President Trump Prepares To Go Full MAGA

We’ve been expecting this for a long time:

“Even before he decided to launch a trade war and roll the nuclear dice by agreeing in the course of a West Wing afternoon to a risky sit-down with Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump was telling friends he was tired of being reined in. “I’m doing great, but I’m getting all these bad headlines,” Trump told a friend recently. A Republican in frequent contact with the White House told me Trump is “frustrated by all these people telling him what to do.” …

According to five Republicans close to the White House, Trump has diagnosed the problem as having the wrong team around him and is looking to replace his senior staff in the coming weeks. “Trump is going for a clean reset, but he needs to do it in a way that’s systemic so it doesn’t look like it’s chaos,” one Republican said. …”

As we enter the spring, we’re getting into the 2018 election cycle.

It is an election year so we can expect the return of “campaign Trump” who wasn’t the same person as President Trump. There has been talk in the press for months now of the “full Trump” returning in 2018. The “full Trump” was nowhere to be seen in 2017. President Trump didn’t want anything to do with us at the time because the political capital had been deposited in the bank.

“Be smart: The restraints on Trump are fully removed. Imagine if Trump did publicly what he said privately during the first year-plus. He didn’t, in part because Reince Priebus, Gary Cohn, General Mattis, Dina Powell, Rob Porter and others conspired to box him in and occasionally talk him off the ledge. No more.

Now, what Trump says will likely just happen. …”

Alternatively, there is the theory that 2017 was such a garbage year because of the conservatives who President Trump surrounded himself at the outset of his administration. I believe there is a lot of truth to this theory. I’ve said all along that Gary Cohn, HR McMaster, General Mattis and Jarvanka in particular have been having a massive negative effect on the Trump administration.

We’re going to cheer their departure. It is still an open question as to who moves into that power vacuum. There has been talk of bringing Larry Kudlow, John Bolton and Andrew Puzder into the Trump administration. This would be replacing bad personnel with more bad personnel. Nothing of interest is going to get done in the second half of 2018 in the heat of the election season.

The real question is who is President Trump going to be in 2019 when the next Congress is seated. Is he going to be the “full Trump” or “campaign Trump” of 2015 and 2016? Is he going to be the President Trump who deferred to conservatives and gave them everything they wanted in 2017? Is he going to be a liberated Trump who has been unshackled by the awful advisers he surrounded himself with?

I don’t think we have enough information yet to tell. We will be watching though. If the “full Trump” returns and does all the things he promised to do, we will change our tune and stand and applaud, but if this is just an election year gimmick to goose turnout we make sure everyone knows.

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    • Trump is devious and it’s hard to know what his real motives are. I can’t imagine him turning it around at this point and I suspect he has lost much of his base by treading water. In relative terms, he has done well by what he has done and what he has not done, but he does not breed confidence. One problem is that his foreign policy is just to play the tough guy. You can be a tough guy by going to war with Russia and you can be a tough guy by saying No to the neocon war plan. The latter was what he ran on, but he thinks no one will mind if he decides to start a war with Russia instead, since that, too, would be something only a tough guy would do.

  1. Trump doing exactly the same, what the great purge master Stalin and later Putin, Orban and other people did..

    First promote your enemy, then destroy. Simple as that. Instead of bashing Trump and screaming how white patriots are losing and everybody are traitors and sellouts, spend some time learning history.

      • This delusion keeps my country white and the rest of Eastern Europe too…..maybe I am deluded but could You kindly explain, , how deluded people like me somehow maintained to keep our homelands white ?

        What kind of magic mud or magic force we have down there in Eastern Europe ?

        • Juri, your Warsaw Pact countries were protected from all the decadence and race-mixing that was rampant in Western Europe.

          • @ spahnranch

            Well, Ukraine was also Warsaw and somehow they are runned by jews and in civil war ?

            Warsaw Pact is not the right explanation.

        • Juri- Ignore the ignorant Americans, who know NOTHING of history, religion, or Christendom. They are almost all the intellectual equivalent of junior high students, when pitted next to a traditionally-taught European, who actually still lives in their historical homeland.

          The USSA is a proposition nation, and has been since its creation- we jettisoned our own ethnicity to try to become the ‘new world man’ back in the 19th Century, and what was worse, we BELIEVED it! The Jews merely took advantage of our naïveté, that’s all.

          Iit’s only taken us 150+years to realize that (most of us) always were the backwards lower class that emigrated to America, (shanty Irish, stubborn Scots, Polacks, Krauts, and wops) because Europe didn’t need us. Serfs, in other words… except maybe, for the Scots… lol.

          • The USSA is a proposition nation, and has been since its creation

            The first statute in the United States to codify naturalization law. Alternately known as the Nationality Act, the Naturalization Act of 1790 restricted citizenship to “any alien, being a free white person” who had been in the U.S. for two years. In effect, it left out indentured servants, slaves, and most women.

            I kicked your ass off the main page of VNN in ’06, and I’ma gonna do it here, assuming

          • I recently made a pilgrimage to Monticello to the house that Jefferson built. As soon as she could Jefferson’s daughter sold his house to a Jewish real estate speculator commodore Uriah Levy. The house recently accepted a donation of 10 million from David Rubinstein the CEO of Carlyle Group. Jefferson’s proposition was that religion didn’t matter for the right to vote nor the right to own property nor the right to hold office. Look what happened to the house that Tom built. A Jew bought it as his summer hunting lodge.

  2. He’s going to be the Same Trump who’s been making big promises to the White base that voted for him, dog-whistling to the more jew-aware of us, then giving all of us the middle finger after his position is secure enough to do so.

  3. Read all of the ‘lame cherry’ blog.

    trump pissed on every Christian who helped
    him win and surrounded himself with jew swamp
    creatures, including his commie f’ing daughter.

    None of the campaign promises were even touched,
    like build the wall and end caca on day one.

    Give obama credit, he rammed commie care through
    congress against 70% strong disapproval… F the voters,
    he got it done. Deem and pass???????? Incredible.

    If trump had done 10% of what obama did, he’d be
    at 65% and looking for a veto-proof house after 2018.

    And… I can hardly wait to see how he’s going to…

    ‘protect the second amendment’

    Fing orange jew NYC POS.

    • “Give obama credit”

      No thanks. Because, when all is said and done, Obama (or any other puppet) could do no more or no less than (((The People Upstairs))) told him to do. He wasn’t special. He was just another actor upon the kosher stage known as “American politics”…

      • To his credit, Bathhouse Barry did try to improve relations with Iran and had a strong dislike for Bibi Santanyahoo. Obamacare would never have existed if the Republicans and the AMA hadn’t spend decades trying to prevent the creation of a constitutionally legal national healthcare system.

    • From the Vanity Fair article—

      Cohn had been lobbying to replace Kelly as chief, two sources said, and quit when he didn’t get the job. “Trump laughed at Gary when he brought it up,” one outside adviser to the White House said.

  4. The movement, if there is such a thing, is not tied to Trump. Frankly, it can’t be. Even if he is what many hope he is, he’s old and doesn’t have the time to implement the 4D strategies he is rumored to be implementing. It’s that simple.

    The one thing that can be done is destroying the fake and cancerous (part of) GOP. This applies to all ‘conservative’ parties anywhere in the world.

    By not voting for anti-white GOP candidates, not just in mid-terms, the party is being shaped for the better – if he’s /ourguy/. If he’s not /ourguy/, then there’s no harm done. All the laws that he needs are already on the books, or he can pretend they are there.

    You have no power if you always give your vote to the guy who betrays you. They get our votes for free. That has to stop.

    • “”….By not voting for anti-white GOP candidates, not just in mid-terms, the party is being shaped for the better….””

      By getting rid from bad Czar it the year 1917, we did not got the better aristocracy, we got communism or liberalism as You say and 73 years of horror and 50 million dead.

      100 years ago in the Russia normal people searched perfect ruler and fought each other. Liberals never fought, they thought that Lenin in OK and the rest is history.

      • You seem to be ignoring some major factors… Like the part where your country has been made up of serfs for centuries. You claim the leftards never fought in Russia, but they were the ones that had a revolution.

        • @FNP

          Sry, my mistake. I should be ….” leftists never fought with each other ”

          Jews btw fought with each other, Fanny Kaplan shot Lenin and similar fights between jews happened all the time. Later Stalin joined Kamenev and Bukharin to get rid from Trotsky and so on.

          White liberals never fought with each other. Until white liberal was anti white and killed normal people, white liberals never attacked each other.

          Today we see the same. Jew Adelson fighting with jew Soros and jew Bernie Madoff cheated jew Elie Wiesel but You never see white liberals college students fighting with each other.

          White liberal is the root cause of all evil.

      • Juri, I think you are just misguided.

        Your metaphor is wrong. What we have here is not the 1910s but 1950s. The ‘Czar’ is long gone, white genocide is in full swing. All of a sudden there is a new boss (but he himself is very old) of the politburo who may or may not be /ourguy/ – but he’s surrounded by the (((old guard))) and also his kids are married to (((them))). The (((old guard))) keeps attacking him. The ‘Czar’ is paying little attention to us,

        By sitting the election out it is the (((old guard))) that’s being weakened. If the ‘Czar’ is on our side – even a little bit – this is a good thing. Remember, they sabotaged Roy Moore, who wasn’t even our guy. It is a legitimate (and very effective) strategy and for once it would be used by our side.

        If he is not on our side, then sitting it out changes nothing and at least we didn’t waste any energy on it. We can focus on other things.

        Frankly, I think that unless there are some real and tangible results by 2020, the ‘Czar’ does not have a second term.

    • Unfortunately, I think Juri is right.

      Not voting for Republicans won’t cause a whole battery of Alt-Right Republican candidates with millions of dollars in their pockets to magically appear.

      Instead, it will simply result in more Dems winning, an advance of their policies even faster (such as disarming all of us), and the SAME Republicans will just sit there in the meantime, collecting their megabucks and waiting for the next election, when they will once again show up as the Republican candidates for that election cycle.

      It’s not that easy to dislodge any of these people. The outcome will be handing victory to the Dems WITHOUT changing the composition of the Republicans.

      It’s hellish, but it’s also reality.

      • OK, so you delay it by 5 years. Now what.

        Not saying voting cannot ever work, but the nature of cucks is that they will back-stab you first. You know what to expect from the openly declared enemy. The GOP and all the supposedly ‘conservative’ parties of this world must not survive.

        Sure, I support acceleration. The previous generations already pushed enough bubkes to the future generations.

  5. McMaster drove the entente with NoKo. He follows the Dempsey school of foreign policy: mouth service to the neocons, America First actions. Who wants him gone? The usual suspects, so that’s how you know he’s good.

    • John Bolton can’t wait to show the world how big his missile is. Russia and Noko are going to be so emasculated…

      • I have been worried about “Bagels” Bolton since Day One but I am starting to have confidence in the ability of Putin to outmaneuver our neocons. Even Kim Jong-Un might outmaneuver Bolton. It might even be a blessing if Bolton gets in and starts some dumb fight that we have to back out of, looking like fools. North Korea only matters to us because they might supply Iran with weapons that can deter an invasion by Israel’s hit-man .But Trump’s selection of Bolton (or Kudlow???? a free trader crony capitalist to the max) would be a very bad sign.

  6. Again, we are not going to be able to tweet, meme or vote our way out of being genocided. Trump buys us a little extra time to prepare for the inevitable race-war. And I still maintain he will be America’s last “real” president.

  7. Trump only hires “winners,” i.e. people who have already achieved great wealth and/or influence in this country.

    Most such people are quite comfortable pushing anti-white globalist policies and begging for the privilege of licking the Jews’ boots clean.

    Trump may well want to clean his cabinet out, but being what he is, he will likely just replace like with like. I don’t see “America First” gaining much if any ground here, but i’ll give credit where it’s due if I’m wrong.

  8. Trump needs to bring home the 15,000 GIs in Afghanistan, and those the fool Tillerson is crowing about in Syria, and fire the aides he says talked him into keeping them there.

  9. Bolton is a wildcard. It looks like Trump might go full steam ahead with controllable people. Kelly needs to go. I guess we’ll see. Another election cycle, things will heat up.

  10. No matter what happens going forward, the tariffs on steel and aluminum are evidence that he has some ideas he’s willing to stick to. Guarantee he’s under relentless pressure from those surrounding him not to go down this road. But maybe he recognizes that this has probably guaranteed him re-election. If so, it opens up other possibilities.

    Maybe he’s got all the standard GOP/globalist shilling out of the way and will focus on his base. I doubt it , but it’s possible.

  11. Remember, it’s “Keep America Great” now. Trump has declared mission accomplished on MAGA apparently.

    • Well, he does have a point that reusing that slogan doesn’t make sense. Although, MAGA sounds better that KAG.

      He should go with what liberals have been saying about Make America White Again. If only. Pelosi and others actually admit their efforts to change our demographics and insanely say that going back to a white majority model would hurt America. They think their Third World model is an improvement while they live in lily-white gated communities with armed guards.

  12. At this point, about the only good appointment Trump could possibly make would be Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Anything to keep that piece of shit out of the Senate.

    Fuck, create whole new organizations to appoint elected RINOs to. If Paul Ryan wasn’t retiring, maybe he could use his negotiation skills to renegotiate arms control with Russia?

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