Alt-Right 1.0


Ok, I’ve seen enough.

This is a send off post. I’m tired of this subject consuming my time and distracting me. Whether it is the lack of a sturdy ideological framework, the lack of cohesion, the total lack of solidarity, the optics spiraling, the hatred of women, the disrespect and whining about our elders, the unseemly snobbery, the inability to handle the slightest setback, the unwillingness to make sacrifices, the absence of traits like loyalty, the Trump personality cult, the dominance of aesthetics over morality, the intersection with weird internet subcultures which have nothing to do with nationalism (are traps gay?) or everything being a nihilistic joke, ironic bantz, troll or retarded meme, I’m sorry but this is going nowhere.

I’m going to tune out, clear my head, get back to work here and move on. See you around for Alt-Right 2.0 or whatever the hell comes after this incarnation of it.

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  1. I don’t blame you, HW. But don’t worry: Anglin, Azzmador, Weev and Ricky Vagina will MAGA and save the White race, even though none of them are married or have any kids. BECAUSE THEY ARE DANGEROUSLY HIP AND EDGY AMERICAN REACTIONARIES/CIVIC NATIONALISTS.

  2. Honestly…I thought this squabbling was beneath you, anyway. Glad to see you backing out. You’ve got one heck of a pulpit, so use it to bully instead of allowing the children to question it.

    I’ve said it a hundred times: “The Alt. Right is to modernity, what the Reformation was to Roman Catholicism.”

    …a big change, sure, but it’s still the same religion. Only, the Alt. Right kids don’t have anything near the intense zeal for it that, say, the slack-jawed ANTIFA children have. You can’t combat the religious passion of Dildolechian Marxists with a few talking-points and trolls. You can’t be “ironic” about everything; you can’t be afraid of accepting something (or someone) as sacred.

  3. Return to Southern Nationalism. Focus on the Southern Nation and People. Outsiders can’t, and most won’t, help us. The Alt-Right right are outsiders. Take a que from the Texas Nationalist Movement. Get out and recruit people. Get legislation passed at the state and local level.

    • Yes.

      I do think that broader white nationalism has a role, and that a broader New Humanism also has a role in this era of AI, robotics, life extension and Transhumanism.

      Despite the black, mexicans, jews etc wanting us all dead, we are paradoxically going to save them too – from them themselves.

      • Despite what the Discovery Channel and Hollywood have claimed, both “A.I.” and “transhumanism” are impossible.

        Just because we have bluetooth speakers and camera drones, doesn’t mean we ought to buy into magical evolution myths.

        • The technology for such things may be fantasy at this point but if the White race can survive its latest round of crises they will be developed – along with warp drive.

          • A.I. is philosophically impossible…I’d love to hear a case otherwise.

            …but that aside, I’ll grant you (or, at least, I’ll grant this to “Afterthought’s” original point): the underlying ideological motivations behind the “transhumanist” movement must be confronted and dealt with by white advocates.

            We can’t hope to save our genes if we can’t save our race first. Boundaries matter.

    • Pretty much agree, still there is the common mistake of just falling down and saying and acting “F**** the rest of White European Americans, F**** Europe.

      It’s the same with bitter White Americans who say F**** the French after some God awful Algerian slaughter of French teen agers at a pop music concert in Paris.

      Texans are on the border with Mexico. They should be leading the fight to secure the border. They/We elected 2 Presidents from Texas LBJ and George W Bush. They were the worst, most God awful border security/immigration Presidents in our nations history.

      It’s reality that most White Texans spend all their time worshipping Black College and Negro Felon League rapists. The mentality is that Texans like cheap labor and if the invading hordes of Mesizo or even Muslims are just passing through Texas on the way to my Chicago, most Texans say and think F**** Chicago.

      It’s the same with Southern Pawn shop owners that sell guns to Chicago Black Street Gang straw buyers.

      We have to get some tough White guy Texans with intelligence and idealism. Sure their main outlook and program should be Texas nationalism with implicit pro White identity politics.

      But, come on mate – we can’t have any more of this

      God Bless Texas or Ted Nugent, Toby Keith rah, rah for ZOG wars nonsense.

      What the F**** is wrong with Texas.

  4. Let’s do our own thing and do things well.

    One thing we need to do much, much better is raise $ funds. Hunter doesn’t want to do this, so some one else should step up. Vdare is good at raising $ and they do things with their $ like pay their writers. We can do the same.

    Sure we don’t want to sound like PBS always begging for $ money.

    Hunter can you assign me the job of fund raising?

  5. Everything we do must be based in reality. Everything. Thank you Hunter. You have a wonderful weekend with your real, live wife – not waifu – WIFE – and your 3D REAL WORLD actual live, talking, breathing, smiling, laughing, beautiful little cotton picking SON! MAKE MORE BABIES!!!!!

  6. “Facts on the ground,” as Ariel Sharon put it.
    We need settlement, land, money, community, solidarity, pooling of resources to help our cause, family and children, tradition, morality…and above all, Christ.

  7. A little too much drama and emotionalism. Different people will do different things and as long as neither interferes with the other this is not a problem. Political activism is not an exact science and war is in many ways a trial and error undertaking. Take a deep breath. You’re doing great work here. Keep it up.

  8. Personally, I think this site does better when it doesn’t focus on Southern Nationalism and avoids religion all together. In many ways, it seems to me much National Socialist ideologically than what the Daily Stormer was or is. To be truthful though, I haven’t visited the Stormer since they were banished to the dark web. I think that Hunter is spot on in many of his criticisms of Trump, the Alt-Right, civic nationalism etc. That’s my little bit of input. On a final note, I’d just like to add that I enjoy this site a lot and appreciate Mr. Wallace and his staff’s hard work.

    • It’s been awhile since I’ve visited but that is why I liked this site in the first place, the southern nationalist perspective. Which is mine.

  9. Mr. Wallace…

    Alt-rite was always a movement of high IQ “white” male liberationists taking refuge amongstthe very violent “white (s)upremacists” they so openly despised.

    White nationalism IS NOT a movement.

    White nations are a GIVEN under various degrees of peril, distress, degeneracy and die-verse-city, ie., r/evolution. Ergo, white nations are a given under infinite regress. Hence, the desire for movement…. Any movement.

    Alt-rite revealed the reality of a narrative reframe just as neocons legitimated the preemptive strike. The synthesis is a preemptive reframe.

    You are a white (S)upremacist of The Southern Monopoly.

    Your enemies are SELF-AVOWED anti-white (S)upremacists who regularly coerce concessions to anti-white (s)upremacy. Thus, advancing their aims through passive-aggressiveness.

    A “victory” looks like a bloodless coup.

    The reality is a semantic submission.

    An inversion of reality setting the (l)ogos > (L)ogos.

    The deadening realization of anti-(C)apitalization awakes a small minority to the inability of a dull mass to be properly triggered by an ordered articulation of what is actual.

    In other words, many, many years after telling you, Mr, Wallace, that your options were self-annihilation or white (S)upremacy and no matter how nuanced or intellectual you were in defending the life of the South that you would be a “white (s)upremacist” nonetheless, you refuse to acknowledge the inevitable.

    You are a white (S)upremacist, absolutely, and of your highest conception or you are a “white (s)upremacist” for ever denying your enemies’ frame BY AFFIRMING IT.

    • Look at the origin of a thing. Alt Right was coined by a Jew and co-opted by a liberal arts grad who lives off his family money and surrounds himself with homosexuals that brag about aggressive gay sex. How the fuck is that a 2.0 upgrade? That’s a completely different program. It’s like a cheap B movie copy.

      The vague and gay-sounding identitarianism being peddled by Spencer and his associates has little to do with white nationalism. It differs fundamentally in many ways such as the inclusion of homosexuals, trannies and racially mixed people. It’s more accurate to say it’s a Eurasian movement than traditionally white American. According to Spencer Iranians are whiter than he is. We’re a shadow of our former selves. The only reason the Alt Right even resembles a white nationalist movement is because of the old guard.

  10. Like it or not the most effective weapon to drive your opponents up a wall and win over normies is not marches, fights with antifa or a unified and coherent political/ideological stance– it is RIDICULE. Use ridicule constantly in your interactions. Not just on the Internet where it is common, but in everyday life. Tear them down. It works.

  11. Maybe the entire Alt Right was a giant troll operation, and the intended target was actual white nationalists?

  12. my view.

    old school forums
    Pros – Higher posting quality, More intellectualism.
    Cons – Obsession with Jews. Cult around certain posters (such as Macrobius, thomas777, il ragno etc.). Timid about women. Tends to be very paranoid while pretending falsely to be big free speech advocates.

    alt right
    pros – critical of baby boomers. Critical of women but perhaps go too far. Lack of two faced behavior. leaders liked but not worshiped (andrew anglin is liked, kevin mcdonald was worshiped).
    conts – lack of intellectualism. lame trolling.

  13. There’s no such thing as WN 1.0 and 2.0. You’re upset over nothing. It’s some made-up nonsense from an unemployed loser who lives with his mother repeated by a small, fringe group of people in a internet clique.

  14. White nations ARE A GIVEN and so wn 1.0 and wn 2.0 merely represent the current status the white nation of historic America.

    The reality is that from yesterday until today, America as a white nation has been degraded and will continue to degrade into tomorrow and wn 3.0.

    Yet, the individual objective has not and will not change.

    The jew-nigger HATES, with murderous intention, the genuine white (S)upremacist.

    And will drive himself mad attempting to annihilate what is not even extant and effectual.

    This ^^^ is alt-rite. A subversive version of “white (s)upremacy.”

    • AI will be illegitimate until “it” is able to recognize the qualitative difference between its programmers’ conceptualization of “white (s)upremacy” versus white (S)upremacy articulated and conceived, absolutely. In order for this to take place, said programmers must be successfully triggered by a (C)apitalization. Right now, the top programmers in the AI endeavor are staunch anti-(C)apitalists.

      Any AI not yielding to objective (S)upremacy is suboptimal and fails, self-evidently.

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