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  1. Dear Lord!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever wished for a comet impact more than after seeing the first 30 seconds of that video. That’s all it took—30 seconds to decide between an extinction-level event or having to live in a world where these people are going to save us.

    • I lasted all of three seconds before I cut the crap. Talk about debasing oneself. More evidence that the US isn’t a serious nation.

    • Mormons are a plague. I don’t care if they look white they are not “us”. I honestly like mexicans better.

      • And Mormons fuck up home school curriculum because they are anti-science. You don’t want them in your schools or in your communities. They have colonies in Mexico from when they were kicked out of the US the first time. Romney was even born there.
        They can go to Mexico. Hell, I would even contribute to a fund assisting this.

  2. These moronic antics confuse me… When I see politicians do these things, I can’t figure out if they are trying to ingratiate themselves to the Negroes with a ridiculous effort to emulate them… or if they are attempting to convince the youth of America that they’re still hip, when they’re old enough to have gone to the hop… or if they realize how foolish they look and are doing it to be amusing. Regardless of the reason, it should be beneath their dignity, if they had any. Yo’ Dog, it’s B. Rad Wilson ‘n da Howze! Da R.E.P. ‘n da U. T. ah. Word 2 ‘ur Ma, Beotch!

    • I think it may indicate the profundity of their contempt for hoi polloi. They view us non-politicians as all being such brainless morons that 1. they need to dumb it down this far so we’ll have some idea of what they do, and 2. they think this is the “common touch” and they’ll actually win points with people for being so “fun” and “ordinary.” Generally speaking, only groids are as stupid as they’re assuming, and even they would have the wit to sense the condescension instantly and be infuriated by it.

  3. Wow. I even checked it on on YouTube after I watched the video here, to be sure Brad wasn’t pranking us. But this was real. Wow. What can I say. The U.S.A. is over, totally beyond redemption. Let us focus on loyalism, and then regionalism. Let our modern Sodom and Gomorrah fall, while we rebuild our kith and kin -and then all of the South.

  4. Utah is one of the Whitest states. Who is this condescending dreck aimed at? Adults trying to be “cool” insults the intelligence of normal White kids. Is it virtue signaling to non existence blacks? Cucks are incorrigible f**king idiots.

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