UPDATED: Antifa Groups Hilariously Turn On Each Other

I know it is easy to get black-pilled.

If you think the infighting in our circles is bad though, you ought to check out what is going on between Great Lakes Antifa and Nashville ARA where it actually came to blows in Michigan. In Pikeville, Charlottesville and East Lansing, our side never fought each other

I’ve spent the evening reading and tweeting through this clusterfuck:

We’ve been aware of these internal divisions for months now.

I won’t give too much away. I will just say that there really is a rat in one of these camps who has fed us reliable intel on Antifa on occasion. I’m happy to keep them guessing though.

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    • It isn’t newsworthy Ragnar. Joe Normie would not give you a cold pizza for either the Alt Right or the Antifa and does not distinguish between them.

      But Antifa fallout is a gift to the Alt Right and those who have their shit together will be promoting the disunity in the Antifa ranks and helping them with it.

      • You’re absolutely correct, Lynda. In fact, normie Conservatives I speak to have never even heard of Antifa. What they THINK they know is that a bunch of “neo-Nazi KKK” people rioted in Charlottesville and “ran over some woman ” who was there to protest racism. Period.

        • It is pathetic how obdurate and unaware the normies are. They believe in muh holohoax as if it were as real as gravity, and yet they do not even know what the holohoaxers base their claims on. Maybe if they are spending less time on Niggerball they will read.

  1. Like all of our enemies, I hope they destroy each other before they ever lay a hand on any one of us again.

    • A pity we can’t speed that along, the Left is but a house of cards, at least the part that’s not Jewish.

  2. Kind of like Sauron in Lord of The Rings. Pure evil but only able to engage in the physical world through mercenaries.

    • Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings references are generally frowned upon. May I suggest Dostoyevsky instead?

      • Putting one of the great and noble works of English literature, the Lord of the Rings, on the same level as Harry Potter? I take exception to that, sir.

  3. This is pure theatre. The ‘anarchists’ have always been a tool of the Communism. The Globalist / Communist agenda stated in the motto of the 33rd Degree is always ‘ordo ab chao’. The Globalist/Communist world state of the Judaic Supremacy will come through chaos and the fomenting of anarchy as a general social condition.

    • They are disposable useful idiots whose deaths at either our hands or the Jews’ will neither be mourned nor noticed. The moment they become a liability to the Jews will be the day they’ll all be executed if their intended victims don’t kill them first.

  4. Some people were told before that Antifa and other Leftist twats will have a hard time establishing a foothold in TN. The idea is not to keep them isolated and unable to organize, but to draw them in and keep them off balance. It’s all under control. Do you want their names? They use hysteria, lies and threats to attack innocent people with “doxxing” and even physical assaults when they believe they can get away with it, so I see no reason to not make sure they get tangled up in their own web.

  5. The left punching left? That’s a new one but I like it. Hopefully it will cause the same trouble for them that the right punching right causes for pro-Whites.

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