

    That’s life.

    We have to start being better at business. OD receives what 300,000 plus views, reads a month, but we aren’t getting any revenue. Let’s work to get very modest fund raising that will charge our viewers a few $s a month, maybe the price of one craft beer.

    Let’s consider closing down the page and have Hunter meet with the other writers. Vdare does a good job of fundraising without stopping content or sounding like NPR always fundraising.

  3. I believed that Occidental Dissent was a Southern Blog. But if you defend Rod Dreher you are full of shit.

    • Dreher is a joke, a sad pathetic joke, everyone laughs at him, but he’s non-threatening as can be.

      That’s why it’s hilarious (and absolutely great for us) that he is coming to the attention of the censors.

      • It’s not that great. People who are angry that Dreher is being blocked are not going to march in the streets for an uncensored internet. They’ll just whine some more about how unfair it is, as if that ever solved anything. It’s unfair that you’re eating me, said the fly to the spider. Yeah, so? replied the spider.

    • You must be one of the big brain 1.0 nibbas I’ve been hearing about (who can’t detect sarcasm even when the post ends with /sarc) XDDDDDDDD

    • And which is the reason that AS’s magnum opus, ‘Two Hundred Years Together’. STILL has no English translation…. WJ,YL. EST. (see above)

  4. I don’t understand the logic of the opinion police. If our views aren’t out in the public arena, where they can be viewed and questioned, the Alt-Right will just take their views, and activities underground.
    Blocking something from being seen isn’t going
    to make us go away, just like prohibition didn’t make alcohol go away.

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