Action! Episode 9: Optics, TWP, and You

Editor’s Note: Here is Matthew Heimbach’s account of the events that went down at Michigan State. It was hard to understand what was going on in the chaos. The podcast was pulled from TRS.


Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater host the 9th episode of Action!

We discuss (as always) the reasons for our uniform(literally Dickies and boots). Also nobody seems to be aware that we have different winter and summer uniforms. Something tells me that there will be people that signal against the khaki pants and black TWP t-shirt too. Maybe not.

In retrospect, we should have listened to the Ricky Vaughn episode of “Strike and Mike” before we recorded this. There were a lot of issues raised that I would have loved to have addressed on here. Ricky Vaughn is not one of us. Plain and simple. I’m not sure why he thinks we should change our messaging to appeal to an audience that unironically DR3 posts, and actually believes Hispanics are natural conservatives. We’re doing something different. We aim to be the ideological spearhead of a movement. We intend to bring people to us, not pander to them. We aren’t selling you a product we’re offering you a way forward. The suggestion that we adopt paper towel guy aesthetics was particularly bewildering. One funny thing is Ricky suggested we wear hard hats for helmets…we already did and the same optics posters took issue with that too. I’ve been told “You shouldn’t look like Nazis. You should look like Nordic Resistance or Golden Dawn!” So…like more professional Nazis? Is it just that they’re European that makes the difference? I’ve heard people say “well the difference is is that they’re ethnic nationalists not racial”. This is flatly wrong. They all believe in white identity and are very must racial nationalists. Hell the NRM even uses the Horst Wessel Lied as their anthem. Are they larping Nazis too? I just don’t know if some people are thinking through what they’re actually saying.

There are more people that would identify as alt right today then there were a year ago. The issue with turn out isn’t because of a look. Its because there is nobody else doing it for fear of assaults from violent communists. Also, TPUSA reached out to us knowing full well who we were/what we wore. They disavowed after we did what they asked and helped to protect their event. This is because conservatives will sell you out if they feel its expedient. It’s in their nature to be opportunistic cowards. That being said the offer for Vaughn to come on our show is still open.

We aren’t above critique. Nobody is. The issue is if some of the critiques are coming from people who are arguing in bad faith. If you spend your time shilling for one group while shitting on another that you feel if your biggest ‘competitor’ then I’m obviously going to take that with a grain of salt. If you stress that we need to look professional and then message me telling me I should take my men to fight the police during a rally, well then I’m certainly not going to listen to a thing you say. I’d also urge others to reevaluate a person who does this and what their intentions truly are.

Ultimately we’re here to be team players. This needs to be a real movement. We offer job training. We help people find employment. We help people find homes. We help people kick addictions. We even have several dl candidates about to win office. This is the real deal guys. There isn’t a lot of time to get this right. There is no second chance. If you believe that a particular combination of clothing is what it takes to save the race then, by all means, put them on and get out there. We’re encouraging you to do it. We’ll support you, help you, keep our distance or whatever you feel would be best. But we need to evolve from an online debating and shitposting club into the men, and the movement that will right the ship and save our people.

Hail Victory

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  1. I’ve only ever really thought of one criticism of TWP – all those NS parties in Europe have their own Horst Wessel lyrics, so why doesn’t TWP?

  2. NO ONE has provided a scientifically-verifiable paradigm by which to measure if optics are “good” or “bad”.

    Stop offering knee-jerk, arbitrary assertions!

    I suspect that, once adequately evaluated, Heimbach, Parrott, and the TWP crew will be the “Moneyball” of the Alt. Right. Defying slack-jawed convention while slowly crawling towards dominance.

    • Not that I personally care, but it’s generally accepted that Nazi LARPing is bad optics and a political dead end which is why our most notable leaders such as KMac, Taylor and Brimelow condemn it.

      • You’re familiar with the ad-populum fallacy, though, I’m sure Jack.

        …and can we really tackle the raucous “optics” debates by arguing that everyone agrees about “optics”?

        Better, in my view, to do some white-man work and present some objective, scientific, criteria by which to measure whether and optic is good or bad. I continually call for it, but the swaggering high-IQ, would-be “leaders”, avoid it like the plague.

        Apparently, it’s far easier to strongly assert an arbitrary opinion than it is to work hard to form a true one.

  3. Listen beginning at 27 min 38 sec, regarding “the only optics that matter”, and Mathew Heimbach soon delivers this beautiful line: “You could … march forward with an American flag and a fucking bald eagle on your shoulder and that’s not going to make them like you any more, they’re still going to try to literally kill you …”.

    The Mathew/Tony duo really deliver in their Action podcasts. They are currently my favorite podcasts, and I like Mathew’s upbeat, positive way of talking.

  4. If the men look like men, and the women like women, everything else should just fall into place.

    And all the different alt-right groups should get together for a weekend and have some dialogue. Maybe get down on paper all the fundamental points that we agree on and use that as the glue that will unite us together and become a bigger, unified mainstream force.
    On the things that we disagree on-well if they’re just minor things that can’t be agreed on behind closed doors in debates, we shouldn’t let that jeopardize the whole movement.
    For the greater good, we need some common ground.
    It breaks my heart how we fight internally, weakening ourselves, while at the same time, the virus that is the left are attacking from the outside. We are running out of time to get our shit together.

  5. A man should never show publicly pictures of him with his wife or daughter, it shows weakness and emotional dependence.
    A man should only appear besides a woman publicly in a photo if the woman is a kind of trophy.

      • YES, A Little Weird!! I spend my life thinking about Jews and Aryans!! Our ethnostate!! What’s more important??
        Damn it I’m an American!! Who ruined our nation?
        Did you read The Siege?? And Lumberg? And Volttrotel? And Reichsberger? And Schneidermann?

  6. It’s kind of ironic how heimbach was saying right in the beginning how much of an honor it is to be on trs and how much appreciation he has for mike and Sven and all of them…then right after they post this episode trs shitcans them

  7. Leave it to the South Africans to find a way for Whites to talk about what is Our Racially Common problem of the White displacement / genocide without being ‘racist’. Because they are on the front line they are a lot more clued up than we are.

    Not that this would ever fly under the radar of the Judaic Supremacy but it is exactly what Whites are experiencing ‘on the ground’.
    Baboon Wars – South Africa

    They can even jack cars.

  8. OK, idea for better optics:

    It conveys ‘happy and friendly.’ This must be what the optics snobs want? Though, frankly, no matter what you changed, somehow I suspect that there would always be another critique forthcoming. Somebody should write a book about this strategy . . . .

    PS – The RSS fees for the show is still working, so are you going to post new show announcements here, now that TRS has ‘opted out’ of hosting you?

  9. If you want to see what is wrong with the Western world now, a visit into your average shopping center sums it all up in one half an hour visit- a gang of nogs over there, an Asian mother with her half white children, Indian workers doing the cleaning and security work, shops full of Chinese made crap. Society is just littered with images that offend. I get so outraged by what I see every time we venture into town now that my wife just leaves me on the farm now, and goes in without me.
    I could shout at an African invader and tell him to fuck off back to Africa, but what would be the point? I’m only saying it to one nog. Nothing gets accomplished. Massive changes have to come at a political level. At present, nobody in power has the gumption or willpower to do anything.

    • I definitely know the feeling, john. I absolutely hate going out anymore. If I have to take my wife somewhere, I wait in the car. If she needs me, she hits ‘1’ on her cell and I can be in the building in less than a minute. Even in my small east-Tennessee town, the nogs, beaners, dot-heads, etc., are everywhere. And all the White folks just keep shopping, going to (((church))) on Sundays, and walking around in a de-racinated stupor. Except for the mud-sharks, that is. They push strollers with little brown “human” turds in them, looking defiant at all the other Whites, as if challenging anyone to frown in their direction. Most of the time, the feces-colored “baby daddy” is nowhere to be seen, of course.

      Electronic bullshit gizmos, fast poison food, mindless, self-important traffic of “p.o.c.” in their shiny cars competing with and edging out the old pickup trucks and not-so-new cars that contain working White faces…

      Sometimes I wish that…

      something would just come and… fucking end this entire jew-screwed clown-world parody of “civilization” once and for all.

      • @JimB,
        Thanks. I heard a saying today- ‘telling the truth is politically incorrect’. People like you and me have to keep telling these truths.
        Fuck being politically correct. Who needs it.

      • @Jim Beam: This is the end of the age, not of the world. We are in the Kali-Yuga, awaiting the arrival of Lord Kalki to guide us into the Satya-Yuga. A new age, one without any coloreds, jews or queers.

    • John, JimB – This is the idea behind “the Benedict option“ – at least, in its most fundamental premise: the conscious removal of one’s self, family, etc. from a world already damned to hell.

      Of course, that only can be accomplished if one already has a)sufficient independent income to have a ‘gentleman’s farm,’ or live in some of the “less desirable“ portions of the besieged nation; and/or b) move to an increasingly expensive white Ethnostate like Idaho (in the panhandle).

      But only people like (we) boomers-who actually have retirement accounts of any import- can effect choice A -and choice B? Well, first off you have to have jobs, and then secondly, have you seen real estate prices in Coeur d’Alene? Just sayin’…

  10. Thank you Hunter for promoting this. I wish TRS would reconsider their choice to get rid of TWP’s podcast

    • TRS is committed to “death to the boomers”. If TWP is not regularly parroting that moronic strategy, they cannot be welcome one TRS.

        • Et tu, Brute?

          When will you young punks realize that we boomers had no clue -until at least the second term of Clinton’s presidency, (after the bombing of Serbia) with Madeline Albright & General (Kanne) Clarke coming out of the ‘Jewish closet,’ so to speak- that something was demonstrably amiss with the myth of American nationalism?

          David Duke’s first book, “My Awakening” didn’t come out until 1998, for crying out loud!

          We didn’t have the Internet, we didn’t have search engines, we only had land lines and no cell phones; we had to read books and newspapers and talk with our neighbors-all of which was already pre-scripted by the three major networks -because, for many of us, this was even before CNN -to get our news…even if it was real! I mean, I well remember when cable TV first came out in around 1975 or ‘76! It was radical!

          One of the things that some of the more intelligent posters on all of these forums have said, is that this generational infighting is the biggest clue of the immaturity of this movement-for without your elders, you can do nothing!

          You think you can, but just as I said (in the post about being a young father), here again you’re denying your own forebears; something that never has occurred in all of history, before the 1960s.

          We ought to know-we boomers were the first ones to act so immaturely, back in the day. And now we are reaping the whirlwind. Don’t disparage us-we may yet surprise you. And we do have those retirement accounts (and a reduced cost of living) to enable us, to finance y’all, for our common racial future.

          • Here, here FrJohn, I am doing everything I can to help this cause and I have gotten so demoralized by reading how despised I and my generation are that I periodically just give up and go my own way. There is something odd about hating ones parents and looking for tradition. You are correct it is immature and it also exposes the movement to a logic flaw because this constant attack against various white peoples does begin to look like stereotyping and then, if you are thinking, you must apply the question to other groups asking if they are just being stereotyped as well. If you conclude yes or it is possible then the whole pro white deal falls apart. It is totally self defeating. Hell one site was and may still be anti Irish. Really how can anyone of such disposition be given credibility. Hunter Wallace is correct and I have been trying to say it for years the big problem with the AltRight it that it has no idea where it is going nor even how to implement its racial strategy and people are left to conjure to themselves just what would the world look like if the Altright wins and who becomes in and who becomes out. With much of the writing, less now then a year ago, against boomers, women, Irish etc one must ask why would one suport such a cause if they were facing ostracization after apolitical win. It is much like why in the world would a white man ever be a democrat unless he is suicidal. The Altright thus far builds it base solely around the negative and that only goes a short way.

          • So I thought about all of this for a while, Fr. John, and it should be beyond obvious that it really wasn’t the Boomers who caused all of this.

            They were teens at the oldest during integration, still in grade school when the National Guard started pushing Whites at bayonet point into enriched schools, and even if you try the cuckold Christian Zionist argument, it was their parents who started that trend.

          • Don’t take it personally. The devil is a master of deceit. In the podcast the funniest line from Heimbach was Marion Barry explanation for getting caught smoking crack, “The bitch set me up.” Did you here it?

        • Boomers were sold-out by and lied to by the politicians they elected, the same as we have been. The rising flood of diversity didn’t really kick into noticeably visible high-gear until post 9/11 (go figure).

          WN 1.0 for all its faults did have a few true visionaries. There is something to that line about only being able to see as far as we do because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

          I appreciate your tremendous contribution, Mr. Wallace. You’ll be remembered by our history as one of the giants.

      • @Mr. Hagee – thanks for the info. Re: Boomers – they didn’t know any better. Boomers grew up in a White Christian Nation. They’ve made the same mistakes that thousands of Whites have made over the centuries. They think all Non-Whites are “just like us, underneath” and want the same things we want. Well – now that White countries are in total chaos and ruin – Whites are learning, first hand, that WE ARE NOT ALIKE. Alas, younger generations are enduring the stupidity and naivity of older White Generations. there are a lot of Boomers that have ben trying to sound the alarm of White Genocide. It’s stupid to set up these sorts of divides. Enoch and Jesse are fortyish. They ought to be more mature. And disaster always seems to follow in Spencer’s wake, doesn’t it?

        I respect and admire Matt, and his crew. That’s all their is to it. ANY-ONE who is against Heimbach is Anti White. Period.

      • The anti-boomer thing is moronic. So some hate boomers but pander to millennials, when the former are our best leaders (KMac, Brimelow, Taylor, Duke, etc) and millennials vote to the left and there are no notable rightwing millennials. Doesn’t add up.

        I don’t follow TRS, but Enoch doesn’t have a leg to stand on. What has he done other than internet entertainment? We all know his story. He was married to a Jew, lied to everyone about it, he has a black brother, he’s really late to the game, and now he’s talking shit on people who have been around for decades and made legitimate contributions to the struggle? Fuck outta here. Where is TRS going to be in 10 years? The same rathole they’re in now.

    • Weev has to be a Jew I’ve always thought so and my jewdar is never wrong. Just look at him and you can tell, it’s so obvious. Plus just they way he acts, talks and everything seems very jew like and not goyish at all. He’s always saying the most outrageous stuff no other pro white person would say. He even got banned from Gab, I think he’s the only person, and Cantwell can’t even air the episode he was a guest on cause of the things he was saying. Typical Jew behavior, they always have to push things too far cant help themselves. The guy is a demented self hating jew he has no moral authority to tell gentiles how to act.

        • The video that he, I assume produced, where he beheaded a blowup giraffe was enough for me. Insanity or a Jew. Same thing as far as I’m concerned . And Anglin, and his pure hatred of women is disturbing.

          • I’ve heard and read things that Weev has said, an written. That’s when I began to regard him as mentally unhinged. Then – yes – that giraffe beheading video sealed the deal. He’s clinically INSANE. full on raving mental loony tunes. Please keep in mind – Jews have 4x the genetic issues that Humans have, very, very often resulting in cretinism and lunacy.

        • My computer got a virus when I posted at DS a few months back. Anglin is a traitor and Weev is a jew. I appreciate DS for all they did in the past, but I’ll never waste my time with Anglin again. I think he took money to tank the movement.

    • And typically that’s a serious sign of something else – if you’ve ever seen Jews, they literally start foaming at the mouth and panicking whenever Christ enters the picture.

      Imagine the driving up to the church scene from The Omen…

  11. Wouldnt the best “optics” be something like having people representing the various white subcultures marching in solidarity? It doesn’t even have to be real, you can get people to dress as priests, laborers, ranchers, students, professionals, moms, etc to embody what we see as the (only) way to an actual new territory: a movement of racial unity en route to a government of racial unity.

    Link arms and march, so that white folk watching think “I could/should be a part or that.” Use our conforming tendencies to our advantage for a change.

    This is what I love about LOS rallies before the melding with the alt right (huge mistake, btw), it was just plain folks.

  12. I think the free speech openings for Alt Right at colleges and universities have been pretty much closed.

    Let’s consider targeting bad corporate shareholder’s meetings like Tyson Foods. The Traditional Workers party will do better promoting actual American workers who are being replaced by filthy rich, animal abusing Agribusinesses like Tyson Foods. We were treated well in our League of the South demos against Tyson Foods in Middle Tennessee.

  13. TRS and the DS posters have given up on posting on /pol/, preferring to namefag in their own forums for rep and status within the ingroup.

    This leads to the enemy becoming other pro-whites, instead of normalfags or anti-whites, and I think this is the main reason for the optics debate that have marred the pro-white movement after Cville. The TWP is not the first group that have been purged from the DS/TRS forum, and they will not be the last, as the forum members are now forced to find another thing they can fight about for status.

  14. I am have very ….ahhhh..”interesting” exchanges with the Aglin Weev Fanboi Furry Twinks on GAB. They will eventually admit their homosexuality, and fade away. I still like Azzmador and Fash McQueen – but…………..FYI – Zeiger is a creepy WEIRDO. Alarmingly weirdo! Should we dig up his floor, in his basement? What’s under the dirt, there?

    • So, Denise, these kids are homosexuals? Nothing would surprise me at this point. Did you read the shot show on TRS?

      Cringe worthy arguments about grammar. Anglin has women issues. This kid has been featured on TV and still can’t get some tail.

      • I don’t think all the little frustrated, confused teenaged boys are homos – but I think Anglin may turn them. Some of his dedicated followers are obvious homos. Anglin really, really, REALLY hates women. Homos HATE and FEAR women. The hatred comes from pure terror. Writing as a woman – I know women can be horrible. But so can men. We can all be angels and devils. You are correct – Anglin has been on TV, and he still can’t attract an actual female. FYI – would you want your daughter involved with him? I didn’t read any shot show on TRS. What was that about?

        • Basically the summary is that a screenshot of Anglin shit-talking TWP went public, and then more than 2000 comments of crap.

          Okay, some of the discussion was legitimate debate over ideology and presentation, but most of it boiled down to a bunch of faggots whining about clothing colors.

          And, of course, you had Anglin jump in with his usual snarky way of argument – 17 paragraphs of slippery nothingness per comment.

    • Fash McQueen is great, until he starts ‘sperging about pagans. Then he sounds like a mental-case. Even Friar John doesn’t fly off the handle like that.

      • Some of his stuff is seriously intellectual and makes good points – an example would be commenting on why would you have an American of Polish/Irish descent worshiping Norse gods.

        The Americanism is what gets my jimmies riled up a bit.

  15. It is funny that the boy Anglin has a jew running his site. Meanwhile TWP is out in the streets kicking ass.

    Maybe the child Anglin would rather create a rape squad, like a Mexican.

    • I’m not a big fan of psychopathic clowns outside of horror movies. Anglin and weev’s advocacy of mass murdering innocent women and children just because weev is unstable and has PTSD from being bullied when he was younger is disgusting and shouldn’t be tolerated much less celebrated. No, it’s not a joke and it’s not funny, Cantwell et al.

  16. The boy Anglin’s mistake was his target demographic, the youth during the Trump campaign. I’ve always seen the kid as very volatile and shifty.
    And possibly a homosexual. A man in his thirties sans kids makes a person think.

    Kids grow up, if he wants to continue he will have to focus on young people, predatory, who will grow up and have a more serious mindset.

    I have four children. As far as I know the kid still has trouble finding a woman, the “men going their way” thing. I’m done with the guy, no interest in reading his stuff anymore.

    And TRS should take note: the campaign is over and memes are old news. The excitement is over and Jew weev, Anglin and the crew are oddballs. They will never connect with mainstream America. Never.

    Now Heimbach in the streets risking his life with a kid at home does. And his guys. That resonates.

    The whole Anglin stuff has always been a bad vibe.

    • Maybe I’m being unfair or hypercritical but Anglin and his fanbois leave me cold. I feel the same way towards Ricky Vageen and his little entourage of loyal ball-washers.

  17. Heimbach, Parrott, et al may not be the fashiest of fashionistas but at least I trust them. Azzmador, Weev, Anglin and the TRS goys? No longer quite so sure about them.

  18. Actually, Azzmador did an outstanding job of moderating the debate between Zeiger and Heimbach last night. I think all three of them are good eggs.

  19. The optics debate seems useless. If we had the appropriate level of pride and aesthetic development, it would not exist

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