Axios: Nearly 40% of Americans Have Lost Faith In Democracy

We’ve got to be mainstream, guys.

Oh wait, it turns out our views on democracy are already within the mainstream:

The public also overwhelmingly believes the government does too much to help the wealthy and too little to help the poor, working class and middle class:

Extrapolate the trend here.

The United States is only going to grow more polarized and divided. The wonders of diversity are multiplying and destroying what little remains of a common culture. The inevitable result of that is going to be a dysfunctional government which pleases no one with its gridlock. Eventually, changing racial and cultural demographics will bring down the two-party system as it has in California.

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  1. In the interest of longer, more thoughtful discourse withinin the movement, here is my take on what we should do to fix the situation:

    tldr: Partition.

    1) The push for the ethno-state in North America has three advantages

    a) it is a good in itself – for both Darwinian and spiritual reasons

    b) it keeps Trump/The Establishment honest if they have a legitimate competitor

    c) it helps the fight in other nations, even if we are not successful, they will be.

    2) No one is going to write us a blank check for this geo-historical earth quake, we’ll have to earn it with

    a) trustworthy behavior

    b) believable plans for the journey. the destination, and the aftermath (maps, money, laws, trade, defense etc)

    c) creation of the emotional infrastructure of the new nation – people need to start living it in their hearts and minds and that will make possible and catalyze the politics

    3) Externalities that will help or hinder this project

    a) economic cycles: downturns help, booms hurt

    b) the international situation: China is the rising power and the New Silk Road is their big play to unify central asia economically and subsequently diplomatically and militarily. Anglo doctrine has always been against any unified power in central asia. War is possible and would be catastrophic and a real shake up. We offer both an anti-war stance, but also a creative solution with the “Northern Alliance (UK, Canada, Russia, US etc) and the Aryan Expressway” a road to rival the New Silk Road, and/or the New SPACE Road (!)

    c) the actions of the Enemy, their mistakes and overreach help, if they play smart it hurts.

    d) demographic pressures, if the Wall is built and deportations materialize, the impetus for the project will diminish, if the “browning of America” continues or if the Enemy reasserts electoral hegemony, it will light a fire under the project.

    e) technological disruptions: particularly I am thinking of AI, robotics, transhumanism. Our movement should be for the preservation of mankind as we know it, to include other races, into the indefinite and infinite future. The Enemy that pushes white genocidce also pushes the end of man for the same reasons.

    I would like to see this done in 20 years, and punctuated with a symbolic trip to Mars or the like.

    In terms of 2018, it is not fatal if the GOP gets a bloody nose, we can use that “teachable moment” as proof that we need to break away and use the 2020 election as a de facto “in or out” referendum.

    Getting the movement on this consistent message is step one.

    • still think you are going to vote your out of a Judeo-globalist, open borders, kosher Culture of Death deathtrap?

      and by supporting the Republiscam wing of the Zionist Uniparty?

      you either enjoy the punishment, and/or are

      full of liberal, cosmic nonsense.

      and you don’t have a clue as to who the (((enemy))) is.

      still, you appear to have a degree of intelligence, and so perhaps

      will achieve enlightenment.

    • We must push for the ethnostate not just because it’s good for morale and fun to troll, but more to the point IT’S NECESSARY. I hear these people such as Baked Alaska, Nick Fuentes and others saying we just need a white majority. Uh, have you learned nothing from history? Are you not paying attention? We’ve already tried that. A white majority literally means nothing, especially when they’re super cucks like Brits. Jews are only 2% and look what they do. No, no, we need an ethnostate with clearly stated laws establishing WHITES ONLY, PROPER WHITES, NOT MENA, NOT LATIN MONGRELS, NOT JEWS, as citizens. Only wholly European whites should have political power over other whites in their home countries. This is how it must be. If you still want Jews, blacks and others to have political power, then WTF are you doing because we’re already living that lifestyle and we see where it takes us: progressively towards Third World standards and anti-white hysteria.

    • Yessir..but we don’t have an army or an air force. So you know where all those good ideas will hit a brick wall.

  2. I NEVER had faith in democracy, aka, jew-mockracy. Besides, there’s nothing in the Founding Documents about the new American republic having a democratic form of government. And it would appear that omission was deliberate.

    • @spahnranch1969

      I do believe that the Constitution guarantees a Republican government in each state.

  3. I always liked what some Russians suggested in the latter years of the USSR. Using the Latin alphabet:

    Demokratija (democracy) =
    Der’mokratija (rule by shit)

  4. I know it’s a played-out thing in White racialist company… but my views on democracy are exactly like Adolf Hitler’s were, expressed succinctly in his Mein Kampf.

  5. 40% of Americans have lost faith in demockery-that perhaps translates to 70% of whites if u take out the non white segments. They’ve lost faith because they can see it doesn’t work for them. Tweedle dee or tweedle dum? They are ALL the same.

  6. Robert Frenz. FAEM:

    Suppose Hermann Göring got elected to the House of Representatives, 6th Congressional District, Wisconsin, how long would you expect him to last? The first time he got a parking ticket would be a reason for a House Ethics Committee to convene relative to tossing him out. If he proposed some bit of legislation, how many votes do you think it would receive? Our entire Congress is tantamount to a political synagogue when it isn’t otherwise on the take. Al Capone was not interested in honest men joining his gang and neither is Congress. Elections are ZOG’s means for retaining control over its serfs.

    • Threatening to keep Roy Moore of the Senate if he won out shows that they will not tolerate any representation of opposition to fundamentals of judeo-masonic rule.

  7. What is Liberal Democracy but a facade behind which a hostile trans0nationalist elite rules for the good of globalism? It is neither truly liberal or truly democratic. Instead it is a Reverse Oz in which projects an image of love, equality, trust, justice, and the American way but behind the curtain is a malevolent cabal dedicated to out peoples extinction in contrast to traditional OZ which used the image of a malevolent wizard to frighten visitors but the reality was a meek and mild manner man behind the culture. The thing behind our curtain is anything but mild and meek!

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