#MAGA: Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District Special Election

I was hoping this race would be called tonight.

It doesn’t look like the final result will be reported until early tomorrow morning:

In the larger scheme of things, this result doesn’t matter much.

It isn’t going to cost Republicans the House of Representatives. The House map is also being redrawn because of a Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruling. We’re only a few months out from the 2018 midterm elections. Still though, Donald Trump won this district by nearly 20 points over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. He also stumped for Saccone:

The moral of the story: White working class populist voters who came out in droves to support Donald Trump have either stayed home or swung back to the Democrats.

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  1. Most people don’t give enough of a fuck about to vote for anything but presidential elections.

    Really means nothing

  2. Thank you for getting to this tonight, Hunter.

    All the “American Nationalists” and “white pillers” need this wake up call.

    America is dead. There is no bringing it back. I see this nearly every day when good decent folk don’t want to admit that grandma, brother, mom, dad is not coming back, but they still want “more time”. These are every day people, the same people who went out and voted for Trump in 2016 because they didn’t want to let their memory of America go.

    But it is gone. There are too many of them, and not enough of us. Even under Trump, it gets more lopsided every day. Even under Trump! He isn’t living up to the historical moment and doing the things that he could do to buy us more time to build the new nation.

    But build we must. The entire movement needs to get real and start talking about the practical road to Partition. Whites will have that hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck moment soon enough, maybe in November. We need to have a credible plan on the table.

    Notice that we here in the Partitionist Wing (LoS, OD, TNM) are the last ones standing in the movement. Everyone else has been falsified by personal behavior problems, or by events. I would love for an LoS member to go the April 8th conference in Helsinki and get those decent folks on a consistent message of Partition.

    • I’m wondering if it may be time for something of a reboot, where we demphasize extraneous elements of our message and focus on race, the need for partition / secession and the need to keep Jews out of power.

      Some other questions can be put off for later and may even be intentional distractions.

      Currently alot of people understand the first one, could be persuaded easily enough on the second one (depending on how the elections go)… and need to be persuaded on the third one.

    • Geez I fracking hope not. People on /pol/ say all TWP members are about to be doxxed. I can’t reach Matt Parrott but surely he wouldn’t? Do any other TWP members here reached out to Matt Parrott via VKontake or Gab to make sure we won’t get exposed?

      If so I probably am going to have to off myself so that my family members (who are all antis anyway) don’t get fired for having a “nazi” son/brother.

      Anyone here who can call Parrott and confirm just yes or no? Are we getting doxxed?

      • From what I’ve read he has deleted everything. But who knows.

        Yeah, it is true though. Anglin and the $PLC have a copy of the police report. It’s bad, really bad. Heimbach is a scum bag, banging his buddy’s wife for the past three months.

        • Okay I read on his Gab feed that the information no longer exists? Are people on 4chan just shitstirring as usual? Whytf did he go to the SPLC and talk about this? I think I’m just going to skip work tomorrow.

          All this work for absolutely nothing. I thought the TWP was what we had been waiting for.

  3. We are NOT going to be able to vote, tweet or meme our way out of this approaching nightmare. If you want a safe, prosperous White country you are going to have to FIGHT for it. The Enemy is getting bolder and more determined with each passing day.

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