• Ole Chapped Ass (although I like the other name people have for you here, El Faggo)

          Tell us your real name and address so that we can come find you and discuss your comments in person … oh right, you’re the coward … just like a jew … talk shit, risk nothing.

          On a more serious note, what do you want to bet it was your pet, Deandre Harris who committed this murder … “O’Lordy, he done ben fighin dem evel hwtyte rayists, he a good boy.”

      • Luca Luca Luca.

        In the novel, The Godfather by Mario Puzo, Luka Brasi was special operations for the Corleone Family. This series of novels is arguably the best of American fiction: it names the Jew [the boss of bosses of the Italian – American Cosa Nostra crime syndicate] and it offers a fascinating depiction of Italian American life.

        In this scene from the Francis Ford Coppola film, Michael Corleone explains to his clueless girlfriend the facts of American business, the Luka Brasi related facts of American business.

        The Godfather – the Johnny Fontaine Story.

        • Godfather I was a great film. There’s a bit of dark comedy when the fish wrapped in newspaper comes to them. “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fish”. One of my favorite scenes.

          • @more of the same. I think so too.

            I think the Mario Puzo novel is the greatest work of American fiction and at many , many points the Coppola film did it justice. In that film, I think the scene that the Alt Right has to get a hold of and seriously understand is the scene where Michael puts aside the college boy and American dream (which is a Jew illusion anyway) and becomes the leader of the Corleones.

            In that scene – the family has been brought low and confusion reigns. That scene swirls around the issues, the backstory, the contingencies, the considerations of prudence (voiced by their consigliere : Tom Hagen. Sonny the hothead is in charge and argues for the reactionary ‘balance of power’ and simplistic solution to the Godfather’s shooting. He is at complete odds with Tom’s assessment. But in the end – it comes down to the one conclusion. That’s when it all turns – unforgettably played by Al Pacino.

            It’s Not Personal, It’s Strictly Business. The Godfather 1972

            White America as a nation has not yet come to that moment, the ‘Clemenza’ moment. But that moment is coming. The American Whites who are capable of ‘getting it’ will draw the one inescapable conclusion : Black Majority Rule under Sharia Law. They will be in the Clemenza moment where it all turns – the moment ZOG most fears and for which the preparations they are making daily are to no avail.

  1. Americans civilians are armed to the teeth, and it seems they get furious if someone threatens to take away their guns.
    People outside USA imagine that those weird looking delusional peasants aka “founding fathers” wrote in a piece of paper called the “constitution” the right to the civilians to bear arms to fight some eventual tyranny.
    Americans have been lied, duped, robbed, raped, doped, killed, enslaved, morally and genetically destroyed for a least a century. Not mentioning all the sufferings caused in others around the planet. Where’s the reaction?
    What’s the purpose of all that weapons, including assault rifles?
    To shoot in dangerous trees and rabbits.

  2. It’s ok-there will be protests in the streets and kneelings at NFL games as a result of this incident…..won’t there?!?
    Just another case of black victims coming into contact with another privileged white. Remember…..the blacks were the victims.

  3. I’m really starting to hate this country. The government doesn’t give a shit about the safety and well being of its White citizens, we are only good for paying taxes and obeying all of their laws like docile farm animals.

    Hungary, Poland and the shores of Lake Baikal are looking more and more inviting every day. Best part of all? NO GODDAMN NIGGERS.

  4. “I’m really starting to hate this country.”

    Jeez!, that’s exactly what I was thinking as I scrolled down to the comments.

    Reverse the races in this story and we’d never hear the end of it.

    McCain is trying to get us into war with Myanmar/Burma over the poor Rohingyahs but not a peep about the Afrikaaners.

  5. Of course the FakeNN is censoring the race of the two Blacks who burned two elderly White people alive. ZOG can’t have Bob and Sandy six pack get any ideas about the extent of Black crime against Whites in the USofA, especially Black Muslim violent crime.

    This has a racial profile in the lower 48 just like it has a racial profile in Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, just like it has a racial profile in South Africa, etc.

    The enemies of the White population of America do not want a critical White mass of the American population to know that in every Western nation

    The War on Whites is Real.

  6. ANC criminals who are legislating to literally steal white farmland without paying for it, probably own property and real estate in Britain and elsewhere in Europe- IT should be confiscated immediately.
    These low IQ wankers are too stoooped to realize they’re killing the goose that lays their golden eggs. We all know nogs aren’t farmers.
    Europe, America, Africa or Australia- blacks are the same everywhere they exist- an absolute fucking menace and burden. We’ve never been able to civilize them or settle them down, so we need separation from them.

  7. MSM silence is predictable whenever it comes to black on White crime. Move along folks, nothing to see here. Had the headline read: “Elderly black woman burned alive by two white males” or “Two suspected white supremacists burn elderly black woman alive” the reaction would be entirely different.

    • A lot of white women are incredibly self destructive. Most guys will happily discuss this murderous stuff candidly. Women not so much. Do they see this sort of murder as rare? Insignificant?

    • @M.O.T.S.
      You and I are certainly on the same page. The hypocrisy of the media and left in general is staggering.
      Luckily now, there’s alternative media for those who…..actually want to be informed. Most mainstream media now don’t want to inform you, but shape your opinion.
      NBC, CNN, ABC, BBC=BS!

  8. Now you see why the KKK is so hated and vilified. Back in the day the Klan would’ve done a Jesse Washington on these low-iq apes. Just like how (((they))) hate the 2nd Amendment. Anything that makes it harder to rape and kill whitey is automatically bad.

    • The Jesse Washington lynching gave the NAACP more fuel… the NAACP used this incident (and many other similar incidents alike) as ammo in the war for “(((diversity)))”… It’s all your great-grandfathers’ fault

  9. It’s vital that we bring these type of local news reports to attention every day they happen… And they happen daily in many localities.

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